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twerkin’ out. a broadway musical playlist for working out.

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01. Overture / Work Song - Les Mis (Original Broadway Cast // 02. Fortune Favors The Brave - Aida (Original Broadway Cast) // 03. Rent - Rent (Original Broadway Cast) // 04. I’ve Been - next to normal (Original Broadway Cast) // 05. Honey, Honey - Mamma Mia (Original London Cast) // 06. Spooky Mormon Hell Dream - The Book of Mormon (Original Broadway Cast) // 07. Rainbow High - Evita (2012 Revival Cast) // 08. The Heat Is On In Saigon - Miss Saigon (New Broadway Cast) // 09. King of New York - Newsies (Original Broadway Cast) // 10. The Break - next to normal (Original Broadway Cast) // 11. Carrie - Carrie (Premiere Cast) // 12. Like Father, Like Son - Aida (Original Broadway Cast) // 13. Candy Store - Heathers (Original Cast) // 14. No Good Deed - Wicked (Original Broadway Cast) // 15. The Dance O’ Death - 9 to 5 (Original Broadway Cast) // 16. Voulez-Vous - Mamma Mia (Original London Cast) // 17. Nobody’s Side - Chess (Danish Tour Cast) // 18. Revolting Children - Matilda the Musical (Original Broadway Cast) // 19. You Can’t Stop The Beat - Hairspray (Original Broadway Cast)


Magic Formats - Spell Book

Spell Book in an Eternal, 60 card, Singleton, constructed format that changes the way a player must play magic and construct their deck. The format forces a player to rely strictly on spellslinging as non-land permanents may not be played; only lands, instants and sorceries. It also heavily relies of preemptive strategy, rather than reactionary.

The format asks players to build their deck around 5 to 15 cards, that are referred to as your ‘Spell book’. At the beginning of each game, before mulligans are made and turn order is determined, each player must search their library for 5 cards, shuffles them, and places them all, face down, in the command zone. These are the pages to your spell book. Once opening hands and turn order is determined, each player must choose any one face down card their opponent owns, in their command zone, to be turned face up. This is done in turn order. All cards that are face up in your command zone may be cast by paying their mana cost and discarding a card as an additional cost. Lands may not be played this way. Any number of lands, instances and sorceries may be run in a deck.

Each player begins the game at 25 life. At each mark of 5 life lost by a player from 25, their opponent must choose a face down card, owned by the player who lost the life, to be turned face up. This card may now be played as if it were in their hand by paying it’s mana cost and discarding a card. These marks are: 20, 15, 10 and 5 life. This prevents players from gaining 5 life, then losing it to allow a spell to be revealed. Any instance of a card in the command zone being chosen and turned face up is a special action and occurs after state based actions are checked.

Each match is played best-of-three, and at the beginning of each new game an additional 5 cards are searched for, shuffled amongst themselves, and placed, hidden, face down in that player’s command zone. A card is chosen at random again to be revealed from the start, as normal. However, you may only cast the new 5 cards put into the command zone this game. The old cards remain in the command zone, but they may not be cast, so be careful to keep them distinct.

Any card in the command zone may only be cast once before the end of an opponent’s next turn. At this point your spells will have been ‘recharged’ and ready to be cast again. There is no sideboarding between games. A game is lost when a player’s life reaches 0, a player tries to draw a card from a library but cannot, when another player wins the game, or when a condition resulting in a game loss is met. If a player loses, they reveal all currently face down card.

The format is designed heavily with strategy on multiple levels in mind as the spell book allows for easy access to necessary cards, but with a certain amount of control lost to each player. In many ways this compensates for a lack of sideboard but also adds to a necessity to preempt threats as well as support strategies. It’s a battle of wits in it’s rawest form as you must think ahead the whole game, plan accordingly as well as develop strategies that can run 10 or 15 cards deep, with the limit of only one of any given card allowed in the deck.

As of posting (31/1/2017) there are only two cards banned: Worst Fears and Time Stop

This format is two years in the making by none other than @tlatotem 

Format Style: Constructed 

Deck Size: 60+ // No sideboard

Starting Life: 25

Deck Construction Limitations: A deck may contain only Lands, Instants and Sorceries and no more than a single copy of any card with the same English name, excluding Basic Lands. Groups of 5 cards should be dedicated to a strategy that must be changed every game, so keep 2 or 3 groups in mind as a match may contain 2 or 3 games.

Additional Info: At the beginning of each game 5 spells are pulled from each deck and set aside, hidden and at random in the command zone. One is revealed at your opponent’s choice. At 20, 15, 10 and 5 life additional cards are revealed, at your opponent’s choice. You may play any revealed card by discarding a card as an additional cost and paying the mana cost. Cards can’t be cast more than once before your opponents next end step. You may also play spells from your hand as normal. Cards from one game can’t be cast in another, and at the beginning of each game a new spellbook of 5 cards are found.

Ban List: 

  • Worst Fears
  • Time Stop

Behind the Scenes on the Call the Midwife Christmas Special: Enduring bonds.

This year’s Christmas Special in South Africa posed an interesting new challenge for our cast and crew, quite apart from the normal issues of filming in a different country.

As you’ve seen in many of our previous posts, the cast of Call the Midwife get along very well together. There’s a particularly strong team spiritthat we believe gives our ensemble stories an extra power. However, our programme has very rarely filmed away from the environs of London - meaning that our cast go home at the end of each day to their own lives, and have never been required to live in close quarters with each other for an extended period of location filming.

This all changed with our upcoming Christmas Special. Cast members were flown out to beautiful South Africa, but were required to spend four weeks living in the same hotel, working long hours together - eating, travelling and socialising together each night. We did wonder if this would lead to fractures in their close working relationships - rather like holidays spent with friends or relatives that can sometimes expose disagreements, arguments or annoying habits!

We needn’t have worried. Our cast simply bonded more deeply for their shared experience. It allowed them to build on their great professional relationships by being joint witnesses to new environments, people and places. All of them have since spoken with enormous affection about the days they spent together. And we are privileged to have such a wonderful, close team working for us xxx

Call the Midwife returns with its Christmas Special in the forthcoming holiday season, and then a new series 6 in early 2017. :-)

samisueb  asked:

So news came out that the actress who plays Sasha has been cast on a new show. Normally this is bad news for the actors walking dead characters. Maybe Sasha is the one who gets an arrow to the eye?

Sonequa will be in a guest starring role on New Girl for episodes that are first airing in the Spring.  That means filming of those episodes are probably going on right now during the TWD filming off-season.  I don’t think we can write Sasha off just yet.