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Behind the Scenes on the Call the Midwife Christmas Special: Enduring bonds.

This year’s Christmas Special in South Africa posed an interesting new challenge for our cast and crew, quite apart from the normal issues of filming in a different country.

As you’ve seen in many of our previous posts, the cast of Call the Midwife get along very well together. There’s a particularly strong team spiritthat we believe gives our ensemble stories an extra power. However, our programme has very rarely filmed away from the environs of London - meaning that our cast go home at the end of each day to their own lives, and have never been required to live in close quarters with each other for an extended period of location filming.

This all changed with our upcoming Christmas Special. Cast members were flown out to beautiful South Africa, but were required to spend four weeks living in the same hotel, working long hours together - eating, travelling and socialising together each night. We did wonder if this would lead to fractures in their close working relationships - rather like holidays spent with friends or relatives that can sometimes expose disagreements, arguments or annoying habits!

We needn’t have worried. Our cast simply bonded more deeply for their shared experience. It allowed them to build on their great professional relationships by being joint witnesses to new environments, people and places. All of them have since spoken with enormous affection about the days they spent together. And we are privileged to have such a wonderful, close team working for us xxx

Call the Midwife returns with its Christmas Special in the forthcoming holiday season, and then a new series 6 in early 2017. :-)

Rey is a bit of Mary Sue, admittedly. But then Poe “I’m absurdly gorgeous and am the best pilot ever and the nicest person in the world” Dameron is one too, I guess.

Which is pretty much why Finn comes off like the most normal, likable guy out of the new cast.

He’s not quite ordinary, you understand (he has decent military skills), but he’s still always a bit like: “Yeah, what the fuck am I doing with all these jedis and master pilots and this ‘Good vs. Evil’ stuff? Can I leave now and escape and have a regular life?”

It’s like a normal dude got stuck in the middle of a Star Wars film.

here’s a ndrv3 theory -

anyone wonder why the new cast has.. pretty normal character designs? of course they’re by no means normal, they look great, but they don’t really look like prisoners. this goes with their talents as well, why would an ultimate tennis player or an ultimate pianist be in a prison? well, here’s my two cents on it.

the new danganronpa v3 cast aren’t really prisoners, they haven’t committed felonies or are bad people, i believe that they’re actually being imprisoned because they have talents. after learning about the remnants of despair being hope peaks students with ultimate talents, the general public probably turned on those with ultimate talents or outstanding and bright people. basically, our new cast is imprisoned because they have talents.

Today’s Thought - I Hate “The New Normal”

With the addition of Richard and Sophie to the cast, I think things will be never be the same.  They are another major couple in the OL series and will be getting fan attention.  I wonder if they will be at SDCC and on other panels with S&C?  This makes me sad in a way….I am afraid we will never see the S&C love fest again.  While S&C are working on keeping their private lives private, something else is happening.   Even though I do not plan on shipping anyone ever again, just look at Richard and Sophie’s twitter banter already and they haven’t even been on screen yet.