the new nine


this love is o u r s

you are the girl next door,
the love it took me too long
to realise.
We spent a millennia chasing
uninhabitable love.
Here’s to nights I
came to you covered in blood,
Here’s to nights you
came to me covered in bruises.
Your arms held me
when his
and you told me
everything you wanted to tell him but
And when we realised that comets
were merely sweat rolling down the back of the universe,
we fell out of love with them.
We stopped looking skywards
when we found out
we are also made of stardust.
And when I discovered you loved me it
was like oxygen flooding my lungs,
like quenching a thirst I didn’t know was
killing me.
Earth, I don’t want fire.
I don’t want ice.
I want you.
—  the nine people i have loved as planets: earth // L.H.