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Uptown Girl [3]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: thank you to everyone who liked part 2 YAY! this part is in peter’s POV btw!

Peter Parker x Reader


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“I have the perfect movie for us to watch tonight!” Y/N excitedly said from beside me.

6 months.

It’s been 6 months since me and Y/N L/N became friends. In the course of those 6 months, she had managed to wiggle her way into my life to the point where it was hard to imagine life without her beaming smile greeting me when I looked to my side. It was also getting harder to hide the fact that I was completely in love with her but was too much of an idiot to do anything about it.

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Babysitter (Part 5)

Summary: You spend the day with Taehyung, but unfortunately your parents catch you together.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V) / Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 2.7k

A/N: I definitely want to write a part 6 but for the moment this story will be on a hiatus so I can write some different stories :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Masterlist | Part 6

You woke from the sweet sounds of Taehyung light snores coming from above you. You couldn’t get over how beautiful he looked when he was sleeping.

You were currently cuddled into his warm chest.

You gently stroke his arm down until you reached his hand. You grabbed his hand tracing your thumb over his bruised knuckles, remembering the events of last night. You felt a little guilty that your boyfriend had to get hurt just to protect you. You glanced up looking at his bruised eye. The swelling was down but black and blue color was still clearly seen.

You brought his hand to your face gently kissing his wounds. You felt so lucky to have such an amazing person to always be there for you. You also felt a rush of anxiety because you have barely two months left with him until you have to go back to school. Also you still had three years left.

You heard him cutely groan next to you as you continued kissing his hand. He lift his head to look at you caressing his hand and he smiled laying his head back down closing his eyes.

“Why do you always wake up before me?”

“Because I do.” You giggled. “How do you feel?” You looked at him.

“I’m fine.” He simple said but you knew he was more distracted about the whole thing.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it wasn’t your fault.” He said despairingly. “You should never be treated that way….when you’re in a relationship, you should feel safe not scared.”

“I feel safe with you.” You smiled.

He didn’t answer, he just leaned down kissing your forehead.

“So what are we doing today?” You asked.

“You’ll see.” He smiled.

“Let’s get going.” You sat up.

“No.” He pulled you back.

You laughed as he climbed on top of you tickling you. “Tae…stop….ill wet your bed.” You giggled.

He had your hands pinned above your head so you couldn’t move. “I love you.” Every time he said those three words you felt like the world stops. At the very moment particularly as he leaned down to kiss you. The kiss got deeper within seconds as you moved against his lips. You had the urge to touch him but he still had your hands pinned while his other hand slithered up your shirt.

“I swear if you two are at it, I will literally kill myself.” You heard Yoongi sarcastically interrupt.

You also heard more laughter. “Or better yet Jimin.” You heard the laughter die down.

“We better stop if you want your friend to live.” You giggled.

“Let’s go.” He got up.

After you both got dressed, you were met with Taehyung friends plus one more extra you haven’t met yet.

“I told you….they’re like bunnies.” You over heard Yoongi.

“J-hope, what’s up?” Taehyung greeted his friend. “And we weren’t doing anything in there.” He glared at Yoongi.

“Not much.” He hugged Taehyung.

They must of not seen each other for some time. You thought.

“This is (Y/N)?….you’re so beautiful.” He bowed for you.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

“I’m Hoseok but they call me Jhope….its nice to finally meet you.”

“Were going out.” Taehyung said and grabbed your hand already pulling you towards the door.


When you finally reached your destination you noticed you were at the mall. You never really been to the mall because your friends were more party goers, the only time was to see a movie.

“I hope you’re not buying me stuff.”

His face went blank.

“You don’t have to prove your love with gifts.” You kissed his cheek.

As you stepped inside the mall it was bigger then you remember. The first thing that you both did was go to the arcade.

Taehyung was a kid at heart so you figured that’s where he would want to go.

“I’m going to kick your ass in racing.” He ran to the racing booth.

You sat down next to him in the booth giggling at his child like behavior. “You ready?”

Taehyung beat you the first three times but it was a close call. You were really good but he was just a little bit better. By the time you asked to play one more game you had a devious plan. When you reached the final lap you tickled him right above the knee like he did for you in the photo booth. He laughed so hard his car crashed into the wall giving you first place.

“You cheated.” He whined.

“I did no such thing.” You smirked.

You jumped out of your seat. “I pick next game.” You stood at the end of the air hockey table.

“You don’t want to play this with me.” He smiled.


“Because apparently I’m dangerous.”

You smirked. “Prove it.” But before you played the game you heard loud commotion to the front of the arcade.

Shit. Youngjin. You saw him messing with some teenagers.

Taehyung was just about to walk over until you stopped him. “Please don’t.” You said painfully.

“I want to have a good day.” He looked down in your direction. “Let’s go somewhere else.” He nodded.

As you were leaving you saw a employee and warned them about Youngjin and his stupid friends.

“Ice cream?” You suggested.

Before he could answer you dragged him to the stand.

After you both ordered, you attempted to pay but Tae beat you to it.

“You got something on your face.” He smirked.

“Wha-” Just as you questioned, Tae made your ice cream cone miss your mouth and up your nose.

“Tae.” You pouted as he was dying from laughter. You wiped off the remaining and wiped it back on his face. It didn’t faze him one bit as he just wiped it off licking his fingers.

“You’re going to get it.” You tried to wipe as much as you could see off your face.

“Here.” He leaned into you kissing your nose getting the rest of the ice cream off your face. You felt butterflies from the simple gesture.

You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck bringing him in for a proper kiss. You usually hated seeing other couples kiss in public because it made you queasy but you finally knew how they felt. They were in love and they couldn’t help show that even if it was in front of tons of people.

You almost forgot yourself that you were in public as Tae deepened the kiss with his tongue moving farther into your mouth.

If only the next moment you were aware of your surrounds. “Is that?” You didn’t notice your mother ask.

“(Y/N)! Tae!…Ew what are they doing?” You heard the familiar little voice belonging to your sister.

You both pulled away looking in the direction of the voice.

“Yup…that’s your daughter.” You father stated. “I knew it.”

You felt like your head could explode at that very moment as you noticed the expression your parents were wearing. Your father looked angry and your mother couldn’t help but smile.

You saw your little sister skip over with your little brother behind her.

“Why were you kissing?” Dara jumped into Taehyungs arms. He pulled her up so she could hug him.

“That’s what adults do when they like each other.” Your brother confirmed.

“Does this mean you’re gonna get married?” She asked. She gasped excitingly. “This means you’ll be my brother right?” Tae just smiled at your sister.

“Are you hurt?” Dara started to ask Tae looking at his bruised eye but your father interfered.

“So you lied to me.” Your father crossed his arms. “You lied so you can spend some time with him.”

“That’s not true dad…I mean it’s true that we are together but I didn’t lie about going to Liz and Sana’s.”

“I left a little early because of complications.” Tae slid Dara back down to the floor.

Your father arched his eyebrow not believing you. Tae looked at you to see if you could handle what you were about to say.

“You see…..Liz and Sana was having a party and I-” You hated thinking about that night.

“Let’s just say this guy was forcing himself on me and if it wasn’t for Tae I don’t know what would of happened.”

Your dad noticed his bruised face and his eyes soften. “He let me sleep over his house….and no worries his friends were there….I’m sorry dad….you can trust him…mom does.”

“You knew they were together.” Your dad asked your mother.

“Yes dear…and I’m okay with it….hes a a good boy.” She smiled at you.

“I want them to get married.” Dara pitched in.

Your father rolled his eyes. “Okay.” He looked at you both.

“But I swear…I don’t want to know anything….and you better stay in school…no getting yourself pregnant.” Your dad rambled.

“No worries daddy.” You hugged your father.

“Thank you….for protecting my little girl.” Your father firmly shook his hand but soften as soon as he saw his bruised knuckles. “I’m grateful honestly.”

“Are you coming home tonight?” You father asked.

You nodded. “We are going to need you to babysit.” He continued. “Alone.” You watch your mother smack him.

“She’s an adult now hun.”

“Yeah dad, we know better.” Do you? Do you really?


“Okay…you couch…you bed.” Your dad spoke down to you both.

“Dad.” You warned.

“I mean it.”

“Okay….come on Minho.” Your mother called.

You were seated on the couch with your sister in between you two and your brother upstairs playing his new video game.

“Are you going to have babies?” Half way through the movie your sister spoke up.

You heard Tae cough nervously as you stared at your sister.

“You watch too much TV Dara.”

“Some day I can babysit your baby.” She smiled.

“Dara plea-” You started.

“Of course.” Tae confirmed.

“Yay…I can’t wait.” She looked back towards the TV.

About an hour later Dara was passed out in between the both of you. Tae had the honors to get up and carry her to bed. As he was gone you decided to clean up the living room a bit. You opened the door to your back porch and carried the trash to the bin.

You felt the warm summer breeze fill the air. It was relaxing. You noticed the hot tub in the corner and realized that it was never used.

You made your way over plugging it in. You turned the settings on and the lights lit up inside as the jets foamed the water.

“You have a hot tub?” You heard Tae behind you.

“No one ever uses it.” You shrugged your shoulders. “But….”

You pulled off your shirt, then your jeans leaving you in only your bra and panties. You smirked at Tae as you stepped in. It was warm already and you choose to sit in front of one of the jets in the corner letting it blow water on your back.

You watched as Tae pulled off his shirt and pants. You blushed seeing him in his boxers.

“I don’t want to get my clothes wet because I don’t have extras.” He pouted.

Before you could speak he pulled his boxers down but making sure to cover up with his hands. You laughed feeling embarrassed. “You’re too much.”

He sat down across from you leaning his head back on the edge of the hot tub. You pushed yourself over so you were right next to him. His eyes were closed so he didn’t expect you to be so close. You started kissing under his ear making him slightly jump.

He didn’t move he just enjoyed the way you made your way over his lap straddling him. You leaned in kissing him desperately. You tugged your hand down into the water grabbing his limb length. As soon as you started pumping him you felt him stiffen in your hand. You pulled away to catch your breath as you continued to jerk him off.

He finally opened his eyes to look at you. He wrapped his arms around your back unhooking your bra tossing it outside of the hot tub. You pulled away from him so you could take off your soaking wet underwear.

You sat back down in your original position and quickly kissed him and leaned back just to admire his beautiful features. “Your sister wants us to make a baby.” He smirked.

You couldn’t help but laugh at his remark. “And my dad will kill you.”

His smiled slowly faded. “Are you being serious though?”

“One day.” You blushed. You leaned down kissing him once more.

“We don’t have to make a baby but that doesn’t mean we can’t have sex.” He blushed.

And at that very moment you lifted yourself up to lower yourself down his member. The water making it an easier process to adjust.

You started to rock against him at a steady pace making the water splash. You moaned as you felt him move his hand down rubbing you through your folds. He leaned forwards so he could kiss down your chest until he reached your right nipple sucking every inch of you.

You picked up your pace bouncing on top of him. You felt the pleasure stirring up already as Tae continued to rub through your core. He moved on to the other side of your breast sucking deep again. You heard the water splash out of the hot tub from your quick movements. You could feel his member twitch inside of you.

He leaned his head back once again giving you access to kiss his neck. He softly moaned from your touch. His breathing got deeper as you rocked against him. You quickly kissed him to steady his breathing as you felt him release inside of you.

You started to slow down as you felt the pleasure making its way up your core. Tae rubbed his hand through your folds more aggressively sending your orgasm passing through you. You leaned your head on his shoulder to catch your breath.

“Your parents might need to clean this water.” You laughed lifting your head.

“My parents must never know.” You smiled.

“Maybe we should take a shower.” You suggested.

“Are you trying to kill me?” He arched his eyebrows.

“We smell like sweat and chlorine.” You got out quickly grabbing towels in the downstairs bathroom. You handed one to Tae as you wrapped one around yourself. You both grabbed your clothes and you tossed yours in the washing machine. You made your way upstairs to your bathroom with Taehyung following.

You turned on the shower and stepped inside. You saw Taehyung hesitate outside of the shower. “I wont bite.” You smirked.

He stepped inside and you immediately had him pinned against the wall. You kissed down his body until you were on your knees. You grabbed his member kissing the tip.

“I’m not going to last long.” He moaned as you started kissing down his length.

“That’s okay…I don’t know how long we have anyway.” You teased.

You quickly put him fully in your mouth bobbing your head back and fourth making him hard again. You licked down his length as you pumped him quickly. He had a pained expression in his face making you laugh. You put him into your mouth once again making him moan a little louder.

You pulled off of him immensely to shh him. It was his turn to be quiet. He couldn’t control his hands as he leaned one on your head to quicken your pace. You pulled away quickly as you felt him twitch inside of your mouth. He released once you pulled away aiming at your chest. You smiled seeing how weak he was.

“You okay.” You stood up so you could clean his juices off your chest.

“No.” He finally opened his eyes.


You both made your way down to the living room and made yourselves cozy on the couch and watched a movie like you normally would. You didn’t realize once again that you fell asleep side by side once your parents got home.

“This time I’m waking them up.” Your father said.

“Hun stop…they’re fine.”

“I swear if they did-”

“Don’t you remember how we were at that age.” Your mother pushed him upstairs.

“Goodnight…” Your mother whispered to you before making her way up stairs.


 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Masterlist | Part 6


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“Everyone’s leaving for the weekend,” Seungcheol promised, a hint of a smirk in his voice, “it’ll be just us here. This way, you don’t have to kick out your roommate and piss her off even more.”

“How considerate,” you teased with a grin, “fine. I’ll be over tomorrow night after class. Between now and then, either make the guys clean up or do it yourself. I still have the scar from tripping over Chan’s bag and landing on Hansol’s wand.”

“He’s still not over that,” Seungcheol laughed, “even though you got him that new one. But, if it makes you feel better, I’ll clean everything. And, yes, that includes the shower.”

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Nervous - imagine

I have, and I’m sure you have too been bombarded with photos of Harry at the Dunkirk premiere, and it has made me so damn happy. Enjoy! x

It was your favourite part of every day. Early in the morning, sun peeking out from behind grey clouds. the occasional sigh of content coming from the other side of the large bed. You were an early riser at the best of times, constantly having to wake up for an early morning skype call with your parents over the years had caused the habit to stick, On this particular morning, however, the butterflies in your stomach caused a disturbance that made it impossible to sleep. Rolling over, you came face to face with Harry. His hair was a mess of tangled curls and his ringed fingers were still clutched around your waist. Leaning forward, you gently pressed your forehead against his, allowing your eyelashes to brush against his cheeks in a series of eskimo kisses.

An undistinguishable mumble escaped his parted lips, hot breath tingling your face. The striking green eyes you adored gradually came into your view, crinkling into a grin as he took in your excited face.

“S,not your birthday or anything love? Christmas isn’t for ages yet. Why you so happy? S’to early to be that happy.”

You sat up fast, taking the covers with you. “Haz, today’s the day! You’re officially a movie star!” Harry chuckled, running his fingers through his dark locks. Seeing your shining smile and bright eyes created a flutter in his heart, the way it always did when he gazed at you. Excitement or not, behind the beaming face he could see your nails anxiously picking at the skin surrounding your thumbs, the way you always did when you got nervous. Grabbing your hands, he raised them to his lips, kissing each knuckle before clasping them firmly in the middle of his crossed legs. “You know I can always tell when you’re nervous.”

Sighing, you moved forward, resting your cheek in the hollow of his bare shoulder. “I’m trying not to Harry, I really am. I just don’t want to fall over or anything or say the wrong thing. The fans are there as well, and I don’t want to disappoint them. There’s gonna be so many people. I want it to be perfect. I’m so excited for you. Fuck, I’m so damn proud baby. So unbelievably proud.”

Moving his hands up to stroke your back, long fingers massaging the knots away, Harry felt an overwhelming sense of love wash over him. He had worked for months on this film. Months of pushing all the music out of his mind and focusing on the new challenge that was acting. Now it was all catching up to him and was really happening, right here right now. You were the love of his life, and he had done it for you. Those years apart while he was touring with One Direction. The 2-hour phone calls between the two of you that were filled with air kisses and “i love you”s. The nights you spent together, him reading the lines of Alex over and over again with you pretending to be whatever character he needed. He couldn’t wait for you to see how all the time and effort you relentlessly put into him had paid off.

But he also understood. Being surrounded by hundreds of reporters, cameras and screaming fans were stressful for everyone, including himself. With a gentle sigh, Harry leant back on the bed, taking you with him. “M’gonna be with you. right there the whole time. You only have to talk to the press and reporters of you really want to. The fans love you. you’re so good with them. Me mums gonna be there so my two favourite girls can look out for each other. I promise it’s gonna be alright, ok love?”

He pressed a kiss to your pink lips, bright eyes lingering on yours, searching for any signs of remaining nervousness. Grinning, you kissed his nose, jumping off the messy sheets, the butterflies that had been previously causing a commotion in your stomach gone. “Come on then movie star. Let’s go show the world that Mr Harry Styles is not just a pretty face!”

Yay! Hope you lovelies liked it, coz there’s more where that came from! Pretty please send me requests, I wanna write way more for you! Lots of love xxx


Ethan x reader

Warnings: descriptions of movie violence, light swearing

Words: 4.241

Notes: I’m back with a new imagine, like I promised (yay!). This one’s halloween themed and it mentions a movie i haven’t actually seen so sorry for inaccuracies (I’m a huge coward when it comes to horror movies whoops). Hope you like it :)

When Ethan invited you over for movie night you expected … well, you didn’t expect this.

After going out for coffee twice and for dinner once, a movie night was the usual next step. You weren’t sure what he expected from this evening, you just hoped there would be no candles or roses or any of that kind. You’d had that once before, the guy went totally overboard and fully expected you to be so swept away by it that you’d sleep with him. Needless to say that particular relationship didn’t work out so well.

With Ethan things had gone well up to this point. He was quite contradictory, drawing you in more and more with each unexpected layer revealed. Ethan was funny and loud, but also much more thoughtful than he’d let on at first. In the beginning he’d been confident but curiously enough his confidence seemed to diminish with every new meeting. He put his foot in his mouth so often you’d lost count, in effect making you relax around him so quickly, by the second coffee date you’d forgotten to keep up the façade you usually keep up during the early dating phase.

So. You aren’t sure what exactly you’d expected this movie night to be like, just hoped it wouldn’t go horribly wrong but to be fair, you have enough faith in Ethan by now for that to be a fairly slim possibility.

When you turn up at his door and he opens with a smile, you’re distracted by your thoughts of how he kissed you short and sweet when you arrived at the restaurant last week. When he’d dropped you off afterwards he hadn’t made another move, he had made the first step and it had been your turn. You remember how clumsy your hands felt in the dark of the car as you reached for him, the door already opened because you’d almost chickened out. Your fingers had found the lapels of his jacket and you’d tugged, leaning forward slightly – and luckily that had been enough to get the message across. Ethan had followed your tug easily, his nose brushing against yours for a second and then there had been his lips on yours. Well, first you’d almost missed, but he’d adjusted himself minutely and then his mouth fit yours perfectly.

His lips had been softer than you’d expected them to be, all plush warmth moulding against your mouth. You’d lingered for another second and he’d pulled back a few centimetres, teeth shimmering in the darkness when you automatically chased after him. Your hands had slipped around his collar and the soft curls at the back of his neck had tickled the tips of your fingers. He’d kissed you again then, less gentle this time, pushing just enough to make your grip in his hair tighten. Your gasp had been loud in the quiet of the night around you.

Your fingertips prickle with the memory of how his hair had curled around them, silky soft, warm skin just underneath. Ethan can’t read your mind, though, thank God, and you don’t blush that easily, so he shouldn’t be able to guess what you’re thinking of when he gestures for you to come inside.

When the door clicks shut behind Ethan, you turn around to him and two fingers hold your chin up as he ducks down to kiss the corner of your mouth. He lingers for a second and you can actually feel his smile against your skin. “Hi.”

“Hey”, you reply, your voice quieter than you’d aimed for. “I brought popcorn.”

He steps back to examine the microwaveable popcorn you’re holding up. “Perfect. Then there might be enough snacks for the both of us.”

He plucks the popcorn out of your hand and waves for you to follow him into a kitchen area. Behind the counter you can see a huge couch facing a big screen on the wall. On the coffee table before the couch are bags of potato chips, various nuts and a few bottles of coke. No candles – or roses, for that matter. Phew. Good sign.

Ethan instructs the microwave to make your popcorn and turns back to you, leaning backwards against the counter. He’s wearing loose fitting jeans that are cuffed at the ankles, a grey t-shirt that has a rip at the collar and reveals a hint of his collarbone, and his feet are bare. His hair looks even more curly than usual and you suspect he showered earlier.

“So”, he says, his arms crossed loosely in front of his chest.

“So?”, you ask, unsure what he means. Aside from the popcorn you didn’t bring anything, since you have no intention to stay over. You still took maybe a bit too long to piece your ‘looking my best but oh so casual’ outfit. Trying to look as good as you can for this boy with the kind eyes and a smile that could power all of LA at night, is no crime after all.

“I thought we could watch Halloween, since it’s season appropriate and all that”, he goes on. The popcorn starts popping simultaneously with your heart sinking. Damn. That sounds like a horror movie, doesn’t it. “Assuming you like scary movies”, Ethan says, his smile now more than just a hint.

“Hate them, actually”, you mumble.

He laughs and shakes your head at you. “Funny.”

Uh-oh. This is not good. Are you really that sarcastic that he doesn’t realize when you’re being serious? You’re not good with horror movies. It’s not the violence or blood or anything like that, it’s the fucking tension that gets you every time. The music (or lack thereof) is the scariest thing ever and you usually turn off the sound when a scene gets too scary – meaning, you’re using subtitles whenever you watch anything even remotely scary. Goddammit, why did you let Ethan pick the movie? He’d told you he liked scary movies, how could you be so stupid? You should probably tell him you weren’t joking before this gets too awkward …

The thing is, maybe Ethan could have a field day with you scared shitless and hiding in his shirt or some other romantic-comedy-trope. But he won’t, because you’re not like all those pretty girls in said movies. You don’t get scared and hide, nope, you start talking. Talking all over tense, scary scenes is the only way you can endure such a movie, which of course completely ruins the experience. Maybe you could try and shut up this time … ?

Ethan beams at you and starts rummaging through the cupboards presumably in search of a bowl for the popcorn. “I thought about Saw for a moment, but then that’s not really scary, just gory and gross. If you don’t like Halloween we could also watch The Conjuring, just so you know, but I thought Halloween fits October better.”

Oh god, no. You’ve heard of the Conjuring and it’s supposed to be maybe the scariest recent horror movie. Halloween doesn’t really ring a bell so it could be okay. It’s got to be okay. Somehow. It’s too late now to tell him you were being serious, isn’t it? Fuck.

Ethan finds the bowl just in time for the microwave to finish making the popcorn pop. The smell fills the kitchen, automatically reminding you of movie theatres and wide, comfy seats. Ethan curses when he burns his finger as he opens the bag and shakes the popcorn into the bowl, and you watch his shoulders shift under the fabric of his shirt. The dark chocolate colour of his hair looks even creamier in contrast to the light grey of his t-shirt, and your hands itch to pull the collar down just an inch and press your lips to the bronze skin of his nape.

“Let’s go”, he pulls you out of your fantasy and you follow after him to the couch, where he plops down and watches you totally inconspicuously out of the corner of his eyes. You hesitate for a second, then you grab the blanket that is laid over the part of the couch that’s farthest away from him. You’re almost sure you can see him deflate, but you carry the blanket with you and sit down next to him. You scoot back as far as you can until you’re with your back against the cushion and your thigh alongside his. This time you’re absolutely sure you can see him smile, even though he keeps his face turned away.

“Salt or paprika?”, he questions and opens the salt potato chips when you point at them. He hands you the bag and you’re pathetically glad to have something to hold onto. Then he fills your glasses with coke, grabs the remote and leans back, the bowl of warm popcorn on his lap. With a smile to you he presses play and settles against the cushions, one arm on the backrest behind you, the other one shovelling popcorn into his mouth, eyes trained on the screen. In any other situation you would be amused or even charmed, maybe thinking about when the right time to cuddle against him might be, but as it is your heart is still somewhere around your knees and you stare at the screen, accepting your fate and waiting for the first scare to make you hate your life.

It starts slow, which is good since you don’t feel the need to break any tension a scary scene might create. On the other hand it makes you tense up more and more, as you wait for it to go from creepy to full on scary. In an effort to keep Ethan oblivious to your tension, you shift around a lot in order to loosen up your muscles before they start cramping. It’s barely fifteen minutes into the movie and you’ve already eaten half the bag of chips out of pure nervousness. At least Ethan doesn’t seem to mind your continuous shifting. He pulls his legs up and crosses them Indian style, leans back a little more, and readjusts his arm behind you so it forms a warm, solid weight just along your shoulders. You manage to slide down a bit until his arm is at your nape and you can rest your head on it, by masking it like you’re just snuggling further under your blanket. He doesn’t miss a beat and immediately turns his hand until he can play distractedly with your hair.

You would enjoy this at least four hundred percent more, had the movie not started to play a crazily tense piano riff that makes your spine feel like an icicle. The murderer is close but you can’t look at the screen, instead you focus on the coffee table before you. The light from the screen is flickering over it and you realize the rest of the room is completely dark. Immediately you fight the urge to look behind you and check there’s no one coming at you with a huge ass kitchen knife. Shit.

No talking, this is a movie night. You have to remind yourself to keep your mouth shut, but the music is so tense you can’t feel your toes anymore. Your lower lip starts going numb from the way you’re biting it, to keep all the stupid words from bubbling right out of your mouth. Your hand trembles a bit where it is closed tightly around the bag of chips and you almost jump when it crinkles noisily. Ethan doesn’t react, his eyes locked on the screen you can’t even glance at, but the noise gave you an idea: you start shoving chips into your mouth and making the bag crinkle and rustle as loud as you can to drown out the creepy piano-sound.

You’re so focused on the crinkling noise, you don’t realize immediately when the scene changes (someone died messily, now the murderer needs a break). When there’s a hand tugging on the bag, you jump slightly, and when you look up Ethan has one eyebrow lifted at you, half a smile on his lips. “You wanna swap?”

He nods to the bowl of popcorn in his lap, and this time you flush a bit. You shrug and nod. “Sure.”

Popcorn isn’t noisy. Popcorn can’t distract you from anything. Ethan just took away your last resort. Shit. You take the bowl and grip it tight enough to hide the slight tremble in your hands. Ethan’s hand at the back of your head stops playing with the ends of your hair and cups your nape, as though to calm you down. His hand is so big, if he tried his fingers could probably reach his thumb. As it is his thumb just strokes up and down behind your ear, the sensitive, thin skin there positively on fire. The rest of his fingers are a warm, anchoring weight – luckily far enough away from your pulse, otherwise he could definitely feel your heart racing with the strange mixture of fear (of the movie) and attraction (to him).

You’re good for the most part of the movie, you would say. You don’t rustle with anything – and Ethan, sadly, doesn’t either. In fact, Ethan is so drawn into the tense (horrifying) scenes that he doesn’t notice you focusing hard enough on your blanket to burn a hole through it, whenever that damned piano starts up again.

But then the ineviteble showdown happens.

And looking at the dark folds of soft fabric in your lap isn’t enough anymore, closing your eyes never helps as it makes you even more susceptible to any sounds. Ethan’s hand has stopped moving and when you look up he is even leaning forward a bit, concentrated wholly on what’s happening on screen. The piano dies down and the killer stops pursuing his last victim, who is trying to hide. The camera shows you where the masked maniac with the knife waits for her. Your throat is too dry. You hate this. You can’t even express how much you hate this. This is terrible. You. Hate. This. You want to turn it off and punch Ethan for making you watch this far, you want to turn off the sound and put on something ridiculous like ‘Yellow Submarine’ or something, so this will look ridiculous instead of scaring the living lights out of you. Fucking Ethan.

The last victim is close to the killer now. Her breathing is loud. There is his face again in that horrible mask. Right. Fuck this.

“You know a knife is actually really stupid as a weapon for a mass-murderer”, you can hear yourself saying right into the tense silence when the girl on screen searches the room for the killer while he’s really right behind her and lifting his arm to kill her. You would be embarrassed if you weren’t so thankful for the disruption your voice creates. “A gun or something would be so much quicker, and less messy if you think about it. He could use a silencer, so it would be almost as silent as the knife. People die quicker, too, if you hit them right, so really using a knife doesn’t make any sense from a logical point of view, right?”

Ethan is frowning. He throws you an irritated look and hums in agreement or not, you can’t say. You also don’t care. That bloody piano has started up again. “Of course, a gun is so much less dramatic than a ridiculously huge knife. I get why they would do that, but still it just seems stupid to m— oh, c’mon, he didn’t even really hit her, look at how much blood that is! Wow, now that is dramatic. It looks like a fountain.” Your snort doesn’t sound half as nervous as you feel. Since you started talking you feel so much better, though, your heart has even risen from its position at your knees to somewhere around your stomach area so it’s almost at the right spot again. “My god, that poor actress. She probably had a sore throat after they shot that, I don’t even want to know how often they made her scream like that. It’s kinda funny, though, don’t you – “

“What … “, Ethan turns abruptly to you, his forehead is furrowed in irritation and, shit, okay, you’re annoying him. You didn’t force him to watch a fucking horror movie with you, it’s his own fault, a tiny voice whispers in the back of your head. The girl on screen gurgles, blood still spurting impressively far from her wound, and it sounds like someone is blowing bubbles in a glass of water. “What’s the matter with you? Could you, like, maybe tell me all this, y’know, afterwards? This is … it’s the finale.” He points at the screen and his annoyed look turns into genuine confusion. “This is what the whole movie built up to. Why would you … “

Great. Now you really feel bad. This was a bad idea. You ruined it. This is not how you expected ‘movie night’ to go. “… I’m sorry.”

Ethan pauses the movie and leans back with a sigh. The arm on the backrest behind you is gone as he rubs his wrist over his forehead and stares up at the ceiling. You pull the blanket tighter around yourself. You should probably go.

“It’s, uh, okay.” He shakes his head at the ceiling and just when you make to get up, he turns his head around to look at you. His brows are still drawn together and he tries for a confused half-smile. “Do you … usually talk through movies?”

“No”, you mumble and pick at the blanket. You’re sorry and you feel awkward and annoyed, at him for making you watch this, at yourself because you didn’t have the balls to just tell him you really hated horror movies.

“Then what? If it was boring, you could’ve just said so, you know?”, Ethan shrugs and looks back at the screen. “If you want we can watch The Conjuring afterwards? I didn’t mean to bore you, after all.”

“No!” You said it a bit too loud and a lot too quickly, and he definitely noticed, you can tell from the way he stares at you questioningly. “No, I – it wasn’t. It wasn’t boring, Ethan”, you stammer, cringing inwardly about the way you’re fumbling for words.

“Sure seemed like it”, he mumbles, sounding almost a bit sulky now.

“I have never seen this movie, how can it bore me?”, you ask and glance at the paused screen again. It shows some blurry, dark forest or something.

Ethan’s frown has only deepened when you look back at him. “Well then … why … would you … ?“ You can tell the exact moment he realizes, his eyes widening slightly and his mouth dropping open slowly as he stares at you in doubt. You’re actually blushing now and you can’t meet his eyes, too awkward does all this feel, and you start fidgeting with the blanket again. “Don’t tell me – you were being serious? You hate horror movies?”

You shrug, stubbornly keeping your eyes down. “Yeah? So?”

“I – why didn’t you tell me you weren’t joking?” You can feel him gesturing, but refuse to look up. “You watched the whole entire thing, although you hate scary movies!“

“It’s not that they’re scary”, you grumble into your lap. “They’re … I don’t know, I just hate the music, okay? That shit is just creepy and I can never forget it. I’ll probably think about this damned piano for the next half year whenever I need to go to the basement or through a dark parking space or something stupid.” You pick at a loose thread, embarrassment high in your throat. “’s just stupid…”

Ethan doesn’t say anything long enough for you to finally look up and when you do, his face is a mixture of amusement, sympathy, and ‘aww’. Great. Now you really want to punch him.

“Horror movies scare you?”, he repeats and it’s not funny, it’s patronizing and he’s being a dick and … okay, it maybe is a bit funny.

You shove against his chest and bite the inside of your cheek to hide your embarrassed smile. “Shut up.”

Instead of giving you space Ethan leans forward, closer to you, and repeats with a lopsided smile: “Horror movies … scare you?”

“Ethan”, you whine and scowl at him instead of pushing him away again. He grins even wider and unfurls his long legs to get up on his knees. He positions his hands on either side of you and is now close enough for his curls to tickle your forehead. He smells like shampoo and fabric softener and you just want to sink your fingers into his hair and make him shut up.

“Horror movies actually scare you?”

You groan and throw your hands up in frustration. “Stop it.”

Ethan bites his lower lip, which doesn’t help hiding his smile one bit, and when you try and lean away to get some more space between you and him, you lose your balance and just sort of slide into a half-sitting, half-lying position against the backrest. Ethan blinks down at you, surprised for a second, then chuckles and bends down further until his forehead rests against yours, effectively pinning you where you are. His arms are caging you in, one of his knees is between yours and the blanket has fallen to somewhere by your hips. Your hands want to touch and feel and haul him in so much, you have to curl them in the cushions by your side. Not like this. He doesn’t deserve you wanting him, when he’s behaving like this.

“Okay”, he says, hot breath hitting your lips and you lick them instinctively. There is nothing apologetic to be found in his eyes. “Then let me paraphrase it: could it be you’re afraid of horror movies?”

You give up. “You’re such an asshole.”

Before he can think of some clever retort, you lift up the few centimetres to his mouth and finally he shuts up. Ethan keeps his position for a few seconds, then bends his arms until he’s resting on his elbows, left and right to your head. His mouth moves against yours and he tastes like popcorn. Your head is swirling and you almost feel drunk as your hands are finally allowed to touch. One slips straight into the curly hair at his nape, taking a hold and tugging lightly. The other one grips the soft fabric of his shirt, where it is falling loosely around his hips. His weight is pushing you down into the couch, until you feel like you’re going to sink fully into, with him covering you head to toe. His breath is hot in your mouth, his taste sweet on your tongue, his smell filling up your nostrils and making your head spin, and he is a heavy weight resting between your legs, all solid, warm skin, muscle, and bones pressed up against you until you feel like you can’t breathe.

“What d’you want to do now?”, he finally asks, breathless and with quite pink cheeks, a few seconds or maybe an eternity later, you really can’t tell. You know exactly what he’s aiming for, and exactly what you want right now. But he was being an asshole and just because he knows how to get what he wants, doesn’t mean this is the right time to give him precisely that.

So you arch your back a little, loosen your hold on his hair to draw your finger along the line of his jaw, and rub your thumb over the sliver of naked skin between his t-shirt and jeans. His mouth curls into a smirk.

“Ethan”, you sigh and cover his lips with yours, pushing hard enough for him to lean up and away, but gentle enough for it not to hurt.

When you’re both in an upright position you lean back a little. “Hm?”, he hums.

“I want to watch a good movie now”, you whisper, fighting down a smile.

It takes him a few seconds. “Ye – oh.”

His whole face falls and you can’t help but burst out in laughter at his disappointment. It’s his turn to look sheepish now.

“Your … face … “, you gasp laughing, and it only makes you giggle harder when he tries for a serious, unamused expression.

“What did you have in mind then?”, he tries to distract you and reaches for the remote again. You’re still laughing and when you sag forward to rest your head against his shoulder and continue to laugh, he doesn’t shrug you off.

“You’re easy”, you chuckle into his sleeve and sit up again when he grumbles in response. There is a smile playing over his lips and he’s shaking his head, like he’s trying to reprimand you.

“You’re mean”, he shoots back and you only shrug. “So. What’s it gonna be?”

Inception”, you decide on a whim. Ethan hums in agreement and you pull up your blanket again and lean fully against him as soon as the first notes of the soundtrack start playing. He curls his arm around you again, only much more confident this time, and if his hand rests a bit too high on your thigh and he starts pressing his lips to your neck halfway through the movie, who cares?

Touch of You | Jackson Whittemore Imagine

request: Can you write a jackson whittemore smut ? Maybe a little rough?? Idk. Love ya!!! ❤❤

word count: 1682

warnings: smut, rough sex, swearing, Aidia

A/N: my first jackson whittemore imagine (yay!) thank you, anon and i hope you guys enjoy this ♥

“So, what’s this between you and Jackson?”, Lydia wondered. You shook your head, clearly annoyed. “Lydia, we broke up three months ago, there’s nothing”, you explained once again. Lydia shrugged and her expression showed that she didn’t believe you. “Whatever”, she mumbled when Scott walked in. “Hey, you two”, he welcomed you and smiled. “Y/N? Are you coming over tonight? For our movie night?”, he wanted to know. You were still new to Scott’s pack because you had become a werewolf only a few weeks ago. “Um, yes, I guess”, you answered shyly. Scott nodded. “Okay, I think Jackson’s gonna pick you up because Stiles jeep is ruined”, he added. You rolled your eyes. Of course you had to drive with Jackson. Since you two broke up, there wasn’t one occasion where you hadn’t to do something with your ex-boyfriend. “See, it’s your destiny to be with Jackson”, Lydia laughed. “Oh, shut up, Lyds”, you said and laughed. “I have to go, but I guess I’ll see you tonight?”, you asked and got up. “Um, no, I’m not coming. Homework and stuff”, Lydia mumbled and you laughed again. “You mean you do Aiden instead of homework”, you smirked and she grinned telling. You left school and crossed the street to get to your home. “Mum, I’m home”, you yelled but there was no answer. “Mum?”, you repeated. When you wanted to yell again you remembered that she was at the hospital helping Melissa. You ate the rest of yesterday’s meal before you got upstairs. Scott didn’t tell you when Jackson wanted to pick you up, so you decided to text Jackson. “Hey. Scott said, you’re going to pick me up tonight. What time?”, you shortly typed and threw your phone at your bed. A few seconds later your phone vibrated: Jackson. “At 6? If it’s okay for u”, his message read. “Ok, see ya soon”, you replied and looked at your watch. It was already four o'clock which meant you had two hours to do your homework, go showering, change your clothes and do your hair. You sighed and started your exercises. After half an hour of maths, biology and history, you decided to take a break. You went into the shower and totally relaxed feeling warm and safe. The room was filled with a scent of coconut and vanilla, when you left the shower. You just walked into your room, when suddenly the door bell rang. You sighed and thought of your brother who surely had forgotten something at home. You wrapped your body into a towel and got upstairs. “God, what the fuck did you forget now?”, you said annoyed while opening the front door. “Um, nothing? I guess”, your heard Jackson’s confused voice. You gulped. “Fuck, Jackson. Um… aren’t you too early?”, you wondered and looked at him. “Not really, Y/N”, he said and rolled his eyes. “Oh my God, I’m sorry… I forgot the time”, you murmured. Jackson nodded his expression still showing how annoyed he was. “Do you want to come in?”, you asked, suddenly remembering that you were only wearing a towel. “I have no choice, have I?”, Jackson said and smirked at you. “Jackson? Can you please stop to look at me like this?”, you asked. Jackson grinned. “With hatred?”, he counterquestioned. “I’m pretty sure I don’t see hatred in your eyes, Whittemore”,  you declared. “You do? Well that’s strange because hate is the only thing I feel for you”, Jackson answered and the smirk left his face. “Sure, Whittemore”, you mumbled and let your towel fall to the floor. “What about now?”, you added. He shook his head which made you get closer to him. You slowly sat down on his lap, completely naked and he still tried to do his poker face. You cupped up his cheek and smiled, showing your teeth. “Fuck”, Jackson whispered before he smashed his lips into yours. His large hands slid down your body and to your ass harshly squeezing it. You broke away and pulled off his shirt, showing his perfect chest. You touched his bare skin before licking along his chest. “God, Y/N, I missed you”, he said while pulling you up and placing you on the table. You didn’t reply instead you pressed your lips to his again. His hands left your body, just appear right in front of your warmth. He started rubbing your clit before he turned you around with one single move. “You know that it was really bad of you to seduce me like this, hm?”, he breathed against your skin. You nodded. “I guess I have to punish you, Y/N”, he added and you shivered. Suddenly you felt a hard slap on your right cheek. You whimpered and already felt how your ass was turning read. “This one doesn’t count”, he explained and hit your butt again. “One”, he said. Slap. “Two” Slap. Slap. “Three, four” Slap. “Five”, he removed his hand from your butt. “I guess that’s enough”, he made sure and you smirked when he turned you around again. You whimpered when you were placed on your still hurting ass. Jackson smiled and started to unzip his jeans.  "Time to get up", Jackson announced and helped you to get up. Jackson leaned onto the table and took down his pants showing his hard member to you. You slowly liked along his large member before you took it into your mouth. Jackson curled his fingers into the hair at the back of your neck, holding your mouth in place. You started to flick your tongue around the head, swallowing and sucking, rubbing the top of his cockhead against the roof of your mouth. When you felt that he was ready, you slowly tried to take his cock all the way into your mouth. After a few minutes Jackson got tired of your teasing and he took charge by beginning to really fuck your mouth. Your eyes started to water but you knew you didn’t want him to stop until your face was covered with his come. Jackson continued grabbing your hair a little harder but you didn’t care. You moaned and his dick vibrated in your mouth, driving him crazy. Jackson didn’t stop to groan until he unloaded into your mouth. You smiled and swallowed it. “Mhm, that was perfect, Y/N. I think I have to reward your action”, he said hoarsely and pulled you up by your hair. He pushed you against the dining table and kissed you deep. You opened your mouth and in next to no time there was a fight of domination but there was no real winner because sometimes he had you under control but then you had him. He lifted you up the table and got over you. Without a word he thrusted his large member into you roughly. You groaned and felt your eyes turning blue and your nails growing into claws. He left your wet pussy as fast as he entered it giving you a feeling of total emptiness. You connected your lips to his again, showing him that he should enter you. Jackson understood and started thrusting inside you harshly.You groaned in pleasure and clinged to his back, your nails digging into his skin. “Fuck, Jackson”, you breathed into his ear. He started to slow up his pace before his pace got a lot faster. You scratched his back, knowing that it would heal in next to no time. Jackson spreaded your legs even more, giving him access to hit your g-spot. You couldn’t help yourself but moan loudly when he hit it for the tenth time or something. “I can’t hold it back a-anymore”, you mumbled and Jackson gripped your hips. “I know, babe, me too”, he replied and that’s when he came for the second time. His come filling your pussy made you reach your climax too and your comes mixed. Jackson pressed his lips to yours, still slowly thrusting into you. You looked at the clock. Fuck, you had totally forgotten about the movie night. “Um, Jackson, we don’t have time anymore”, you murmured. “Pity! But let’s continue this another time, Y/N”, he licked your lips causing you to shiver. “I don’t think there’s anyone out there who knows how to fuck me right… besides you, so it’s your  duty to do me”, you explained. Jackson smiled narcissistic and started to put his clothes back on as he said:  "I guess our relationship wasn’t even that bad. At least we had and still have good sex"

anonymous asked:

what does your last post reffer to

Everything, I’m fucking lost in life okay. I feel like every single new thing I see just diverts us more and more from any form of sane or normal reality. What blonde person hurt Dan? Why the fuck is there a Nazi supporter as president? Why is no one talking about Spain? Why have I seen so many death threats towards those shipping imaginary characters? Where’s Waldo? Why are we antagonizing North Korea? When is Jillian gonna upload her fic today? Why is Dodie Clark so pretty? Why is my family so homophobic? Why can’t I decide on taking a shower or a bath? If bath, bathbomb(?) yay or nay? Why is my dog eating his own ass? Where the fuck is Obama and Bernie I miss them? Why couldn’t yall have voted for Hillary? Why are Dan and Phil so cryptic? Why was the Percy Jackson movies so god fucking awful? Why does drawing take so long? Who killed the muffin man? Why wasn’t tearing down the statues of racists a given? Why are people so mean? Why hasn’t it rained in fucking months in Cali? Why can’t the new season of Voltron come out now? 

I don’t man just,,


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you're such a great writer like honestly?? thank you?? for being so wonderful????? even ur headcanons like the patater 1am grocery run make me tear up :'))))

Aww, you’re so sweet!! Thank you for reading!!!! <3 Here’s some more patater grocery runs:

“I think careful cooking is love, don’t you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who’s close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give.” – Julia Child.

Kent can’t figure out why he and Alexei always have serious conversations in the supermarket when it’s 1 AM. (1.7K, patater)

“You know,” Kent says, as he carries three tubs of Ben and Jerry’s to their cart, “I think I’m actually lactose intolerant.”

“What’s that mean?” Alexei asks. He’s cradling bread in one arm and vodka in the other like they’re his children. He’s also very tired from the flight from Providence, because he’d been in Vegas for approximately 20 minutes when Kent realized that they had no groceries in the fridge and that they both ate ridiculous, hockey-player-sized portions of food.

“Like I’m allergic to milk,” Kent replies, pulling the cart forward to the cereal aisle.

Alexei eyes the three tubs of ice cream in the cart. “Ice cream have milk,” he offers.

“I know,” Kent says, without making a move to stop. Like Alexei is the dumb one.

“What happens when you have milk?” Alexei tries.

“Oh, my stomach just feels like it wants to curl inwards and collapse,” Kent says. “And then I lie on the floor with Kit until I feel better. I was fine in elementary school, though. It only got worse about two years ago.”

“How you stay alive for so long?”

“Not sure,” Kent answers blithely. “But ice cream is so good. And cheese. You know, I used to think that it was just a thing that happened with ice cream, like, the pain and suffering? I thought it was a myth. Like being allergic to gluten. Think about it, were cavemen gluten free? Was Michelangelo? I don’t think so.”

“Kent, I’m too tired for argue,” Alexei says, suppressing another yawn. “But you stupid.”

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Troian is coming out with a new movie this summer called Feed.

Her husband is in it, and Tom Felton is in it, looking weird af cause he’s a brunette and idk it’s like if grass was red for a day. THIS MOVIE LOOKS SO GOOD. It addresses eating disorders, and doesn’t make it some cheesy I wanna fit into my cheer uniform storyline. ALSO Troian wrote the screenplay. And before she was ever even on PLL. Shes a wonderful actor, we just saw that shes a great director her episode was so good, I can’t wait to see her writing skills at work because I know it’s going to to be a crazy roller coaster ride of a movie. Any one else insanely excited?

Edit: her husband isn’t in this one, but she did just finish making one with him. So yay two new Troian movies coming to somewhere near youuuu

I don’t watch Star Wars, but I feel this secondary happiness for all you nerds out there who can’t wait until December??? Like I know a lot of people are hyped for new official content for their fandoms and trust me, I know that feeling. So like yay for the Star Wars fandom, I’m happy for you guys! 😊


J-World renovated the KnB area a bit with some new stuff!

One, lots of Seirin vs. Touou for the movie. Two, new lottery game where you stir the pot of curry and colored balls come out of the pot to determine your prize. Three, there’s now a shooting Mukkun game. Four,  a photospot area of the Gymnasium where the Winter Cup was held. And also they updated the clips of the characters that play when you step on their spot in front of the screen.

Aomine’s birthday event yay~

I did it. I bought Kagami’s 30cm BLT. It really was huge that they usually cut it beforehand but I said no need. It was good though! The sauce is delicious! And I got Seirin’s chicken cream risotto and apple pastry cake for the Seirin vs Touou event.

Post Crash Panic


I let out a sigh as I turned the key in the lock, opening the front door to mine and Joe’s apartment, exhausted after a long day at work. Already tired from the lack of sleep from the past two nights, with nightmares keeping me awake, I had barely made it through, thankful it was Friday.

“I’m home!” I called out softly, locking the door behind me, as I kicked off my shoes, turning to head down the hall I saw him, and that brought a smile to my face.

“Hey babe.” Joe smiled, meeting me halfway. “Have a good day at work?” He asked, holding his arms out for a hug. I nodded, walking forward, feeling his arms wrap around my body.

Thankful that he couldn’t see my face, as I couldn’t hide the wince that contorted my face as Joe’s arms found the bruises along my side. Quick to fix my face when Joe pulled back, replacing my pain with a smile once again, he grinned back.

“Caspar’s in the living room, we were just watching a film.” The thatcher-turned-youtuber grabbed my hand and lead me to where Caspar was sitting on the couch, phone in his hand. The South African looked up, his trademark smile lit up his face.

“Y/N! Yay, you’re home!” He exclaimed, jumping up to come hug me. Caspar’s was less gentle than the boyfriends, thus the pain flashed through me suddenly, and I barely contained the gasp that wanted to slip past my lips.

“Hi Caspar, nice to see you too.” I said, almost breathless from the pain. Both the boys sat back on the couch, while I leaned against the arm, looking at the TV screen.

“What movie you watching?” My Y/E/C eyes shifted from the paused movie to the two bodies sitting on the couch.

“Oh, that new action one we were talking about, it has that awesome car chase and huge explosion! It’s pretty awesome!” Caspar got more excited as he explained it, Joe sat beside him, chuckling a little as he went to hit play.

My eyes instantly went back to the screen as the sounds hit my ears: tires squealing, the sound of metal crushing in on itself, it hit me hard and brought back flashes from earlier that week.

Feeling a bout of panic coming on, I excused myself and headed to the bedroom, hiding my shaking hands in front of me. As soon as the door was closed, I let my weight rest on it, the memories hitting suddenly.

The feeling of no control, the sound of a car scratching against my uber, tires squealing against the road, and that crunching sound as the car flipped. I barely remember the actual crash, only glimpses as it happened, but the pain that hit after, that I remembered clearly.

Taking a shaky breath, I push off the door and take small steps over to the full length mirror that resided on one of the walls in mine and Joe’s bedroom. Lifting my blouse, I inspect the bruises formed along my left side. The blue and purple skin stretched across my ribs, only marred by a scratch through the middle. I knew the bruise curled around my side, and that it spread down past my hip.

My eyes moved up to rest on the face that stared back at me, where the cut along my forehead had begun to heal, but still I could feel the blood drip down my face from when it was fresh, the shards of glass that had found a new home in my shoulder during the crash remained as ghosts in my shoulder.

Tears filled my eyes as the breath in my lungs escaped once again. Releasing the hold on my blouse, I backed up until the back of my knees hit the bed, and I crumpled.

Wrapping my arms around my waist, I leaned forward and closed my eyes. I tried to focus on something, anything that wasn’t the crash that haunted my mind. A brief thought crossed my mind that maybe I should have told Joe, he could have helped me through this, but that thought left almost immediately as a sob shook through my exhausted and battered body.

The panic had taken over all of my attention, I hadn’t noticed the door open.

Joe’s POV

Y/N had been acting strange for the past few days, and I was getting concerned. I knew she was tired from work, but this was different from normal.

I watched her walk quickly towards our bedroom, before turning back to focus on the screen in front of me, a frown residing on my face.

A minute passed and I couldn’t tell you what happened in the movie, as Y/N’s odd behaviour kept bothering me.

“I’ll be right back mate.” I mumble to Caspar, getting up from the couch and taking the same path my girlfriend had taken not long before. There was a feeling in my gut, like there was something wrong, but I couldn’t place it. And then I opened the bedroom door.

She was sitting on our bed, her Y/H/C forming a curtain around her face, but her sobs still echoed across and into my ears. It broke my heart, seeing her hurt but not knowing why.

“Y/N?” I said softly, but she didn’t hear me. I walked over and kneeled in front of her, placing my hands on her knees. I could feel her shaking, and I frowned, knowing something was wrong.

I must have jolted her out of whatever was going on, because her head snapped up, and her Y/E/C met my blue ones, the panic clear in hers.

“Oh Y/N…what happened…” I said softly, placing one of my hands on her cheek, brushing away the tears that fell from her eyes.


I was shocked when I felt hands on my knees, seeing Joe in front of me only added to the panic though, I didn’t want him to know, he couldn’t know.

“Oh Y/N…what happened…” I felt his hand gently touch my face and it helped to ground me a little, he always managed to have that affect though.

“Joe…” I hiccupped, trying to catch my breath, but the panic still held on with a tight grip. I shook my head, closing my eyes once again, trying to fight it off. I felt his hand leave me cheek, and the bed shift under his weight as he sat beside me. His arms curved around my shoulder, his hand resting on my arm as he pulled me towards his chest. I clung on to his shirt as I let all the emotion out. We sat there for a few minutes as I slowly gained control over my breathing once again.

When I finally felt like the panic wasn’t in control, I pulled away slowly from Joe. His hand that wasn’t resting on my arm was holding one of my hands, his thumb rubbing circles into the top of my hand.

“Better?” He asked softly, and I lifted my eyes to meet his. Nothing worry and understanding in his eyes, and it made me feel guilt. I nodded, drawing in a shaky breath.

It was time to tell him.

“Joe, I need to tell you something.” I said, standing on shaky legs, taking a step back, I remained facing him. “The other day, when you and Caspar were up north at that meeting, uhm, something happened.” I fiddled with the bottom of my blouse, and lowered my eyes from his. I was nervous, but he needed to know.

Joe remained silent, and the only sounds was the faint noise from the movie that Caspar had remained watching in the other room.

Now or never. I thought, and lifted my shirt, revealing the bruises to the man I love. I heard his intake of breath, and forced my gaze to rest on his face.

A look of shock was what I saw, mixed with hurt and confusion.

“What the hell happened?” Joe’s tone was soft, but his words demanded the truth as he stood and moved towards me. His fingers lightly traced the visible part of the bruise, my stomach clenched, but I didn’t move away, he was gentle.

“There…there was a car accident. My uber, it flipped. Another car had hit us, I think. Most of it’s a blur. I’m…I’m sorry. I should have told you right away, but you were busy with meetings, and stressed about the second movie, and just had so much going on, I didn’t want to burden you, and…” I was stopped by his finger being placed on my lips.

“Is this why you keep waking up in the middle of the night?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

I flinched a little, thinking I had been pretty good at keeping those moments quiet.

“Yeah…nightmares.” I mumbled, my lips brushing against his finger.

“Y/N…never feel like you can’t tell me something like this.” He moved his hand, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. “I love you, and want to be there to help you. I cannot believe you managed to hide this from me. Explains why you’ve been avoiding me though. I thought I had pissed you off again.” Joe smiled, a small chuckle accompanying the last statement.

I shook my head slightly, “No, you were fine. Sorry I didn’t tell you.” I moved my arms around him, leaning my head on his chest. Joe returned the hug, this time mindful of the bruise.

“Its alright, love. I forgive you. But next time you get in a car accident, please tell me.” He kissed the top of my head.

I pulled back just enough to face him, my arms remained around his waist.

“I promise.” I sealed it with a kiss on the lips.

A few minutes later, after I changed into some comfy clothes, we walked back out to join Caspar. I told him what happened as well, and after promising him I wouldn’t hide anything like that from him either, we switched to a different movie.

I curled up next to Joe, finally able to relax for the first time in days. A smile graced my lips again as our fingers laced together and he placed another kiss on the top of my head.

That night, I slept without any nightmares.

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So sammy I step out of the josh fandom for a quick minute and come back to the ovary busting cutie with a romantic lead in a movie!!!!! 😍 and the tragedy girls trailer was pretty good and he looks like he's going to be a busy guy for a while I'm so happy for him!

Well, yay! It’s totally cool to take a break and I’m glad you’re back. New things are coming! 😀

  • friend: wow the new conan movie made 6 billion yen. that is big, so cool for you.
  • me: :)
  • me: yay, 6 billion im so happy and proud!
  • me *internally*: please notice i'm dying inside. this will never end, the movies are making so much money they are not going to let sensei finish the manga until 2030. i don't think i'll live long enough to see shinichi coming back. i don't have a life and a future.

Yay She-Ra has finally been revealed! More pics to come soon that will showcase all she comes with!! (Hint it’s the three outfits that teasers were posted of!)

She is an entirely new sculpt, body and face and it has been such an amazing opportunity to work on one of my favorite toys as a kid and become part of MOTU and POP history!

Revealed on USA today!

She has the Power!!! First image of the SDCC 11" She-Ra Princess of Power figure!! Check out for more awesome first looks!

Reblog this if episodes 7-9 is your first Star Wars trilogy experience in person. If you’re like me and wasn’t born at the time to see episodes 4-6 in cinemas, or live the experience of the build up/news/excitement of their releases. Or was too young to have the same experience with episodes 1-3. Then this would mean episodes 7-9 is your FIRST Star Wars trilogy experience. YAY!! As a late kid/pre-teen, when I first started to become obsessed with Star Wars; I always wondered how exciting the build up to the trilogy would be. Feeling the excitement from fellow fans, who where all looking forward to the next movie in the trilogy. Looking forward to going out and buying the new merchandise, getting extremely excited over a trailer release, knowing that you would see a complete story come to a close within a certain amount of years. As I am now experiencing this with episodes 7-9, I now know how people used to feel when their favourite movie franchise of all time would release another movie. How they enjoyed those certain years building up to the big finale. Falling in love with the characters they have spent 4+ years watching on the big screen. I have to say I am very grateful to Lucasfilm & Disney for allowing another generation to live the experience of a Star Wars trilogy. I have enjoyed it so much, and there’s still 2 movies to come!!!! By the time this trilogy comes to an end I would have spent the best part of 6 years enjoying the crazy, exciting, and amazing feel of a real Star Wars trilogy in person. Any die hard Star Wars fans dream! Thank you Lucasfilm, thank you Disney, and thank you STAR WARS!!!!!! I could only hope that I get to experience these kind of years again in my life time.

Feel the Glow: Naomi discusses the inspiration behind her awesome new look

One of the most must-see elements of any SmackDown LIVE broadcast has become Naomi’s entrance. The “Total Divas” star has embraced “The Glow” for an “am-ay-yay-yay-yay-zing” arrival that few Superstars on any brand can replicate. In an interview with, Naomi discussed assembling the look, the reaction from Mr. McMahon himself, and the cult-classic movie that inspired her  in the first place.

WWE.COM: Where did you first come up with the idea for this new look?

NAOMI: It was actually inspired from a movie a lot of people probably don’t even know about. It’s called “The Last Dragon.” It’s a movie from the ‘80s.

WWE.COM: What about that movie inspired you?

NAOMI: The whole philosophy and concept behind “The Glow” [a mystical force that hero Bruce Leroy must unlock to achieve martial-arts mastery] is pretty much about believing in yourself and being confident, no matter what you go through or experience. The good times and the bad. You always have to believe in yourself and not let your confidence fade.

WWE.COM: “The Last Dragon” is a martial-arts movie. Did you incorporate any of those moves into the dance, or was it more about the spirit of the film?

NAOMI: No, it was more the concept of “The Glow” came from that. But everything else I wanted to take that philosophy and make it something physical. I wanted to physically show that I have “The Glow.” Not only metaphorically, but physically I’m showing you that I’m glowing.

WWE.COM: Your outfit is obviously very crucial to that. How did you go about picking the materials for the look?

NAOMI: For me, it all started with the sneakers. The glowing sneakers. It actually took me close to two years to get this entrance on TV. This is something I’ve been thinking of and creating, and it’s slowly been evolving over the past two years. It started with the shoes, but on TV it wasn’t enough. I needed more stuff that glowed so when the lights went out you could actually see me the whole time. So I slowly built it from there. I wanted everything to glow. I want my hair to glow, I want my nails to glow, I want my eyes to glow, I want my lips to glow, you know?

WWE.COM: Was your original idea for the entrance any different?

NAOMI: Oh, yeah. [Laughs] I’ve done so many different variations. It started without me wearing any light-up stuff. I was wearing this really expensive fabric I found that actually glows in the dark, but you have to charge it. We started with that – before I’d go out, I had to charge it, and I’d glow all the way to the ring. But it didn’t portray as well on television, so that’s when we started thinking about the UV-reactive stuff. The original entrance was supposed to be pitch-black, like a blackout. No lights, just my gear glowing.

WWE.COM: After a two-year process, what finally pushed the concept over the edge to where it was time to try it on TV?

NAOMI: After Team B.A.D. split and the Brand Extension, I got injured and took some time off. Tamina got injured [too] and took some time off. So our team was done, and both of us were off TV. Coming back after being off for several months, I needed to come back with something new, something refreshing, and it was time for me to evolve on my own. That’s what I wanted to come back and do. So I pushed, pushed, pushed, pushed, pushed. I talked to Vince [McMahon] about it, and he finally said, “Okay, we’ll let you try this out.” That was nerve-wracking.

WWE.COM: What did they say when they first saw it?

NAOMI: They loved it! Vince told me great job and he was excited to see it evolve. He actually didn’t like the first gear I wore, the crazy one-piece. [Laughs] I didn’t really like it either, but we were still figuring the gear out, which I’m still doing now! I wear something different every week, because I haven’t found that one look that I really like. But I also like the idea of wearing something different every week, because I think that keeps it fresh and new. I think people like wondering and waiting to see what crazy outfit I’m going to have on each week.

WWE.COM: You’ve had a couple of periods in your career now where your intro was a dance. What is it about a dance that appeals to you?

NAOMI: Dance is universal. I think everyone enjoys dance. You can express yourself through dance; the audience can see through dance that you’re happy and you’re excited. Me being a former dancer makes it second nature to me. It’s something I’m good at, and it’s something people enjoy watching me do, so why not do it? There have been parts of my career where I didn’t dance, and I feel like I’m most entertaining and at my best when I’m just being me. Dance is a part of me.

WWE.COM: You mentioned that the look is always changing and you want people to see something different every week. When do you know you’ve found the perfect look, or are you always looking for that?

NAOMI: I think I’m always looking for it. I think I’ll know and the fans will let me know, but I’m still fishing it out right now. I want it to be colorful and I want it to be exotic. When I come out, I want people to be wowed at what I’m wearing. I don’t want it to look like anything that you’d see normally. I want it to go with the whole concept, like EDM and rave and bright colors. I want it to be fun. Always be fun and out of the box. (

Okay, I decided I should pull myself together and draw something for at least the last day! Because today morning the time has finally come and 2.5 ReMix will be also available here in Europe! Yay!!

You know what I’m looking forward to the most? The new “secret” movie in Re:Coded!! I’m not sure if I should hope for the expectations I got from the bits and pieces I gathered here on Tumblr to be right or not.
Because, if they’re wrong, I might be disappointed.

But if they are right, then I will be terrified.