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Where did Chloe pull NM and Germany from??

Chloe is a little behind in the times. It is a fact that Will accompanied Chris to Germany for research for TLOS3.  That would be part of his job as a PA.  And how many years ago was that?  He is about to publish TLOS6.

On New Mexico. Chris absolutely went there on a road trip. We know he was accompanied by his boyfriend. But no proof of whether its the PR boyfriend or the real life boyfriend/fiancee/husband.  But in the Roswell pics, I’d look to the reflection in the sunglasses……

Imagine if, during the chaos of the initial portal testing, Ford accidentally let go of the rope and Fiddleford was pulled entirely into the portal, with no means of return.

There are several ways this could turn out, but let me elaborate upon one:

Ford realizes Bill’s betrayal, perhaps even earlier than in canon, as in canon he initially blames Fiddleford for backing out of the project, but he’s not very well going to blame Fiddleford for falling in.

Ford is however going to blame himself for it quite thoroughly, is going to think night and day about those few seconds where his hand slipped, is going to mentally lambast his past self time and time again for not saving Fiddleford from an uncertain but likely unpleasant fate on the other side of the portal… but that’s beside the point.

Ford sends a postcard to an address in New Mexico, as in canon; Stan and Ford fight, as in canon; Ford ends up on the far side of the portal, as in canon.

Except that here, when Ford comes across wanted posters that feature his name and a likeness of himself, they are accompanied by similar posters seeking out one Fiddleford McGucket.

The emotion that Ford feels the first time he sees one of these posters is one he can’t quite put into words. Part of him wishes fervently that it hadn’t come to this- it was bad enough that he was a wanted man, but he was the one who’d dragged Fiddleford into this mess, none of this was Fiddleford’s fault but he was caught up in it all the same. And yet, seeing those posters meant that Fiddleford hadn’t been caught yet, that Bill hadn’t gotten to him, that he wasn’t-

-that there was still hope.

Time passed, years and worlds went by, and Ford always feared the day that he’d stop seeing wanted posters for Fiddleford, but that day never came.

But one day, as Ford searched yet another alien marketplace for materials to build the quantum destabilizer that would get rid of Bill permanently, he caught sight of a profile that looked… familiar.

That scruffy brown hair, those scrawny legs, that hideous fashion sense…

No. No, it couldn’t be. It was probably a coincidence, or some kind of trap, just a way to lure him in…

And lured in he was, as Ford stepped closer, trying to ascertain the truth behind what he was seeing.


The word came out louder than Ford intended, and the mysterious figure looked his way.


The two locked eyes, and in that moment Ford knew, knew as he stared into eyes so blue that no hue he’d seen anywhere across the multiverse could rival it, that it really was Fiddleford, his Fiddleford, standing there next to him.

The friend and partner that Ford thought he had lost for good was once again by his side.

And in that moment, nothing else mattered.

What is Pluto considered in the US?

The State House of Representatives voted that Pluto really is a planet whenever it passes over the state of New Mexico.

The Illinois Senate passed a similar resolution in 2009, on the basis that Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto, was born in Illinois. The resolution asserted that Pluto was “unfairly downgraded to a ‘dwarf’ planet” by the IAU.