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Many of you have sent sweet, little notes checking in on me and my family. I appreciate every small gesture.

Here’s a bit of an update:

Yes, I did deliver my third child. He is a beautiful little boy, and our family feels very complete with him in our world.

Our little cub came almost exactly a month early. It was a VERY fast, natural delivery; Smooth and worry-free luckily. There were some minor issues with his tiny lungs and some antibiotics he needed, so a week-long stay in the NICU was necessary. After the mess with our daughter though, seven days in a NICU just up the road was a breeze. Perspective, man!

He is now home and growing beautifully. Such a good baby- unbelievably so… I was extremely nervous to have three kids under 3, but because my children are just GOOD, it’s been very manageable thus far. I feel very blessed.

This has definitely been the easiest postpartum recovery of all of my babies. I feel incredible. I am happy and excited to have my body to myself (haha). After two pregnancies back-to-back, I was literally pregnant for almost 14 months in a row! Yikes!!!

Because my pregnancies are always high-risk, I am given many physical restrictions, which means it’s also been 14 months since I had a REAL workout. OVER A YEAR! I feel very, very far from where I was before all of this craziness… starting completely over is overwhelming, and honestly? Just REALLY sucks. However, I feel motivated and excited to get back into my fitness groove.

Which brings us to my physical update: We are almost three weeks post-delivery and I’m down 15lbs. This is especially great because I already weigh less now than I did before this pregnancy. Right now is a critical time because my body tends to hold off on gaining weight until after my babies are born- got to get a head start before that happens again!

As for my daughter, it’s been almost three months without a hospital admission. She is the healthiest and the happiest she’s ever been (since birth!). Her growth and advancements in the last 60 days have been phenomenal. I am so proud of her progress and it gives us great hope for her future. She is a light in our life, and we are truly overjoyed to have her home.

So anyway-

All in all, things are just really great. My whole family is home and healthy… I feel happy and am excited to take care of myself… The holidays add just a touch of magic to normal life… Things are just really great.

And I’ll definitely take that.

i just wanna be around people who always wanna experience life n get drunk on beaches n drive around until 4am with the windows down blasting music n sit in forests drinking tea & coffee out of travel mugs n lay under the stars in a fuck tonne of blankets no matter how cold it is bc the earth is BEAUTIFUL

She was both an old soul and a free spirit. It was hard to understand her, but oh lord did you want to try.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #166

K.O.ffee time || PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 || PART 6

When did Overwatch fall? When Jesse said that the coffees swap was Gabriel’s idea and Jack Morrison believed him.

This comic was supposed to end here. I’m afraid I will continue this because it simply can’t end this way. Seems like everything I draw simply can’t end.


-excerpt from a book i’ll never write #28


This tale of our shared past is entrusted to the King of Kings.

The Six have safeguarded this star since time immemorial - each of a different mind, but united by this common purpose.

The gods’ protection extends to all creatures here below - even to the mortals created in their image. They are feeble creatures leading fragile lives and clinging to foolish fancies. The Frostbearer scorns these visions of ‘hope’ which melt like snow in the sun’s light.

Yet the Pyreburner admires their strength of will. For their reverence, he grants unto them his flame, and the world of man flourishes. His benevolence warms the frozen heart of the Frostbearer. The mortals have earned her respect; he, her love and admiration.

It is not long, however, before some among those men ascend to new heights of hubris. The people of Solheim spurn the gods who blessed them - the gods they once worshipped. The ungrateful mortals incur the wrath of the Pyreburner. He seeks to raze the very civilization his flames once helped build.

But the Six are sworn to defend this star and all of her inhabitants from harm - and, at times, from one another. The flames of war surge as Solheim fends off the Pyreburner’s fire. The gods’ pleas for peace fall on deaf ears and the battle rages on.

When the smoke clears, the world of man is in ruins, their star left scarred for time eternal. Wearied from war, the Six seek solace in slumber.

While you were falling in love with her, I was trying so hard to not let my feelings for you became even deeper.
—  Because we were friends and friends should not have feelings for each other. // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #54

So Mage Hawke wasn’t a good idea.


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student