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i think that the reason that renaissance art appeals so much to me is because of how much of it is inspired by god. here is this golden age of beauty and art and in the middle of it all is catholicism. and this isn’t to say that the catholic church doesn’t have some Serious Issues, but what it says mostly to me is that the crucifixion achieved exactly what god set out to do

jesus didn’t die on the cross because it was easy, or because he knew he would be coming back, jesus died on the cross because the death of the son of god needed to be something extraordinary that humanity would still be singing about thousands of years later. humans are fickle and forgetful creatures, so the ultimate act of salvation had to be brought to our level, to something we could understand. there was no way god could do this without becoming personally involved.

here is your saviour, in a form you can see and understand, so that you will never forget my love for you

it’s easy to become removed from such a vast and nebulous concept like god, but jesus needed to identify himself with humanity, and what better way to do that than through suffering? when jesus cries out to god asking why he has been forsaken, he is not asking as god’s son, he’s asking as a voice for humanity.

so to see an era like the renaissance take up all that is holy and good and turn it into something so visually beautiful and breathtaking is so important to me. the ultimate act of god’s love for humanity is immortalised in art that reaches everyone, regardless of whether they believe or not. 


AJR - I’m Not Famous

My new favorite song.  A hymn to anonymity and everyday life.

So Coldplay’s new video for “Hymn for the Weekend” is set in Mumbai and it features a wonderfully vibrant city full of color, laughter and happiness on the day of Holi (the festival of colors). Beyonce wears Indian-inspired clothing designed by an Indian who wanted to depict India in a fun and different way. And you can tell that people commenting on YouTube know nothing about cultural appropriation. Me and my Indian friends loved this video. Hundreds of Indians loved this video. And yet, people are accusing them of cultural appropriation when the truth is, the video shows Mumbai in a fantastic way, portraying the vigor and life of Indian cities without stereotypes. It was a video about Holi, and all the elements were there: temples, colors, fireworks, mythical plays, oil lamps.

This is not cultural appropriation. This is not wearing a bindi cuz “it’s cool”. This is Beyonce wearing Indian-inspired fashion designed by an Indian designer in a video where she is herself in a movie called Rani (Queen). This is wonderful! It shows my country in a beautiful light, it shows Western singers and actresses actually respecting my culture, my fashion, my festivals, and being a part of it with assistance from Indian people themselves. This did not whitewash locals, or stereotype them into Mumbai slums. This portrayed all the brilliant and beautiful things that you see during times of festivities around India. Please, please stop acting as if you think it offends us when it doesn’t. And if it does offend some people, I’m extremely sorry. You must have your own valid reasons, but in this case I believe it’s a personal thing. However, please don’t speak “for the majority of Indians” because so many of us do like it and believe it’s a celebration of authentic Indian culture during Holi. Stop trying to force social justice on everything, especially when for a change India is represented in an authentic and non-Hollywood manner when it’s never portrayed well. I understand that she is not a part of my culture, but I believe in this case, it’s more appreciation than appropriation.

anonymous asked:

Devotional request for Ganymede? Not sure if that's acceptable or not, but thought I'd try.

Tell you what anon, I’m going to share my hymn to Ganymede from my new book. This hymn for Ganymede is going to be in the constellations section of my book, which comes out in March

Sweetest prince,
Most lovely of mortals,
So beloved by the Theoi
That mighty Zeus took You to dwell
Atop snowy Olympus, and
Keep You by His own side,
Pouring nectar and ambrosia into His cups.
No mortal since has ever been as You,
So inately divine in countenance
That Zeus and sweet Hera
May set their heart into the stars;
A tribute to Your graces, and
A monument of Their love.
None other than Ganymedes
Has been born
With such a pleasing likeness to the Theoi,
That all of Olympus rejoiced
At bringing Him home
To Their gilded halls.

It would absolutely make my day...

…if those of you who have been listening on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and here on Tumblr the past few days would help me tomorrow. In this age of no label and independent marketing, social media is my megaphone. I know things can get loud and crazy on social media, and that’s why I recognize that I am asking you a GIANT favor right now—it is not small and I do not take it lightly whatsoever.

What, you might be wondering, is this crazy woman talking about?

Tomorrow—oh, tomorrow—I am announcing something very special, very exciting, very prized in my heart. I can’t tell you all the details, but the way we are going to go about making this makes it a real team effort between me and you. You’ll see what I mean when it is announced in the morning, but for now I am just asking from the bottom of my heart that, if you love what we announce tomorrow, you’ll share it. I want this to be an offering to the Church, from the Church. Helping me get the word out about it would be the greatest gift you could give me.




Check out Seeb’s great new remix of Hymn For The Weeekend (available today to download and stream).


Coldplay feat. Beyoncé - Hymn For The Weekend


Watch the new Hymn For The Weekend video - filmed in Mumbai and feat Beyoncé and Bollywood superstar Sonam Kapoor.