the new hairstyle is coming im still making it

anonymous asked:

I dont wanna come off as rude but will you be making a short hair version of your new Kaiko? [[I'm not really a fan of her with long her and I just wanted to know if she'd be released with an alt hair ver...]]

im like 72.5% u are the same anon from yesterday but DW!!!! kaiko will have alternative hairstyles (and so will meito and probably luki) i’ve just been stuck on the??? kinda hair i want for her?? like

messy short hair?? (like meikos but probably more fluffy like fukases) or like??? straight BOB like who knows im still deciding??? at one point i wanted to do like a bob but it flared out like rin’s with the same straight cut her ponytail is in and like idk man maybe i’ll do ALL OF THEM bc i like kaiko hehehe

i also have to make sure it matches the clothes she’s wearing bc i feel like a straight bob will suit her v3 outfit, but for her v1 she needs some mess in her dress u feel me (which is why her standard hairstyle is a ponytail bc i reckon that universally looks good on all attire and also kinda original i wanted 2 be cool and unique)