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“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”“I didn’t think you could get any less romantic…” “I’m late.”

Pre travel sickness

Being in the work position I was at the moment was my dream since I was a 15 years old kid, always wanted to help others and making sure our society develops in the best way as possible by giving chances to young children that “were born to have none”, I wanted to give them hope and tools to help build themselves the future they want with no limitations and I was beyond pleased and overjoyed with the opportunity of running my own company the only problem I had was that traveling makes me anxious and I had to catch a flight to New York first thing in the morning tomorrow so my lovely old man told me he would be here early to have a nice dinner and keep me distracted from the whole traveling anxiety but he failed me and not for 15 minutes not even an hour but three hours later he was still MIA.

I sighed throwing the phone away from me and putting some trash TV on, I was eating some chips and a cup of cheap wine while watching the Kardashians when I heard the familiar sound of Jax’s motorcycle, I didn’t even bother and kept watching the overdue reactions to something happening to one of the big booty girls, I head the door opening, and my husband’s carelessly loud footsteps.

“Sorry, I’m late darlin’” he said but I didn’t move from my spot reaching for another couple chips. “You are not going to talk to me?” he said taking his shoes off and seating next to me, before taking his shirt off and getting a hold of my waste. “I’m sorry babe, something came up”

“As usual” I responded dryly and he put his head in between my waste and my arm that was holding the plate of potato chips tightly. “You’re distracting me”

“From watching the Kardashians?” he said “You fucking hate them darlin’” he said and I sighed nodding before changing the channel “I love you babe” he said kissing my arm softly.

“Yeah yeah whatever” I said standing up to go put the dishes away and maybe get myself another drink I sure as hell needed it I approached the kitchen and saw a box of Chinese food.

“We made a deal with the Chinese so I brought dinner” he said and I looked at him with a tight smile.

“How considerate” I said opening the box and letting the dumpling’s smell fill my nostrils, I was still mad seating next to him on the bed but the warm food and the smell and warmth of my old man made me feel a little calmer. I put the food away and got up to brush my teeth, went back to bed and groaned at Jax for being on a position where I couldn’t lay on top of his chest, he started caressing my head and I hummed.

“If you can’t sleep we could have sex” he said kissing my forehead and I playfully punched him.

“You bring me food from the restaurant of people you are killing half of the time and now this? “I didn’t think you could get any less romantic…” I said and he nodded before looking at me serious in the eye, two seconds later he farted.

First, I want to thank everyone for the support of this blog! I’m still pretty new here and I have been overwhelmed by the response to my little doodles. As a way of saying thanks, I want to offer my followers a chance at a larger, more customized piece. I am offering this through a contest because I unfortunately can’t do many of these larger pieces while still posting regular content.

2 winners will receive a large finished piece that can be over my 3 character limit (but no more than 12). These pieces can be things like your personal placements, a family, full squad, etc.


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  • Entries close on April 20th
  • Winners will be randomly selected and messaged on April 21st. If I do not receive a reply within 24 hours the win will be forfeited and another winner will be selected, so please have your ask box/ messenger open.

Final images will be posted asap after winners are contacted!

Imagine Dean meeting His Girlfriend’s ex-husband

Dean, Anna and her son; Rais had gone out to get more groceries. They went to the local shopping center, which was the closest one they had. 

They had gotten all of the food and Milk, now Dean and Rais had taken the time to look through the toys while Anna went to look at the new movies. 

Rais had looked at several toys, but only pointed at one. It was a stuffed Chewie. “Star Wars!”

Dean laughed and grabbed the toy and handed it to the little monster. “You sure you want that one?”

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Malec in 1x05 Moo Shu To Go

Playing hard to get. I love a challenge.