the new faith tour

William Control. 13th June, 2012

I’m going to write this huge post about last night. 1. ‘cause I want to and 2. Just so I never forget it…

Lyndsay and I arrived at the ABC just at 5. We eventually went in for the VIP experience, and there was Wil, on stage, doing soundcheck. Ugh.

He then came down to say hi to us all. He remembered we went to Manchester to see him back in February. He kept hugging me, like just kept putting his arms around me and oh my god, it was amazing. We got photos and he signed my copy of Prose and Poems. I didn’t get a CD though, cause they were one short. I wasn’t really bothering as I already had a copy. I gave him an envelope with a Starbucks voucher and a letter. He said he’d open it later.

We gave Josh from Obscure Pleasures a little birthday present as he is 21 this week. We also got Fearless Vampire Killers some present too. I got Laurence a little panda teddy keyring and he was wearing it on his neck pass thing, ahhh.

The turnout wasn’t great, I thought it would’ve been more. But it was nice and intimate.

Obscure Pleasures were fucking amazing. Josh kept coming right up to us hah. FVK were also amazing.

Then on came William Control. Holy fuck. Every single time, he puts on a better show than the last. At one point, he came right up to me, took my hand and kissed it. (never washing it again tbh haha) During Razor’s Edge, he pulled my head towards him and screamed “You slashed my heart on a razor’s edge” in my ear. Offft. He choked Lyndsay too. Offft.

It was over far too quickly but it was amazing.