the new dream machine project

Shezad Dawood, The New Dream Machine Project (Light Sculpture, brushed steel fluorescent lights, electronic motor and 16mm film) / photo credit Vipul Sangoi

“The inspiration behind Dawood’s project begins with the painter Brion Gysin’s (1916 – 1986) prototype Dream Machine, created in the early 60s upon his return from Morocco. Fabricated in Fez, as an homage to Gysin, the kinetic light sculpture is designed to emit kaleidoscopic light pulses similar in effect to alpha waves produced by the brain to induce states of unconsciousness. An additional part of Dawood’s project is a concert featuring the acclaimed Bedouin: Master Musicians of Jajouka, who were the house band at Gysin’s 1001 Nights restaurant, which he opened in Tangiers in 1954 with Mohamed Hamri. The concert also pays tribute to Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones’ cult album Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka (1973), made after Jones was introduced to the musicians whilst in Tangiers with Gysin and Hamri. Contemporary British guitarist Duke Garwood plays Brian Jones’ role, alongside the current ensemble of The Master Musicians of Jajourka, led by Bachir Attar. Built using local craftsmen, in association with L’appartement 22, the work makes manifest a network of cultural, seemingly chance encounters spanning time and geography.”