the new cup


I also found this (Thank you Youtube, for your recommendations). And invisible trumpet is there again

playoff hockey? did you mean:


Carey Price has never won the Stanley Cup yet he’s considered a goalie god. Henrik Lundqvist hasn’t won one either yet he’s called “King Henrik”. Their skills destroyed the notion that you have to win a cup to be an amazing goalie.

Same thing goes with Alex Ovechkin. His skills and talent should not be defined by how many cups he hasn’t won. He is one of the best active players in the league no matter what, cup wins or no cup wins. It shouldn’t be a contest.

Skill and talent makes a great hockey player, not championship wins. Winning the Stanley Cup is a team effort, not individual.

I’m forming a squad, who else is down to wear trenchcoats and cargo shorts  with sandwich bags sewed all over the inside and then liberate the Walmart bettas by pouring them into our many pockets and escaping the store undetected as human aquariums

liberated bettas will be sewn their own cargo shorts and given appropriate training so the cycle can continue

So it occurred to me that most people seem shocked when they find out Slytherin won the house cup for 7 years before Harry started at Hogwarts.

But I don’t understand why? Cause Slytherins are known for their AMBITION and RESOURCEFULNESS. We strive for achievement, success and greatness.

So of course we’re going to study and do well in school because our goals in life probably require good grades.

And I get that everyone assumes the Ravenclaws would be the ones to win because of their intelligence but they don’t strive to achieve. They just like learning.