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Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach - Chap. 3, page 1

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A new chapter has commenced! ok. So uh colors are the bane of my existence I’m pretty sure. I tried to go with a color palette, but then I deviated away from that, and then I took a break to cry on the floor in fetal position because COLORS DON’T LIKE ME! Well uh they aren’t actually that bad, but I do struggle a bit with them. And that’s part of the reason I’m doing this comic in color; it’d be much easier to just make it black and white, but I want to improve my coloring.

Also I hope you like Undyne’s little invoking of Mettaton :)

Btw if you want to make a comic dub of this, please go ahead! I totally encourage it. Just please give credit to me and unrestedjade.


“So what do you want?”

“A bird maybe? Nothing cliche, but, like - a fat one. A fat little budgie or something. Or a cactus! A tiny one, right inside my wrist.”

“You like plants?”

“I’m too afraid of killing most plants, but cactus are pretty hardy! And they’re cute! All prickly and tough on the outside, soft and squishy on the inside. Come in a ton of colors and shapes. They’re really cool, actually.”

Eret III: New Traditions

Ok, so this is only like half of the chapter I had planned, but I need some fuel in my audience tanks because my dickbag father learned I wrote fanfiction and mocked me for a good while about it so…take this?  It’s good?  I think, it’s really funny to me, at least.  

Previous Chapters (Updated until this chapter)

One time, when I was nine, I put a live worm into Mom’s batch of Yaknog.  Dad said it tasted better that year.  

Aurelia is young, so young, and naïve, so naïve.  She looks excited when she sees Mom setting out mugs on the table next to this big, frothy pot.  Stoick wrinkles his nose and I like him more every day.  

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thehobbem  asked:

Hi! I'm here to very much agree with "omg please don't call yourself a bad author at the end of the chapters!!" Anon!! You're amazing, and you'll update when possible and we'll be very grateful when it comes! ^_^ I'd also like to ask which are some of your favorite scenes you mentioned are in the new chapter, if that's ok!

Oh my god, thank you so much!! And I know it’s a tad self-deprecating but you’re all just so amazing and I want to good for you all!

As for my favourite scenes in the new chapter- my top one is when Yuuri lets slip his name. That was favourite to write. Second to that is when Yuuri and Victor have sex the first time he comes back to visit, and Victor is a little eager. And third has to be the Tsar/Courtesan conversation.

How about you? Any favourites?

anonymous asked:

Omg your new chapter us amazing but pls is furi going to be ok??? Or will akashi flip when he finds out about archers goals.

Hahahaha, thanks for the question anon-friend! Sorry for the anguish! I’m not spoiling anything specifically about “Filthy Halls” but for generalized spoilers that answer you question, please look under the cut!

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Thank you for all of these happy years! Let’s keep walking together in the future. We will always support you no matter what you do.