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May 2017 U.S. Film Releases Directed By Women

May 5
3 Generations dir. Gaby Dellal (LIMITED)

May 12
Paris Can Wait dir. Eleanor Coppola (LIMITED)
Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe dir. Maria Schrader (LIMITED)
The Wedding Plan dir. Rama Burshtein (LIMITED)

May 19
Everything, Everything dir. Stella Meghie (WIDE)
Paint it Black dir. Amber Tamblyn (LIMITED)
Wakefield dir. Robin Swicord (LIMITED)

May 26
Buena Vista Social Club: Adios dir. Lucy Walker (LIMITED)


You know how you’re like five different people sometimes? I’m either like pure, white, snow, and everything in my life is ahh! Or sometimes, I’m the girl with black nails and really, like, punked out and I have my sunglasses on, like, ‘Hello, where’s my black coffee?’ L.A. is white nails, New York is black nails, and then Europe is baby pink. Those are the three girls I have inside me.

In Kyiv will be held the conference on the geopolitical alternative for Ukraine

April 27, Thursday, at the initiative of Andriy Biletsky, the leader of “National Corps,” will be held the Second international conference of the Inermarium Development Assistance Group.

The conference will be attended by representatives of Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. The speakers are well-known politicians, military and political analysts.

Creating an alternative East European geopolitical union will help to reassess the status of the region as a “buffer zone” between the EU and Russia. This political reorientation of the region creates a positive precedent for partnership in many spheres of public life of the states involved. Cooperation of the Intermarium countries at a global level will be able to revive the system of international security, to prevent the current trend to bipolarization in particular. After the crisis of recent years, the geopolitical power of Europe is concentrated in the East, and constructing the alternative of the EU bloc is at the stage of active public debate.

Details will be announced later, stay tuned on our resources.

The Curse of the Romanovs

A/N: Before the next part, I think the story is going to make more sense with this. There are spoilers in the warnings, so don’t read those unless you want/need to. Tell me what you guys thought of this!

Word count: 1,289

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader


Warnings: mentions of pregnancy, miscarriage, and a car accident.

Once Upon a December

Together in Paris (Part II)

Anastasia (Part IV)


“How could you do this?” you whispered, hands shaking and vision clouding as you took a step back from Sam and Dean. “How?!”

“(Y/N), we didn’t mean to—” Dean started, him and Sam taking a step towards you, but you moved back, tears rolling down your cheeks as you clutched your stomach.

“Didn’t mean to what?! Because unless you accidentally changed my memories, I’m pretty sure you meant for all of this to happen!” you shouted, your voice deepening and cracking with every word as you struggled to catch your breath. You could feel a physical pain right where your heart would be, like a piece of shattered glass was stabbing it slowly. “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!”

"Hey, hey, just calm down, (Y/N), breathe in, okay?” Sam said, panic in his voice as you started hyperventilating. “We’re going to solve this, we always do.”

But you shook your head, chest heaving up and down as you stumbled a few steps back. You had to find Lucifer; you had to solve this. You needed to do something, anything, to get the hopeless, and desperate feeling in your chest.

You turned away from Sam and Dean, your feet carrying you away from them as fast as you could. However, with the voices of Sam and Dean shouting behind you, the seared image of Lucifer’s hate and sorrow in his eyes, and your own frantic thoughts, you failed to notice the car speeding at you from the other side of the street.

The impact wasn’t as bad as you would have imagined it to be, as the car honked and stopped, but it was a second too late. The hood of the car hit the right side of your body, throwing you down on the ground, blood staining your shirt with an ever-growing crimson stain.

The pavement of the motel parking lot scratched at your arms and face, leaving behind small cuts on the skin. You took a few ragged breaths, somewhere in the back of your mind hearing Dean scream for Cas, feeling Sam carefully kneeling next to you and begging you to stay awake, and the driver of the car slamming the door and repeating apologies as they called an ambulance.

But you could only think of one thing, one last thought leaving your mind before a cold darkness overtook your body:

I’m sorry, Lucifer.


Loss. Emptiness. Wrong.

Those were the only words you would have used to describe what you felt like when you woke up. Instead of the bright, white walls and hospital smell that you were expecting to wake up to, you were greeted with soft, pink walls in what looked like a nice hotel room. Absentmindedly, you became aware of the lack of injuries on your body, but there was something still missing. Something big.

The sheets of the bed were ruffled as you shifted, yawning and stretching. Your shirt, different than the one that you wearing earlier, slipped up a little revealing the bottom of your stomach. And that’s when it hit you.

“No…no, no, no…” you mumbled, throwing the comforter of the bed aside and lifting your shirt up. Your stomach look normal, without any scars of the previous accident, but it was something definitely wrong. “No, oh dear god, no!”

You wrapped your arms around yourself, shuddering and shaking, as you sobbed into your knees. The sound of ragged breathing echoed against the walls of the room, and a few seconds later, the door of the bedroom was opened, but you didn’t bother to look up.

“(Y/N)?” Castiel asked hesitantly, relaxing once he saw that there was no danger in the room. You shook your head, keeping your face hidden as you cried, gulping for every once in a while. “…I’m sorry.”

You felt the bed sinking next to you, an arm wrapping around your shoulders awkwardly. Jaw clenching, you turned away from Castiel, refusing to look at him as you calmed down. Sensing your discomfort, the angel removed his arm, guilt written on his eyes.

“D-did you know?” you asked quietly a few minutes later, your breaths slowing down enough so that you could talk. “T-that I’m… That I was pregnant?”

“I suspected something when I was changing your memories,” Cas sighed, looking at his lap. “I didn’t really looked at your mind—just tried to lock away anything that had to do with my brother—but there was something that interfered with my grace. I suppose that was the baby.”

A knot had formed in your throat as he spoke, your vocal cords sticking together as if you’d just eaten a chocolate. A very bitter, gluey chocolate. You wiped the tears that rested on your cheeks, sniffing loudly and taking a shaky breath.

“Do you think Lucifer knows what happened?” you asked, trying to concentrate on the small dentures on the corners of the wall you were facing. Your head was pounding against your cranium, making it hard for you to think, but you needed to know.

“(Y/N), I’m afraid that Lucifer has cut off any kind of communication with anyone,” Castiel replied delicately, blue eyes inspecting the room as well. “The only thing we know is…well, he is furious, to say the least. Two tsunamis hit India’s and South Africa’s coasts yesterday; earthquakes from Mexico down to Peru; there was even an alert of a new Black Plague-like virus running through Europe; multiple tornadoes in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and a hurricane destroyed most of the East coast. Dean and Sam, plus all the angels on heaven…we are doing everything we can to find him.”

“It won’t be enough,” you scoffed, turning to face Castiel for the first time since he had entered the room. He was tense, his eyes full of guilt as he made eye contact, but you could have cared less. “Please…I need some time to myself, Cas. Go with Sam and Dean, I promise I’ll be here when you get back.”

Castiel searched your face for traces of a lie, but you held on to your cool, placid face. He couldn’t suspect what you were about to do. Your bottom lip trembled a bit for a better effect, and although you thought it was a bit cliche, Castiel seemed to buy it.

“I am truly sorry for your lost, (Y/N),” he whispered gently, hesitantly taking your hand in his and giving it a soft squeeze. With one last pitiful look, he left the room, a faint rustling sound following a moment after.

As soon as he was gone, you swung your feet off of the bed, looking around for your duffel bag that the boys had surely left with you. Sure enough, you found it neatly tucked inside of the closet, with all its contents, apart from the set of clothes that they had changed you into, intact.

Quickly, almost desperately, you emptied all the items on top of the bed, the object at the bottom landing on top of the pile. The old, lore book looked untouched, with all its pages, containing information from how to kill ghosts to summoning demons, still undisturbed. A sigh of relief left your lips, and you briskly put all the items in your duffel bag again, the book tucked under your arm as you made your way out of the room and then out of the motel, the cellphones that you owned left behind on top of the bed.

You had lost your child, and you would be damned if you were about to lose your soulmate, too. You were going to do whatever it took to find Lucifer. No matter what the consequences would be.

heres my plan for a new and improved world: a large coalition of world powers, think UK, EU, china, vietnam, mexico etc (russia will remain neutral but threaten to intervene with their full nuclear arsenal if america employs theirs) launch a ground invasion on the united states from all possible fronts and enforce the country to be broken up into 8 republics

in green: republic of new mexico, or north mexico. the official language will be spanish as well as english, and it will become an important bridge between latin america and anglo america

in dark blue: new england republic. to get the UK and EU on board with the invasion we might have to promise this to become part of the english commonwealth again, but migration from europe will be discouraged

in yellow: new african republic. all black american citizens will be offered, but not forced to adopt, citizenship. white americans will be forced to leave unless the new government approves their citizenship for being woke enough

in dark red: united states of the atlantic coast (USAC). not much to say about it as this will basically be the USA but smaller

in red: socialist federal republic of the great lakes. a yugoslavia style socialist repubic, without the IMF debt, will make the great industrial cities of chicago, detroit and milwaukee prosperous again, and completely free of ethnic conflict

in blue: burn it all to the ground. ive considered a united states of the pacific coast, like the USAC but more liberal, but really the world is better off without this entire region

in light blue: federated states of north america (perhaps the name the plains indians used for the regio would be better, but i dont know it). native reservations and communities gain complete autonomy, and their community leaders gain a veto in colonist-controlled regions. colonist-controlled regions also pay tax for land ownership to the native government. separated the natives would be weak, lacking in the military manpower to prevent colonist uprisings and rebellions, but as a federation they can be strong.

in orange (not pictured, puerto rico and US virgin islands): free territory of the carribean. bringing in a second golden age of piracy, this new state will inherit the majority of the former US navy’s ships and equipment. why? because it’s awesome as fuck, i love pirates

constructive criticism is welcome, flaming isn’t