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I know, I know, canon and fanon consensus is that the Crystal Tokyo ChibiUsa comes from is the exact future of our Usagi. That ChibiUsa might be changing the past, but it’s in a single timeline, and Neo Queen Serenity in the future can remember being Usagi and remember ChibiUsa coming to visit her and even occasionally makes decisions based on those memories (like sending ChibiUsa to the past to train because she knew ChibiUsa needed to be there to meet Hotaru), but I really, really prefer the diverging timelines theory.

And there are a bunch of reasons, logistical, occasionally personally indulgent, and related to good Storytelling that I prefer to thing that the timeline we’re following is a different timeline than the one experienced by ChibiUsa’s Crystal Tokyo. 

1. It raises the stakes by getting rid of the guarantee of a future, especially when ChibiUsa is present. 

Look - this is no small problem. It’s difficult to get invested in a story when you know for a fact that everything is going to be okay. This can be fixed by claiming there’s only one timeline, but it’s a changeable one, but that still lowers the stakes for Infinity and Dream, because ChibiUsa is right there, and she’s fine. Or when she’s not fine she’s still not being erased from existence

When Usagi jumps into Pharaoh 90, for instance, everyone is devastated. If ChibiUsa is the future child of this incarnation of Mamoru and Usagi, though, that devastation doesn’t make sense. Because ChibiUsa is right there and she’s fine! So clearly everything is gonna work out!

Whereas if you assume ChibiUsa’s timeline is safe regardless of what happens to Usagi’s timeline here, then the whole thing becomes much scarier and darker. ChibiUsa’s presence isn’t a guarantee that everything is going to work out. There is no guarantee. Their timeline could end here. They could all die here. 

2. It allows ChibiUsa and Hotaru’s friendship to continue uninterrupted. 

One of the most confusing thoughts about the future Crystal Tokyo senshi is Hotaru’s place in it. Especially regarding Hotaru’s age. While technically 900 years old, ChibiUsa is still a teenager when she and the Quartet become a team. We know from art that Naoko envisioned Saturn as part of that team, but how does that work? Every solution is confusing and sad, and potentially creepy child grooming for friendship? Or does Saturn just hide somewhere until ChibiUsa has time travelled a couple times? Is she the one adult in a team of teenagers? How do she and ChibiUsa rekindle their friendship when for ChibiUsa it’s been days but for Hotaru it’s been hundreds of years?

Much easier is just that Hotaru from our timeline hops over on a semi-permanent basis to ChibiUsa’s timeline. 

3. Crystal Tokyo, and the choices of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion make more sense. 

Why would you obsessively worry about your daughter who isn’t aging if you’ve known since you were fifteen that she would eventually figure it out and it’d be fine? Why would you send a criminal to tenth planet space-Australia to merge with the planet and become the ultimate evil if you can remember that that was nearly the downfall of your entire kingdom? 

Wouldn’t you seek out some kids names Demande and Safir and Esmeraude and, like, put them in an after school program or something if you knew their adolescent antics would turn into extremist gang activity and terrorism that nearly ends the world both now and in the past?

The best explanation for Crystal Tokyo existing the way it does is that the king and queen were working without a map. Otherwise ChibiUsa’s time travel invokes a paradox. Or at least questionable character choices. 

4. I like the idea of Sestuna Meioh being a normal human who’s been living a normal life in Tokyo up until her awakening.

I don’t want her to just have been brought back from the dead. All the other girls got to have normal lives. I want her to get that chance too. And since we know she’s been stationed at the time gate uninterrupted since the Silver Millenium, the best way for her to get a normal life is to have been reincarnated in a new timeline.

5. It gives ChibiUsa a whole new source of angst, and a whole new sense of responsibility. 

I could explore this for ages and have so many feelings about it, but in lieu of writing several thousands words full of multiple mini-fics right here, I’ll just say: ChibiUsa accidentally created an entirely new timeline, probably because she didn’t know how to use the time key, and immediately exposed that timeline to danger. She probably didn’t even know she was doing it, but imagine how she feels when she realizes what she did. Simultaneously, this action gave Pluto a normal life. It gave Hotaru a friend. This new timeline, is it darker or lighter? Scarier or safer? How does ChibiUsa feel?

6. Look, I just really like the idea of free will. 

I want to believe Usagi and Mamoru and everyone else are making choices about their future genuinely not knowing what it will hold, because this is a new timeline with a new future. When they talk about going to medical school or opening a flower shop, I don’t want that to be “what I would do if we weren’t scheduled to start a post-apocalypse global utopia in 4-6 years”. I want that to be what they are genuinely planning on, because there’s no certainty that their timeline will play out like the Crystal Tokyo one. They’ve even asked Pluto and she’s shrugged and said, “Look, we’re in new territory here. This timeline has already veered so far off the ones that I was aware of at the Time Gate that we can’t be certain of anything.”

Basically, I like it better. And I know it’s not standard fanon, but I prefer it. And anyway please all continue with your day I’ll be here overthinking every aspect of Sailor Moon. Bye. 

The Cheese Moon

“What do you think the moon is made of? Rock, I suppose?” the astrosorcerer, Petrus Calderón, asked his wife. Hundreds of years will pass before humans enter space.

“Cheese!” the gorgon exclaimed excitedly to herself, spreading a slab of marble as easily as Brie. The magical nature of gorgons allows them to change the density of stone at will, enabling them to eat it with relish (sometimes literally).

“Cheese?” Petrus blurted out in surprise. “Well… I… suppose it could be…” he gazed into his telescope and observed the moon’s surface.

The gorgon happily ate her stone snack while her husband studied and recorded. “Oh, sorry love, did you say something?” she called out.

“Just dreaming,” he answered, not turning away from his instruments.

The following spring, the soon-to-be-infamous astrosorcerer released his seminal book, A Cheesy Lunar Theory, largely regarded by gorgon chefs as the most important celestial thesis ever published. Indeed, it inspired five generations of gorgon magic users to study, travel to, and eventually open a small restaurant on the lunar surface.

The Muenster Lunar Colony Bar & Grill has become a gateway to space for many. In 1738, it was visited for the first time by extraterrestrial life, ushering in a new age of exploration into the majesty of the universe. By 1744, the Netherworld Post Office expanded to include intra-solar system delivery, hiring aether bats to send messages from Earth to as far out as Pluto, and by 1799, deliveries were being made throughout the universe and beyond.

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Best vampire movies? In asking for a friend...

Oh. Well, this is just my opinion and recommendations (and I know Cora made a list too) so…

  1. Interview With the Vampire (1994) - Honestly a classic. Who doesn’t love Louis and brat prince Lestat and their love-hate relationship and attempts to keep their family with Claudia together over the passage of time? 100% recommend the books too to anyone who hasn’t read Anne Rice’s work. 
  2. Dracula Untold (2014) - A take on Vlad Teppes becoming Dracula. Looks amazing, has incredible acting and I assure you, you’ll cry. Give me a sequel already. 
  3. Fright Night (2011) -  Oooh controversial opinion time! Yes, I picked this over the original. It’s definitely less scary than the original but the comedic elements/general aesthetic of the movie more than make up for it. Also Collin Farrell as a vampire. 
  4. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) -  Bank robbers and the family they’ve kidnapped end up in a club full of vampires and have to try to survive until day comes. Wasn’t a box office hit but has a cult following. There’s also now a tv series inspired by it that develops the characters and background witch I recommend too! 
  5. Blade Trilogy (1998-2004) - Based on the Marvel comics. It follows the titular Blade - a ‘daywalker’ - on his endless battle against vampires. The third film does have a lot of controversy surrounding it and it’s not as good as the other two but give it a watch if you like. 
  6. Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) - Probably the most human vampire film in existence. It’s emotionally powerful and deals with depression after centuries of existence. It’s a slow-burning movie and a beautiful tale. 
  7. Dracula (1931) - Honestly the movie we have to thank for vampires becoming such a pop culture staple. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula still continues to define the character and is responsible or the persistent ‘vampire accent’.
  8. Let the Right One In (2008) - Follows a young boy and a vampiric little girl. Another one that’ll make you emotional. Watch the Swedish version over the American remake. Check the book out too!
  9. What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - Mockumentary following vampire flatmates and various other supernatural beings. It’s basically about mundane life but… with vampires and it’s comedy gold. 
  10. Byzantium (2012) - Follows a mother/daughter vampire duo. No high class vampires here, our girls are portrayed by as the lowest rung by society’s standards. The movie is gorgeous and again, a more emotional take on vampires and the problems vampirism can bring. 
  11. The Addiction (1995) - This movie uses vampires to make social commentary. It deals with some heavy issues: AIDS for one, drug abuse for another. But it also explores new age religion and a generation rebelling from what they’ve known. It’s a pretty philosophical movie dealing with peoples’ fluctuating and shifting mindsets. 
  12. Dracula’s Daughter (1936) - Follows - you guessed it - Dracula’s daughter (The Dracula from the 1931 movie). This movie is astounding for its time because it’s a big ol’ lesbian fest and Marya’s quest to rid herself of her vampirism is symbolic of ‘curing’ gay/lesbian individuals.
  13.  Kiss of the Damned (2013) - A screenwriter falls in love with a woman who turns out to be a vampire and is turned by her. They survive by feeding on animals, and everything is going well until our leading lady’s vampiric sister shows up to cause chaos. 
  14. Hotel Transylvania (2012) - An animated movie in which Dracula owns a hotel where the monsters of the world stay, and is about to celebrate his daughter’s - Mavis  - birthday. Things go awry when human Jonathan shows up. Honestly, people dismiss animated movies far too much. This one is high-energy, funny and definitely enjoyable for adults as well as children. 
  15. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)  - Another take on the iconic novel. The movie is, honestly, hit-or-miss and at times over the top, but Gary Oldman as Dracula, Winona Ryder as Mina and Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing are delights you can’t pass up on. Even if it’s kind of a wild ride with how OTT it is, it’s a fun one. 
  16. Thirst (2009) - A South Korean movie that follows a young priest. He tries to help with aid work during an epidemic but ends up infected himself. A blood transfusion saves his life but that blood was vampiric and thus he himself is now a vampire. You can imagine the deep moral and spiritual struggle this causes the devout man as he tries to keep a hold of his humanity.
We Make the Kingdom- Pt.4

Pairing: Yongguk x OC
Genre: Fantasy, with Angst and Smut to come
Summary:  After a vampire attack leaves you almost dead, you are rescued by a group of werelions, powers long thought to be extinct. Upon discovering the same magic flows in your blood, you join their fight against encroaching vampires and another, very human monster, to save the kingdom.
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You only wait one day to start training on your own. Determined to rebuild your strength through exercise, you decide to start with exploring your new home.

It takes ages to sneak from your bed and past the sleeping men. They lie sprawled and tangled on the mattresses that are pushed together on the floor. With your eyes on their chests, you use the wall as support. No doubt worn out from another night of hunting, they barely stir.

You retrieve your quarterstaff from the fireside. Its tap echoes in the hall as you make your way outside. Mid-day light reveals most of the buildings to be sunken and decrepit with age and neglect. Only a few gleam with the healthy new wood of repairs. With one hand on the wall and the other on your staff, you begin your circle.

Though you’re definitely more steady on your feet, your body still demands stops. The pauses to catch your breath allows you more time to examine the small garden and kitchen you discover. When you reach the other side of the guardhouse, a chorus of curious whinnies beckon.

Leather and hay and sweet grain permeate the air of the building. Seven large, gleaming raven heads stick out of stalls when you step further into the stable. The nearest horse, neck and chest thick with muscle, throws its head and paws its door. It pins back its ears in warning.

“Hello, gorgeous babies.” Clucking your tongue, you hold out your palm. “Ah, look at that physique. You must be a stallion. I’m sorry if you didn’t like me calling you ‘baby.’ You’re a splendid, strong beauty, aren’t you?”

The stallion’s ears slowly prick forward at your continuous low voiced, lilting praise. He allows you closer to lay a hand on his broad neck. With a snort, he stretches forward and starts nosing your clothes.

You laugh and pat his nose in apology for not bringing the treats he seeks. Having won over the head stallion, your reception from the other horses and lone gelding is more welcoming. He butts your shoulder again when you return to his stall after greeting all of them.

“You are a big baby.” You chuckle, stroking his head and kissing it. “What a bluffer. All nose and no hoof.”

“He’s as gentle as they come for a stallion, but he knows how to be a warhorse when needed.”

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Bullet Points

Hey, Tumblr! I wanted to tell you about Bullet Points, my new favorite canonical Marvel AU, so that maybe I can convince you to love it too! So I have prepared a summary and picspam! I had not even heard of Bullet Points until I found someone on the internet saying there should be Steve/Tony fanfic set in Bullet Points. And then I read Bullet Points, and oh my God, does there ever need to be Steve/Tony fanfic set in Bullet Points.

(Don’t worry, I have written some, because I try to be the change I want to see. But there needs to be more!)

Bullet Points is a five-issue limited series from 2007 by J. Michael Straczynski and Tommy Lee Edwards. It’s definitely of interest to Steve/Tony fans, or at least to Steve/Tony fans who are willing to do a bit of work with the timeline to get them together. But I am pretty sure Steve/Tony fandom will like the premise.

You see, Bullet Points is a universe where skinny Steve Rogers is Iron Man in World War II. And he survives World War II. I knew you were interested.

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Prompt: Being a new age explorer in the year 3076 was thrilling. New species, elements, and planets to discover and name everywhere you went. You were expecting to find something strange on this new planet from your flyby of the terrain earlier, but you were never expecting to find... this. (Based on short story I'm working on for school, I'm excited to see your take on it!)

HI! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this (to all of them lol) but here is my take! COOL PROMPT BTW, you must have gotten an A or will be getting an A!

You’re not a sponsored pilot, which tends to limit just where you can go. Seems like Coca-Cola is scheduling a flight plan on every other new world, blocking out the little guy (ie you) from doing your job. Sure, their pilots are trained, like you, but they’re not great. They’re shiny sure, but you’ve seen a Wonder Bread pilot crash and burn on the side of a freakin’ moon so you’re not impressed.

Though, to be fair, not much impresses you these days. Excites you, sure, you don’t think there’s anything that will dull the excitement of finding something new, something different, something wonderful. But these new, different and wonderful things tend to be awful similar and you’re just…not impressed.

Sometimes, alone in your ship, staring into the endless night, you dream about the first discovery, the first flight, the first and wish you could feel it all again. Back then, there’d been no regulations for flight plans or first contacts, just you and your ship (and an oxygen tank) taking on the universe.  You crave that freedom like nicotine, like heroin, like love.

That craving is why you’re in the process of breaking the law.

“It’s not really breaking the law,” you say out loud. The words are drowned out by the roar of entering the atmosphere. Your scans tell you that this planet has 1.8X the gravity of Earth, which means you have to pay careful attention to entry so you don’t go crashing into the surface. “I’m not setting foot on the planet.”

You know that is a technicality and, moreover, not the worst part of what you’re doing. The worst part is that this is an unregistered planet, undiscovered, that doesn’t show up on any star map you have in your systems with a breathable atmosphere and you are not reporting it


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ID #54997

Name: Chelsea
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi, I’m Chelsea. I was born and raised in Florida and I am starting college in the fall. I speak both English and French and I identify as Haitian-American. I am interested in all types of music and I watch a lot of Netflix in my free time. I am bisexual. I like making new friends and going out to explore new places.

Preferences: Age range: 16-18, male or female, English, Someone who enjoys having deep conversations.

This episode features a conversation convened by NYPL President Tony Marx on civics and politics. The aim of the Path Forward is to bring together thinkers from different background and with diverging political perspectives for frank and challenging discussions on complicated sociopolitical questions. To explore our age of anxiety, Marx invited New Yorker staff writer (and 2016–2017 Cullman Fellow) George Packer and National Review executive editor Reihan Salam.

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I don’t know what was more embarrassing

1. The fact Donald Trump, even for his inaugural address, showed, at best, a sixth grade mastery of the English language - using words with no more than two syllables and making no attempt to use segues or transition between ideas so that his speech had no flow whatsoever, like his ideas about space travel were immediately followed by ideas about race, but like with no linguistic divider so it was like “we are standing at a new age of space exploration and eradicating diseases. And as our soldiers tells us, doesn’t matter if you’re black, brown, or white - we all bleed the same red blood of patriotism.” It was THAT choppy. It made no sense, none of it meshed because it was a word salad without that was clearly made by someone with the inability to properly create a coherent train of thought.

2. Him waiting to hear roaring applause and getting… *crickets*

3. His fucking Kim Jong-un moment where he tries to start a chant by loudly exclaiming “America first” twice and then sadly realizing no one is joining in and stops.

4. Orrrrrr the fact it started raining as soon as he started walking up to the podium, as if god himself were weeping. Lmao…. we’re really all gonna die.

Star Trek Beyond and the Difficult History of Peace


A subtle theme within Star Trek Beyond was the idea that having peace isn’t adequate if you don’t acknowledge how that peace was achieved.

It was too buried in the film for me to appreciate at the time, but after sleeping on it it made sense.

Through out the film the characters struggle interacting with history.

Kirk doesn’t know how to make sense of his birthday being the anniversary of his father’s death.

The crew are faced with a hundred year old Starfleet ship.

The characters have various reactions to classical music

McCoy has to re-evaluate his past interactions with Spock

And Spock has to interact with a history never made when Spock Prime passes.

But the point the film makes is best demonstrated in the cold open:

Kirk is presenting a gift to CGI aliens. He understands fully that this is a disassembled weapon and a demonstration of peace. But when the aliens ask where the weapon originally came from, Kirk simply doesn’t know the history of it. The aliens instantly reject the peace offering: a peace without history acknowledged is not peace.

And the events of the following film demonstrates this fable.

Krall’s main advantage is that Starfleet never considered his existence despite every reason to.

Starfleet is presented as a utopia. Fittingly the parts of Krall’s history they remember are the utopia sounding parts of it: brave explorers in a new age of peace lost in mystery. They recognise the ship and can have a conversation about it without ever having to refer any textbooks. But they are confounded that it’s captain was a war veteran given a ship without consideration of his PTSD.

Because of this Krall has the upperhand. Starfleet can not consider his existence because he is a factor of their past which no longer fits within their narrative.

Krall is only defeated once his history is understood. Once starfleet accepts it’s dark history it’s peace becomes closer to absolute. Krall doesn’t exit the story with his death, but rather his data file updated.

Likewise, the other conflicts with history within the film mirror this.

The classical music is at first characterised by Scotty as distracting and annoying and primitive and base, but once in the hands of someone who appreciates it (Kirk) it becomes a potent tool.

Likewise, McCoy gains a stronger relationship with Spock by appreciating that it is one of mixed emotions.

The film ends with Kirk coming to appreciate his birthday. He allows it to be a celebration but toasts a heartfelt “To absent friends” and the film ends acknowledging that there is no contradiction in this anniversary being of both joy and sorrow.

Paris Is Burning is a 1990 American documentary film directed by Jennie Livingston. Filmed in the mid-to-late 1980s, it chronicles the ball culture of New York City and the African-American, Latino, gay, and transgender communities involved in it. Many members of the ball culture community consider Paris Is Burning to be an invaluable documentary of the end of the “Golden Age” of New York City drag balls, as well as a thoughtful exploration of race, class, gender, and sexuality in America.

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going on vacation until july 7

to all my followers and partners: I will be out of town for a couple of weeks! my family is going to florida to visit some relatives, and then to new jersey for a family wedding! this is my first family vacation in ages, so I’m super excited to explore around new jersey and new york, washington dc, maybe even canada!! my laptop’s staying at home though, so I’ll be purely on mobile until then…… but maybe this is a good chance for y’all to get a break from me LOL.

anyway, there’s some stuff in the queue but I’ll definitely add more from time to time. I’m free to continue plotting or headcanoning or chatting via discord or tumblr IM if u need me – I might just be a bit slower. I’ll catch u all later!!

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Aquarius - Comfort in the Crowd

Three’s always a crowd for Aquarius. Or four, or five, six, seven; they are an electric lightshow, after all. The more company they have around them, the less anxious they feel. Aquarius and the eleventh house are all about friendship, humanity, groups, socialism, community and collective intelligence Although the Aquarius motto is ‘don’t follow the crowd’, they enjoy being a part of a wider company and absorbing the many facets of the world. Aquarians love people collectively, yet they have a very hard time with one on one. They truly love humanity en masse. 

Aquarians prefer to be with more than one person. They will say, “Let’s go see this person, or that person.” They feel so much more at home amongst a crowd than one-on-one. You always want to say to Aquarians, “Aren’t you happy with me?” They reply, “Oh, I’m happy with you, but let’s go see these guys anyway.” Aquarius will always want to talk to somebody else, and play to a larger group. They are crowd pleasers, but not in the theatrical Leo way, more in the fun loving, playful and light Air manner. Aquarians are so appealing that you’ll always find them as with a huge congregation around them at a party. They make brilliant conversationalists and easily shock, startle and charm others.

The ‘waters’ that the Water Bearer carries are the waters of open ended spiritual energy. These nourish humanity in whole and unify people in the hand held Aquarian way. They work best in groups and like to be recognized as a part of leading them into revolution and the togetherness of the New Age. Exploring the realms of cultural diversity and being in an environment where they can express their humanitarian virtues are benefic resources for Aquarians. Aquarians always run the opposite direction from the crowd-but somehow they always end up in the middle of it.