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The holidays are a stressful time for everyone, but especially people trying to quit drinking. Fresh Air contributor Sarah Hepola remembers how hard her first year without alcohol was:

“Back when I was drinking, I loved the holiday season, because it was a time of year when getting blasted was perfectly acceptable.

Eat, drink and be merry? Hey, I’m just following the rules here.

Between open bars, champagne toasts and office parties, the month of December was one long pub crawl for me, and if I drank too much — and I always drank too much — I could absolve myself on Jan. 1, when I swore to a bunch of resolutions I would inevitably break about two weeks later.

I’ve made so many false promises on New Year’s Day, you’d think I was running for office.

But six years ago, my party wagon came to a halt. I was tired of embarrassing myself, tired of hangovers. I was 35 years old when I got sober. And though I knew a few things, one question completely flummoxed me: How do you get through the holidays without drinking?”

Staying Sober? Here’s How To Eat, Not Drink And Still Be Merry

klapollo on ice,, sign me UP

listen to me. they would have the best, most lovey dovey, eros-filled pair skate ever, ok??? i refuse to hear otherwise


peko fucking challenges ANYONE up to the challenge to do fencing with her. no one dares. she will destroy. hajime being the master bowler, and nagito just happening to beat him out of sheer luck, which hajime then begins to pout and drink orange juice in the corner. chiaki, hiyoko and ibuki do canoeing, and ibuki ENTHUSIASTICALLY keeps pulling away from the goals, hiyoko yells at her, chiaki is just there for the rhythm and keeping things harmonious.

sonia and gundham both fight each other in cycling in an intense 10 minute match. nagito, after coaxing out hajime, DEMANDS. DEMANDS they do swordfighting. hajime gets angry because of the name and he thinks nagito wants to do it only because of the name. nagito denies this, but everyone knows thats the only reason he wants to do it, or else he wouldnt of asked hajime.

souda and fuyuhiko definitely do table tennis. souda thinks its all fun and games, but fuyuhiko is not messing the fuck around.

akane does wakeboarding while stuffing food into her mouth, and teurteru & the imposter both do the air games. imposter wins like fuckin by a wildshot, but teruteru probably wasnt paying attention to the game. mahiru and mikan do frisbee in turns, mahiru because she can take snapshots of in depth targets and mikan because she started crying about how she didnt fit in and mahiru invited her to play. nidai helps form harmony but leaves in like 8 minutes to take a shit and leaves everyone to play.