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hey guess why im in tears

Lipstick Prince is a show thats gonna promote how makeup is not limited to women! wow. Starring:

Gay Icon Heechul

Block B’s Ukwon

Block B’s P.O.

(fun fact when i was taking screen shots he was pulling a face when his name popped up and it felt bad to include it so i got a better pic)

NCT’s Underrated Visual Doyoung

BtoB’s Eunkwang

Monsta X’s Hot Piece of Man Shownu

SF9′s Rowoon

And Tony An

Who are you excited to see? Who do you want to see guest star? Please anticipate December First!


Chaotic Neutral

My party was stuck in the woods searching for food. One of our party members rolled a nat20 scavenging for berries. I rolled a nat18 searching for animals to kill and eat.

DM: You find a baby deer while searching for food. It is next to its dead mother. It looks at you with sad eyes.

Me (ooc): Are you seriously trying to guilt-trip me?

*DM smiles*

Me: Fuck it I’m a chaotic neutral gimme that d20. I roll to kill the deer.

*Rolls nat20*

*Laughter from everyone in our party*

DM: You murder the deer and take it as well as it’s mother to eat.


Anti-Meihem? Pro-Meihem?

No like forreal I’m new to the fandom and I’d like some legitimate conversation about why some people really hate this particular ship. I’m not trying to start anything, I’m just confused and genuinely want answers about this.

Like, what are the facts? The reasons? I’m really curious!

Yo, if you’re making a rogue, DO NOT STEAL FROM YOUR PARTY.


Chaotic neutral is not chaotic dickcheese.

Self preservation, yeah. Self preservation should include gaining the trust of your ALLIES to ensure that they will stick around and ALLY with you for whatever your end goal may be. Ya know, ALLIES who might HEAL YOU, or KILL THAT THING BEFORE IT KILLS YOU.

Steal from your allies, and you’re at the bottom of the list (if even on the list) to be healed or assisted or invited back to the goddamn game.

You want to be a thief, awesome, STEAL FROM THE FUCKING ENEMY. Steal from the shitty obnoxious nobles! Steal from someone who isn’t YOUR ALLY.

And in today’s ‘Trump’s an idiot and doesn’t know how to govern’ news:

So, Trump made a tweet basically saying that he (and ‘many people’ but no clue on who those people are) wants Nigel Farage, the leader of far-right party UKIP, to be the British ambassador to the US.

This is an enormous breach of protocol in basically every conceivable way. A head of state, or future head of state, doesn’t tell another country who they want as ambassador, and to do so breaks a dozen rules – because, of course, an ambassador isn’t there to be liked by a foreign head of state, or to be on their side. An ambassador should be as neutral as they can be while representing their country’s interests.

This neutrality tends to be of enormous diplomatic importance – part of the reason why the US’ ambassador to Northern Ireland tends to take such a big role in NI government negotiations is because they are a neutral party, not just in the politics of NI but also in US politics.

Which leads us neatly onto another problem: You don’t recommend the leader of an opposition party to be ambassador. You just don’t. Party leaders aren’t ambassadors – former party leaders aren’t ambassadors, usually, let alone current ones. You especially don’t recommend them when they helped you out in your campaign.

You also don’t make this recommendation in a fucking tweet.

So Trump has broken basically every rule of diplomatic protocol, thus ensuring that his relationship with the British government – who take diplomatic protocol intensely seriously, even by the standards of European countries, who all take diplomatic protocol very seriously – will be frosty before he’s even met the Prime Minister.

Incidentally, 10 Downing Street’s response was “there are no vacancies, currently,” – there isn’t, Sir Kim Darroch is currently in the role and has another three years before his term is over – to which Nigel Farage threw a massive tantrum.

(Situation: The psychic– one of the few neutral characters in a neutral-to-evil party being hunted by fanatical followers of a corrupt god of justice– successfully landed Feeblemind and Charm Monster on two of the three enemy cloud giants. The third giant is dead.)

Psychic: All right, I– what languages do cloud giants even speak? (rolls knowledge)

DM: This particular clan only speaks Auran– they don’t interact with outsiders.

Psychic: I don’t speak Auran. …does diplomacy even work on something with an intelligence of 1?

DM: No. You’d need handle animal.

Psychic: “They’ve the minds of beasts under this spell. Do any of you know how to train animals?”

Binder: “I can. And I speak their language. I speak all languages.”

Psychic: “Great, they’re all yours. Bring me to them once a week so I can refresh the magic that’s keeping them docile.”

(A bit of OOC discussion of how the binder is going to train them once we’re out of the dungeon ensues.)

Binder, to DM: Can I get them an ioun stone of +1 intellect so I can teach them six tricks?

(A bit more discussion later…)

Shaman: Are they both male?

DM: (*rolls*) One of them is female.

Shaman, a little too gleefully: “We have a breeding pair! We can make money from this!”

Psychic: “We don’t have the time to do that, not to mention the ethical issues–”

Shaman: “We don’t have to raise them! Just use that magic on them and sell them while they’re young!”

Psychic, growing increasingly uncomfortable: “Look, I’m fine with… ahem… ‘recruiting’ enemies instead of killing them, but we can’t just sell baby giants.”

Binder, contemplatively: “It would be profitable.”

Shaman: “And once you learn to dominate them, you’d be able to remove the feeblemind!”

Psychic: *facepalm*

Blue Diamond shifting down to human size and dating Greg super low-key and no one questions it like:

Garnet sees her on the couch one day and freaks out because this is the gem who threatened to kill her for fusing and Blue’s just chill and she becomes a neutral party.

Steven comes home from missions and he tells Blue all about what he did that day.

Blue being the low-key chill af stepmom

The Base Line of Respect

Context: The party’s Neutral Good half-elf ranger has some long-standing (and well justified) with established law. Naturally, she and my Lawful Neutral ex-guard Fighter got along like a house on fire in the middle of the desert. Still, when Fighter risked life and his -3 Charisma penalty to save her ass because he’s a nice person okay, he’s just…a Lawful Neutral character:

Ranger: Don’t you ever be extra just to help me again. I don’t need your help.

Fighter: No can do. I need your glass-fragile self-esteem in functioning order to survive the next quest.

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do you have a summary of the plot?

The plot to Hunger Pangs was originally inspired by a post thread that got away from me, as most things do when people (you know who you are) sense a tangent thought and not-so-gently veer me toward it.

It featured a vampire and a werewolf secretly carrying on a centuries long love affair in defiance of their warring families. That story still features, but it is no longer the narrative of Nathan and Vlad. Instead we come to them at a much later time period in their world, when the hatchet between the two races has been warily buried in favor of fighting a common enemy, the Dead King of the West, a sinister creature eons old who preys on the living to fuel his own corrupt immortality. Once the vampires were a part of his faction, but in recent centuries switched sides to join the living as a neutral party after the necromancer threatened to turn them into peons—along with all the other undead creatures and things that go bump in the night. And vampires don’t like being told what to do. Especially not old ones with the taste of gods and fire on their breath.

But that was so long ago and the war so far away. Why fight when you can bide your time and let the living do it for you…Which is why it’s so rankling for the vampiric residents of Castle Eyrie to have a werewolf battalion installed on their land, especially when their Captain refuses to be bribed, intimidated or otherwise persuaded to play the political game…unless of course you can’t help but notice how large his hands are, what shining blue eyes he has, and oh my, that grin…

And it’s all so much fun.

Until it’s not.

It’s a story of struggle, betrayal and power. But above all else, Hunger Pangs is about love—in all forms—and the lengths people will go to in order to preserve what is good and right in the world. It’s love as an act of bravery. It’s love as an act of defiance.

And it’s also a shit ton of smut and fluff and puns. But you already knew that.

Pompous Pep AU where instead of being evil, Vlad is pure neutral. He is neither good or bad, he simply wants people to leave him be.

-The Incident still happened, but instead of blaming Jack, he blames both him and Maddie and has cut ties with both of them (up until Bitter Reunions, in which he has decided to try and reconcile with them. Years of loneliness made him regret cutting ties with them.)

-His Ghost form is very different. His eye color remain the same, while he wears a white tuxedo with a white and red cape over it. His skin gets slightly darker instead of turning blue. His hair is no longer horned, and instead looks like he let his hair down, with bangs slicked back. He also still retains the fangs, and will resort to biting if necessary, despite claiming it to be childish.

-Has a Fire Core, and can set things on fire unintentionally if angered or startled. Ghost Sense in the form of a smoke wisp. Has to be forcibly calmed down if his anger reaches his limit, cause if not, he can burn down cities in his rage.

-Instead of being the villain, he is simply a mentor to Danny after he learns Danny is a Halfa too. Is a little overprotective of Danny from then on. (Not that Danny complains.) Soon realizes they like each other in more of a romantic way and start seeing each other more often. (It’s not gay if you’re dead. Or half dead. I’m not sure how Halfas work.)

-Vlad becomes friends with Jack and Maddie again, and often comes over to assist (translation: make sure they don’t do anything to hurt themselves or Danny) them in their invention making.

Guess who stopped studying because sdfghjkl? I hate trying to study from powerpoints; guess I’m just gonna have to catch up tomorrow or something.

Obi-Wan moves around the Chancellor’s offices, looking at the various artefacts, paintings, and statues Palpatine has decorated them with.

He moves from room to room at a sedate pace without any fear or interruptions—Cody and his chosen troopers are still stationed right outside as well as in the working office for the Chancellor’s guards and have taken upon themselves to provide him with some solitude.

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So, love how the Chantry bases its religion around a woman who started a world war to destroy oppressive forces, then becomes literally the most oppressive sociopolitical institution in Thedas. Oh, and violently put down anyone who disagrees with them.

Ah, and how the Chantry lead an Exalted March against the very people [elves] that Andraste allied with and promised land to because she knew enslavement, and wanted to repay them for their service? And how the book of Shartan was struck from the Chant?

But, no, tell me how the Chantry is an unbiased and neutral– nay, benevolent!– party in current Theodisian politics. 

A Sorcerer doesn't choose how their magic manifests, OR A very dark neutral good

The party consists of a foxperson Artificer, a Warforged barbarian the artificer made, and me, a Human Duskblade.  we had just fought off a trio of kobolds while looking for a kidnapped townsperson and the one kobold that fell from it’s platform instead of run away is refusing to comply.  

Me:  Fine.. allow me to see if I can help. *As I say this my hand starts glowing pale blue and I pat the Kobold on the head to cast Touch of Fatigue, making it feel like it’s very life force is slipping away, that it’s hard to move.  This causes my left eye to glow red*
Artificer(OOC):Imma roll bluff to not look disturbed by this *Nat 20* yes, definitely not disturbed.

Warforged: Is this… Ethical?

Me: I told you, most of my magic manifests as negative energy, It’s up to me how to use it..

Let’s be honest though the reason why being a neutral party works for Lapis is if the Crystal Gems have a problem with her they all kind of take a moment and remember Ocean Gem and ask themselves if this is worth picking that fight again and so far the answer has been no.

Like, from the outside, and from Steven’s perspective, things are great! They’ll play baseball together and have awkward family gatherings with Steven’s estranged relatives. But from Garnet and Pearl’s perspective in particular I imagine there’s a lot more tension there because like. Lapis makes it very clear she has not changed her mind about Earth, she’s here because it’s more or less the one option open to her, and if other options open up they can’t count on her to stay neutral, much less count on her as an ally. Right now they have a terrifying person in their corner because she wants to be left alone so if Crystal Gem business happens to intersect with the barn Lapis will step in to do something about it, but they don’t even have enough of an understanding of who Lapis is to predict what will set her off.

If I’m right about my theories, there’s a whole other party that Lapis hasn’t even intimated the existence of to Steven who can be a massive motivator and even without those theories in account Lapis is basically a black box with her opinions on all of the major players in here. What her relationship is with Blue Diamond if she’s not part of Blue herself, what’s her deal with Rose that she’s so much more comfortable dealing with Steven if she denies the connection between him and the Crystal Gems.

Lapis isn’t the newest Crystal Gem. From their perspective she’s a lot more of a time bomb and they’re giving her space because they really don’t want to set her off.

Does this mean they have zero sympathy for her situation? No, we see after splitting up Malachite, Alexandrite and her components were actually quite gentle in their handling of both Lapis and Jasper, and Pearl made a serious effort to catch Jasper. But there’s the very real possibility that if Lapis took offense to them that none of them could stop her. Alexandrite could beat Malachite, but Malachite was hampered by a fundamental disconnect between Lapis and Jasper and both of them were exhausted going into that fight from their internal conflict. 


So I have a theory. Bubble colours depend on the loyalty of the creator. The crystal gems have light pink bubbles due to rose which makes sense. Peridot bubbles things green as she is a neutral party. Id imagine her bubbles would be yellow before the kindergarden kid. You’d think the diamonds would bubble in their colour yet blue diamond bubbled the quartz gems pink. It really shows how much she cares about pink

Our Washington, who art in heaven, listen as we pray,
thine country’s done, we had too much fun, and now about to crash and burn we say:
We’re sorry George, we didn’t listen.
About parties or neutrality
You did your best, we failed at the test
And have to watch as we all throw our shot away.
Lead us not into submission,
But come and save us now.
For thine is the presidency
And the cabinet
And the sanity,

Forever and Ever, Amen.