the nest


they string little lives with such
inventive disasters and the small
spaces they carve are so pleasantly
lit with a wick-light of wanting a
fire-born desire and there’s so much
boredom in paradise it’s more fun to
flit through the borders of the divine
into the fields of the dying where they
live for brief moments in bright
washes of sun and I will guide their
quick hands while they steal from their
neighbors I will help fight the horrors
sent by those who have never considered
the essential horror of limits, the cliff
off the edge of all knowing and known-
the great hands of my brothers do
not ever bathe in cooling blood and
it is not the job of my sisters to
lead the dead home-

so I help them steal cattle and I help
them build knowledge and I give
to them songs that are forbidden
to sing- they are dazzling creations
in their delicate ephemeral longing,
they are always desperate on going
always torturing dreams into a distant
location, a new bend of the fabric
that my father has woven from the
roots of all being and it is all very
well from gold-veined thrones on
a mountain to lecture obedience without
knowing the truth-

that every step taken is one taken
through darkness and every dare
attempted is a triumph over
fear; these brilliant small wanderers
are tossed unknowing to birth and
I will stand with them always
and I will lead them
and steal for them, wind matters
of commerce of cotton and
music I will give them the benefit
of tired forever and they will die
as they all must and I will
take them below and hope that
my uncle will be kind and forgiving
I will swear to them always I am bringing them


L. Maruska 


Follower Milestone Giveaway

Hey everyone! So my follower count tends to flucuate by about 5~ people or so. (Meaning I’ll gain a few, lose a couple, gain a couple) but I have been at 200 for the last month, which means I feel like I can reliably celebrate!

How in the heck did I get and keep all 200 of you? You’re all wonderful <3

Anyway, I also had decided on doing that 7 days and 7 prompts, but I’ve got 5 days left of it and I thought it would be fun to open it up so that my followers could supply the prompts per say! So the plan is that you can send me a fandom, a pairing (optional) and a simple prompt. I’ll then write about a page drabble for it. Sound fun?


  • You have to be currently following me because this is for those of you who stuck around!
  • It needs to be a fandom I know (safe bets are One Piece, MCU, Free!, but there are others. If in doubt, ask)
  • Prompts need to be simple and clear. “A and B have a chance meeting in the rain” is good. “A and B are going to Kentucky in a green pickup because B is fighting with C because of the colour of the pickup” is bad.
  • No smut, violence, etc prompts. Think fluff, or angst
  • No incest ships

I will only have 5 spots open, so if I get more than that I will select at random. So send me an ask (not on anon, obviously) with fandom, prompt, and pairing (optional). I’ll also not be trying to fit this all in in the next five days so that I can make sure as many people see it as possible.