the nes files

L’art de raconter des histoires est toujours l’art de reprendre celles qu’on a entendues, et celui-ci se perd, dès lors que les histoires ne sont plus conservées en mémoire. Il se perd, parce qu’on ne file plus et qu’on ne tisse plus en les écoutant. Plus l’auditeur s’oublie lui-même, plus les mots qu’il entend s’inscrivent profondément en lui. Lorsque le rythme du travail l’occupe tout entier, il prête l’oreille aux histoires de telle façon que lui échoit naturellement le don de les raconter à son tour. Ainsi donc se noue le filet où repose le don de raconter. Il se défait aujourd’hui par tous les bouts, après qu’il ait été assemblé, voici plusieurs milliers d’années, dans la sphère des plus anciennes formes d’artisanat.
—  Walter Benjamin, “Le conteur” (1936), in Œuvres III, Gallimard, 2000
A Quickie Guide To Hex Editing

Before you start    Here’s some supplies to have
- a computer
- a program capable of re-writing files internally
—- in this case, a “hex editor” (either/both automatic/manual; prefer ROM Corrupter 5.99 by Dwedit for automatic, as it can render loseless AVI files, which are godly for pixel freaks and GIF perfectionists; Cygnus Hex Editor for manual, with ease of access and control)
- a program capable of opening said file (if sound, Audacity can open and re-write internally with some practice; otherwise, for this segment, an NES emulator; I prefer Nestopia)
- if graphics, a good painting program for final touches AKA resizing/animating (I prefer GIMP 2.6, NEVER GIMP 2.8; free, capable of exporting animated GIFs, and can scale without interpolation, even for JPEGs, for that crisp-ass quality)
—- if you’re getting into animated files, and are using the AVI exportation route, pick up a program that can make animated GIFs out of AVI files (the freeware Movie To Animated GIF Converter by Evan Olds is perfect for this)
- and of course, victim files (for this segment, ROMs; best to dupe them, and then edit the dupes; ROM Corrupter 5.99 exports dupes without affecting the original automatically; with manual, you gotta do it yourself)

Now that we have    All our tools gathered    Let’s begin by knowing    Our GUI

The basics for Dwedit 5.99

1. Dwedit location
2. Emulator program (normally Nestopia; re-named it to piss off Steam friends)
3. Target file (doesn’t have to be a ROM; can corrupt anything really)
4. End corruption file (rename it to whatever is easy for you)
5. Start corruption range (for NES, all ROMs start at $10)
6. End corruption range (for NES, most ROMS end at $8000(2^X)+$10 [i.e. $20010 for Metroid]
7. Affected bytes
8. What bytes will become

For those that know    Hexadecimals intimately    We can converse about    All what happens    On a mathematical formula    But for now    Let’s just focus    On the results

Not that hard    To get somewhere    Just requires patience    And experimenting    As you can see    Had to change every 941th to 888th byte    You’ll get CPU jammed at times    If it continues to happen    Just change the range    Or which bytes to corrupt

Once you’re satisfied    With your result    You can either screenshot it    Or save it as a movie file    By naming the original capture file    Recording    And then exporting    When you stop recording    And just export it as loseless AVI    Be mindful that sometimes    What we saw    And what the emulator saw    Can be different    Or even too broken    To save as an AVI

We’ll cover what to do    With the image nuggets later

While that covers automatic    Perhaps you like a more    “Pure” approach    That’s dandy too    I’ll go over manual editing too    I would save this solely    For picture files    Or anything smaller than an NES ROM    But hey, anything’s open season

The basics for Cygnus Hex Editor

1. Range
2. Current hexadecimal bytes
3. Current translated bytes

You can use either 2 or 3    For changing bytes in the file    For 2    It has to be in 16base (0-9, and A-F, from 00 to FF)    For 3    It’s any character that is recognized    By the hexadecimal format    AKA just keyboard smash

Boom    Same idea, different paths    After a while    You get the hang for where    Data for the file is stored    Both for automatics and manuals    For PNGs, it usually    Right at the get-go    JPEGs are after the    File format itself    (You’ll see a bunch of 01s 02s and the translations are in a nice pattern    After that are the pixels themselves)

ROMs are trickier    As one company can put all their    Glossy title screens first    Where others may have them last    A good rule of thumb    All the graphics/placement    Are always clumped in their    Respective group    BUT, not always with the other group    Ex.    Samus’s projectile graphics    Could be in $10010-$10040    And where they’re assigned on-screen    In $14010-14040

To make a simple GIF    We’ll use an even simplier program    If you have an AVI file    From using Nestopia    Or any other emulator    Capable of exporting AVI    We can turn it into a GIF    Right here and now

The basics of MTAGC by Evan Olds

1. Select as starting frame
2. Select as ending frame
3. Frame view slider

Little to go over here    Once you selected    What section you want animated    Just export it    Not only can you save    An animated GIF right off the bat    But also save the current frame separately    For other design usage

Here’s what we got

Please note however    That when we export as a loseless AVI    It’s in real-time (~60 fps)    So when being converted    From MTAGC    It will only capture the first frame    Outta every 10    Becoming a 10 fps GIF    If you wish for a 60 fps GIF    You’ll have to use other means    Even then    At least you can export    Every frame viewable with MTAGC

To finally cap    On our tools    I’ll go over GIMP 2.6 real quick

All you need to know about GIMP 2.6    For pixel-perfect export

Non-animated images
1. Scale image
2. Resize image that’s a ratio of the original aspect ([128x128] x N, where N is a whole integer)

Notice how “none” is selected    For interpolation    I can’t stress this enough    Seriously    This will solve every single problem    With “fuzzy” images    If it’s for video footage    Of an awesome skateboarder    That’s fine    But for glitching    This will save you    From shitty quality

If you have a bunch of captured screenshots    And want to compile them    Into an animated image    W can do that too easily

For animated image files

1. Place your image file here (if already animated through AVI, and proceed to 2)
1a. Your image will flip from lowest to highest in that order
1b. If you need to make an edit, select layer, and shut all eyes above that layer
2. When finished, open all eyes, and “Save As”
3. Enter the file name withextension (for now, “basic done.gif”)
4. Save as an animation (make it looped or not after you’ve chosen)

And here we have it

Do note again    That all GIFs exported    Will be animated at 10 FPS    So even if you got every frame    In GIMP 2.6    It will still be at the same speed    As the one you made    Right off of MTAGC    Another program must be used    To bump the cap for this

Here’s some tips and tricks I use

+ start at $10, end at $1010, change range by $1000, click on auto, and see what happens; rinse and repeat until you hit the end of the game; doing this will not only eventually yield a “sweet spot” (mostly the graphic storage/placement), but allow you to see where and what is located for future reference
+ if you made a good corruption file, make a new one, just in case you want to ever go back to that iteration
+ you can hex edit anything, but image files and NES ROMs are the smallest, which will also mean the easiest to start off with; later you can move onto Playstation ISOs or MP3s/WAVs
+ for NES ROMs, I recommend Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Wrecking Crew, Balloon, basically any old Nintendo game; they’re the first, so they’re the quickest to dissect, and quickest to create some really bizarre glitches from not being ironed out
+ back all your shit up; seriously; I can tell you this from experience; NES roms are tiny as hell; most are only 128/256 kilobytes, and the biggest, only a megabyte (1024 kilobytes)

Quick answers to future questions

“I keep getting a CPU jam!”
Change the range/affected bytes    Not everything corrupted are graphics

“I keep getting the AVI conversion error!”
Hard reset and try again    Chances are it captured invalid file-coding    If it doesn’t work    Make a new file and change the action a bit

“It rendered 30 seconds of [a still image / nothing / something else]!”
Again    What we see    And the computer sees    Are two different things    Try screen capturing    As it saves based on    The current monitor display    Rather than the hexadecimals themselves

“When I put a hex edited image into GIMP 2.6, it only partially loads!”
GIMP 2.6 is fine    It’s just the image that’s broken    A quick fix is to    Open it in paint.exe    And just save    It’ll change the hexadecimals    Back to a displayable image    While retaining the result

“My hex edited image won’t show up!”
You probably borked it’s file-coding    Instead of the pixels and their placement    Reload and move further down the range

“Tumblr’s not allowing me to post my GIF!”
Animated GIF files are huge    Stick with around 400px - 600px    And nothing past 100 frames    Unless you’re feeling lucky punk

That should do it for ya    If you have any further questions    Hit me up

Looking forward to those glitches now

Happy trails pardner

Tough | Ceo!Luke

Request: Hi!Can you do a ceo!luke where y/n and him are married and he’s actually a really strict boss n stuff and one day y/n and their kid come to visit him or bring him lunch or something and he’s super cute with her?

“You’re fired!” He slammed the door in his office and made his way towards his table. He sat down and placed his hands on his head. It was the second employee Luke had fired and it’s not even noon.

He looked through the files and corrected them himself. His employees should be doing this but he’s quite convinced that all of them are incompetent and he wondered why they had been hired in the first place.

They were so close to meeting the investors and everything had to be perfect. The presentation wasn’t nearly done and it’s supposed to be in two weeks. The pressure on Luke reached an all time high. These investors are very important for him to just lose like that.

The door opened suddenly and there was fire in Luke’s eyes. “Don’t you know how to knock?” The poor guy widened his eyes and raised his shaking hand holding a folder of files. “I- I g-got the f-files sir.” Luke held out his hand. “Give them here.” The employee walked towards him and gave it. “I’m really sor-” “Don’t fucking apologize. Just go!” He shouted and pointed at the door. “Ok I’m sorry sir.” “I said go!” The man hurriedly went outside and closed the door, thankful that all he got was a shout and not his job being taken away from him.

The door opened once again and Luke was about to flip off when he heard the voice that makes him lose control. “I feel sorry for that guy. Can you believe he had to face the wrath of such a tough CEO?” You leaned in his doorway and waved the little lunch bag you had prepared for him.

He sighed in relief as he saw it, thankful that he didn’t have to go out to get lunch. “I have a surprise for you.” You smirked at him and he stood up biting his lip. “And what would that be Mrs. Hemmings?” You winked at him as your daughter started running inside his office. “Daddy! Daddy!” He ran towards his dad. He picked her up instantly and placed her on his hip.

“Princess! What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in daycare.” He looked at you as you walked up to him and kissed his lips. “Your daughter can be an award winning actress.” You chuckle as you continue. “She convinced me she was sick and when I told her I’ll send you some lunch, she magically became better and wanted to see you.”

“Is that true?” He inquired to his little girl who was already pouting at him. “I was sick!” He laughed as he kissed her cheeks. “Okay okay princess, I believe you. Now what did you and mommy prepare?” He brought her to his table and sat down.

You brought the pasta out of the bag and give place it to his table. He opened it and the scent of the pasta filled the room. “I cooked that daddy!” Little Hemmings squealed in his arms. “You did? That’s amazing honey! Now let me taste it.” You gave him the fork and tasted it. He hummed in pleasure. “You sure mommy didn’t make this princess?” She thought for a while. “Just a little.” He grinned widely as she get off from his lap, letting him eat in peace. She walked towards the sofa as she play the dolls she brought from her bag.

“So what made you think bring lunch for me?” He inquired. “Maybe a little fishy told me that you were a volcano early in the morning…” “It’s my assistant, isn’t it?” You nodded. “I’ll fire her.” He said sternly but you just laughed as you sit in his lap. “No you won’t.” You traced you finger on his chest and wiped the sauce from his lips using your thumb.

“Stop teasing me. Our daughter is just two meters away.” He hissed. “What? I’m not doing such thing?” You said innocently. The door opened once again and revealed an employee holding another folder. “The file you ne-” the guy started but Luke was already shouting “Does anyone of you even know how to fucking knock!” “Daddy! Swear jar! Say sorry to the man!” She stood up and placed her hands on her hips.

You snickered, still seating on his lap, not believing that your four year old daughter is scolding her own father in front of his employee. He glared at you as you tried to hold in your laughs but couldn’t when your daughter stomped and said, “Daddy! Say sorry now!” He groaned. “I’m sorry. Now give me the file.” He gritted his teeth.

“That wasn’t nice daddy. Don’t be so tough.” He sighed. “I’m sorry. Now pretty please give me the file now?” He faked a smile and the trembling confused man from the doorway slowly made his way to the table and placed it there. “Do you wanna play dolls?” She offered. He smiled at her and shook his head no. “Okay bye bye.” She waved at him and resumed in playing with her dolls.

“Our daughter will be the death of me I swear.” He mumbled against your lips as you chuckle at your husband who got told off by a four year old.