the nerves and tension and the hope is just so palpable

Rules of Engagement (shiro x reader)

Rules of Engagement

Shiro x Reader

Imagine: Being the communications specialist with Shiro and Matt at the garrison.

Warning: Just a little making out ;)

AN: Hey guys! I hope you all like this one, let me know what you liked, or if you have any requests!


His lips felt like fire on her skin. There was no pulling away at this point, not that it even crossed her mind. The feeling of his body pressed against hers, his thigh positioned between her legs, how his fingers gripped her hips, all of it made it impossible to think of anything else, but how good it felt. This was definitely against protocol, the small portion of her brain that has retained its sanity thought in the back of her head. It all felt like a deram. And if it was she never wanted to wake up.

She and Shiro were on the same flight team at the garrison. He was the pilot, and she, his communications specialist. They were also accompanied by an engineer by the name of Matt Holt, she swore he was some kind of genius, it was the only explanation for how smart he was. They had all been friends, but with the hours spent in the flight simulator, the late night study sessions, the constant contact between them, they became much more than that. The connection between her and Shiro was unshakable, you would never see one without the other, inseparable. It wasn’t until their third year at the garrison, did they notice a change in their dynamic. They weren’t the only ones to notice this change, Matt knew something was going on between them, even if they didn’t know exactly what.

For weeks, it was nothing but chaos. Longing stares from across the room, lingering touches, constant blushing, all at the expense of Matt’s sanity. There was a time when the two of you could barely be in the same room, in fear that in your clumsy state, someone could get hurt. Matt didn’t mind at first, that is until your team failed the flight simulator, putting a permanent ‘F’ on his record. Shiro had gotten distracted by you, in the middle of the mission, when you cut your hand on a stray screw driver, causing Shiro to panic, and in the end, sent their team crashing to the ground in a blazing fireball. He’d had enough.

He told you both to meet him in room B26, to go over what went wrong, and finish the mission report on the simulation failure. Each of you feeling a different kind of shame in the failure of the basic sim, and each feeling that it was your fault things had gone south.

The next morning when you arrived at the room, you met with Shiro on the way, but neither of you could stand to meet the other’s gaze. Too embarrassed to think it was your lack to self control that had ruined the mission. Keeping your head bowed, you both entered the room, the first thing you noticed was how cold and damp it was, the lights were off making it hard to see exactly where you were. Shiro’s shins came in contact with a mop bucket, sending it skidding across the floor.

“What the- “ he began, his eyes adjusting enough to see the shelves that lined the walls, filled different cleaning supplies. “Is this… a Janitor’s closet?” thinking that they must have walked into the wrong room, Shiro turned to exit, only to have the door slammed in his face. Shocked, he rushed forward testing the doorknob, and finding it locked. Thinking it must have been an accident, he slammed his fist against the metal door trying to get the attention of whoever had closed the door.

“Hey! We are in here! The door is locked, can you open it?” he called, hoping they were still close enough to hear him. There was a moment of silence, before they heard a familiar voice reply.

“I’m not letting you out until you two work this out! I don’t know what is going on with you buys, but whatever ‘it’ is, fix it! I am not going to get another ‘F’ in that stupid simulator, just because you two are acting like lovesick teenagers!” Matt’s voice was filled with a mix of anger and frustration. There was another pause, followed by what Shiro assumed was a sigh. “I’ll be back in an hour.” he said more calmly before walking away, ignoring the protests from his teammates.

They spent the next 10 minutes searching for another way out, only finding 4 metal walls all lined with janitorial equipment, and an air vent, too small for either of them to fit through. Shiro was sure Matt had picked this room specifically for that reason, no way to escape. Giving up on that idea, they resorted to searching for a light switch, their eyes adjusting enough to see outlines in the darkness but not much else. The tension in the room was palpable, neither of them trusting themselves to address the elephant in the room, why they were locked in here in the first place, they both knew what Matt had said was true, but were not willing to address it as the problem it was. Until the pressure got the better of them.

“I’m sorry.” you both blurted out at the same time. Fumbling to recover, you turned to continue, but your foot caught on the bucket Shiro had knocked over earlier, sending you sprawling on the floor.

“(Y/N)! Are you okay?!” Shiro asked rushing over to where he had heard you fall. Unfortunately, instead of helping you, he stepped on your hand. You cried out again, cradling your hand to your chest as you pushed back against the wall, pulling your knees in. Shiro’s heart felt like it was in his throat, how had he managed to mess this up even more?

“Oh God, (Y/N) I’m so sorry!” he stammered his panic rising up. Standing where he was he ran a shaking hand through his hair. He didn’t dare move again, scared that he would accidentally hurt you again, instead he decided to speak, and once he started, he couldn’t stop, everything just poured out of his mouth.

“This is all my fault. I just really like you, and you’re so pretty, and smart, and when you smile it makes my stomach go crazy, and you’re laugh, oh god, your laugh! It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard! It’s just so hard for me to think when you’re around, my brain goes all fuzzy and I can’t focus on anything else. God, I should have known better, i should have tried harder to hide my feelings, or i should have transfered as soon as I realized I loved you, and, and now we are stuck in here, and you’re hurt and-” in the darkness, you made out his outline, and rose to your feet, equal parts shocked and thrilled to hear what he was saying. Reaching out you placed your hand on the side of his face, rendering him silent. You couldn’t see his face, and you prayed he couldn’t see yours, you could feel your cheeks reddening as you drew closer. He could feel you coming closer, your hand gliding over his face, your fingertips tracing the outline of his lips. You felt his warm breath against your fingers, as you moved your hand to the base of his neck, standing on your toes. You hesitated, your lips stopping just shy of his.

Swallowing his nerves, Shiro closed the remaining distance, capturing your lips with his. In that moment it was like a fire was lit between you. His hands were on you in an instant, pulling you closer as his mouth moved against yours. Pressing forward, you stumbled back, your shoulders hitting the metal walls of the room hard. Shiro only paused for a moment before he was on you again, pinning your body to the wall with his own. His fingers gripped your sides, pawing at the material of your uniform. Pressing closer, he fit himself against you, a leg between yours, his hips against yours, like fitting puzzle pieces together. His lips pulled away from yours, only to attach to the exposed skin on your neck. He groaned into the hollow of your neck, as you raked your fingers through his hair, pulling on it slightly.

The heat between you continued to grow, and the once cold room felt like a furnace. So consumed in the moment, you both failed to notice the door to the room slide open. Matt caught site of the two of you, and paused for just a moment, as his mind registered the situation. Shaking his head, he crossed his arms over his chest, before clearing his throat. And just as quickly as it had started, the trance was broken. Shiro tore his body away from yours, his hair was sticking up in odd directions from where you fingers had mused it. While you pushed yourself off the wall, trying to stop your knees from shaking, and straighten your uniform at the same time, the small marks on your neck beginning to form. Both of your lips were swollen, and your faces were red, and in Matt’s opinion, you both looked thoroughly kissed. An amused smile pulled at Matt’s lips as he watched the two of you fumble to compose yourselves. No one spoke for a long moment, until finally, Matt broke the ice.

“Well,” he began, his voice eerily calm. “I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming, cause I did, and for that reason, I planned ahead. Because if ‘this’” he gestured between the two of you quirking an eyebrow. “Is going to happen, there need to be some ground rules.” stepping forward, he reached into his bag and pulled out a large 3 ring binder, shoving it into Shiro’s chest, who caught it quickly, looking down at the cover.

“‘Rules and guidelines of dating a teammate’” he read aloud, lifting his eyes questioningly to Matt.

“Volume 1?” you read over Shiro’s arm. “How many volumes are there?” you asked watching Shiro flip through the pages, each filled with words, and some having charts and pictures… this was obviously something Matt had put time into, and it definitely took longer than the hour they had been in there.

“There are 2 others back in my room, but I haven’t finished editing them.” Matt answered calmly. You nearly choked, and Shiro swallowed thickly, his eyes wide. Indifferent, Matt continued. “Also, there will be a quiz, so I would suggest going on a ‘study date’ instead of making out in a janitor’s closet.” you heaved a sigh, before turning your eyes to Shiro, a smile pulled at you lips, despite the obvious dislike of the situation.

“I’m free tonight.” you said, Shiro’s heart skipped a beat. He would read 50 of Matt’s ridiculous rule books, if it meant he got to see you smile like that again.

I Want You To Want Me - Steve Harrington x Reader

[A/N: Okay so I actually dreamt this whole fic last night and just had to write it, if you watch Riverdale then the first scene of this fic might seem familiar because I can’t lie and say I didn’t feel inspired by a specific scene from the show!

I live for angst and pain but then love a happy ending.]

Originally posted by catherineandmeghans

‘Steve.’ Your voice crumbled under the pressure of your words. ‘I’m standing here and I’m asking if you love me. If you’ve ever loved me, in all the years we’ve known each other.’

‘Of course I love you, Y/N!’ He exclaimed raising his arms up into the air. ‘You’re great, you’re a great girl, Y/N.’

Steve sighed.

‘You’re amazing.’ He said softly. ‘You’re my best friend.’

You sucked in a sharp breath, you waited for the inevitable.

Cautiously Steve stepped towards you, his hand reached out for yours and he took it gently. His grip was weak and his skin was cold against the clammy palm of your hand, together your hands swung gently in between the empty space of your bodies.  

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dancer || jung hoseok

Jung Hoseok x reader

Summary: Hobi finally shows you his ‘Boy Meets Evil’ dance, and you wonder how he could possibly be unsure of his talent.

Genre: fluff

Words: 1502

Originally posted by morekpopmore

Hoseok stood a foot taller than me, clad in black trousers and a loose-fitted grey jumper falling to his mid-thigh. Our hands tangled together, his fingers playing with mine as we walked together towards the dance studio. He was taking me to sit with him whilst he practiced, as he often did. 

“So, what are you going to be practicing today?” I asked him, looking up at him to see his wide grin already in place. His obvious excitement to dance caused my own face to stretch into a smile.

“I’m practicing the intro for the new album.” He told me eagerly, and I stopped walking, my mouth falling open as I realised what he meant.

“You mean Boy Meets Evil?” I asked disbelievingly and he laughed at me, playing along with my enthusiasm and dancing around me, nodding his head. Hoseok had played me the song as soon as he had first heard the complete track and I immediately loved it. I knew he had been practicing the dance for weeks now, but had never seen it. I squealed and latched onto his arm.

“And I get to see it?” I asked, walking ahead of him excitedly as we opened the door to the Big Hit building. He rubbed the back of his neck unsurely as he nodded.

“It’s not completely finished yet and I’ve only done a perfect run of it a few times, and there’s one move I can never get in time-“

“Hobi.” I cut off his nervous rambling, smiling at him as he laughed nervously. “I know it will be great. You don’t have to worry.” He took my hand again and squeezed it, smiling sheepishly.

He continued to ramble to me as we walked into the studio, both nerves and excitement evident in his voice. He sat on the floor and began to stretch as I took my place in the corner of the room, my back against the mirror. 

“Ready?” I asked him, trying to hide the excitement in my voice as I knew it would put even more pressure on him. I had seen him dance plenty of times before, but I could tell that this one was particularly important to him, and that he wanted to impress me. I knew him well, and although he might not have said it, I knew he felt insecure about his dancing ability, the pressure of the title ‘main dancer’ weighing heavy on him at times. He nodded but looked unsure. I lifted my hands.

“Just pretend I’m not even here.” I told him and he smirked.

“Easier said than done.”

Then I watched as he focused and the smile dropped from his face. He transitioned from sweet, smiley, awkward Hobi to concentrated, determined, professional J-Hope. Hobi was just my boyfriend, but J-Hope was a dancer. He nodded at me and I started the song, the familiar notes filling the room.

As soon as he began dancing I became transfixed. His movements were precise and clean, and yet still full of expression as he knelt on the floor and performed the first few moves, letting himself be completely absorbed by the music. I became unaware of anything else in the room, my gaze and attention fixed only on him. His movements were fluid and his body lean and powerful as his muscles contracted into fast and impressive movements I could never imagine doing.

The song built up and I was captivated, letting out a gasp as he dropped to the floor before flipping back to his feet, every movement completely in time with the beat. I responded to each of his actions involuntarily, clenching my fists as he performed an inhuman flip, my stomach dropping, and my eyes widening as I tried to take in every small, precise move. I took a sharp intake of breath as he began running his hand down his torso, rolling his hips and making intense eye contact with me as he did so. His slender torso swayed to the rhythm and my gaze flickered between his penetrating gaze and his rolling body.

By the end of the song I was almost as breathless as he was. His hand moved in jerky movements up to his throat and he finished with one final flourish of his wrist, remaining in his kneeling position until the song finished. 

As the music died out, energy seemed to drain from the room, the large studio seeming empty now devoid of his dancing. His passionate movements had filled the mundane, colourless room with expression and art, and a tension that would have been palpable to anyone else, had they also been in the room.

The room fell silent save for Hoseok’s heavy breathing as he remained in his final position. I realised my mouth was open, and shut it, attempting to function normally again. In another split second I watched him switch characters again, the strict concentration on his face broken by a beaming, sweaty smile as he looked up at me and began to stand up. Before he was even fully upright I had made my away across the room and pressed my lips to his, running my hands along the body I had watched perform unbelievably.

He made a startled noise as I pushed him backward slightly, but quickly returned the kiss, his hands finding my waist. I began laughing against his lips, and pulled back to take in his face, still sweaty as he panted, looking bewildered.

“You are incredible.” I muttered disbelievingly, looking into his eyes which widened in surprise.

“Really?” The disbelief in his voice made me want to cry.

“Yes, really, you absolute idiot!” I said, hitting him and watching a grin take over his face. I sighed dramatically, kissing him again. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. We definitely have to go home and have sex right now.” I spoke against his lips and he laughed, loud and joyful, filling the silent room.

He lifted a hand to wipe his brow, leaning his back against the wall and sliding down it, exhausted after the high intensity routine. I sat next to him, still buzzing. I kept my eyes on him, marvelling at how talented and passionate the man sitting next to me was, and how lucky I was to sit here by his side.

We sat in silence as he caught his breath and I reached out to take his hand, interlinking our fingers on his knee, not caring how sweaty he was. I just wanted to touch and feel him; maybe to make sure he was real.

“I think you’re beautiful.” I whispered, leaning my head to rest on his shoulder. “The way you move and dance is just incredible, Hoseok.”

I thought for a second. I needed him to hear this. “Every member can dance, you know that, or else they wouldn’t be in BTS. And as vital it is to praise every member equally; you need to know how special and talented you are. You perform the same dances as them, but no one can really perform them like you do.” 

I felt his eyes on the side of my face, but kept my gaze on our tangled fingers as I spoke.

“Your passion and dedication are so, so admirable, and your genuine talent is evident in everything you do. It’s important you know that you deserve every bit of appreciation and praise you have received. You deserve to be where you are.” I said the last sentence quietly and turned to look him in the eye, to find him already looking at me, his eyes shining.

The tears in his eyes alarmed me, and I gently touched his cheek as his hand came up to wipe his eyes. Neither of us said anything, but he leant down to press his lips to mine shakily in a silent thank you.

We sat for a few more minutes, my head against his shoulder as our breaths synced, before the door burst open and Jimin and Jungkook flew in, talking animatedly. They stopped when they noticed us and we both stood up.

“Ah, hello Y/N.” Jimin greeted me and I smiled, nodding to both of them.

“What are you two doing here?” Jungkook asked, walking further into the room.

“I was just practicing.” Hoseok said, and Jimin’s eyes opened wide.

“Boy Meets Evil?” He asked eagerly. Seemed it wasn’t only me who was a fan. I knew the other members respected my boyfriend as a dancer just as much as I did, and it warmed my heart to see Jimin so excited. Hobi nodded, grinning, and Jungkook sighed in awe, looking at me.

“Ah, amazing isn’t it, Y/N?” He asked. I grinned and looked over at Hobi, taking his hand once again. He smiled at me.

“Yeah.” I tightened my grip. “Amazing.”


Business and Pleasure - Part 2

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,762

Warnings: swearing

Part 1

Originally posted by sebastiansource

“Remind me again why we’re going to this dinner,” you gave your dad a pointed glance as you smoothed out your dress. “I know you and Mr. Barnes are working together now and it’s great that he’s doing this to save the company, but I don’t understand why James and I have to be there. Couldn’t you two just go out to Nobu or Oceano or one of those other fancy restaurants like you always do when you close a deal? I really don’t think there’s any need for me to be there. Besides, I had plans with Steve tonight.”

You had met Steve Rogers when he was interning for your father, and he had quickly become your best friend. At first, you had thought was intimidating. After all, he was a very large and muscular man, but within mere minutes of getting to know him, you discovered that he was more like the human equivalent of a golden retriever. He was friendly and outgoing with a heart of gold, always quick to laughter and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. In fact, he had practically saved you when you had forgotten about a meeting with an important client. He had stepped in, taking the blame even though it was completely your fault. That was just the way Steve was.

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Surface Tension - Jughead Jones x Reader Imagine

Warnings: Nothing

Request by @timelawds : Hey! I was wondering if you could do an imagine with the reader and Jughead? One as Archie’s younger sister, who is loud, tough, and sarcastic (still in the sophomore class) where she is friends with all of his friends except Jughead because there is a hatred between them, but in the end it’s all fluff and things? Thank you so much!

Here you are. I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it’s so long.

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Requested by the ever lovely @daenerysromanoff !!

I was going to finish this tonight after work but it’s early because I skipped the afternoon of school because it’s just the Homecoming parade and pep rally and I have no interest in school spirit. So I went to a library with free wifi because…you know. What else was I going to do? 

Dany had never thought that a meeting would take quite so much preparation. Yes, it was probably the biggest meeting she’d ever been to, with an enemy that wanted her dead potentially more than she wanted the Iron Throne. But she’d handled everything else life threw at her and she couldn’t see how this would be much different. At least Cersei was alive. 

Tyrion seemed to think she was a loose cannon. He made them run through scenario after scenario, playing his sister every time-takings jabs at her and Jon that they couldn’t react to. He discussed the perimeter setup with both the Dothraki and the Unsullied, deciding how they should react if anything went wrong. 

Sometimes Dany felt like he trusted Jon more than he trusted her. Which was ridiculous because he’d known Jon for what, a couple of months at most? Whereas they’d crossed the Narrow Sea together. She’d been there to witness the one time he got so drunk that he passed out on his desk and she’d promised never to tell anyone. She could be trusted, especially where Cersei Lannister was concerned. She certainly didn’t have a problem with her temper. 

If Jon hadn’t gone north and gotten himself trapped, she wouldn’t have had to go after him. So really, it was his fault. 

“And then Drogon lands, you climb off, and he doesn’t burn anyone.” They were standing outside Dragonstone in what Dany thought was meant to simulate the Dragonpit. 

“Of course he won’t burn anyone.”

“If he burns someone, even the lowest footsoldier, we’re all going to die.” 

“He won’t burn anyone.” 

“Because if he does, even accidentally, even if it even looks like he possibly could-”

“We’ll all die. Thank you Lord Tyrion, but I did hear you the first three times.” 

Tyrion ignored her and went on. “And then we bring out the wight. We do not exchange pleasantries. We do not throw insults. We don’t say any of what we’re really thinking about-”

“Because if we do, we’ll die.” She was instantly rewarded when Jon made a sound like he was trying (and failing) not to laugh. 

Tyrion rolled his eyes. “The two of you can laugh at it all you want. I just don’t want us walking into a trap. I know my sister; neither of you do. She’s older and more cunning than you. She’s destroyed the lives of people with far more experience than you. She’s ruthless and she’ll be waiting for the smallest show of weakness to pounce. You can count on it.” They were quiet again, abashed. “Good. I think that’s enough for today. You’re obviously losing your focus. Lord Snow? If I could talk to you for a moment before you go, please?” 

Dany walked back inside, bracing herself against the draft that always tried to knock her over (and had nearly succeeded once or twice). She assumed they were going to talk over the logistics of the landing, yet another thing that she wouldn’t have to worry about. 

Yes, flying on dragonback did have its perks. 

And she was focusing, honestly. The flight North had been a wakeup call-they were running out of time. Yes, if anything it was Jon’s fault. Not hers. Jon, who always came into the throne room with his wet curls plastered to the side of his head when he’d just bathed. Jon, whose smile always made her want to laugh. Jon, who had come into her life unexpectedly and now she couldn’t imagine living without him. 

Missandei was waiting for her upstairs. They were deciding between hairstyles; they would choose one and then the next morning Missandei would sit her down in front of the mirror and say she’d had another idea and Dany always ending up loving it. They’d managed to narrow it down to three. 

Dany suspected her scribe wanted time to gossip. “Have you kissed him yet?”

“Of course not! He’s a foreign dignitary!” 

Missandei just raised her eyebrows and tied off another plait that snaked around the back of her head. “He’s a very comely foreign dignitary.” 

“That doesn’t matter. Plenty of men are comely. That doesn’t mean I want to marry all of him.”

“No. Only Jon Snow. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, Your Grace. He’s not very good at hiding how he feels. And neither, it would seem, are you.” 

“It’s not a practical time to fall in love.”

“It’s never a practical time to fall in love. People don’t try to. It always happens when it’s least wanted.” 

“Perhaps. But I’m not in love with him.” 

“You’re always looking at him out of the corner of your eye, when you don’t think he’s looking back. You always gravitate towards him when he’s in a room. You go for long walks on the beach and whenever you come back you’re always so quiet.” 

“Missandei, why aren’t you my Mistress of Whispers?”

Missandei laughed and Dany immediately felt gratified, even if the laugh was at her expense, because her friend was too often solemn and laughed far less than she should. “I see what I see, your Grace. Slaves are taught to observe-and sometimes we observe anyway, just to make the time pass by. I’ve seen people in love-and the two of you have the look of two people in love.” 

“We’re not in love.” Even so, she could feel heat bleeding up the back of her neck and hoped to whatever gods that existed that her hair covered it and Missandei couldn’t see it. 

“…So you haven’t thought about it? Even once?”

She rolled her eyes. “Of course I’ve thought about it. Who hasn’t?” 

“On this island? I think you’re the only one who has.” 

Yes, Dany loved her friend dearly-but when she was in her element she could be merciless with her jests. And perhaps most of them were more truth than jest than the Queen cared to admit. 

I am not in love with Jon Snow. It was her mantra. She recited it every morning when she woke up, when she dressed, when she bathed, when she passed him in the hallways and his elbow would accidentally brush hers. What happened on the boat had been just that-a one time occurrence, brought on by fear and grief, never to be mentioned again. I am not in love with Jon Snow. 

And yet sometimes it felt like the only thing that could balance everything out-the fear that the meeting in the Dragonpit would go wrong and everything (Viserion) would be in vain. She was always teetering between two extremes-the pleasure and the pain, the guilt and the longing. 

Tyrion was talking with Jon about how to make the wight’s entrance as dramatic as possible and she wasn’t looking at them. I’m not in love with him. How could she even know what love was? It was so out of her vocabulary; all the men she’d lain with she’d either had no choice in the matter or she’d done it because she wanted to feel powerful. She’d never felt love for any of them, never the kind of love the singers wrote about. What made Jon any different?

He glanced over at her and shot her a quick smile. She couldn’t help smiling back. 

“And then we’ll wait,” Tyrion said, stepping back and turning to face their invisible dais where Cersei and the Lannister forces would theoretically sit. “We’ll see what she says.”

“And if she says no?”

Tyrion’s brow furrowed and he sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and hope that no matter how insane she is she sees the peril of our situation.” 

That didn’t do anything to settle her nerves but she nodded anyway-and was spared from further stress by Missandei walking up to her, hand pressed against her forehead to keep out the wind and sun. “Your Grace!” She had to shout to be heard above the roar of the wind; it was coming down the cliff in gales. “A raven just arrived for you from King’s Landing!” 

“Again?” It had to be from Cersei. It was always Cersei, wanting to check on this or that or change the number of troops. But she went back to the castle, followed by Jon. Tyrion stayed, watching Drogon and Rhaegal tussle in the distance, his expression unreadable. 

She could barely open the door since the wind was trying so hard to pull it shut. It put her off balance and before she could brace herself the draft hit. She lost her footing and felt herself slip-

-only to feel a pair of arms around her almost instantly, holding her up. “Are you all right, your Grace?” Jon asked, setting her down safely and closing the double doors easily. 

And this, once again, was the last thing she needed. “Yes, Lord Snow. I’m…fine. Thank you.” She pulled herself up stiffly and walked away. She wasn’t going to show him how much he rattled her. 

She resolved never to open the doors from now on, whenever possible. Or she would use the lower door, the one that had once been for servants, because she didn’t care one way or the other. 

A couple nights later she went for a ride on Drogon. They left for King’s Landing the next morning and the tension was palpable. She had to get away, even if only for less than an hour. 

The night was clear and cold and there was something comforting about the way Drogon roared, the way he flew, the way she’d learned to anticipate his turns and his dives. On his back she felt safe and free; all of her cares seemed very far away. We don’t have to come back. We can fly away, beyond Essos, beyond the Sunset Sea, beyond the known world. 

She might have been tempted, had she not been so attached to what she’d be leaving behind. 

She noticed a figure detach itself from the darkness on the beach far below her. For a moment she tensed-until she recognized the fur cloak. With just a touch of her knees she urged Drogon downwards; he reacted instantly, letting out a little hum of delight. All of the dragons loved tricks-great twists and leaps and dives that defied reason and expectation. 

Drogon almost plunged into the water and she had to work to stifle a shriek as the hem of her dress got wet-but almost instantly he’d taken off again, spattering water on the shoreline, and soared over to Jon. 

He unceremoniously dumped a mouthful of ocean water all over the King in the North’s dark curls. 

For a moment neither of them could move. Dany was aghast, the Valyrian sharp when she told him to dismount. It was a cold night; doubtless the water was colder. He looked like a half drowned puppy, hair plastered to his back as he glanced up at her in confusion. Water trailed from his eyelids. 

She was already moving when she hit the ground, rummaging for anything to help him dry off with-but just as she’d opened her mouth to apologize he started to laugh. 

The sound was strange and unexpected and it took her aback. She hadn’t realized until recently how odd it was to hear him laugh-like sunshine in a storm, a light in the darkness. And he wasn’t just chuckling now, the way he did sometimes-he was full on laughing, laughing so hard it must have hurt him. 

It didn’t take long for her to start laughing too. It felt strange to laugh like that; she couldn’t remember the last time she’d ever had occasion to laugh, unencumbered and free, but she loved it. She laughed so hard she cried and then she laughed some more and she didn’t really know why they were laughing-but it was good to be laughing instead of crying. 

Drogon muttered under his breath in disgust and flew away, making waves rise in the sea behind him. They broke around their feet and Dany felt her boots get completely soaked. 

Finally they puttered out and were silent for a moment, looking at each other. It was if they’d awoken from a dream and remembered who they were-adults, not children; monarchs, not peasants. 

“I’m sorry about him,” she said, taking a step backwards. Her boot came out from the sand with an odd sucking sound and she knew Missandei wouldn’t be happy if she’d actually ruined it. “He can be unpredictable.”

“He’s a dragon. I would expect that.” His eyes were sparkling, like he was moments away from laughing again. “I’m used to cold water, your Grace.” 

There was a pause, like something should be said. Maybe she should wish him luck for the coming meeting, or confess to him that she was more frightened of Cersei than she cared to admit. Maybe if they were different people.

Instead the moment came and went, stretched and broke, and she found herself saying “I should be getting inside soon.” 

He nodded. “Good night, your Grace.”

“Good night.” 

It took all the self control she had not to run back to the castle. 

But she lay awake long into the night thinking about that laugh. He laughed like someone who’d never been broken, who’d never seen death or betrayal or any kind of hurt. And he’d made her laugh like that too. 

She knew with an almost sick certainty that instead of finding reasons to push him away like she should have been, she was only finding reasons to convince herself that he should stay. 

#i love these two idiots

Kitten (Dan x reader)

Originally posted by teenagephantxsy

Pairing: Dan x reader

Genre: romance, fluff, smut in general

TW: swearing, dirty talk, light bondage, spanking, master/pet roleplay

Word count: 1,941 (I tried not to make it too long)

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! So sorry I took over a month to post my first imagine fic. I’ve been trying to ease my way into a comfortable routine in a new college semester after all the stress from last semester. I promise, I’ll get back to those requests I put off from doing for the last handful of months.

Btw how do you like the new formatting? I prefer it this way and to use GIF’s over my photo collages for your visual instead.

Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you guys the good news, but I keep forgetting. RL DAN AND I ARE BACK TOGETHER. We’ve been spending the last few weeks together and rebuilding our relationship after the goddamn disaster of emotions during winter break. We’re very happy now. We moved past his wrong choice and he’s doing so much to make up for it. Long story short, “she” lied about the whole lockdown thing and now she’s apparently dating one of RL Dan’s “friends” (I say it like that because RL Dan hasn’t forgiven this friend for something else that’s an entire different story). What a complicated world we live in. 😅

This imagine has been in my head for the last several days. I knew I wanted to post something for St. Cupid’s Day, and what better idea than to return with some smut? I still got my requests to take care of and this is my way to transition back into that kind of writing. Also, RL Dan and I have been getting a bit frisky too lately, so this is also a bit of a cultivation of my, ahem, raging kinky thoughts. Anyway, I hope ya’ll enjoy. I blame RL Dan for putting me back into this mindset lol.

Standing in the bathroom of your boyfriend’s flat, you take a calculating look on the mirror. You bite your lip anxiously. Dan has no clue you’re doing this for him. On the most loveliest day of the year, you decided to do more than hearts and flowers as your gift for him.

Breathe, (Y/N). You’re doing this for Dan. You want this. You know he wants this.

You giggle softly. This is Dan. You know he’s going to ravage you as soon as you walk out this door, into the lounge, and he lays your eyes on you. You can practically imagine him undressing you with his eyes. Those warm mocha-shaded orbs that’ll darken with lust during your “nights of passion.” 

“Babe?” you hear Dan call out from the other side of the door. “What’s taking you so long? I got (your favorite romantic movie) set up.” 

“C-coming.” Which you’ll probably be doing multiple times tonight.

You nod at the mirror. It’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve dated Dan for nearly a year. His friends and family adore you. Your friends and family approve of him. You two are hopelessly in love with each other. You two have slowly pushed through boundaries of your physical relationship. Tonight, you’re taking the initiative to push it just a little further. 

You unlock the door, swinging it open and heading back to the lounge. Dan is on his usual spot on the sofa, dressed in a casual pair of black pajama bottoms and his green camouflage jumper. He looks up when he hears your enter, and his audible gasp has you internally dancing in joy. 

“Fuck,” he mumbles. “(Y/N), what’s the meaning of this?” 

“Surprise,” you say softly. 

His eyes roam over the length of your body. Thanks to (B/F/N), she helped you put together your outfit for the evening. (F/C) lacy boyshorts. Black lacy camisole. No footwear, because as tempting as it was to complete your attire with a pair of red heels, you found something better to do the job. 

“You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” 

You smirk. “Meow.” 

A pair of black cat ears with blue, purple, and black roses shipped from Hot Topic’s online store is perched on top of your head. All the R-rated fanfiction you’ve read over the years led you to click the purchase button while you did your internet shopping. Not only did the accessory match the clothes, but you knew the colors would trigger Dan’s inner dominant side. 

It’s there. All he needs is a little push. 

He groans. In a matter of seconds, he’s off the sofa and has his arms around your waist. He cups your face in his large hands, gazing down at you with a soft but carnal expression. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.” 

He grins. “Oh, it’s a happy one indeed.” 

Leaning down, he presses his lips to yours. You snake your arms around his neck, burying your fingers in his hair. You push yourself closer to him until the lower half of your body touches his. You can feel his hardness through his pajamas. 

A soft groan escapes your lips. You can’t wait any longer. 

“Bedroom?” you mumble. 

He nods wordlessly. You grab his hand, and together you two walk to his room. There’s a palpable tension in the air. Nerves fill your lungs as you think about the rest of the night. Judging by the firm but reassuring grip Dan has on your hand, he’s most likely going to give in to his inner beast. You enjoy whenever that side of him slips during sex, though a part of you remains having doubts. 

Will you live up to his standards? 

Will you be able to comply if he converts into full-on dominance? 

“(Y/N),” Dan speaks once the two of you are in his room and he closes the door. “Are you sure you’re comfortable with this?” 

You nod. It’s one of the few things you’ve ever been one hundred percent ready for. 

“You can have me any way you want me,” you say. “I’m all yours tonight.” 

He looks at you coyly. “Really?” 


A corner of his lips tilts upward. “Is my kitten ready for me?” 

You flush. Kitten… sounds fitting.

“Yes… master.” You reach into the lone back pocket of your boyshorts and pull out a (F/C) scarf. “Kitten has something for you.” 

He stares at the scarf thoughtfully. “What does kitten want me to do with it?” 

You step toward him, giving him the scarf. “Master wants kitten… to be tied.” 

“Do you now. Then hands behind your back.” 

You do as he says. You wait a few seconds as Dan loops the scarf around your wrists, then secures it with a double knot. You move your wrists slightly. It’s tight enough so it won’t fall off, yet still slightly loose so you can move your hands around. 

“On the bed.”

Once again, you obey his command, flopping down onto the mattress. 

“Kneel.” You move onto your knees so your ass faces him. 

“Mmmm…” You close your eyes as you feel his palm caress one of your ass cheeks. “So… delectable.” 

You giggle. His choice of words for your butt amuses you. 

That giggle instantly turns into a yelp when his palm slaps against your satin-covered buttocks. 

“What’s so funny, kitten?” 

You bite your lip. “N-nothing master.” 

“That’s what I thought.” His fingers slip through the boyshorts, sliding it down your legs. His breath hitches once your underwear hits the floor. Bingo

You’re startled when he flips you so your back is on the bedsheets. You gaze at him with hooded eyes. “What will you do now, master?” 

“What does kitten want?“  

Your body warms. Is he really asking me to say it? “You know what I want.” 

“Then say it.” 

“Y-your hands master.” 

“Mmmm-hmmm.” His fingers brush along your bare thighs. “And where does kitten want my hands.” 


“Fuck…” His hands move to the straps of your camisole, dragging it down your body and throwing it to the floor to join your discarded underwear. He blinks when he notices that you aren’t wearing a bra. 

It was (B/F/N)’s suggestion. She thought it would be “easy access” for Dan. 

His lips ghost over your collarbone and down your chest until it hovers over your breasts. You let out a breathy moan when his tongue licks over one of your mounds. You arch your back, silently begging him to do more with his mouth. For a brief second, you wish your hands aren’t tied; by now, you would’ve taken care of matters yourself. 

As if he can read your thoughts, his mouth fully engulfs your breasts while his thumb fiddles with your neglected one. Your thoughts temporarily shuts down, your mind only focused on the sensation of his lips. You whimper when his teeth lightly scrapes at your nipple. The slight pain is making you more of a mess. 


His mouth and hand ceases their movement. He lifts his head to look at you. 

“Who’s Dan?” he asks with narrowed eyes. “I don’t know of any Dan.” 

Shit, he’s really into this. “S-sorry master.” 

“Tsk, tsk.” He inches his body away from you. “I’m disappointed in you, kitten.” 

“It was a mistake, sir.” 

“It is… but a mistake has its consequences.” 

You gulp. What’s Dan going to do to you?

You brace yourself for the likelihood of another spanking, so you’re surprised when his hands trails down the length of your body and makes their way to your now moist pussy. You exhale harshly when two of his fingers suddenly thrust into you. Your reaction results in a grin slowly appearing on his face. 

“You like that kitten?” 

You nod, unable to elicit any words. His thumb joins in on the action, rubbing moderately-fast circles on your clit. You spread your legs wider. You buck your hips to meet his fingers – whatever punishment he has planned, at least you’ll receive an orgasm out of it. 

Except you don’t. 

You whine when Dan withdraws his fingers. He smirks at your annoyed expression, playfully raising an eyebrow. “What’s wrong, kitten?”

Damn you. I’m not letting you have the upper hand.

You resist your whine. “Nothing master.” 


“Yes master.” 

You bite your lip. “Sir, why do you still have your clothes on?” 

“Hmmm… seems like kitten thinks she’s running the show.” 

You blush. “It was just a question, sir.” 

 He chuckles, patting your head. “Don’t worry, kitten. Do you want them off?” 

“Yes master. I’d like that very much.” you reply enthusiastically. 

“Anything for my kitten.” 

With your pussy still longing for a release, you watch as Dan removes his clothes. You sigh in content when he lifts his jumper and throws it off, exposing his toned bare chest. Your lick your lips when he pushes his pajamas and boxers down his legs. And this… this is all mine. 

Once Dan’s closed are all gone, he joins you back on the bed. He hovers over your body, peppering kisses on several areas of your skin until he reaches your face. Your lips meet, and you pour your sexual frustration into the kiss. You suck on his upper lip, even biting it a couple of times. He practically shoves his tongue through your mouth until it’s as if you can feel every inch of it. You absolutely love it. 

“Please master,” you beg when your mouths disconnect.  

“Please what?” 

“Please… fuck me.” 

He smiles. “As you wish, kitten.” 

You moan in relief when he finally enters you. Hips flushed against his, you’re even more relieved when he reaches behind you and unties the scarf, throwing it to the floor to join your discarded clothes. His mouth nips at the column of your neck. With your now free hands, you grip onto his shoulder blades. 

“Yes…” you hiss. “So good.” 

He forgoes his usual gradual pace, instead going for an immediate quick pace. Pounding into you relentlessly, your moans reaches a higher pitch that could rival any belting singer. You don’t care how loud you’re being. Phil’s not around and your neighbors should understand it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s not every day you get a dominant, oh-so-sexy boyfriend. 

“I love you,” you groan, not caring that you’re breaking character. He inches away from your neck to look at you. 

His own mask falters, brown eyes filled with adoration. “I love you too. Now come for me, (Y/N). Come on master’s cock.” 

You yell his name in ecstasy, your inner walls fluttering around him. Your arms hold him tighter against you. You swear you see fireworks over your eyelids, because all you can see is a spontaneous explosion of bright colors. Your body shakes, and as Dan reaches his peak too, you bite his neck to contain any more screams. As loud as you are, you don’t want his neighbors to think you’re being murdered. 

“Ah…” you breathe out when Dan pulls out of you. Your hair is tangled and your cat ears are haphazardly close to falling off. 

“We should’ve done that sooner,” he muses. 

“Ya think?” 

He laughs, moving so he lays on his back. “That wasn’t too much for you?”

“Nope.” You lay your head on his chest. “It was perfect.” 

“That’s all that matters, love.” 

The two of you lay in comfortable silence for several seconds before you angle your head up. 

“Again?” you ask. 

“Already?” he says in amusement. 

“It’s not even midnight. We got time.” 

He smiles at you mischievously. “Well then.” You squeal when he tackles you so your back returns to lying on the mattress. “There’s more where that came from, kitten.”

I actually do have those cat ears. There were a few different choice colors when I went to Hot Topic to purchase them. I ultimately chose the one I wrote in the fic since the colors suit me and purple & black are RL Dan’s favorite colors. The blue is a bonus. It’s so adorable and RL Dan gets all mushy whenever I wear them.

Idk why I didn’t write this sooner. I had so much fun working on this. 😍 To save this as my comeback for 2017… I’m glad I waited.

anonymous asked:

144, 143, 134 :) sorry if you've done these already!

i don’t know if you wanted all three of these in one but that’s what i did, so, i hope that’s okay?

134. “Are you scared…Then why won’t you look at the screen?”
143. “Ew, your hand is sweaty.”
144. “Get out of my face before I hit you.”


"Ew, your hand is sweaty.”

You pull your hand out of Harry’s, annoyed, “Fine, then don’t hold it, no one asked you to hold my hand.” This was the first appointment Harry had been able to come to due to his busy schedule. Your mother had tagged along on the first few.

He frowns and grabs your hand again, “I’m still going to hold it, you grouch.” You ignore him, staring at the clock. “No matter how hard you stare at it it’s not going to change any faster.”

“I don’t want it to move faster, I want it to stop.”

“What are you so nervous about, love?” You turn away from him, ignoring him again. “The only way you’re going to get rid of me is if you walk away.”

His voice is right in your ear and as you turn your head his face is mere centimeters from your own, “Get out of my face before I hit you.” You say through gritted teeth and he sighs, pulling away from you.

“You know, I’m starting to regret knocking you up, you’ve been so mean since we found out.”

He wasn’t wrong and a little bit of you felt guilty for it, but Harry knew you and he knew this was just a defense mechanism. You were scared. Miscarriages ran in your family and every time you came to a doctor’s appointment you were a nervous wreck. Today was the day you were supposed to hear a heartbeat and you were sure there wouldn’t be one.

Not only would it break you, but you knew beyond a doubt it would destroy Harry. It was why you had put off trying for a baby for so long, why you refused Harry every time he asked.

Until now.

Harry knew enough to know you were scared, to know there was a reason why you had put this off for so long, but you never told him why. You knew he’d still want to try and there was no reason for you both to be terrified.

A nurse comes out and calls your name and you think you might be sick as Harry helps you up and walks with you down the hallway.

“Love, are you sure you’re alright? You’re awful pale.”

He attracts the attention of the nurse who frowns at the lack of color on your skin. “Fine.” You force a smile which convinces the nurse, but only further confuses Harry who you had just been bickering with a few moments ago.

The nurse settles you in and records your vitals, noting your high blood pressure and assuring you it was normal to be nervous.

Once she leaves, Harry tries to talk to you again, “Baby, please tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I can’t tell you now. If everything goes well today I’ll tell you after this ultrasound, I promise.”

He frowns, “Sweetheart, why wouldn’t it go well?”

You’re spared answering when the doctor comes in and begins talking and asking questions. You realize too late that she has your medical history and sure enough the question falls out of her mouth, tensing every muscle in your body, “I see miscarriages run in the family on the mom’s side, is that correct?” She directs the question at you, oblivious to the shock written all across Harry’s face as you nod. “Okay, well so far so good it looks like from your last few appointments so let’s find a heartbeat today, okay?” She smiles enthusiastically as you nod. “I’ll be right back, I just need to grab a couple things.”

The door closes behind her and the tension in the room is a palpable thing that threatens to suffocate the both of you.

“I was going to tell you–”



He’s more exasperated than you’ve ever seen him, “You shouldn’t have had to go through this alone. Why didn’t you trust me with this?”

“It wasn’t a matter of trust, I didn’t want you to be terrified like I was. You were so happy I didn’t want to take it away.”

He leans closer to you, “You don’t do that anymore, you understand? You don’t decide what information I can handle and what I can’t. You tell me everything. We’re in this together, remember? We’re a team.”

Maybe it’s the hormones, but you blink away tears as you nod and he has time to press a firm kiss to your mouth before the doctor comes back in.

“Alright, let’s get a good look at that little one.” She says as she begins to prepare you for the ultrasound. You stare at the ceiling and you can feel yourself dissociating as she runs the scanner over your belly and Harry squeezes your hand.

“Are you scared?” Harry’s voice breaks through the quiet solitude in your mind.


“Then why won’t you look at the screen?”

You sigh and turn your head to watch the screen, the silent mantra “Please be okay” repeating over and over in your head the way it had been from the minute the pregnancy test came back positive.

“Oh! There they are!” The doctor says and you and Harry both suck in a breath as the outline of an infant comes on the screen.

“They have your nose.” Harry sniffles and you know he’s crying.

“Shut up.” You say through a sob and he starts laughing, easing your nerves the tiniest bit.

“Alright, let’s find that heartbeat.”

Your hand involuntarily squeezes tighter to Harry’s and he squeezes back, letting you know he’s here. No matter what happens, he’s here.

There’s almost a full minute of silence where you can hear a pin drop and right when you’re about to give up hope, the sound of a heartbeat echoes through the room.

“There it is, perfectly healthy.”

And before you know it you’re sobbing uncontrollably, Harry’s holding you, every anxiety you’d had for weeks finally releasing in a wave, a tsunami.

“They’re okay,” Harry squeezes you, kissing all over your face and wiping tears away, not caring the doctor was still in the room, “You hear that, love? We made a baby and they’re okay.”

You finally calm down enough to properly let yourself hear the heartbeat and you close your eyes to the sound, laughter bubbling up inside you. You could listen to this heartbeat forever, you think, and as you look over at Harry you know he feels the same way.

Kacchako 05: “I took a pregnancy test”

Genre: Drabble/Fluff/Family

Pairing: Bakugou x Uraraka

Rating: [T for language]

Word Count: 1532 words

Drabble Prompt: #16: “I took a pregnancy test”

Author’s Notes: For the anon who requested prompts 19, 16, 18, 13, 10, 8, 4, 3, and 2 for kacchako. I’m so sorry I’m so slow! But I guess…6 more to go? Also another anon requested #16 so this is for both of you!

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The Broken Musketeers X

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1206

Pairing: BuckyxReaderxSteve

Summary: After the fight at Tony’s party, you and Bucky go straight to Clint’s. It’s a struggle to get Bucky past the archer and into his apartment, but when you say those three important words, everything changes.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 11

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Intertwined-Chapter 3

I Honestly don’t know what the hell this is. But i went there. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Depression, Violence, Smut, Mutant Reader (ALWAYS) powers include immortality, healing and telekinesis. Currently can’t think of anything else. NSFW MINORS AVERT YOUR EYES

Summary: 5 years after the events of CACW, you are the live-in therapist for the newly reconciled Avengers, Steve’s Fiancé. The first words your soulmate speaks appears on your body, but only after your first conversation has taken place, making it impossible to know who your soulmate is, what will happen when Steve brings Bucky too live at the compound?  

Originally posted by aestheticimagines

Bucky’s Pov:

He runs his hands up your waist cupping your breast as he makes his ascent, Flicking your hardened nipple as you grind your hips down on his “that’s it baby girl, Just like that” Grabbing your hips he rolls his harder into yours,  listening to you moan “Please” you beg he takes the hardened nub into his mouth as you gasp arching yourself into his touch “Bucky” you whine, He chuckles darkly “Patience doll” he whispers, rubbing small circles onto your clit “I wanna fuckin ruin ya Baby” he kisses you fiercely as you moan lewdly, your thighs are clenching, hips circling his in short sharp digs “ya gonna come doll?” “Bucky please!” Is all you manage to get out, your eyes are cloudy, lip caught between your teeth trying to stifle the moans “ na ah Prinstessa I wanna hear ya” he says as he rips off your panties, Flipping you onto your back, he bites the inside of your thighs, marking a trail up to your throbbing sex, he licks a long, languid stripe from your opening up to your clit sucking the throbbing bundle of nerves into his mouth, moaning as your hands find their way into his hair tugging sharply “ oh god James” you cry as one finger finds its way inside you, rubbing rhythmically against your g-spot “Yes! James! Right there!” you scream, voice cracking, His hips are gyrating against the bed desperately trying to relieve his own need, fuck he needs you right fucking now or he’s going to blow his load all over the fucking sheets, he removes his finger from your opening, kissing his way up your stomach, he feels you reach for his cock, swirling the pre-cum that has gathered around his tip down his length, he lets out a sinful growl as he swats your hand away “Nah baby, this is about ya” he murmurs “ lay on your stomach darling” you comply almost immediately, scrambling to obey as quickly as you can, he lets out an affectionate chuckle as he lines himself and enters you in one swift move, giving you no time to adjust he pulls you back by the hair. You’re a gasping moaning mess beneath him, you fit him so well, like a piece he didn’t know was missing, he kisses up your neck, sucking you earlobe into his mouth, “so good Prinstessa” he says, ramming his length into you, the force of his thrusts moving you up the bed “so Beautiful” he groans as he feels your walls flutter around him “James! James im gonna Co-“

He sits bolt upright in bed, sweat pouring off him, he stares down at his crotch, he’s hard as rock and you aren’t anywhere in sight Just a dream he thinks But what a dream he can still feel your fingers on his skin, tracing patterns into the scar tissue on his shoulder, he shivers at the thought, he’s a twitching hormonal mess and your constant presence in his day to day life isn’t helping. You’ve taken to spending most of your free time with him, and its driving him absolutely insane having you so close but not being able to touch you, hold you, feel you. It’s not just his body revolting, His heart is wholly yours, imagining lazy Sundays in bed, Date nights, a family. The thought of Betraying Steve sends a wave of revulsion through him Get a grip Barnes he chastises himself, He can never cross that line, and he has to be satisfied with the tentative friendship you’ve developed. His Heart breaks as he reaches for his neglected dick, This is as close as he’s ever going to get to you.

 Your POV

Your standing in the shower, head against the wall, the scolding hot water releasing the tension in your shoulders, your (H/C) plastered to your face, your mind a mess with thoughts of Bucky, you’ve been distancing yourself from Steve as you spend more and more time with Bucky, you can feel the distance between you like a palpable thing, bridging farther and farther the longer you skirt around the obvious elephant in the room, Steve refuses to talk about it, changing the subject as soon as you try and start a tentative conversation, The sex has dwindled down to nothing, tender moments non- existent,  you’re like two parallel lines, always adjacent to each other but never touching, he leaves you feeling frozen, cut off from the once affectionate, loving relationship you had, the intimacy you once shared destroyed completely, no semblance of companionship left, you stuff a clenched fist into your mouth willing the tears to stay where they are, you’re touched starved and broken, trying to latch onto any normalcy you still have, the pain blooms in your chest threatening to overwhelm the fragile balance you’re trying to create in your mind.

Choking back emotion, you try to keep on hoping for a way, a reason for both of you to come in close, you long for Bucky to hold you like Steve used too. Sliding down the wall, you cradle your knees to your chest laying your head on your knees you try to pin point the exact moment where things went completely sideways and you replaced the man you love with another, you don’t know how it went this far, You and Bucky had done nothing wrong, but you wanted him, you needed him, every moment you spend away from him feels like your dying. The shame you feel claws its way up your throat chocking you with the weight of it, it shouldn’t have to be this hard, you’re supposed to be planning a wedding, to the love of your life, and here you are, sitting naked in the shower, hoping against hope that Steve calls it off.

A new emotion makes itself known, your angry, no you’re livid.

And Steve And Bucky are going to find our just how angry you really are. 

Steve’s POV:

He’s avoiding it, Avoiding you and he knows it, he can’t bear to see the looks you and his best friend share when no one is looking, he doesn’t want to address it, he deflects when you try and bring it up, he can’t touch you because he knows it’s not him you’re thinking about when he does, and he can see the hurt he is causing you, he knows he should let you go, but he can’t get the words out, he can’t  muster up the will to tell you, he’s breaking inside, heart shattering with every look you give him, every night you climb into the same bed as far away from each other as you possibly can be, the weight of your silence a suffocating layer of guilt and loneliness he can’t seem to get out from, he aches to reach out and tell you he’s here, that you’re not alone, but the words catch in his throat and he keeps pushing you further into Bucky’s arms and he can’t figure out why he isn’t doing more to salvage what’s left of his failing relationship, he knows it’s not your fault, that you didn’t ask for any of this, that it was an accident of fate, he’s never felt so lonely, you’ve been a constant in his life, his anchor to reality, he gets up making his way to your shared bedroom, he’s going too hash this out with you, he’s going to fix it, make it right, apologize for blaming you for the colossal fuck up that’s currently your lives, he’s going to fight for what’s left of you, he doesn’t care that he won’t have all your love, he’ll be content with anything you give him. Opening the door to the bedroom, he sees you fresh from the shower, eyes puffy and swollen from what he assumes is crying, he gulps down the lump in his throat “Hey Doll” he says tentatively, “Hi Cap” you reply voice emotionless. He sighs, it’s worse than he thought.

“Baby doll, I think ya an I need ta talk” he tries.

“Yeah Cap, I think that’s a stellar fucking idea” you spit angrily

He was not expecting that.  


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To Rediscover

|To Fall| |To Be Afraid| |To Find| |To Be In| |To Yearn|

Member: Namjoon 

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 2.6k 

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it.

A/N: writing for Namjoon always gives me these feels that I never knew I had. Enjoy Xx 

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“Namjoon-sshi, what is love to you?” The camera pans from the interviewer back onto Namjooon.

Love. What a foreign concept.

“Love you say?” He pauses for a moment. “That’s a very good question. It’s funny because with all my years of training and finally becoming the artist that I can be proud of, not once have I thought that I would stumble across this question.” Staring blankly at the screen, you notice how puzzled he looks.

The subtle crease between his eyebrows, the small scratches to his chin, and switching position of his crossed legs. All very mediocre actions, yet very distinct to Namjoon himself. Actions that seem almost second nature to you.

Love. In your eyes, love is something unreachable. Something so close, yet it seems to fade away the moment your hand is able to feel it’s ghostly presence.

“I think love is like rainstorm. Some may find the rain beautiful and peaceful while others find it a nuisance, yet in the end, a rainstorm can bring upon beautiful sights. A rainbow, the fresh smell of the damp earth, the chirp of birds, and strips of the sun teasing the sky. Love is exactly like that. It’s a rough journey, but in the end, we know it’s worth the wait.”

Then where were you all this time?

His words resonate in your mind. Love is like a rainstorm. Violent yet beautiful. Such words couldn’t have been phrased more beautifully, as expected of Kim Namjoon, yet they hold such a heavy weight. These words which he couldn’t stay true to years ago.

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2 years later Part 2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff and Bruce Banner. 

Word count: 3420 words

Warnings: some swearing, some fighting and angst as well I think

Tags: @itsjordanelizabeth13 @frexblitz @mrsjacksonteller @castellandiangelo @shamvictoria11 @fab-notfat @sturkillerbase 

Notes: I’m thinking about doing a 3rd part but it would be more like a epilogue I think. Just if you want me to ofc. I’m leaving you the choice since it was going to be a one part thing so it’s completely up to you! If you want the epilogue, those who are tagged in this one will also be tagged in it unless you don’t want ofc! And if you want to be tagged but you’re not just tell me :) xx

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The situation you were currently in made you start wondering if coming back was a good choice. Maybe you should’ve just stayed away and let everyone keep on going with their lives. Especially Steve. Seeing him around the facility was the most painful experience you had even gone through. If he snapped at you or you heard him talking or something would be better. But the way he ignored you was much worse than what you could handle. 

“Leaving again would be the worst you could do”, Tony told you.

Since you didn’t have any upcoming mission, you used to help Tony down in his lab since it was the only place Steve didn’t visit. So there you were, with one of Tony’s suits on so he could fix it properly. 

“Why? He obviously doesn’t want me here, Tony”, you sighed looking down at him while he fixed something on the leg of the suit. 

“He’s just…hurt”, he frowned before looking at you with a sigh. “He obviously didn’t expect you back. Give him some time to process it. It has only been two days”, he shrugged. 

“I know…” You sighed looking up. “I didn’t expect him to come and hug me and forgive me the second he saw me you know? I just thought he would at least listen to me”, you said.

“He already knows why you left”, he said. With a frown you looked down at him. How did he know? “I talked to him yesterday”, he shrugged standing up. “FRIDAY, open up”. You felt the suit opening up and you jumped out of it.

“What did he say?” You asked.

“Nothing, really. He looked surprised. Really surprised, actually, but said nothing”, Tony said.

“So he meant it when he said he wasn’t interested in…anything I had to say”, you mumbled.

“(Y/N)…” Tony whispered making you look up. “Give him time, please. He’ll come around”, he said.

“Ok…” You nodded after a while. 

You didn’t want to leave again so that was your only choice. Giving Steve the space he wanted to have and wait until he decided to talk to you. That day, after leaving Tony in his lab, you went up to your room praying you wouldn’t run into Steve on your way. But luck wasn’t on your side. The moment you stepped out of the elevator, Steve was getting out of the room. As soon as he saw you he stopped for a moment, looking at you intensely, but he started walking again. 

“Steve wait…” You said when he walked by your side. He didn’t turn to look at you but he at least stopped. “Tony told me he told you about…HYDRA”, you said fiddling with your fingers. 

“He did”, he said, no emotion in his voice. “So what?”

“I wouldn’t have left if I had another choice, Steve”, you said and bite your lip. 

“But you left (Y/N) and that’s all that matters. Without a note, nothing and now it’s too late to come back”, he said. You tried to say something else but he just kept on walking towards the elevator.

“I still love you, Steve. You may not believe it anymore, and I understand but I do, I will always do”, you said.

You didn’t know if he heard you but you had to say it. Once the doors of the elevators were closed you walked into your room, crying once again. You honestly didn’t know how many times you had already cried since you arrived. And somehow you knew there were still so many tears to come. 

That was also the first night since you arrived that you showed up at dinner. You used to have dinner when everyone was asleep even when that meant you had to go to sleep later, but at least you didn’t run into Steve. You were tired of it, though. It may hurt you, and he probably wouldn’t like it, but you were sick of hiding. You were going to live there, with him, so you just couldn’t spend the rest of your life hiding from him. 

“Hey there”, Clint said as soon as you walked in. “Are you having dinner with us?” When you nodded he smiled widely and took another plate for you. “How are you?” He asked as you started helping him to set up the table.

“Well…it’s been tough so far”, you said with a frown. “But you’re all being really helpful to be honest” you smiled at him.

All?” He said raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t want to talk about it”, you sighed shaking your head. 

“It’s ok”, Clint said making you smile a little. 

He always kept his distance but at the same time he was always there for everyone. You thanked him mentally while he started serving the dinner. Then he told FRIDAY to tell everyone dinner was served and it didn’t take them two minutes to show up. You were glad things like did never changed to be honest. 

“(Y/N)! Are you joining us?” Wanda said as she walked into the kitchen.

“I am”, you smiled at her but your smile disappeared the moment Steve walked in.

He literally stared at you before he took a seat and started a conversation with Bucky. Biting your lip and feeling your appetite go away, you took a seat as well, as far from him as the table allowed you and started talking to Wanda. 

“I’m controlling my power so much better now, you know?” She smiled. You were so proud of how she had evolved. It had come to a point when she was too scared to even use her powers but you were so happy she embraced them now. 

“You have to show me one day”, you smiled at her.

“Sure! I can make you fly, and it’s cooler than when Tony does it. No machines and shit like that”, she rolled her eyes. 

“What about me?” Tony said from his seat, looking at the two of you. “Already plotting?”

“Always” you winked at him.

“The security in my lab is at its 100% so don’t even consider trying to steal one of my suits”, he warned you since you had done it multiple times in the past. 

“I wasn’t thinking about it but thanks for the tip”, you said smiling widely. 

“Don’t even think about it!” He said making you laugh.

“I would protect your suits better Stark, otherwise she probably just took one of them and leave if she doesn’t like the situation.”

Everyone shut up when Steve talked and you felt your stomach twisting at his words. You felt all of their eyes on you and then on Steve, suddenly feeling your anger boiling up. Did he really have to do this in front of everyone?

“At least he would be willing to hear me out when I came back instead of closing up”, you said back. The tension was palpable in there but no one dared to say anything or move. It was something between you two. 

“And you would sure as hell come up with an explanation involving our protection right? When we didn’t even ask for it”, he said now looking at you.

“That wasn’t your call, Rogers”, you said.

“Oh it wasn’t? I think I have some saying when it comes to my own protection and I surely would have had something to say about you leaving”, he said. 

“It was fucking HYDRA we were talking about!” You exclaimed getting up from your seat. “And you, along with your friend, should know what it means better than anyone else!”

“But we didn’t know that! I didn’t know it! Who did? You and Fury? That was all for fuck’s sake!” He screamed getting up as well. “You left! You left all of us! You left me! And you still have the nerves to come back and say you love me!?” 

“I never said it was the best move!” You screamed trying your best not to throw something at him. “But it was the best thing I could even think of!”

“But it wasn’t all about you, (Y/N)! Not even about the team!” He said and then looked down, taking some deep breaths to calm himself down. “It was us, our future, our life together. Just two days before you left, we talked about moving in together, about children, and then you just left”, he said looking at you again. 

“And thanks to me leaving I gave you the opportunity to have that with someone else in case I didn’t survive”, you said tearing up once again.

“Don’t you see it? I didn’t want that with anyone else. It was you. Just you. There’s no one else in this world I want a family with”, he said with his hands on his hips. “But now I guess it’s too late”, he added.

You two looked at each other, both of you with tears in your eyes threatening to escape and there was nothing you could do to stop them. When the first tear fell off his eyes, he walked out of the kitchen. It took you just one minute to do the same, walking out of the facility, looking for some fresh air that would help you take some air and breathe normally. 

All the hope you ever had about Steve and you was now disappearing. You had hurt him way too much and you knew it. He wasn’t going to forgive you. Ever. You just didn’t know if he loved you anymore. Probably he didn’t and you had just been a fool for saying you did love him. 

Out of the facility was cold, especially if all you were wearing was some shorts and a t-shirt. But you couldn’t care less. Actually, you didn’t even feel the cold, you were too focused on what you had lost and how much it hurt. Was leaving such a bad idea? Even when you were trying to protect what you love the most? Maybe it was or things wouldn’t be so broken now. 

“You should come inside”, a voice said behind your back. You turned to see Bucky at the door.

“No, thank you. I’m good”, you said wrapping your arms around your knees again. 

You heard him sighing heavily. Then his footsteps came closer and he finally sat down next to you silently. You looked at him for a moment. You never really got the chance to get to know Steve’s best friend since he was frozen when you left. Before that, you only knew what Steve told you so having him there, instead of next to Steve, was surprising. 

“You will get a cold”, he said. You shrugged silently. You didn’t care. “Why don’t you apologise?” He finally asked.

“I tried. He’s not interested”, you whispered. 

“He is”, he replied looking at you. With a frown you looked at him. “Stop trying to explain yourself and just say you’re sorry”, he said. “I can’t promise it will work but I know he needs it”, he added. 

“How do you know?” You asked frowning. “He told me something like ‘she didn’t even apologise’, I guess that’s a clue”, he shrugged with a small smile. “He loves you even when he doesn’t want to, and I want him to be happy”, he shrugged. 

“He said it was too late”, you mumbled looking away from him again.

“If you want to believe it…” He said with a shrug before getting up. “That’s how it is, (Y/N), he’s pissed as fuck, you’re not going to fix it with just an apology. That I can assure you. But it would be a start”, he said walking back to the building but he turned again before walking in. “And getting a pneumonia is not going to be helpful, either”, he said making you smile a little. 

Good for you, you didn’t get sick at all after being out in the cold for almost two hours. It was a relief and it also gave you time to think about what Bucky told you. If you had to apologise then you would it but how were you supposed to do it when he wouldn’t even stay in the same room as you for more than one minute?

It still took you two more days to have an idea. And it wasn’t even a good one, it could all go wrong. But it was the best thing you could think about. You teamed up with Tony and managed to make Steve believe that there was a mission upcoming and he needed to go to Ireland. Steve was going to go first in the quinjet, Tony would leave a bit later and then the whole team to have the element of surprise. Of course it was all untrue. There was no mission and there was no plan. Steve would get into the quinjet and you would hide in there with him. Once you two were far enough so he wouldn’t turn around, you could just let him know that he wasn’t alone. He wouldn’t jump off the quinjet just to avoid you, would he?

You didn’t know how Tony managed to convince Steve about this. You heard them talking about it and Steve didn’t like the idea since it sounded too risky. Well, obviously he was going to say it since it was the worst plan you ever came up with for a mission. But luckily he ended up giving in. The next day, Natasha and Bruce were loading the quinjet with the essentials while Steve went through the details of the plan with Tony once again. 

“Go. Now.” Bucky said next to you once he made sure Steve wasn’t looking. “Hide inside the big guns box. He won’t even look at it until you’re getting to Ireland”, he said.

“Thank you, Bucky”, you said with a small smile.

He winked at you and you ran to the quinjet. Once you were in it, Natasha helped you to get into the empty box while Bruce kept on reminding you that this was a horrible idea. And you totally agreed with him. Actually, the more you thought about it, the worst it looked like. But there was no time to stop it now. 

“Everything good in there?” You heard Steve from outside. Natasha pushed you down and covered the box quickly. It was full of holes so there was no problem with the oxygen. 

“Everything ready, Rogers”, you heard Natasha’s voice further now. 

“Good luck”, you heard Bruce before he walked away as well. 

Everything was silent for a moment, you could hear some mumbling out of the quinjet where Tony was probably telling Steve all about the plan once again, and then you heard someone walking into the quinjet. You saw Steve’s boots through the holes and suddenly you got nervous when he closed the gates. There was no coming back now. You were trapped. 

It was so hard not to fall while the quinjet was taking off but somehow you managed to do so. It was incredibly uncomfortable in there but you knew you had to wait a bit longer to actually get out. After what it felt like eternity, you heard Steve telling FRIDAY to set up the automatic mode. That was your cue so taking a deep breath you removed the top of the box and got up, relieved that you could finally stretch your legs. 

“What the fuck?”  You looked at Steve who was holding up his shield, ready to attack. You had supposed he would react like this but you were glad he just didn’t attack. “What are you doing here?”

“We have to talk”, you said getting out of the box. “Like…real talk. No fighting”, you added.

“I’m in the middle of a mission. I don’t think it’s the best time”, he said putting the shield down on the floor of the quinjet.

“Yeah…about the mission”, you mumbled and bite your lip. “It’s not…real. This was the best thing I could come up with to talk to you without you going away”, you explained. 

He stared at you like you were making no sense. Well…you weren’t sure you were actually making sense.

“You’re out of your mind. You’re fucking insane”, he said shaking his head.

“You always said you liked that about me…” You mumbled with a sigh. 

He looked at you for some moments before shaking his head and turning to go back to his seat. Probably he was to turn around so you were already running out of time.

“Steve, wait please”, you said moving a bit closer to him. “Just…hear me out. Just for once and if you don’t like what I saw and you still don’t want to forgive me and you want to forget me then ok, I will accept it but please…”

You looked at him, begging inside of you that he got up and looked at you. Or at least that he wouldn’t touch anything and keep the course of the quinjet. Probably it was your lucky day since he sighed and got up, looking at you.

“Talk”, he said serious.

“Ok.” You nodded and took a deep breath. “There’s something I still haven’t said about me leaving and I guess it’s the first thing I should’ve said. I don’t know why I didn’t say it though and it’s incredible that Bucky was the one talking to me about this.” You closed your eyes for a moment and then looked at him. “I’m sorry, Steve. I’m sorry for leaving you, for not even giving you the chance to help me, for…breaking your heart.” Actually, you felt a bit better after saying those words. Maybe he wouldn’t forgive you but at least you had really tried. “I swear to you that there wasn’t a single day when I didn’t think about you, when I didn’t plan on calling or texting but I was so scared. Scared of HYDRA finding you and torturing you to know where I was, scared of you hating me. I felt…” You shook your head looking down. “I was so scared I didn’t even think about how this would affect you. And I’m so sorry for it”, you finally said. 

All those words stayed there, floating in the air between you two. And you had nothing else to say. It was his choice now. You were giving the chance to decide now even when you didn’t do it two years ago. All you could expect was that somehow, for some strange reason, he loved you like you loved him. 

“You know…the day you left I thought everything was a joke. That you would never do such thing and just leaving a stupid note saying that you were sorry. I thought you would come back and eventually I accepted the fact that you had actually left me”, he said looking at you. “(Y/N) this two years have been a hell for me, a real one and… I don’t know if I will be able to forget about it”, he said. You guessed that was the best you could expect. “But… I guess I could…forgive you.” You looked up at him shocked. Was he being serious? “Eventually, maybe we can go back to ourselves. To be just Steve and (Y/N). But I can’t do it now. I love you, and I will always love you, but I still need some time to heal and afterwards…who knows?” He said. 

“I understand”, you whispered with a nod.

You two just remained silent. How could you even hope that he would just forgive you? You had hurt him way too much and everyone needed time after a heart-breaking. He maybe was Captain America but he had the heart of Steve Rogers, and that heart wouldn’t be fixed with an apology. He moved closer to you and kissed your forehead softly before going back to the pilot seat to go back home. 

None of you said a word during the flight back and when you landed, he was the first one getting out of it. Tony was there, waiting for you, and the moment he saw Steve walking to the elevator he looked at you.

“It didn’t work?” He asked looking at you concerned. 

You looked at Steve who looked at you while he waited for the elevator. He gave you a small smile before getting into it and pressing the button to close the door. With a sigh you looked at Tony.

“Maybe someday”, you replied. 

Secretary (Part 2)


Word Count: 2818

Jimin prepares to take sweet revenge on you. But you aren’t going down without a fight.

Part 1

You were the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment. How that had happened was a complete shock and miracle. It had been a year since you had last seen Jimin, desparately hard and horny, zipping his pants up in his office. Needless to say, there was tension between you two. Most of it being sexual. Which is why it came as such a surprise when the past CEO of Big Hit, who had announced his retirement during his meeting with Jimin, had chosen you to be his successor. His reasoning? Park Jimin had recommended you and his word was gold. When you first got the offer you had to make sure he wasn’t joking, wasn’t in on a vengeance prank with Jimin. But no, the offer was genuine. Jimin had given you glowing recommendations and deemed you much too qualified to be a secretary. He was obviously right, but a part of you was disappointed. Disappointed that he didn’t fight to bring you back to his company. Disappointed that he so easily handed you off to someone else. You couldn’t complain because your life had completely changed for the better, now that you were CEO. Your spite for Jimin had faded, replaced with gratefulness and also longing. You missed seeing him everyday, the fresh smell of his crisp button-down shirts you ironed for him, his warm office in which you had spent countless nights staying up to finish presentations, his beautifully soft hair, the way his plump lips would curve into an accustomed smirk, the lustful look in his eyes, the taste of his cock…You snapped out of your reverie before your thoughts turned too explicit as your secretary walked in with a letter and an ornate bouquet of roses.

“Looks like you have an admirer,” she said with a smile as she handed you the letter.

Your heart sped up as you saw the all too familiar letterhead of Park Jimin. You felt butterflies as you opened the envelope and chided yourself at how giddy you felt at the slight thought of him. You were supposed to forget all about him. But you couldn’t, no matter how hard you tried.


Long time no see. I think you owe me a visit. Come see me in my office tomorrow.


You traced your fingers over the neat handwriting, staring too long at the simple Jimin at the end. There were no details in that letter and the roses confused you even more. Shouldn’t he have been pissed after your last encounter together? What exactly was going to happen in his office? You felt a pit grow in your stomach as you recalled your last heated time in his office.

You owed it to him. He had improved your career infinitely. You were now his equal. The least you could do was thank him for his faith in you, but you swore to yourself you wouldn’t get distracted by his sexy eyes, toned arms, firm thighs…Fuck. It was going to be a war against your hormones.

You walked into his office and felt a wave of nostalgia. It had only been a year but you missed his office, your little desk was still vacant and you smiled at the thought that Jimin had never found anyone as good as you to be his secretary. As you approached the tall double doors you braced yourself, smoothing down your hair and taking a deep breath before opening them.

He stood facing the large glass windows, his back to you, yet you still felt his magnetic pull. The attraction you felt for him never went away and you stood in awe at the way his shoulders stretched his shirt, the way his pants hugged the curve of his ass, the way he turned around smoothly, an eyebrow raised to look you up and down.

“Congratulations, Y/N.”

You stood doe-eyed, ready to jump his bones already, for a few seconds before walking to sit down in the chair in front of his desk.

“Jimin, it’s so nice to see you again. I just wanted to say how thankful-“ you began reciting your rehearsed thank you speech before you felt Jimin walk behind you, hands gripped on the arms of your chair, and mouth hovering dangerously close to your ear.

“Let’s cut the crap now, Y/N. Why don’t you tell me what I really want to hear, hm? Do you have anything to say about your naughty behavior a year ago?” he said in a low voice as he bit your earlobe and ran his hands up and down your arms.

All the nerves in your body were on fire but you wouldn’t give in that easily. You were not going down without a fight. “Shouldn’t you be the one apologizing to me? You drove me to quit, asshole,” you retorted in a calm voice, trying to block out the way his fingers felt against your skin.

He chuckled darkly, “I don’t think you understood, Y/N,” he moved to where he was kneeling in front of you. The way he looked up at you with his fierce, dark gaze made you subconsciously bite your lip. He lifted your leg on his shoulder and laid kisses across its length, starting from your ankle. You felt exposed, but you liked it, to your disappointment. “What do you have to say to me?” he growled in between kisses. He looked up at you expectantly when he reached your inner thigh, so close to where you wanted him the most. You secretly hoped he couldn’t see the wetness pooling in your panties. You did not want to give him that satisfaction.

Abruptly closing your legs together, with his hand still between your thighs, you shot him back a determined look, “I have nothing to say to you.”

“Looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way, Y/N,” he said slowly before forcing your thighs open and running a finger up your slick, clothed slit. “Well, well, well, looks like someone’s awfully eager. Are you still thirsty for my cock, babe?”

Your cheeks blazed red from his words and you knew if you were left in this room any longer, you would not be able to control yourself. “You know what, I’m leaving. I should have known better than to come back here,” you said feistily before getting up to walk to out.

“Not so fast, Y/N. You aren’t getting off that easy,” he said before pulling you back by your wrist and slamming you into the glass windows, pressing his crotch against your ass. He ripped off your dress and you let out a yelp of protest.

“What the fuck Jimin! You just ripped my dress!” you yelled before trying to push yourself away from his touch. You couldn’t admit how insanely turned on you were by his aggressive actions. You felt manhandled, like putty in Jimin’s hand, and you hated yourself for loving it.

“Because I need to teach you a fucking lesson in respect. When I’m done you can leave in one of my shirts and let everyone know just how much of a slut you are. Or you can just stay in my office under my desk and keep my cock warm with those pretty little lips of yours like last time,” he said before slapping your ass. You gasped and arched into his touch. The pain faded as he grabbed your ass, rubbing circles into your flesh before placing striking your ass again. You keened into his body, craving more contact, before you were snapped back into reality by his humorless laugh.

“Still begging for my cock, huh? Looks like being a CEO hasn’t changed you. Still such a needy slut,” he whispered roughly into your ear before flipping you over. Fuck no. He wasn’t going to have the last laugh.

“Fuck you. You’re still an arrogant prick who listens to his cock instead of using common sense,” you spat back at him. You were so close, lips almost touching, and you could feel his hot breath on your face. The tension was palpable and it was clear neither of you were willing to give up control.

He grabbed your wrists above your head and held them with a firm one-handed grip. “Listen, you ungrateful bitch. I have been waiting for this moment for a whole fucking year. I am so ready to see you knocked off your damn high horse,” he snarled before attaching his mouth to the tender skin on your collarbone, creating a dark mark that claimed his revenge.

“Oh, I bet you have been waiting for this moment. I’m sure you’ve been jerking off every night imagining your cock down my throat. And the fact that you still haven’t found a replacement secretary? It proves just how much you need me,” you challenged, raising an eyebrow to meet his narrowing gaze.

The growl he emitted was animalistic and it set your core on fire. He knocked your thighs apart with his knee and shoved two fingers in your wet hole, pushing your panties to the side. Your mouth fell open at the sudden fullness you felt, and you were melting into his rough ministrations. You closed your eyes and pursed your lips, trying to hide your moans of pleasure as he drove his fingers into your wet heat.

“C’mon, open that smart mouth up baby. Let the whole office know you’re a fucking slut,” he grunted as he grabbed your jaw and forced you to meet his eyes, that characteristic smirk spreading across his face. He thought he was winning, but he was so wrong. You grabbed him closer to you by his belt, quickly undoing the buckle and unzipping his pants to release his hardening cock. Never breaking your eye contact, you pumped up and down his shaft, swirling your thumb around the head of his cock, until you saw his brows furrow, his hips instinctively bucking into your touch. That brief moment of vulnerability was replaced by a challenging smirk.

“Still so greedy for my cock? Damn, I didn’t think you had it this bad for me,” he said, his slight panting making his arousal evident.

You rolled your eyes at his accusation and stopped pumping his cock. Holding the base tightly between your thumb and forefinger. “Just fuck me already,” you muttered, too far gone to care about pride at this point.

“Thought you’d never ask,” he chuckled as he pulled your hair back, exposing your neck, and placed hot, open-mouthed kisses down your neck to the valley of your breasts. He closed his mouth around your nipple, rolling the other between his fingers, before thrusting his cock into your folds. You both let out a joint moan while looking into each other’s eyes. Your tight pussy clenched around his thick cock, making you see stars as he pounded into your sweet spot. You loved the way he took you so roughly. The way he claimed you as his.

“You like the way the whole city can see you like this? A CEO being fucked against a window, her dirty little cunt on display?” he whispered in short breaths against your ear as you fell into his embrace, growing weak from his unrelenting thrusts. His cocky words reminded you that Jimin, the man fucking you like a sex god, was the same man that had ignored you for all those years, had taken you for granted despite your loyalty to him.

In a fit of rage you shoved him down, pressing his face to your core. “Shut the fuck up Jimin,” you sighed. He caught on quickly and slipped your underwear off, placing a kiss on your swollen clit. He sent you bucking against his face, gripping his soft hair. His tongue painted figure eights across your clit before plunging into your dripping hole. His hand reached up to rub quick circles on your clit, sending pure electricity into your body. You were almost there and you could feel it. You moaned at his skilled tongue, pushing out questions of how he was so good with his tongue out of your head. Just as you felt your walls clenching around his tongue, you felt empty.

He had stopped and rose up to sit in his chair, carrying you and placing you on his desk in front of him. The cold glass of his desk in contact with your naked body sent shivers down your spine. He sat back in his chair, eyebrow raised and hands clasped together evilly, “Not such a good feeling is it, Y/N?” he asked, shamelessly dragging his eyes across your body, your wetness dripping down your thighs.

You mentally cursed yourself for not being prepared for this kind of shit. It was so typical of Jimin, you should have known he would do something like this. You could barely focus on anything else but the intense need to release the knots of tension and pleasure that had filled your stomach, the throbbing desire you felt in your core.

“Touch yourself.”

Your heart nearly leaped out of your chest at his words. The way he was staring expectantly at you would have made you do anything for him in that moment. Still in shock but desperately horny, you slowly snaked a hand between your folds and rubbed firm circles around your clit. Your pleading eyes met with his predatory gaze.

“Spread your legs wide baby, let me see,” he said in a husky voice. You noticed his hard cock pressing against his stomach, leaking with pre-cum, and the thought that he wanted you just as bad as you wanted him made your heart soar. You spread your legs wide, granting him a full view of your dripping folds. As you plunged a finger into your tight hole he let out a string of curses under his breath. You continued your movements, but they weren’t as satisfying as his cock. The way you touched yourself could never compare to the fire you felt when Jimin touched you. He sensed that your movements were growing sloppier, that you were so close.

“You look so beautiful like that baby. Like a pretty little slut. Your pussy is so wet for me. How long have you fucked yourself like this thinking about me? Hoping your tiny fingers can feel the way my fat cock feels all stuffed up in your tight cunt? No one can make you feel the way I do, Y/N.” His words alone were enough to make your inner walls clench against your finger, leaving you gasping for air. All of a sudden, Jimin had raised his foot slightly, drawing light circles onto your clit. The friction from his shoe on your sensitive clit you rode through your high made your vision grow hazy. It scared you just how receptive you were to his touch. How his slightest movement could send you over the edge. When you had slumped over from your high, he lowered his foot, smirking at you with a satisfied gaze.

Still panting, you lowered yourself onto his lap, your arousal dripping down his thighs. You reached for his cock and pumped it in fast strokes, twisting your hand around his length. His eyes softened and his lips parted, letting out short breaths. You leaned into his ear, still pumping his cock, and whispered, “Cum in my mouth.”

He groaned loudly at your words, eyelids fluttering closed to engrain the filthy sight before him into his mind. You lowered yourself down to your knees and stroked his length, the tip of his cock hitting your tongue. You looked up at him with innocent eyes, the same eyes he had seen everyday for years, the eyes that knew him better than he knew himself. With a guttural moan he was spilling hot cum onto your tongue. You pumped him throughout his orgasm, leaving your mouth open for his cum to collect on your tongue. He fell back into his chair with a sigh as you rose up to straddle his thighs, leaning in for a kiss. Jimin groaned at the taste of his own seed on your tongue and you relished the feeling of his soft, plush lips against yours. Your tongues battled each other for dominance, Jimin eventually giving you control and gripping your hips to bring your body flush against his. Your lips parted slowly, reluctantly, with a loud smack. You stayed like that, lips hovering near each other for a moment, basking in bliss.

“Park Jimin, looks like you’ve met your match,” you whispered with a wink. Jimin’s eyes crinkled into a smile before pulling your head forward and connecting his lips with yours again. Whatever this was, it felt right, and you relaxed into his touch, accepting that you were inextricably tied to Jimin, as he was to you, whether you both liked it or not.

Mind’s Eye - Chapter Five

Chapter Five
Reader’s discretion for a few 18+ moments

The darkness of the movie theater had been the first place you thought of for you to be left with your thoughts as much as possible on a day that was meant to be spent entirely in Kai’s company. You had let him pick the movie. He did so joyfully, selecting a comic book remake that had every possible superhero trope in it.

The trailers began to play, and you sank back in your seat, thankful for the armrest finally separating you from the hands that had been on you all morning.

Kai looked over at you and smiled. The light from the screen battled harshly with the shadow over the curves of his lips. The train of thought you had been trying so hard to conduct crashed abruptly. You didn’t even notice, however; your focus had been lost when the hand you thought you wouldn’t miss appeared on your thigh.

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Parachutes 7a - The Mission

This AU sees Claire working for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.  She is on her way to France for a special assignment with two Scottish paratroopers in tow…

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My thanks to @bonnie-wee-swordsman for the mammoth edit and @suhailauniverse for the beta reading.  There is a 7b, coming very soon… Hopefully not as long as the last one…

A long, languid sigh of contentment came out as Juliane opened her eyes. Gaston’s head was coming up to meet her neck, lightly kissing her hollow.  

‘He’s happy with me?  Are you sure?  Karla knows who I am?’ he asked between kisses.

‘But of course my dear!  You are a vital part of the French cause!  I have made sure he has heard everything of your exploits and how you are the most committed agent he could hope to have in his ranks.’   He chuckled and she could feel his chest expand in a peacock fashion.  He moved down to her breast, lightly nipping and kissing which brought a sharp intake of breath from her.

‘The British have instructed me to head out on another, longer mission.  I’ll be away for at least a week.  We have a series of drop offs and reconnaissance to undertake.’

She sat bolt upright, eyes flared and glowing with anger.  ‘We? Who is we?’  Hearing the pique in her voice, Gaston looked up sheepishly at Julianne.  Moving back up towards her, he rested his head on her shoulder, slightly pouting.  

‘Don’t be like that, my little ‘witch’.  It’s only orders and they’ve said someone needs to be with La Dame Blanche for as long as she needs; and as commanding officer, I thought it only appropriate for it to be me’.

Her head snapped towards him, her eyes gleaming.  ‘La Dame Blanche is here?  Do you have a name?  Who is she, then?’

‘You know I can’t tell you that and compromise another agent.’  He started stroking her long auburn hair, moving it away from her ears, nibbling her lobe.  ‘What’s so special about her anyway?’ he whispered.

Julianne, hoisted herself up on her elbows, hair falling down around her and hiding her breasts.  Gaston gently moved it away.

‘Special?  My dear, La Dame Blanche is the British Army’s medical botany specialist!  I heard they’d sent her out into the field but didn’t believe they would be so stupid to do it.  They must be desperate.  Or she’s working on something big.’


I sighed and looked around again waiting for Gaston to appear.  He had been due thirty-five minutes ago and we had already missed the train to our destination.  The longer we waited, the more nervous I became.  My general antipathy for Gaston was a large part of that.  The relish with which he had delivered the news that London wanted me to go ‘with a commander’ on this mission filled me with dread.  I highly doubted that he was named in the dispatch itself, but he wouldn’t let me see all of it, just the aspect pertaining to my set instructions.  Of course, it made no sense to the other members of the resistance group.

‘Sources say Culloden almost prepared, the bitter cascara might be the only option’

I had groaned at the thought.  The Nazis were close to preparing the lethal botanical weapon and I had to sabotage the production.  The cover was that Gaston would be my husband, an executive for a beauty company and we were visiting the town and factory for product.  We had been told that the beauty factory was only a cover and that a separate factory was adjacent and where Culloden was being manufactured.  We had secured a meeting and now journeyed for a week long mission.  Anyone else I wished.  Anyone.

A cough stopped my train of thought.

‘Madame? Claire?’  I recognised the soft voice with the hint of Scots lying underneath.  For some reason, I caught my breath and felt the valves in my heart quicken.I looked up to see a riot of ginger curls, the sun beaming through, blinding me.

‘Jamie? Where is Gaston?  I’ve been waiting for nearly an hour and the next train is due in ten minutes’

He scooted next to me, the warmth radiating so violently that my cold body was fighting to not sit up against him.

‘Taken ill, weird sickness.  Raymond said it’s almost like M. Robichoux, so God knows how he caught that.’  His feet tapped on the platform and he glanced down at them. ‘So, I’m your husband’ He coughed again and looked towards my bags and before I could respond to his statement, stood up and collected everything and strode towards the platform, leaving me to rush behind him.

‘What do you mean you’re my husband? Are you saying you’re taking his place?’  

Jamie stopped so abruptly, I almost crashed straight into his tall frame, panting with the quick exertion.  

‘Well, er. Yes. What kind of a friend would I be to leave you in the arms of <Rupert>?’ I smiled and was returned by a glint in his blue eyes. ‘I don’t know what we’re doing, but I figured at least one of us does, I am at your service, madame’.

By some luck, we had it all to ourselves, which seemed to be both a blessing and a curse.  There was a lingering tension in the air, from what I could not say, but it was palpable.  Maybe Jamie was nervous about the mission, seeing as he didn’t really know the full extent of it.  It was musty and dishevelled through wartime neglect.  I smiled.  Not unlike us all, I mused.  I settled myself into the corner, by the window.  Jamie, after placing our luggage in the overhead shelves, sat opposite me.  The French countryside looked calm and reassuring, green fields suggesting fertile crops seeming to mock the shortages being felt by the population.  I looked away to find him staring at me.  I looked at him quizzically, and raised an eyebrow, he responded by reading a copy of the local newspaper, but his constant glances up at me, at the door, put me on edge.

Mission nerves.  We all got them from time to time. Luckily, I had other things related to the expedition on my mind; how we were to find the cascara substitute, and how on earth we would be able to get into the factory in the first place to disrupt the process.  I opened up my book and begun to study the composition of the plants the Nazis were using.  Seemed simple, if yet very clever stuff.  The fact that the British hadn’t even thought of it when the French surrendered was mind-blowing.  Well, in truth, they had.  Or rather I had.

My inability to get the team I was working with to consider the possibility that the plants could or would be synthesised was part of the reason I transferred into the SOE.  Very firmly one evening, I was pulled aside by the section leader, the cigarette smell stale and worn on his motheaten jacket.  It was ‘explained’ to me rather idiotically, that my idea would not get far, that I should give it up.  Three weeks later, he came back again and warned me to drop my theory and protests to the head of command.  But I persisted and found it so frustrating, that they moved me to another team.  The boredom of that work was the reason, despite Frank’s displeasure, I ended up in the SOE.  

But I was right.  I was bloody right, the bastards.

The jostling of the train relaxed me and I looked up out of my window, closing my eyes to envisage the structures of the plants and how they were fusing together in the most deadly way. Clarity and sense of purpose flowed and I began to see how much cascara we may wish to use.

‘What have you got in that wee book there?’ I was thrown out of my meditation by Jamie’s soft Scottish burr.  I glanced around and seeing that we were still alone looked at him ‘Your lack of security is quite something. En français, s’il te plaît’.

A lopsided smile came across his face. ‘Well, what is in your book that has you tapping and muttering so?  Can I take a look?’

My large companion moved, to sit next to me.  I moved closer to the window, the seat barely registering my presence, yet Jamie seemed to completely disrupt the wadding inside and,  much to my amusement, bounced me in the air as he settled into place, dust moving everywhere like tiny wisps.  In all the commotion, and in his eagerness to see the book, he practically sat on top of me, so close that our legs touched in a familiar, yet strange way.  

‘It’s nothing really, just a little book on plants that I like to read from time to time.’

‘On plants you say?  I’ve noticed you picking up little bits here and there.  Is it a hobby of yours?’

I glanced up at him, meeting those earnest blue eyes.  I breathed slowly, not knowing how much to give away in this area.  I’d talked freely to Jamie, as open as one could be in the circumstances.  I found him easy company.  He was a born storyteller,  like most Scots I’d come across, we had shared many stories and had reached a friendly intimacy and I felt awkward telling him the truth.  I wanted to tell him more, yet I was torn.  Any more information could certainly put him in jeopardy and I didn’t want his death on my head.

‘You could say that’.

I saw him eyeing me up, wondering what to say.  ‘You could say that…’ he trailed off.  ‘Something tells me you’re not telling me the whole story with that Claire.  It’s more than just a hobby isn’t it?’  I could feel the perspiration begin to form on my neck, the clamminess uncomfortable and I moved my hand to my neck to try wipe it away.  Jamie continued, low.  Like a horse tamer trying not to startle a newborn foal.  

‘I think there is room for secrets in the world we live in.  God knows, you have to have them.  But not lies.  Not between us.  Know that you don’t need to tell me anything that isn’t classified, anything that would compromise the mission and’ he paused and looked at me ‘more importantly you’.

I gulped.  It was now or never.

‘Medicine isn’t my specialty.  I am a trained nurse, but botany was my first love.  The two together are rather fascinating to me, how nature itself can heal.’  And that was it.  I found myself explaining my background, mindful to not tell him everything.  I couldn’t tell him about Frank.  Something always stopped me.  

Silence.  Jamie just looked at me.  His face impassive and hard to read.  I felt anxious but resolved.  He wanted the truth, and I gave it to him.  He knew some measure of the type of woman, the type of person I was.

He smiled that lopsided smile that gave me reassurance, a dusting of stubble lightly flecking his face and a twinkle lept to his eyes.

‘Now! I almost forgot, time to make it official!’ And with that he jumped up off of the banquette and grabbed at his case.  ‘Can’t have my wife going about without a ring now, can I?’  I rolled my eyes.  He chuckled, his shoulders raising.

‘Heaven forbid! What did Gaston give you, some old dusty gold ring?’

His eyes shifted to his case.  The mood in the carriage suddenly went very serious.  

‘Ah well, no. I brought my own.’  And with that he ceremoniously got down on one knee, I couldn’t help but smile at the sweetness of it all. ‘Claire Beauchamp, will you do me the honour of being my wife? My mission wife that is’.

I nodded, and he slipped the ring on, muttering something I couldn’t quite make out.  

‘What was that?’

‘Nothing, just a bit of the Gaelic. Seemed wrong to put it on and not say it. Traditional like.’

‘Have I sold you my soul?’ I teased, laughing ‘and more importantly, did you give me your soul to so with as I like?’

smol volley squad and the day when you become a year older.

Happy belated Birthday, anon! I’m sorry this took a while, but I hope that you had a bright, happy day. :) Here’s to you! P.S. Kuroo is a huge dork and doesn’t understand how cheesy he sounds.

Bokuto Koutarou.

“It’s not a surprise if I know about it.” Akaashi looks at you, alarmed, but the only thing that shows it is the way his brows raise.

“You tell him that, and his heart’s going to break.”

That makes your chest twinge and a soft smile curls itself happily on your cheeks. “You’re right. It’s a surprise, no matter what.”

It’s worth all the trouble, because the moment you turn the heavy, padded doorknob, you can hear the excited breathing from a certain loveable owl of yours, and Akaashi’s right there by your side- equally amused, and equally exasperated. 10/10 for trying, you had to give him, and full points for making you feel so full you’re about to burst, quite like the palpable tension in the darkness. You do your best not to giggle, because this is the worst try of being ‘not here’ you’ve ever seen.

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One Night Stand

Pairing: Dean Smith x Reader
Word Count: 1,502
Warnings: language, hangovers, implied smut, inter-office relationships
A/N: The runner up of the prompt voting! I’m really happy with how this turned out and I hope you guys like it. Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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Not Dead Yet

Happy Destiny 2 day! As much as I wish i was home for launch I’m not, so instead I’m cleaning up a couple of drabbles and working up the nerve to post them.  Nothing special, but it feels good to remember how to write things that aren’t formal essays. B)

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“Careful there,” Orion’s voice wavered, but the ghost’s nerves were still palpable.  He flickered about weakly — the once brightly painted shell he’d been ornamented with scuffed, cracked, and hovering low.  He’d always been small, but now he looked fragile. Still, he directed his concern at Rom as she stood hunched over a rusted water basin.  In the flickering lights of the dingy warehouse tension locked up the wiry muscles of her body. She gripped the edge of the basin tightly, knuckles white where the skin wasn’t torn, and swore as free flowing blood from her face dripped into the water.  She lifted a hand to the long gash, a deep gouge running from her temple to her chin, and wiped at it despite the sting.  In the water’s reflection she could see the damage that had been done: a haunted face caked in blood and ash with bruises blossoming beneath the surface of the skin stared back at her.  It betrayed her desire to stay calm and she hated the sight of it. She grimaced, dropping her hand to the water and distorting the image, so that she could wash the blood away from her fingers.

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