the nerk twins

McLennon - oh those early days
  • john: *in his room making out with paul*
  • paul: shit i think i heard something
  • john: oh fuck it's mimi *shoves paul into his closet*
  • mimi: *bursts in and sees john's idiotic grin* why so gay?
  • john: whAT?!
  • mimi: you know, happy? you were looking real happy just a second ago
  • john: *sweating nervously* no reason.
  • mimi: *looking suspicious* .... okay ......?
  • john: wwwhat??
  • mimi: you're acting so queer
  • john: whAT???
  • mimi: y'know, as in weird?
  • john: *sweating really nervously* oh.
  • mimi: *getting even more suspicious* you haven't been on a bender, have you?
  • john: *red as a tomato* WHAT. aRE. yoU. TALKING, abOUT??
  • mimi: drinking, john! have you been drinking??
  • john: *shouting a bit too loudly voice screeching* NO!!!
  • mimi: *steps closer sniffing* ugh you smell like a fag
  • john: MIMI WHAT THE HELL!!?
  • mimi: you haven't been up for a puff, have you??
  • mimi: cigarettes, young man? have you been smoking??
  • john: OH MY GOD
  • paul: *can't help but laugh*
  • mimi: what-... what is paul doing in the closet?
  • john: *getting really red and sweating like a pig*
  • mimi: paul why won't you come out of the closet??
  • paul: *steps out*
  • mimi: *stares at them for a moment* *realization hits* OH.
  • john:
  • paul:
  • mimi: you're fairies! and NO, i'm not talking about the magical creatures!
  • john: MIMI, I'm -
  • mimi: no you shut your mouth! i'm going to go downstairs to cook some food, and when i'm ready you better ask your boyfriend to stay for a dinner, okay??
  • john: WHAT???
  • paul: *giggling* yeah john be a fucking gentleman for once, yeah?

one of my favorite stories is still in like ‘63 when john and paul heard that the stones weren’t doing very well with their songs (that they didn’t write themselves) and needed new material and were like “awww, we’ll help u out, bebs :)” and finished “i wanna be your man” for them and mick and keith were all “what the fuck,,,,you just banged this song out on your own”

john and paul:

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What are some of your favourite facts that prove mclennon ??

● When Paul met John, his breath was smelling of beer, and Paul says that soon he came to love John’s beery breath.

● When Paul was about 16 or 17 years old, he had a girlfriend, and one night he was going out with her, but John arrived in Paul’s home, and Paul thought he had told John he couldn’t meet him that day cause he had a date, but John was there, so John went out with Paul and his girlfriend.

● Once The Quarrymen went to a party in a village next to Liverpool. John’s mate Charles Roberts says John and Paul were inseparable that night, as if none of them existed, talking whispery in a corner, ignoring everyone. Then in some point of the night Paul and John left the party and after some hours they were back. The next morning, John and Paul left and people realized they had put cement in the door and everyone was locked. 

● In the 1960 Easter holiday, John and Paul decided to take a trip to Caversham, Berkshire, and they’d stay in Paul’s relatives’ house, sharing a little bed like two innocent kids. There they performed like a duo called The Nerk Twins.

● Once Paul had a girl in bed, and John entered the room, really angry, and cut the girl’s clothes off and wrecked the wardrobe, and called her a ‘whore’.

● In 1961, John got £100 from his aunt and instead of spending in anything else, he decided to take a trip with Paul, even he having other friends and a girlfriend. The plan was going to Spain, but they ended up in Paris. John said in 1980 that Paris was so ‘romantic’ and that was amazing to ‘see the couples kissing’.  

● Paul was really jealous of John’s friendship with Stuart

● John usually was rude to Paul’s girls

● Paul married Linda. 1 week later John married Yoko, and he wanted to marry Yoko in Paris.

A postcard Paul sent to his brother Mike in 1960 when he and John went to Scotland to work in the pub run by Paul’s cousin Bett. Here, for the first time Paul refers to him and John as ‘The Nerk Twins’. I understand very few words: ‘Playing on Saturday’ ‘Called us The Nerk Twins’ ‘Working behind the bar’ and ‘Rocking’ - Scanned from Mike McCartney’s book.

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There may not have been a grand finale of happiness, but think about how John and Paul got lots of little happy moments? Performing as the Nerk twins, cuddling up in bed together, holding hands... Hugging, kissing each other's neck as they finished a big fucking concert, bigger than anyone thought possible! The first time they looked into each other's eyes as they had sex, slow and sensual and only for them, just for them, private and intimate and to be remembered forever.

(part 2)

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Do you have any stories/quotes about John and Paul when they were teenagers in Liverpool?

“I used to go round to Aunt Mimi’s house and John would be at the typewriter, which was fairly unusual in Liverpool. None of my mates even knew what a typewriter was. Well they knew what it was but they didn’t hae one. Nobody had one.” Paul

‘John had a chocolate bar, and he shared it with me. And he didn’t give me some of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a square of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a quarter of his chocolate bar. He gave me half of his chocolate bar. And that’s why the Beatles started right there.’ Isn’t that fantastic? It’s the most important story about the Beatles, and it’s in none of the books!’ Paul

“John and I grew up like twins although he was a year and a half older than me. We grew up literally in the same bed because when we were on holiday, hitchhiking or whatever, we would share a bed. Or when we were writing songs as kids he’d be in my bedroom or I’d be in his. Or he’d be in my front parlour or I’d be in his, although his Aunt Mimi sometimes kicked us out into the vestibule!” Paul

Paul used to come to my front door. He’d lean his bike against the fence and look over at me with his sheep eyes and say ‘Hello, Mimi. Can I come in?’ ‘No, you certainly cannot,’ I’d say.  Mimi

“It was the Easter school holidays and John and I had hitchhiked down from Liverpool to help out in the pub. We generally dossed around for a week and worked behind the bar. Then Mike said that me and John should play there on the Saturday night. So we made our own posters and put them up in the pub: “Saturday Night – Live Appearance – The Nerk Twins.” Paul

When I caught sight of him, when John brought him home for the first time, I thought “Oh-ho, look what the cat’s dragged in.” He seemed so much younger than John–and John was always picking up waifs and strays. I thought “Here we go again, John Lennon… another Shotton.” […] He was well-mannered–too well-mannered. He was what we call in Liverpool “talking posh” and I thought he was taking the mickey out of me, John’s little friend, Mr Charming.I used to tease John by saying “chalk and cheese”, meaning how different they were, and John would start hurling himself around the room like a wild dervish shouting “Chalkandcheese! Chalkandcheese!” with this stupid grin on his face” - Mimi