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The boyfriend tag (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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  • Can you do a Steve x reader imagine where they an avenger but she also does YouTube videos. Steve her boyfriend knows she does but doesn’t realize how popular until tony discovers her YouTube channel and sees she have over 5 million subscribers. The team ends up watching all her videos and Steve asks if he could be in one of her videos and end up doing the boyfriend tag. 
  • Shoot I sent you a request about the reader doing YouTube videos but I meant to say Bucky instead of Steve 🙈🙈🙈🙈 
  • Words: 1.040
  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Warnings: There like a little fluff here.
  • Author notes: A boyfriend tag is a set of questions youtubers do with their significant others. Rosanna Pansino is a youtube cooker and she’s awesome (Nerdy Nummies is her actual show) and Jeffree Star is a singer/make up artist/make up designer that has his videos on Youtube and he’s just awesome, I’ve been following him for like 7 years now and I love him.

You came out your bedroom and quickly headed to the common room; Jarvis told you the team was there and so you decided to pop up before going home and make another one of your videos. The theme for that week was a review on your favorite liquid lipsticks that Jeffree Star had launched just a few months ago. The names were awesome and the pigmentation was even better and you wanted the people who followed you to have a real opinion on them (besides you wanted Jeffree himself to see and notice you).
The thing is that being an Avenger was only a part-time job for you; the other time you had left, besides spending it with Bucky “the boyfriend” Barnes, you usually did videos for YouTube; about everything and nothing. You were featured in some of your friends’ videos as well.
The gates to the room opened and you saw a bunch of Avengers gathered on the couch and attentively looking at the screen in front of them. You recognized Rosanna Pansino’s voice from Nerdy Nummies; the greatest and nerdest show on YouTube for people who likes to cook nerd stuff. You walked closer to see Ro and suddenly you realized it was one of the videos you did with her.
“Why are you guys watching this?” You asked with a slight smile on your lips “You are literally watching me being me… Even when you have me being me all day long”
“Babe, why didn’t you tell me you were famous?” Bucky asked with a puzzled frown “I mean, this is why people stared at you?”
“Yes, hot stuff” You smiled “People doesn’t really care about your metal arm” You threw a kiss to him “But guys, why are you watching this?”
“Because you are great!” Tony squealed like a child from the couch “If you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t have 5 million subscribers you have now”
Bucky got up and jogged his way to you and after giving you one of the tender kisses you adored so much, and hesitated a while before asking you if you could feature him in one of your videos.
“Of course I can, silly bird” You gently pecked his cheek “There’s a thing that’s called the boyfriend tag, in which we have like a set of questions and we must answer them all” You smiled widely “May I haven an Instagram video of all of you?” You asked while you took out your phone and started filming.
You announced your followers about the video, and that same afternoon you headed to your apartment with Buck; it was a nice flat in mid downtown that you had thanks to Tony. During the next few days Bucky helped you setting up the room and the camera while you had the questions on a paper. You sat next to him and introduced the topic for the video.
“So, Mr. Barnes, first question, where did we meet?” You narrowed your eyes in an inquisitive manner and stared into his grey eyes and hoped he could remember the first time.
“I think, and I’m not sure of this so I would like you to confirm it, that we met back in D. C.; I have certain images of this day but this was after the whole HYDRA stuff so I’m not very sure of what truly happened… I do think Steve kept me there in an apartment with Sam… and I remember you walking inside and that was the first time we met”
“Actually yeah” You smiled proudly “Steve asked me earlier that day if I could go there and be your guard because you were being taken to Fury” You remembered “He almost kills you right there”
“I remember that too” He nodded “Bring on the next question doll”
“Where was our first date?”
“That’s a very hard one because I never took you on a proper date, like, actually calling it that way” He said, carelessly placing his metal finger on his chin.
“He was afraid of commitment guys” You spoke to camera, pointing Bucky with your thumb “But I guess bad guys do change” You laughed and he quickly kissed your cheek.
“The first time we went out was when Steve tried to set us up and go to the movies, but we actually ended up going as just friends”
“Right!” You giggled “Do you remember what we saw that day?”
“I think it was a horror movie, typical from Steve, really” Bucky shrugged “Oh, and the first time I ever asked you to go out like… Together, only the two of us but it still wasn’t a real date, was when we went to Coney Island… It was our first kiss that day” He blushed and lightly smiled; you were as red as him and nodded nervously.
You carried on with the questions and commenting each other’s answers, giving more details about your relationship. You loved how comfortable Bucky looked, and although he was talking to no one, he was very laid back and he enjoyed doing this with you. By that time, he was asking the questions now.
“Question 24, who is my best friend?” He read from the paper “Oh, come on this is not fair! The whole world knows it’s Steve because it’s on a freaking museum!” He complained “And your best friend?” He looked to the ceiling and threw his head back to have some time to think “I wanna say it’s me, but I don’t think it’s actually me… So I’ll go with either Sam or Nat”
“It is Sam, indeed” You laughed “I’m not saying you are not my best friend, but whenever I need to vent out about you and me, you’re not in my first options, and also, Steve is not really there either… So yes, Sammy is my best friend” You shrugged innocently.
The next six questions went filled with laughter and some deep gazing into each other’s eyes. You adored that he was so willing to be in such a public spot. The video ended up with both your farewells and his, hoping that the response to it was a great one and promising you’d do another video with an Avenger.

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are you and coollmom dating?

We are from different worlds. Me, coolest of all the cools. Louisa, nerdest of all the nerds. It is forbidden