the nerd squad

Ho ly fri c k
I thought I was the only gay in class I’m studying but
We are like animation nerd friends and
She has a gf


Edit : Hold up, my anime gang also has aroace woman. This is like anime material. The nerd lgbtqa squad.

Fandom often likes to put him in ANBU but please also consider: jounin-sensei Shino.

Kids are calling him “sensei” and uphold him as some sort of fearless adult figure, but Shino does not lie to them nor does he instinctively try to assuage their worry. He’s scared. He’s human, like anyone else. But later in a manner very characteristic of him, Shino also says “there is no need to fear battle”. Because he truly believes good friends will always have your back. He’s teaching them they don’t need to run from fear and emphasises the importance of bonds. 

He’s not even a jounin yet, but tell me he wouldn’t make an excellent teacher.

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There was a terrific splash, and a shout of Whoa! from Frodo. It appeared that a lot of Pippin’s bath had imitated a fountain and leaped on high. Merry went to the door. ‘Lawks!’ said Merry, looking in. The stone floor was swimming. ‘You ought to mop all that up before you get anything to eat. Peregrin,’ he said. ‘Hurry up, or we shan’t wait for you.’

"For those of you that don’t know much about Amanda Waller from DC Comics, the woman who Shoryuken / Dragon uppercuts the glass ceiling with how hard she goes in the paint. Let me give you the run down right quick. This is a woman that runs a squad of villains doing suicide missions in order to get time off for their sentences or pardons (rarely happens), the way she gets shit done with politics, through politics or by passing politics all together would make Theodore Roosevelt get her name tattooed across the belly while shouting out, “Yaasss, Amanda! Yaaasssss”. Waller takes the big stick ideology breaks it over here knee and says, “Let me show you how we goin’ do this”. She ain’t taken shit from anyone, Batman included…."

- omarholmon on Amanda Waller DA GAWD and why he’s hyped that Voila Davis is set to be casted as her in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. 




when the whole squad of nerds lookin’ fresh as fuck (kaiju blue is in this season)

WHEW okay so this is finally done! I have a step-by-step in the works for this piece. So that’ll be up tomorrow. I had a lot of fun messing with their outfits, trying to get in the fall vibe. Mako’s cardigan is actually something I just bought! Stoked to finally get it in the mail *O*/

Yeah I’m happy with this, even if they are just kinda…parading through vague nebulous colors??? Where are they going? Probably somewhere to eat those bagels.

Watercolors fo’ life