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I’m so ready for 2017.

But 2016 wasn’t all bad. I got to go to Ireland with my best girl @digitalgreymon-blog , and we got matching Sailor Moon tattoos because we’ll always have this love. 

Happy new year, everyone. 

Neptune in the 6th House - Tea & Trance

The typical sixth house structures - work, routine, daily responsibilities and health are dissolved by cloudy Neptune, and the approach toward these facets of life tends to be sedative and delirious. Domestic tasks such as bill paying, organization skills and practical tasks are lost in the mist of Neptune’s fog which colours poor time management and forgetfulness. The timely constant ticks of clockwork is lost into waves and variables and the days pass by not by calendar, but in chapters, seasons, melodies and rainbow notes of motion. These individuals face intense challenge maintaining focus at work and frequently disengage to spin fantasy and wild reverie. They tend to resist the corporate control mechanisms of the world and create their own ‘system’ to live by.

Natal 6th house Neptunians direct enormous resources of energy toward providing for others and direct celestial healing power through the synergy of the redeemer in the home of service. The 6th house is the house of ill health, disability and mental illness; and with nebulous Neptune here twin themes of suffering and saving may come into the experience. Medicine, nursing, counseling, psychotherapy, institution work, paramedicine, teaching and charity are fields in which 6th house Neptune people resonate. They may be forced to undergo the anguish of sickness themselves and develop empathy from experience, such as the psychologist treating mental illness and suffering depression herself. Through this, when the individual directs his healing energies outward, he is healed of his own malady, and creates the highest octave of Neptune’s magic. There is an ultra receptivity to invisible undercurrents and the passive absorption of circulating whims, pain and unsavory emotions. This provides an incredible capacity to seep into the agony of others and find their transcendental healing light from the potion of divine compassion. However, Neptune can amuse herself playing the deceiver, and the individual may perceive these intercepted aches and emotional surges as organic - their own. Strange allergies and inexplicable ailment may appear out of nowhere and disappear just as mysteriously, puzzling the individual and medical professionals. Even with no seeming causation, the 6th house Neptunian can become completely washed out and remain fatigued in bed for days. The typical 6th house Neptune hypochondria, psychosomatic suffering and frequent doctor visits are a side effect of this; coupled with the unconscious, exhaustive reflex of others to siphon their healing energies out and into themselves. The placement of Neptune here suggests the intrinsic pangs to redeem and become the savior. Although life direction tends to lack focus and arrangement, their urge to be of service largely conducts them. The 6th house symbolizes  where the ego melts away and looks to others for completion. The planet of the collective Neptune, promotes this process and accelerates the divine healing potential and orientation toward service.

The 6th house takes us back to the simple things; the pages of a book, writing notes with a glossy pen and stirring strawberry tea. With dreamy and mystic Neptune here, daily life becomes a symphony and illustrated with pure artwork. Their fingers have conversations over the lines of pages and their bodies squeal when the aroma of fresh linen and coffee sweeps through their home. Work is typically a struggle exacerbated by a persistent lack of energy and general lethargy. Deadlines tend to fly past them and their inability to adhere to responsibilities may result in legal or professional fall out. With a severely porous aura, 6th house Neptunians respond to circulating toxins and allergens more than most and typically come down with symptoms quicker. Many find a natural affiliation with spiritual health and holistic matters and openly embrace an organic, intuitive approach to life. Neptune’s haze sweeps a mystical, disorienting and psychedelic energy through the 6th house home and makes daily living seem a dreamy daze. Everything feels too far away, and their grip on reality is weakened through Neptune sedation, causing the float through the motions, impulsed by the quest for something more, the urge to shatter the Virgo crystallization and and swim on the artwork of the broken pieces.