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Moon Healing🌙

::: The moon is a powerful part of me and I resonate deeply with her. She rules my ascendant, has rulership over my sun sign, and aspects all of my planets from her own residence in the 4th house. She pulsates through me, I understand her burden. And so, I also understand how to reason with her :::

Moon-Sun contacts 🌟 Finding healing, passageway and assurance of emotions through creative self-expression. Consciously remind yourself it is your birthright to present your identity through what you feel. Follow your intuition as to genuinely experience the vibrancies around you.

Moon-Mercury contacts 💬 Stimulate your cerebral centers with all forms of literature, media, amusing entertainment, and communicative exchange that cultivate the mind. Vent verbally to yourself or a journal. You are so concerned with getting other people to listen to you, but maybe for once you should listen to yourself.

Moon-Venus Contacts 💕 Reconcile the loving attitude you have towards yourself and how you feel about yourself; unite them as to birth self-love. Access your aesthetic awareness and pleasure yourself through artistic expression, listening to your favorite music, and appreciating the comforts and sentiments in life. Satisfy your social urges by interacting with people you’re affectionate about, or if not socially inclined, regenerate yourself and indulge in sweet solitude. 

Moon-Mars Contacts 🔥 Access your fighting spirit & express your emotional storms; it is therapeutic to release anger, yell and cry tears of frustration. Physical activity revitalizes soul wounds, take a walk  or stretch every now and then. Interact with your passions. Consciously confront your inner war and strife. If sexually inclined, engage in sexual activity even if its with yourself; feed your desires and aggressive urges as to clear up pent-up irritability.

Moon-Jupiter Contacts 💫  Find hope, light and optimism in the midst of despair. Adventurous daydreams, big teary thunder laughs, and imaginative storytelling are medicinal, making life experiences more vibrant and lively. Indulge in Jupiter dreams; relax, eat your favorite meal and sit outdoors in nature’s breeze when the weather is nice. Access higher consciousness from literature & learning something new. Open your higher mind and critically question facets of your life as to find enlightenment and wisdom through discovery. 

Moon-Saturn Contacts ⌛ Contemplate heavily on what is worrying you. This is to discover the roots of your qualms as to resolve them; you will find that they all derive from your own irrational fears and insecurities. Structure yourself by performing small physical tasks as to prevent lethargy and mindlessness, where at the end of the day you could take pride in yourself for completing them. Start small, and work your way up; specks of wisdom, dignity and growth are found through even the smallest of personal achievements.

⚠ Emotional mastery does not come from suppression of emotion from which you disguise as “control of emotions.” Contrarily, suppression of emotion originates from fear of facing them, therefore it is fear that controls you. emotional proficiency comes from conscious addressment and evaluation–emotions shouldn’t have authority over you, it’s supposed to be the other way around; have sovereignty over what you feel. “This is how I am feeling, and this is how I will handle it.” tell it to yourself straight, cowardice is not the way of Saturn ⚠

Moon-Uranus Contacts ⚡️ Color emotional upsets with humor and face them with healthy, collected objectivity. Embrace change and access your individualistic spirit, birthing bright, original concepts and unusual inspiration for yourself. Access cosmic consciousness and keen intuition by involving yourself with the world, such as communities and friends you affiliate with, whether it be online (Uranus rules technology) or off (Uranus rules any group, society&community-all facets of the collective).

Moon-Neptune Contacts 💦 Daydreaming and sleeping to settle sorrows and unexplained psychic pains. Losing yourself to meditation and other spiritual, artistic and musical journeys. Avoid feeling the harmful vibrations of others for awhile and to get in tuned with your own vibes & emotions through healthy isolation.

Moon-Pluto Contacts 🔮Find comfort in loneliness and give yourself plenty of private time as to evaluate and expel emotional disturbances and self-destructive tendencies. Listen to your psychic sense and consciously access your fears, utilize your inner psychologist. Interest yourself in mystical and esoteric studies.

For anyone with emotional aches

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in aspect to the Sun

When any of the trans saturnian planets aspect the natal sun, the individual becomes a channel for the collective to express itself through. This can indicate a person with a hightened intuition who is constantly ‘plugged in’ to the collective consciousness. The purpose is to act as a mouthpiece for unrealised urges that have been gestating in the subconscious of individuals and bring about a revolution in collective awareness.

Contacts to the sun from outer planets can be very challenging, even if the aspect is harmonious. One reason for this is that the individual is bound up with the evolution of humanity, which necessarily creats an atmosphere of chaos, change and upheavel. It is like the individual unconsciously draws conflict to themselves. Another reason these aspects are challening is that they are extremely debilitating to the ego. Without a strong identity and connection to a personal life, the individual can become awash in a turbulent sea of murky visions, drowning in the collective current rather than directing it, a receptacle with no sense of self.

If the outer planet is in trine, quincunx or opposition to the sun, it is either stationing or retrograde. This can be difficult because the outer planet’s energy is turned inward and struggles to find external expression. It is like the voice of the collective echoes through everything the individual does. There can be an excessive feeling of being judged by society, combined with a need to be accepted and understood. The alienation that one experiences with these natal aspects can be very real. There is always a strong retaliation to a challenge to the current societal state, and the individuals whose egos are tied to the evolution of consciousness frequently become symbols of controversy amongst the public with varying regard for their actual identity.

This all sounds bleak and hard but to have your sun in aspect to one or more of the outer planets blesses the individual with tremendous power to manifest change, and frequently with extraordinary levels of perception, psychic ability and a penetrating intuition that is hard to explain. It is really important for people with contacts from outer planets to the sun to develop a firm sense of self, defined (but not necessarily rigid) personal boundaries, and to devote plenty of time to fulfilling personal needs. Especially if the outer planet is retrograde or separated from the rest of the chart, the individual will feel disconnected from their own identity, and it takes conscious work to find one’s centre. This work should be gentle and fun, though! It is a process of discovering your likes and dislikes, your passions and talents, your values and sense of meaning. It can be hard to silence the voice of the outer planet summoning you to an obscure higher calling, but without devoting time and effort knowing and nourishing yourself first you will likely get lost. You have to radiate your own light to guide you through the collective fog.


Sailor Moon Doll collection: Irwin America by Serena lmao
Via Flickr:
My 2001 Irwin dolls are finished! Each of them have had their hair styled, and Princess Serenity has a handmade dress I got from Etsy bc the original is SO ugly. I’m also collecting the Bandai Japan dolls, but the American ones were easier to get so I finished them first. I happened to get deals on two different lots for the Inners and Outers, and Super Moon was an (amazing) birthday gift! Eventually I’d like Black Lady too but I’m not fussed about getting her quickly

I’m so ready for 2017.

But 2016 wasn’t all bad. I got to go to Ireland with my best girl @digitalgreymon-blog , and we got matching Sailor Moon tattoos because we’ll always have this love. 

Happy new year, everyone. 

Neptune in the 6th House - The Prayer for Perfection 

Life can be like an eternal optical illusion with Neptune in the 6th. Neptune soaks through the structures that maintain daily living and imagination leaks into reality as it changes before her very eyes. The individual can feel like a mermaid with sea legs that don’t walk properly on land. She may constantly wear the mask competency and lose sight of the shore without diligence and disciplined grounding exercises and organisation. She can struggle with time management because hours and minutes work on her perceptive variable. And it can be difficult to preplan because actions are based on emotion. The individual has a sacrificial nature and seeks redemption in the serving role. It’s possible that she depends on being depended on and she inflates other people’s reliance and expectation of her out of proportion. It’s important for the individual to find daily work that inspires her creativity, genuine human interaction, and desire to help other people.

The 6th house rules the body, anatomy, and physiology. Mercury is also the natural ruler of the 6th and activates the quality and quantity of mind. Neptune is an inclusive planet, so the processes of mind and body are irrevocably infused and reflect directly through one another. Suffering in the mind can cause evasive aches and pains, headaches, stomach problems, repetitive colds, and fluid retention. Further physiologic and psychologic issues can reveal themselves through appetite changes, sleep disturbance, varying and treatment resistive symptoms, constant thirst, or the routine descent into self-destructive routine. It’s important for the individual to develop awareness of the mind and body cohesion. Neptune creates a weak auric field for the mind and body. So it’s also possible for the individual to sense, feel, and know the physical and psychological pain of the people in her presence. It produces tremendous ability to comfort, soothe, and heal and natural potential in service, spiritual healing, psychotherapeutic, nursing, and social welfare roles. But it’s vital for Neptune in the 6th to build her psychic defences and resist too much absorption. She is otherwise vulnerable to spiritual and physical exhaustion, burn out, and anxieties. 

It’s also possible for anxiety to generate through the themes of perfectionism, skills, and competencies in this house. The image of personal perfection can be an impossible Neptunian ideal, there can be excessive sacrifice, preoccupation with faults and self-improvement, and grand desire to solve everybody’s problems. Nerves can be taken hostage by the imagination and leak into catastrophe. Reaching the holographic image of perfection can feign as the great redeemer. But this image always changes, and drifts further away whenever she draws closer. The 6th house rules over domestic animals so the sensitivity of Neptune can make the individual highly receptive and responsive to animals. Pets also provide a great support for emotions and anxiety. She may be involved in animal welfare or adoption. Daily life in a watery world can be chaotic, especially when the individual longs for nothing more than peace and simplicity in her environment. She can be her self undoing in this aspect, forced to rush at the last minute, rearrange appointments, and pay overdue fees. The individual can also be quite nocturnal and inspired to work at unusual hours in the night. She cannot wait for inspiration to awaken, but she only has to begin working and the muse visits directly from the spirit.  


anonymous asked:

I feel like water and air moons have a tendency for co-dependence? I feel like a lot of them need someone to talk to all the time because they can't stand being left alone with their thoughts and feelings. I feel like with air moons they always need to have someone there to talk to bc they think if they're alone there must be something wrong with them. I feel like with water moons, it's bc they need someone to drown out their feelings bc their feelings end up being too much for them.

I can 100% vouch for water moons, maybe not so much Scorpio moons, but Cancer and Pisces moon most definitely. They feel so much and it gets overwhelming, it’s so unhealthy to keep it in their system from the amount it holds. So they need a listening ear or an outlet where they can share, and often find it because people see them as victimized.

They share the energy of the planets of Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter exalts in Cancer, and Cancer is esoterically ruled by Neptune, those are Pisces’s natural exoteric rulers. If you think about how united those forces are, Jupiter is one to always exaggerate anything it touches, and Neptune is a collective planet, they feel so much, and not only for themselves, but for everyone around them. I also apply it to Moon in the 4th/12th house.

Moon is in fall when it’s in Scorpio, so the natives feel a lot but they can go through episodes of misfortune with their emotions when they come to other people, resulting in trust issues that block them from easily expressing their emotions, and the same goes for Moon in the 8th house. They become secretive of their emotions, no matter how large they are, they transform them internally, constantly shedding the skin of their hearts with the cycle of the Moon. If someone is to ever tap into their emotions, they become a whole other person, one of understanding and emotional sympathy. They are emotional indeed, and moods swing like a pendulum at random patterns they collect, but only when really opened by someone they trust, and trust doesn’t come by easy for these people.


I would go 50-50 on Air Moons. They can be emotionally expressive, but the element of Air, one of intellectualizing/rationalizing ability, and the characteristics of the Moon, those of irrationality and personal emotional bias, often don’t mesh well.

Air takes the heart of the Moon and freezes it to its core. The Air Moon person is often clueless with how to feel, and becomes perplexed with the idea that the way they feel is wrong because it no longer matches up to the standards of rationality and logic that they hold true to themselves.

Air Moons present a cool and calm approach to the area of emotions, they keep them light and predictable so they cause no interpersonal disruption. They are the people you hear to often choose mind over heart when making important decisions, so to them, lingering on emotions for a long time isn’t of their nature. They end up completely dismissing them because they’re irrational. Always telling themselves, “I shouldn’t feel this way, it’s not right to be like this, it’s not right to feel.” as a mean of escape.

But they too are human and have emotions, they feel and have hearts much like the other Moon signs, but since they build up this reputation of being a rational and sound person, the way they emotionally express themselves with irrationality is seen as out of place and people feel like something is wrong with them. So as a result, they become emotionally secluded.

The Air Moon can overcome this aspect by beginning to feel things as they are, using their Air voice to express how they feel. Writing is a great outlet in my opinion, not only is their no criticism, but their is free room to exert anything and everything that has been held back.