the neighbors

the real mystery of shadowhunters is what magnus’ neighbors think of all the weird crap that goes on in their building

like the time the couple in 4C was 2 hours late to brunch because magnus threw up his wards and they suddenly couldn’t leave the building even though the door was wide open???

or when the elderly lady in PH2 looked out her peep hole to see a pretty redhead with a crusty stone hand frantically knocking on the door across the hall demanding medical assistance. and gretta was pretty sure that nice young man of a neighbor was some kind of fancy nightclub owner, not a doctor, but kids these days were all about multitasking weren’t they

or the interior decorator on the ground floor that just got back from an art buying trip in London and is now doubting the authenticity of the oil painting he acquired because on second glance it looks like the spitting image of the hottie who tragically stopped winking at him at the mailboxes about two months ago

all I’m saying is I bet magnus’ brooklyn loft neighbors have stories and I wanna hear them

Edd pulled a big prank on Tom, making him think Susan was sold for more money to buy coke. This of course started a small prank war between the two, it ending with Tom convincing Eduardo to pretend to be his boyfriend for the night so he could ‘bring his boyfriend home to meet the friends’. 
Edd spit out his drink and ended the war right there with a truce.