the neighbors


Answering the age old question.:
“What if my OCs had social media accounts?”

Daiki: Cute photos of rescued monsters and the latest info on support group meetings

Jordon: Photos of himself working out, photos of his ‘children’ (his birds)

Mike and Ranjeet: Garbage. Nothing but the dankest memes and self promotion of their crazy youtube channel.

Asher: Circulates a social activist blog and posts many rants nightly.

Everyone else in the apartment is either too young, too old, doesn’t care or is just afraid of social media in general.
Or merfolk who live in a pool.

(This was actually really fun let me know if you want to seem more in this style or their other social media platforms.)

The signs as Totoro gifs


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Edd pulled a big prank on Tom, making him think Susan was sold for more money to buy coke. This of course started a small prank war between the two, it ending with Tom convincing Eduardo to pretend to be his boyfriend for the night so he could ‘bring his boyfriend home to meet the friends’. 
Edd spit out his drink and ended the war right there with a truce.

Der Hintersee in Ramsau. Ramsau is a German municipality in the Bavarian Alps, pop.: ~1,800. It’s located on the Königssee in the Berchtesgadener Land in Bayern (Bavaria), Southern Germany, 35 km south of Salzburg/Austria and 150 km from München (Munich). Notable sights include the 3rd-highest mountain in Germany called the Watzmann, Lake Hintersee and the village’s famous church.