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Batfamily in general :

The Great Mall adventure

“It’s gone…all gone…” (batsis)

Fun Fair with the family

“Mother, it’s your day”

“Mother has been poisoned”

The Batmom Glare

Burrito Blanket Batmom

The Last Pit (part ½)

The Last Pit (part 2/2)

Master of Diaper

Batfam NSFW headcanons

Oh shit, it’s father’s day ! 

How terrible it is to love something that death can touch

“Vacations are rare for the Waynes”

“Let me get one thing straight…I’m not !”

Don’t leave us… (Batsis)


Bruce Wayne/Batman :

Making Bruce Wayne blush

Beach Bod’

Catching the Bat’s heart (slightly NSFW)

“Admit it, Bruce” (totally NSFW)

“Your wife is hot”

“Your wife is hot” part 2

Early Mornings with the Bat

Baby Wayne

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 1/3)

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 2/3)

“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” (part 3/3)

And when I’m gone… (warning, SAD)

I’m not drunk, you are

“It’s her, but it’s not her !” (part ½)

“It’s them, but it’s not them !” (part 2/2)

Scars, loving names and a bath

“That’s not how you negociate !”

“You’re cute when you’re jealous”

“My parents are gross…ly in love" (slightly NSFW)

Tickles and loss

Sneaky Bastard (NSFW)

Shaky steps and bad teaching

A chance to say goodbye

Ma Broosh !

“She should cut her nails” (part ½ of the League teasing the “batlovers”)

“Bruce…sucks !” (part 2/2 of the League teasing the “batlovers”).


“I’m lost without you…”

Silly Bat’

Fate is a bitch part 1/?

Fate is a bitch part 2/?

“Hopefully, no one will notice”

“I don’t like cats”

Odd socks

The Talk

Wedding and pop-corns

Relationship headcanons part 1/?

“You could have anyone you want !”


“I don’t wanna get married”

Alive (NSFW)

Anonymous Hate

I’ll always be here for you

“You slept with Superman ?”


Richard “Dick” Grayson/Nightwing :

“She’s too good for you”

Surprise Surprise


Jason Todd/Red Hood

Cutie and the Beast (slightly NSFW)

Caught red-hooded (slightly NSFW too)

“Draw me like one of your French…boy ?”

I bacha(ta) can dance better than you ! (hispanic reader)

Costume Party


Timothy “Tim” Drake/Red Robin :

Naked Birds

You taste like coffee


Damian Wayne/Robin :

The First time is serious business (slightly NSFW)

Titus likes you…too much

“Just play the damn game with me !” (Batmom x Damian)

True blood son..and daughter (Batsis x Damian)

Period drama with mama (Batmom)

My mom is better than yours (Batmom)

Mistakes and Forgiveness

“Are we not gonna talk about the elephant in the room ?” (Batmom)


Clark Kent/ Superman :

Eighth time’s a charm

Happy (belated) Fourth of July

Hatred an Grief


Kon-El “Conner” Kent/Superboy :

“You’re kind of an asshole”

“They’re kind of assholes”


Diana Prince/Wonder Woman :

Drunk Amazon

Dating Diana Prince would include…


Arthur Curry/Aquaman :

I don’t talk to fish

We were supposed to celebrate

A/N: I wrote two fics for Dean’s birthday so it only felt right to write two for Sammy too. This fic just sorta had a mind of it’s own & escalated.

Sam x Daughter!Reader  Dean x Niece!Reader  Jody x Reader

“Hey Y/N.” Jody said from the kitchen where she was finishing up dinner, “Y/N, sweetheart. Come here.” The sound of your feet stampeding through the house caused a smile of break out on Jody’s face, she loved having you there. Now that Claire and Alex were out of the house she couldn’t help but feel lonely and having you in the house erased that pain.

“Yeah Auntie Jody?” You asked while wrapping your arms around her hip.

Jody wiped her hands on the towel before turning her attention to you, “I got a message from your dad, him and your uncle should be here really soon.” She told you while running her hands through your hair.

“Oh.” You replied in a quiet voice.

“This is a good thing Y/N/N, means you can celebrate your dad’s birthday with him like we planned.” Jody told you.

You shook your head, “No. Dad’s a meanie, I don’t wanna celebrate his birfday anymore.”

“Aw sweetie,” Jody said as she knelt down to your level, “Why don’t you wanna celebrate his birthday anymore? We made a cake and everything, we can make him a new one; and what about the big birthday banner you made him?” You pouted your lip as you once again shook your head. “What’s wrong? You were so excited to celebrate it with him.”

“He didn’t come back.” You responded in a sad voice, “He said he was gonna be here but he wasn’t. He’s never back when he says he will be but this time was special.”

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“Come, Jaime, let me hug you.”

There he is, the Reach Negociator, the space bicho that likes the taste of blood in the morning. He almost literally stabbed his way out of my head. I will assign him to a Greek city now.

He strikes fear in the heart of minions everywhere! (No! How could you? Your tiny minions are so cute!) His name, when pronounced by our earthling tongues, translates to Barney. …It is my headcannon.

YJ tag, just in case he is in the show… (Well, if it’s not him, well played mister Greg; I could swear it was him.)


Senyuu. Teufel and Alles  -  sketch to be edited

Hahaha… I suddenly wanted to draw a Senyuu. fanart so i drew my favorite characters… but… well i didnt sleep again, Teufel knows!
(if you zoom in on his hair you’re see hell, actually i redrew it like 4 times xwx… )

And yes, Alles is showing “3” with his left hand and not a victory sign : this is from that moment when both negociate the price Teufel will owe Alles for rescuing him.

Imagine #3 - Bjorn x Reader Part Two

PART 1 :  !!!!! 

« I dont know » you mumble.
« I’ll give you time » he said.

Bjorn words was the only thing you were thinking of. The attraction grow harder, Bjorn wasn’t hidding his feelings for you, but you still feel like you didn’t have the right to be his wife because you’re just a slave, no matter what was your position before. And you are not free.
Still going with his lesson, it was you this time who cut the work: « I want to be your equal » He lean against his chair, touching his lips with his fingers, reflecting. « What do you mean by that? »
« I’m just a servant here and I want to prove I’m more,
I want to prove you deserved someone like me »
Interested, he cross his arms « What do you suggest ?»
« You, me, in a fight »
« What? No » Bjorn wave his head « No »
« Yes, and no restriction, you’ll do it like I’m one of yours » 
« What If I kill you » he asked trying to scared you. 
You didn’t cave, still challenging him with your eyes.
« I’ll leave you a month to prepare yourself » you rolled your eyes « AND IT’S NOT NEGOCIABLE »

The axe was always your favorite weapon, it was shorter than a sword, nice curve. You liked it.
But whiteout no one to help you ,this was a lost cause. It was the night, Ragnar was eating. You silently found your way to him.
« My king » you bowed in front of him, a little smile on his face. « What can I do? “ 
« I asked your son in a battle »the surprise on Ragnar’s face was priceless.
« Really…» « Yes, and I won’t be able to win if I have no one to help me »
« Do you ask me, to help you, win a battle, against my son? » he laughed
« Yes » you said, thinking about how stupid this request was.
“ How do you want to fight?” he asked, and you told him about the axe.
« This will be with pleasure love, but Floki is much better than me with an axe » he winked at you. 

The next day, you went see this Floki man, he giggles when you told him the reason of your presence.
« You’re a strange little one » he said, turning his axe in his hand.
You never had so little sleep in all your life, or more bruises on your legs. Your arms was always sore, but it felt good, it felt right.
« Do you think I have a chance? » you asked Floki. He giggles again «Bjorn Ironside has fight more fierce warriors » you sight. « but never one he loved»  You didn’t say anything, a little bit worried about how this fight will end.

The day has come, you lay a little bit in your bed, your stomach tight; you took a deep breath, in a few hours your faith will be made. You grab your shield and your axe. It was a little bit foggy outside, it was early, the air was still fresh.
When you saw Bjorn, you could almost feel your body break down, you were scared, no need to denied it.
« It’s always time to go back » he said when he saw you coming. You grab your axe harder.  « Are you sure? » he ask again, « you’re livid »
« I’m alright, i’m fine » you try to say with your mouth dry.

He grab his sword, and you could imagine it in your all body. It was time to focus on your move, nothing else.
Bjorn face completely chance, he split in the grass. You two stare a little bit to each other, waiting for someone to attack first.
He start the first move. You could feel his muscle wasn’t here for nothing, and each time his sword hit your shield, you felt your body tremble. You didn’t try any moves in the first minute. You finally caught a good rhythm, and give him his moves back.
« Don’t restrain your moves » you yelled.
« I DON’T WANT TO KILL you » he yelled back.
While you blocked his attack, he kick you with his shield and you fall on the back, a little scream of pain in your mouth. You have the reflex to turn before his sword cut the grass where your head was before. You knock him in the knees, he falter a bit, and with your axe hit him on the rib, red fluid was seing through, and you watch it with a sad but exalting feeling.
You didn’t know if this give Bjorn more anger, but your shoulder was in a second bleeding, it feels like a million of knives was cutting your shoulder.
It was even more difficult to move, you shield not made with the best quality, was almost breaking.
With agility, he cut your forearm, and you drop your shield. Your survival instinct, help you block his next move with your axe, but it was near the end. One month of training for that.
You suddenly feel a terrible pain, Bjorn punched you in the chest, and you almost chocke. Blood was now in your mouth.
« Equality » he said and throw his shield away. You try to think about what Floki taught you, putting pressure on his sword he used to defend himself you knock him hard in the knees again, with your weight on him, you two fall on the back, you climb on him and knock him on the face, but he took control back, and was in an instant on top of you. 
He put his sword under your throat and you didn’t move a muscle, his eyes was swollen. « You lost »
« I could killed you in the first ten second » he add. 
You try to laugh but all the blood chocked you. He throw his sword away, and get up, giving you his hands. You get up, he hold you tight because your legs was shacking too hard, your all body hurt like hell.
« How I was » you asked 
« Terrible, I’ll have to say a few worlds to Floki » he smirk.
« I didn’t regret anything »  you confessed.
He suddenly left your body into his arms « I still found you attractive »
« Liar »

It took you a all week to leave your bed, which Bjorn never leave too.
« I always dreamed to have scars » you said in a sarcastic voice, finally up of the bed, touching your shoulder. He gives a little kiss on it, that make you shiver. « Anything my princess want » he said back.
“Are you going to ask me in an other fight, or are you fine to just be my wife?”
“I think, I had enough”
“It’s that a yes?”
“Yes Bjorn Ironside” 
He make you turn into the air and he gives you the kiss he wanted since the first time he saw you. 

Note : It was very hard to describe a fight scene since I really don’t know how do it in English but I tried. Hope this was long enough ! Thanks!!

anonymous asked:

Do you think this will end with a happy ending? Yams said in the guidebook thing that he was going for his original ending but then in his interview before the season he said he didn't want to do anything irresponsible. I really don't understand him but I'd honestly be pretty annoyed if he went with a happy ending.

I wrote something of the same effect a while ago.

From what we’ve seen till the current chapter, there’s too many elements indicating the story won’t end well.

  • Marley and Eldia refusing to negociate, converging progressively into a conflict where one must trample the other.
  • The shifters’ short lifespans barring the main cast from a happy ending.
  • The very first pages, with Eren crying after a grown-up Mikasa tells him “See you later”
  • Eren and Zeke going into opposition, with the former keeping silent about the way to trigger the coordinate and the other keeping silent about his royal blood
  • The titan era of domination coming progressively to an end, combined with the world’s hatred for the people of Ymir

Isayama tries to corner the story into an ending where nobody can escape their eventual fate. When Erwin died, the SL’s claims for saving Humanity have been reduced to a mere laughing stock saved for conversations around a coffee. First by revealing the true face of the remaining members during the serumbowl, where Erwin wasn’t chosen. Then, the Grisha files revealed they were drowning in a glass of water and were played by the First King all along. And just like that, as titans weren’t the main obstacle and the tables in the world were turning, Paradis was cleansed of them, allowing the SL to reach the borders. From this point onwards, Isayama judged it necessary to do an ellipse in the future, while describing things from the Marlean point of view.

That arc doesn’t not only replace temporarily the protags, but it also shows a much more advanced world, where we finally get details about the warriors’ lives, as well as the biggest point of the incomplete volume 23, which is this one:

Anti-titan weaponry destroying the Armored Titan - Ch. 92

Which of course, sparkled news all around the world.

Madz reading the news - Ch. 93

And fear in the hearts of the most aware Eldians.

Udo worrying about Eldians - Ch. 93

Kruger told Grisha Marley’s opinion on their precious Eldian livestock was divided: either they keep them alive to fight for their wars while advancing technologically in the meantime, either they kill them all to avoid the rise of the next Eldian empire. There’s still a chance for the current Founding Titan to restore Eldia’s glory, since anti-titan technology isn’t advanced enough. If they do, it’s going to be a full chaos. In the meantime, Zeke wants to bury the Fritz line with him, so nobody else will use the coordinate ever again, meaning if the power to control titans disappears, Eldians might have a chance to live for a couple of years, but it’s not going to be enough to trample millennias of hatred.

On the other side, Historia refused the power as well, and probably wants the same goal than Zeke. Live her life and bury the Fritz/Reiss line.

And knowing Eren’s personality, he’s going to drag everybody around him in hell, his brother who wanted to rescue him so badly included.

So yeah, that’s the most realistic viewpoint. When Isayama said he doesn’t want to do anything irresponsible, he means giving an ending according to the facts currently presented. The number of people who expect a happy ending is decreasing as more chapters get published every month. And indeed it would be pretty unrealistic expecting everything will end well with the protag surviving, endgame ships, 45k kids, etc… Eren showed he wasn’t different from Grisha, Levi gave up on humanity, Hange is probably fiddled around by Zackly, Zeke and Reiner don’t have long left and Armin probably lost any “pure child” traits he had left.

Oh yeah and Isayama doesn’t play by favorites or fandom’s favorites either. See: Ymir and Erwin. Don’t be surprised if your fave gets an unsatisfying death as well. This is part of the reason why I’m glad he never got published in Jump Magazine.

I really wish we knew more about Laurens and Kinloch’s relationship from 1777-1782.  In 1776, they were on the complete opposite ends of the political spectrum, and they went through a nasty breakup of sorts.  Fast forward to 1782, and we very likely have Kinloch writing an incredibly heartfelt obituary for Laurens.  Kinloch even closed the obituary with the following:

It will be unnecessary to anticipate the grateful emotions which must arise in the breast of every virtuous citizen in favour of this illustrious young man, whose untimely death we all have reason to lament; and while I join the publick opinion in admiring his disinterest[ed] zeal for the rights of mankind, his great and unwearied services to his country, his gallantry in the field, and his ability and address in negociation, together with those more domestick virtues which distinguish him in the characters of the companion, the husband, and the son, and endear him to the bosom of private life; I am happy thus to perform my last duties to the memory of a friend.

So what happened during those five years that seems to have made Laurens and Kinloch good friends again?  We know they fought in some of the same battles, and they represented the same parishes as members of the South Carolina House of Representatives.  But without many writings regarding the two of them during this time period, it’s hard to piece together the progress of their relationship.

You Owe Me.

Anon asked: Hey! I’ve got a (long, I’m so sorry) idea that could maybe fit your writing, so I’ll put it there if you don’t mind ! So in the beginning of the Revenge of the Sith novelization, there is this long description of Anakin and Obi-Wan basically being rock-stars and being admired from all the corners of the universe. I had this idea of bar-owner!reader, very unimpressed when her customers talks about it and being all like “Hey, they are perhaps good at fighting but they won’t pay your tabs.” And maybe she’s ranting about collegues that got their bar ruined because those damned heroes just ended up chasing an assassin there and destroyed half the furniture, frightening the clients. Of course (won’t be funny otherwise !) they hear about it and try to prove her wrong. Anakin or Obi-Wan-centric, or both, as you like ! Argument, flirting, sass battle, negociations (agressive or not), your choice ! (Thank you for reading that very long stuff and have a nice day of course ! <3)

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I’m glad it was not too long, actually! Nice and specific, plus a good prompt idea! I decided to make this one Obi-Wan-centric because I’m going to get started on tons of Anakin prompts shortly!)

Plot Summary: All you care about is just running your bar. That’s it. Not too much drama in that, right? Well, that is until two highly-known jedi make their weekly rounds trashing and destroying everything while chasing criminals that always use your bar as a gateway. Seriously, are they going to reimburse you or something? This is just getting ridiculous.

Originally posted by xskywalkersx

“Jedi scum! You’re no match for me!”

Great. Another day on the job, and you’ve got another Sith rookie on the run.

“What’s going on, boss?” You turned to your new employee, a part-timer named Artell. Young man, very nice, but not yet ‘informed’ of the events that unfold at your bar every so often.

“Hold on, Art… In three…two…one…” Two jedi burst into the bar as one of your tables flew at them, towards the bar as you and your employee narrowly missed it, customers looking on in sheer wonder.

“Oh my god, that’s Obi-Wan Kenobi! And Anakin Skywalker!?”

 “In the bar, actually fighting!?”

“This is incredible.” Artell mused, looking like a boy on his birthday.

“Say all you want, Artell. They’re heroes, sure. But they waltz in, fight off more Dark Side sympathizers, have a short pow-wow, and go out the door they broke getting in. Leaving yours truly to clean up and pay the fees for them practically burning and breaking my stuff.”


As you were ranting, the two jedi burned several of your booths, as their opponent ran across your counter, knocking over several glasses and expensive liquors, Obi-Wan and Anakin following suit while the patrons cheered on.

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Tarron Anastari (aka Ifethkaranin)
Prince-Commander of Forager Fleet

Tarron Anastari : “Noble Raven”
Ifethkaranin : Lit : “person who carries emptiness” : The Voidbearer

“More machine than man” since M39

Birth Location : M37 on the Eazenilshemashar colony Tirdalan ”Guarded Fields” (conquered by a contingent of Ultramarines, Blood Angels and Imperial Guards in M37, as a part of a series of invasions in retaliation for soul raids).

Heritage :
Fleet-dweller nobility. His parents chose to become land owners. They were killed by Astartes forces during the invasion. Tarron, who was still a child, was found hiding in the ruins of his home by allied warriors from Craftworld Tel-Rethan. He then rejoined the rest of his family in the fleets.

Family heirloom : 56 capital-class ships and hundreds of smaller ships spread across all fleets.

Personality : Callous, manipulating, monkeigh hater, afraid of death despite the existence of soulstones.

Spouse : Nimwel Morduath
Spouse family background : Drukhari ancestry made Craftworld nobility in M34. family heirloom includes wealth in diverse forms but most notably scientific expertise and forbidden knowledge (*cough* haemonculi ancestors *cough*) which allowed Tarron to survive his otherwise fatal injuries.

Notable fluff points and 8th edition development :

  • Tarron owns his flagship, which is peculiar, as owners usually lend their ships to skilled commanders or crews and if for whatever reason, owners find themselves aboard their ship while on active duty, they still don’t get to issue orders. 
  • The ship is called Norkaturun (Subjugation), and is a 12km long heavy battlecruiser of unique design. Monkeigh guardsmen of sectors that have encountered it call it  “the Barge-Killer” as if it was a living monster. Such rumors however – if overheard – almost always result in commissars having to “raise morale” with their service arms.
  • Between M39-41, with his “new body” Tarron became expert at killing Astartes, hunting Ultramarines and Blood Angels became somewhat of an obsession as he would often create intricate tactics to lure Astartes forces into traps during his raids, putting the existence of the Realm at risk in the process.
  • Tarron has held the title of Raiding-Fleet Prince-Commander for over 3 millenia, almost five times as long as the other two Commanders combined.

8th :

  • In late M41 Tarron was sent away on a mission to find Eldrad and Yvraine. He was sent by Archseer Morr who prophesied that The Voidbearer would never return to the Realm. After such omen, Tarron expected death at every turn. It turned out that under circumstances yet unspecified, he set his hatred aside and, with the help of Farseer Faelon Dirhael, brokered an agreement with Primaris Ultramarines forces, then with approved envoys of Roboute Guilliman. Letting go of his hatred allowed for new emotions and thoughts to fill the void within, making the prophecy true : the Voidbearer would never return to the Realm.
  • It is said that the sudden apparition of Chaos forces in overwhelming numbers made the choice of partnering up more easy to make, for both Tarron and the Astartes he was allegedly combating at the time.
  • It is also rumored that part of Syviis Kelrandri’s Reaver Fleet was met within the human sector. She first reacted to the alliance very negatively. A possible short stand-off between the two Caliranite Raiding Fleets might have also occurred.
  • Tarron has since returned to the Realm with his fleet, but left again with more ships and men. He and Faelon Dirhael have become the representatives of the Realm in all negociations with the Astartes.
  • Amends were made to the Imperium for the soul-raids. An agreement has been reached with the Astartes, raids may still take place but on non-Imperial fringe / renegade / fallen / traitorous human worlds.
  • The new raiding rules and the idea that humans might be worthy of anything more than just being soul-cattle isn’t pleasing to some Eldar of the Realm, but change cannot be stopped.

Inspired by :

Darth Vader, General Grievious, Kain (LoK), Robocop, The Terminator.

this was originally a halloween event. rper and reader discretion advised.

co-run by @nharmxnic and @flying–sparks.

  Welcome to Team Plasma’s castle! No, they aren’t that bad, trust me on that. They’d just prefer you avoid the lower levels of the castle, is all! There’s nothing you need to see down there. Really! They’re just a friendly group of Pokemon activists that also have interest in research-type things, like how Pokemon and humans get along and how their evolutions work.

  …okay, to be honest, there’s a lot of bad shit going on in the depths of this place. There’s around 26 poor kids locked up in the lower area of the castle, each assigned to a letter with the corresponding Unown on a door. They’ve had pretty horrible experiments performed on them, leaving them haphazardly half human, half Pokemon. Each happens to be a species confirmed to have Mega Stones discovered for them, interestingly.

  One of which is subject #14, “N”. He’s combined with Gardevoir DNA, and, frankly, just wants to be somewhere that doesn’t suck. At least he has one of the nicest people around overseeing him! Colress doesn’t even want to be working for Ghetsis and Team Plasma, but he was tricked into joining for research purposes and can’t exactly.. leave, now.

  Rumor has it, even some of the staff in the castle have had things done to them..

  So! Reblog and/or like this if you’re going to be participating, and make a post specifying what you want your muse’s role to be in the event. Are they going to be working in Team Plasma? Are they one of the 25 other subjects? Are they visiting the castle? Are they aware of what’s going on and wish to help free the subjects (or even members of Team Plasma)? Of course, things like being a subject or someone wanting to help break people out will need to be negociated, but go for it!

The tag to track will be #subjectn!

anonymous asked:

What qualities do men respect in women?

Well, I don’t know about all men, but for me, Honesty and loyalty are non-negociable, then:
1- Deen, and by that I mean piety and righteousness, Not the regular obligatory and nafl Ibādāt (acts of worship), those are kind of non-negociable.
2- Delicacy and tenderness.
3- Culture, awareness and sophistication.
4- Intelligence and reliability.

But the bottom line is, The luckiest man is the one who has a woman that appreciates him, covers his shortcomings and never let him feel he’s not good enough. Even if he is.

inkyshade  asked:

Dear Mr. Mense, I'd like to ask you about what it is like to work in the animation industry. I'm interested in getting into this branch myself yet unfortunately I don't now anyone I can ask about this since I don't have any connections to people working there. Might you give me a little insight in what it is like to work as a visual development artist and whether it is a stressful job to do?


First I can only speak for me, and as I’m working as a freelance artist, I can only talk about this kind of experience. Working in the animation industry as concept artist  is great. It demands a lot of work and exigency.

Working in the animation means working with a team, you have to learn to question yourself, accept corrections, defend your ideas and communicate.Visual development isn’t just creating nice characters and images, it’s about understanding a story, the characters specificities and  to translate it as well as you can, and as interestingly as possible. You have got to be able to explore different paths, you have got to be able to restart your work from scratch. Visual development needs solid technique skills for sure but what really matters is the ideas you’ll bring and the life and energy you’ll be able to insuflate to the project.

Freelance work can be quite hard, You’re working on your own and you’re briefed via mails or conferences. Sometimes you can go toward a wrong direction without be aware of it. On the other hand you are quite free to work as you want and as comfortably as you need.

You have to communicate as much as you can with your clients. Don’t hesitate to ask for precisions, to tell them you’re a bit late … (it’s not that easy!)

When you are freelance, you don’t have any employment security, so you’re always searching for new opportunities. That can be stressfull too.That’s why you have to be visible and share your work consistantly, the animation studios are on internet and they are searching for new artists A LOT.

It’s important to show your art and to “promote” yourself as genuinly as possible. I often can’t show what I’m working on for a long time, so I have to keep on creating my own projects and researchs. it’s important because you’re showing who you are and what you do.

Before searching for talented drawers, studios are searching for strong universes and originality.

Finaly you have to know your value and to negociate your daily rates. If you can have an agent, it should be better (I don’t have one yet).

It’s a lot of tasks, and it’s sometimes hard to manage, but it’s a terrific job and we can live quite well from it ( much more than comics sadly).I hope this could help and it was not too pontificating !


"Peça ao Senhor pessoas verdadeiras ".

Por muito tempo eu me prendi em amizades destrutivas, pessoas que queriam me ver bem mais não melhor do que elas. Pessoas que disseram que dariam um passo para me ajudar mais se quer me estenderam a mão no dia da adversidade. Jesus andava com 12 mais apenas 3 partilhavam de sua intimidade. Deixamos pessoas destrutivas colocarem pontos finais em nossas vidas em quanto Deus está dizendo que ainda não é o seu fim. Não tenha medo de deixar ir quem precisa ir, não tenha medo de perder pessoas de tantos anos mais que nunca te trouxeram nada de produtivo. Não negocie a sua fé, não deixe que as pessoas zombem do seu Deus. Peça ao Senhor que lhe conceda pessoas verdadeiras, pessoas que se preciso for te levem ao templo e te desçam por um telhado só para ver o seu milagre acontecer, assim como foi com aquele paralítico. Vejo pessoas se destruírem só por não quererem perder pessoas que não as levam a nada.
A minha oração é para que o verdadeiro permaneça, e o que tiver que ir se vá.
Valorize quem não te diz sim sempre , quem puxa sua orelha , quem não aceita te ver vivendo na situação que você está. Ame o seu amigo (a) em tempo e fora dele, ore, abrace , tenha comunhão .
Fortaleça as pessoas há sua volta, cuide dá dor delas, porque com certeza um dia cuidaram dá sua. Se você não tem alguém assim peça a Deus.
E se você já tem alguém assim valorize ❤

The Year of Intelligent Tigers

Some A shit ton of highlights of the last EDA I’ve read (The Year of Intelligent Tigers). Probably my longest post so far.

I took these screens while reading, along with my reactions. As usual, this is full of spoilers.

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