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AU where young Dean and Cas are both strangers to each other and at a a wrestling match that features Gunnar Lawless. Dean really wants to get Gunnar's glove before the match, but Gunnar ends up giving it to Cas instead. After the match is over, Dean tries to buy the glove off of Cas with his allowance and Cas says he'll trade the glove for a kiss.

A/N: Again I had this posted on Ao3 months ago but forgot to post in here somehow. I’m so sorry nonnie! I hope you like it x

Kiss With A Fist

Dean was beyond excited. Not only had he and his father successfully taken care of a ravenous werewolf, but his favourite wrestler Gunner Lawless had a match in town that night and John had promised Dean that they could go as a reward for how well he had been doing with his hunters training. 

Dean had hidden himself between the beds in the abandoned house they were currently squatting in so that he could secretly admire his signed poster of Lawless; they did not have the privilege of owning many precious items, but that poster was certainly one of Dean’s. 

“I’m going to get one of those gloves” he said determinedly as he traced his finger across the image. 

He knew that Gunner often gave one of his fans an item of his wrestling gear before the match to symbolise his reciprocated admiration. That was one of the many things Dean liked about him; he could kick ass but he was kind too.

When he heard the heavy footsteps of his father coming up the stairs Dean quickly rolled up the poster and stuffed it back into his duffle.


“In here, dad” Dean called as he stood up and tried not to look suspicious. 

“I just heard a report on the radio about another attack. It seems that that werewolf had a missus” John informed him.

Dean’s heart sank. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow?“ 

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sometimes i like to remember that kirk said to edith keeler

“let me help. a hundred years or so from now, i believe, a famous novelist will write a classic using that theme. he’ll recommend those three words even over ‘i love you.’”

and in the VERY NEXT EPISODE spock says

“let me help” to kirk

to which kirk replies

“i need you, spock”

and after i remember that i feel a little bit better thanks have a nice day

  • marina and the diamonds: i really hate how women are expected to be saccharine, superficial, and overly-fixated on beauty and sex, so i'll write an album satire of that
  • everyone, missing the point entirely: hm :/// this album is a saccharine, superficial, and overly-fixated on beauty and sex :///