the needle and vinyl play

ages ago @saintapathis tagged me in a rec-songs-for-moods meme and. it. got out of hand. so uh. some overly specific moods. some songs.

emotionally exhausted and in need of comfort:
- cobwebs, martha tilston and the woods
- born, over the rhine
- hold on, tom waits
- wild sage, the mountain goats
- drown out, the swell season
- his eye is on the sparrow, abigail washburn
- the party, regina spektor

- this year, the mountain goats
- the mary ellen carter, stan rogers
- firefly, over the rhine
- shake it out, florence + the machine
- morning comes, delta rae
- that one specific live version of “like a rolling stone” at the end of scorsese’s dylan documentary no direction home recorded right after dylan’s motorcycle accident where he starts it by yelling to the band “play it fuckin’ loud” and the organ is just searing

depressed but don’t want to be:
- firewood, regina spektor
- a better son/daughter, rilo kiley
- level up, vienna teng
- amy aka spent gladiator 1, the mountain goats
- redeemed, charlotte martin
- i wanna get better, bleachers

sad but in a nice way where i want to wallow for a bit:
- knocking on heaven’s door, antony and the johnsons
- annachie gordon, the unthanks
- my body is a cage, arcade fire
- top of the world, patty griffin (especially the live at the artists’ den version)
- ring them bells, sarah jarosz
- on a sea of fleur de lis, richard shindell
- florida, patty griffin

i wanna yell and/or feel some kind of complex emotion:
- s.o.b., nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats
- changes come, over the rhine
- harlem roulette, the mountain goats
- forgiveness, patty griffin
- it’s alright ma i’m only bleeding, the duhks
- after the bombs, the decemberists
- the next best western, richard shindell
- empty, ray lamontagne

- pay me my money down, bruce springsteen
- the magic position, patrick wolf
- we need medicine, the fratellis
- banjo pickin’ girl, abigail washburn & the sparrow quartet
- you ain’t goin’ nowhere, glen hansard and marketa irglova
- i don’t know, lisa hannigan
- the night that paddy murphy died, great big sea
- call me maybe, carly rae jepsen
- upside down, paloma faith
- orphan girl, crooked still
- tea with cinnamon, katzenjammer
- don’t carry it all, the decemberists
- california stars, billy bragg & wilco
- everything i saw, the weather station
- literally any cover of galway girl

it’s three am, there’s a thunderstorm, and i’m wearing a lot of velvet:
- girls that glitter love the dark, hannah fury
- when another midnight, sarah slean
- bells for her, tori amos
- mad girl’s love song, fisher
- the devil, pj harvey
- i will never die, delta rae
- #1 crush, garbage (SHUT. YER FACE.)
- black doe, mary epworth and the jubilee band
- devil of mine, moulettes
- bone mother, the ford theatre reunion
- horse and i, bat for lashes
- clap hands, tom waits
- tristan, patrick wolf
- black acres, elysian fields
- rest in the bed, laura marling
- bad ritual, timber timbre

having an emotion about the x-files:
- you were a kindness, the national
- goodbye (this is not goodbye), over the rhine
- recessional, vienna teng


One by one, the rest of his choir have VANISHED. A dozen footfalls of butter-soft leather shoes, the ambient chattering of bright, boyish voices, the low hum of music beneath one collective breath — have fallen silent. Their rooms are empty: luggage still in their suitcases, beds still pristine, the warm spice of cologne still lingering — but heavier still, is the reek of ROT. 

The hotel seems ancient, forgotten from a bygone era, although nothing so blatant as sugar cobwebs at autumn or thick, cotton-candy clouds of gray dust, but — there’s nothing modern, as if he’s stepped into the ghost of a past decade. Tinny jazz plays from upstairs, the needle skipping on vinyl, matching Kurt’s HEART, faltering in his chest, his fingers trembling, knees threatening to buckle

The maid, steaming stained sheets ( dark with what he desperately hopes isn’t waste ) in the corridor, the dour clerk at the front desk — no one has seen the male choir. He catches glimpses of a pale figure, from beneath his dark lashes — just a nightmarish trick of his imagination, until — it comes closer, a DRILL between its legs, two of his cardigan buttons are torn from their stitching, and the figment is suddenly REAL.

Kurt runs, almost stumbling down the stairway, one ankle twisted in the wrong direction, his ribs aching, his blue gaze stinging with salt. ( He wishes Blaine would appear, and lace their fingers together, and tenderly chide him for being scared of creaking floors and mere shadows. ) There’s a woman seated at the bar, regal and accompanied by a maroon-tinted glass, and — he can’t leave her with that man ( or monster ) and he hesitates, wordless and rose-cheeked and tear-stained, to try to warn her. 

                    ❝ — S - someone — someone is AFTER me ! And — and everyone is — ❞ But he can hardly speak, muted by terror. 


“I’ve been the tattoo artist working on your sleeve for the last two years and when you come in I try not to act excited but I’ve actually come to really look forward to it when you make appts because your requests are always challenging and fun and today is no exception so let’s get sta- HEY! WHAT THE HELL! Did you get work done by a different artist?? Fucking ouch this is it this is what it feels like to have your heart broken” AU

She smiled as she pushed the door open, to hear the familiar buzzing of a thousand needles and the slightly tinny music playing from the vinyl outback over the speakers, and the familiar laminated folders of different tattoo designs laying across the table in the corner.

“Hey Lu, you here for your sleeve?” Michael asked from behind the counter, twirling slowly on the stool, twisting his nose stud absentmindedly. She nodded,

“Yeah, please. Sorry, I know I’m a little early but I got off work earlier than I thought,” 

Michael grinned, and she walked up to the counter, resting her arms against it, “No worries, today’s been pretty dead anyway. D’you wanna pay now while you’re waiting? Luke should be done in a few minutes, some girls getting her nipple done,”

“Ah,” She nodded, biting her lip slightly at the idea of Luke touching another girls tits, which makes no sense, so she ignored it, “Yeah, sure,”

He set up the card machine, “So, how was work?”

“Boring, and that guy that’s just started kept bothering me,” She whined, typing in her pin number, “What about you, any exciting stories today?”

He sighed wistfully, “Nah not today, though I did get this girls number after I pierced her ear, so,” He shrugged, smiling. 

“-Just make sure to keep it clean, yeah? And try not to wear anything that’ll catch on it for the next few days,” Luke explained, before ducking out of the room and handing the girl a leaflet, “It tells you everything in here, but come back if you have any problems, yeah?” And he smiled, waving her out before turning to Luisa and pulling her into a shy hug, “Hey you, ready for another session?”

She beamed, “As ready as I’ll ever be,”

He let his hand ghost the small of her back as he led her back to the room, shutting the door and snapping on some gloves as she settled onto the familiar leather chair, shrugging out of her jacket so he could get to her sleeve.

“D’you still want the same design we talked about adding last time?” He asked, sitting on his chair and rolling it over, taking her arm and running his thumb over the ink there. She shivered, “You wanted those flowers right, right by your- oh.”

She chewed on her lip again, crossing her ankles nervously, because Luke was staring at the new addition to her sleeve with betrayal written all over his face.

“You, uh, you went to a different tattooist?” He asked, voice trying to be nonchalant but she can see the crease between his eyebrows, “That’s cool, yeah, uh, that’s fine.”


“No, nope, it’s chill-”

“It was when you went out of town, and I didn’t wanna wait s’all. You’re still my favourite artist.” She murmured, tucking her finger under his chin so he’d look away from the ink that wasn’t done by his hand and therefore shouldn’t be there, and to her face, “He was no where near as good as you,” She smiled.

“Damn straight,” He mumbled, before turning to grab his needle gun, “What work am I doing then?”

“I was thinking about adding some colour to these,” She pointed to the ink already ruining up her forearm. He nodded, grabbing a blue,

“Hey, uh, you’re my last appointment, and I was wondering if, maybe, you’d wanna go get something to eat after this?” He asked, eyes fixed on her arm, a faint blush to his cheeks.

“About time you asked,” She smiled and he rolled his eyes, adjusting the gun and twisting her arm into the right position, 

“So that’s a yes?” 


And he beamed at her, before she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as he led the gun to her arm, with sure, warm hands and let the skin turn to a sky blue.

Stood Up #7 - MMFD Fanfic

I apologize in advance for this because I am almost 100% positive there are typo’s and a lot of grammatical errors. I’m heading out of town for my brothers wedding and I really wanted to get this up before I left. It will be edited once I get back. Just wanted to put it out there. Hope you all enjoy :) Also, I think I managed to tag everyone, but if I missed you, let me know.


She was beautiful he thought to himself as he watched her from across the room. She was striking in a way that knocked him off his senses and left him at her mercy. When she was close to him all he could think about was running his hands through her hair. The way the jet black soft waves pooled in his hands when he kissed her had become his favorite thing in the entire world. The sound of her voice when she was talking about music took him to another universe where he could close his eyes and get lost for days. The curves of her body awoke a deep passion in his soul and he longed to touch her, to comfort her, but instead he held himself back, not wanting to push her away.

He busied himself making them up some tea as she sat rocking herself back and forth at the dining table. Something had rattled her deep to the core and it had brought to life a need to protect that he had never felt before. Deep inside him he knew that his journey had brought him right here to this place, to her. All the days he sat watching her, studying her, had prepared him for this moment. He knew that she needed him, even if she hadn’t quite realized it herself.

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delta rae covering “rolling in the deep” in what looks like a small club in ‘11. this is a hard song to cover satisfactorily (you need to either have adele’s pipes (+ emotional drive; the thing about adele is that you believe her) or an entirely different type of voice and/or arrangement or you’re gonna sound lacking), and dang, do they do it justice, not least because brittany holljes is a witchy firebrand, but also watch how much of the percussion they carry with their bodies. this band has such great harmony, not just in vocal harmonies, but in the vital and organic way in which they play together.

Goodbye (This Is Not Goodbye)
Over The Rhine
Goodbye (This Is Not Goodbye)

goodbye (this is not goodbye) | over the rhine

help me tell the truth
you see that’s all i’m trying to do is tell the truth
i’m not that shy
this is not goodbye
and later on i won’t know how
i don’t know who else to be
more and more i’m secretly just me
open your eyes

help me tell the truth
you see
 that’s all i’m trying to do is tell the truth
it’s just in my head
all i’ve left unsaid
and later on
it won’t come out