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Ready or Not [James March x Reader]

Request: “Can you please do an imagine where you are married to James and you see a girl flirting with him so you get jealous and kill her. Thanks love 😊”

Warnings: RATED R, SPOILERS, Murder, mentions of rape, prostitution, jealous!reader, torture, possibly more

Word Count: 1168

A/N: So I got bored and figured out how to make gifs & watermark them! I seriously need a holy water bath after this one… Especially that rape/James being ??? I originally had this super fucked idea but figured it was way too dark for LG.

The girl laughs dramatically, throwing her arm onto his. He smiles and looks over at you, some emotion wild in his eyes.

Muttering under your breath, you wave Liz down. “I don’t care what you give me, just make it strong.” You grimace, shrugging in the direction of James and the redhead. Liz smiles sadly.

“You’ve been with James for, what… A hundred years?” She laughs. “He’d never do that to you.”

“Ninety-one.” You say quietly. “We’ve been married for ninety-one years. Known each other for… ninety-five. We met when women could vote, some time in the ‘20′s.” Liz hands you a glass, leaning over on the bar. It was obvious she wanted to hear more. “He was in the process of planning this hotel. I helped him with everything he found mundane, or everything that didn’t involve murder or sex.” 

“You designed all of this?” She says, slightly shocked. You nod as you take a sip of whatever drink she handed you, seeing her look around.

“It took two years to plan and build. By that time, he had mastered killing, and started expressing an interest in me doing so. And you know, I never had an issue with whatever disgusting things he did to them after their demise. I turned the other cheek, pretended like it wasn’t happening.” 

The memories came back to you at once, a mixture of happiness and hatred filling you, plus whatever the alcohol added. One memory stood prominent, though. The first time you found out exactly what James had done to the woman, who you later found out was Margarita Michael, a local prostitute who often used the hotel for her work. It disgusted you, and your husband found out quickly.

After luring her to one of his rooms, he had tied her to the bed, put a gag in her mouth, and fucked her. As he thrust into her, the blade of his knife slit across her throat, lightly. Enough to make her bleed, but not enough to kill her. He kept pumping in and out of her panicked body, his knife slashing her over, and over, and over, until there was simply nothing left but a bloody mess. 

When asked to justify his actions, he told you that it was incomparable. The feeling of her hot cunt around his cock, her hips rocking up and down, and the way she twitched on his length with every stroke of the blade on her torso. You promptly slapped your husband, disgust and envy rushing through you. 

He stayed still, letting you scream and shout at him, which was a rare thing. James knew it was wrong, he knew that he should run upstairs and fuck his very much alive wife… What he didn’t know, though, was how to react, what to say, whether to defend himself or not. He just didn’t know what to do. James stopped after you got angry, though. It became even rarer than him letting you become the dominant one in the relationship. He absolutely hated seeing you upset, even more so when he caused it. 

Back to the present. Liz was engrossed in your stories about the roaring twenties, the depression, the second world war, and the other decades. You tried to leave out as much about your husband and his hobbies, but they never left your mind. Especially on this night, because of the fiery redhead who was sitting with your James.

As the night continued, your mind continued to cook up schemes on what you’d do to the woman. Your first thought were the walls- you’d wall her up like James did to the Valentino couple. Then your mind wandered off to the acid pit, watching her flesh sizzle off of her bones while she screams. Next came the idea of just tossing her down one of the chutes alive, listening to her as she came to and realized what was going on around her until she eventually starved. Finally, you just wanted her dead, and it didn’t much matter how creative you got.

First, you’d somehow get her to a room. Maybe you’d pile on the charm, seduce her. That was really the only good option you could think of in the few minutes. Then, you’d knock her out. Hit her over the head with a lamp, punch her in the throat… That’d be a bit rough though, because it could probably kill her. You wanted to play with her a bit first. Last was the kill. You’d force James from his hidey-hole and make him come into the room. He’d watch you torture this woman and he’d enjoy it (which would be easy for him, he loved watching you paint the walls with blood).

The plan was mildly successful, and the girl, Haley, willingly came up to the room and let you tie her up, nude. You felt a tiny bit of remorse, but the excitement of what was soon to happen made it better. Tightening her restraints, you left the room.

“James!” You shouted, dancing through a hallway of the Cortez. “Jamesie! Lovely husband?!” 

“Dearest?” You hear the wonderful transatlantic accent at the end of the hall. He smirks, walking what felt painstakingly slowly to you. “What’s wrong?”

“I have a surprise for you.” Grinning, you slide open the door of room 43, immediately seeing the girl squirming and fighting for her freedom. 

You could see his eyes light up when he saw her, the sinful intentions almost clear. He steps forward, gripping the foot board. He’s clearly at a loss of words from your  “Simply… Darling.” 

“Take a seat.” You smile, gesturing for him to sit in the plush chair next to you. “We have so much to discuss, and even more to plan.” Picking up the small, sharp, spinning wheel, you trace it firmly against her collarbone. The device leaves small pricks on her skin as she writhes under your touch. “What attracted you to Haley here?”

James was quick to answer. “She’s gorgeous. Reminds me of you in the Golden Age.” You nod. 

“Why? Why did you entertain her when you were clearly going nowhere?”

The redhead is eager to reply, and you were eager to shush her. “He-” 

“Ah, hush it. You’ve no say in these matters!” You shove a rag in her mouth, effectively rendering her incapable of speaking.

After what felt like hours of questioning and torturing, you grew bored. Quickly grabbing the long blade from the tray, you jab it in her heart, close to about ten times. Probably more. 

“Ah, you’ve spoiled the fun.” James smirks from the corner of the room. Waving for you to come over, you sit on his lap. “Now, what else might be nice?”

His lips crash onto yours but you pull away, fighting against the arm around your hips. “You’re not getting anything until you make this up to me!” 

He groans, releasing you. You leave the room with a smirk. “Hazel, dear, I have a chore!”


               Let’s make love tonight, cover my eyes tonight. Don’t say “this is the end”. Don’t let me go.

Seungri X Love Making ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bonus: (under a read more because it’s nsfw)

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What’s My Name?

Genre: pure smut, dom Jimin

Word Count: 1834

Jimin makes sure you only have eyes for him.

“5, 6, 7, 8,” you called out in time to the song you choreographed and were teaching to Jungkook. Jungkook did the routine without fault, however you noticed he missed a certain passion, a feel for the rhythm. “Jungkook, try to feel the emotions of the music, the dance shouldn’t look methodical,” you told him as he listened to you with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

“Then show me, teacher,” he told you while beckoning you towards him with a wide smile on his face. You rolled your eyes at the suddenly formal way he addressed you and went over to stand in front of him so he could mirror your movements.

“So first bring your arms up slowly, then thrust your hips to the beat of the music. It’s not that hard, you just have to feel the music,” you explained.

“You mean like this?” he whispered in your ear, suddenly grabbing you to press your ass against his crotch. You were frozen in a state of shock and barely noticed his hands trailing up your hips at an agonizing pace. He firmly held your waist and thrust upwards to meet your ass.

“Jungkook…stop, we can’t do this,” you feebly protested as you pushed yourself away from his strong grip.

“Ahem,” a voice interrupted the heated moment. You whirled around to see your boyfriend Jimin. Shit.

He had his poker face on, almost cheerful, which made you wonder if he had seen you and Jungkook. “How was dance practice?” he asked Jungkook as he moved to settle an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“It was good, I was actually just headed out. See you later guys,” Jungkook awkwardly mumbled as he raced out the door to his room upstairs. A few moments of silence passed with Jimin just holding your waist in the middle of the practice room. You could see your reflection in the mirror and you tried to hide the look of guilt as Jimin smiled serenely back at you. You could hear the clock ticking. Neither of you moved.

“Babe, what am I to you?” he asked you in an unsettlingly calm, low voice. You knew what was coming. He had seen you and Jungkook. There was no stopping Jimin now and you couldn’t help but feel the excitement pool in your stomach. Jimin brushed your hair off your shoulder and tucked it behind your ear. He moved his lips to your ear. “I hate how you forget about me, Y/N. The way you just throw yourself at guys like a common whore,” he said as he licked the shell of your ear. You bit your lip and averted your gaze to the ground, his gaze too intense to meet. “I think you need a little reminder on who your boyfriend is.”

He roughly gripped your chin, forcing you to look at yourself in the mirror. “What are other boys going to think when they see you like this? Sex hair, tits out” he said as he tugged your hair back with one hand and grabbing the neckline of your tank top with the other hand, pulling it down to reveal your bra completely. “Look at all this cleavage, you may as well not wear a shirt babe.” He ripped your shirt in two, letting it fall to the floor. You felt exposed, your skin was on fire from his gaze and light touches, and the feelings were amplified as you could see the reflection of you and Jimin. “Now let’s move on to these leggings. They look like a second skin; your ass and pussy are basically on full display. Must be easy to just spread your legs for every guy,” he growled into your ear as he slapped your ass, bringing a hand forward to cup your pussy. “How about we take those off too. Show me how you strip for all the other guys,” he said in a low voice, grabbing a chair and sitting in the middle of the room in anticipation. You gasped at the sudden loss of contact and turned to face him, with your back to the mirror. Slowly you peeled your leggings off, the cold air hitting your skin immediately. Jimin’s eyes followed your every moment. As you stepped out of the leggings Jimin called you over to him, curling two fingers to gesture. He patted his lap for you to sit on, facing you both towards the mirror. You couldn’t tell if he intentionally brushed your ass against his growing erection, but the moment was fleeting before he firmly secured you on his solid thighs.

“So Y/N, our little Jungkookie is right upstairs. You know if you wanted to call him, he could probably hear you. But that’s not what we want, is it?” he asked you mockingly. His question was met with silence. “Use your words baby, is that what we want?” he asked you again, this time gripping the waistband of your panties and pulling up hard, leaving it almost painfully high between your ass cheeks.

“N-no, Jimin,” you choked out.

“Aw, my little slut does know my name. That’s a good start. But it isn’t good enough,” he smiled devilishly at you, releasing your panties before ripping them off completely along with your bra. He placed hot, open-mouthed kisses down your bare back, leaving a wet trail down your spine. He grabbed your tits and kneaded them roughly, pinching your nipples as he growled into your skin. You bit your lip, trying to suppress your moans. Jimin looked into your eyes and shoved a finger into your wet folds with no warning. You gasped at the sudden fullness and Jimin proceeded to hook a finger into your mouth, keeping it open. “That’s right baby, keep your mouth open. I want you to be loud for me and tell everyone who’s you are,” he said as he now pumped two fingers into your pussy. His words went straight to your core and your eyes went hazy from pleasure. “You’re already so wet baby. Who did that to you? Was it Jungkook?” he questioned as he added a third finger. “Or was it me?”

“It was you,” you said weakly as you fell back into his firm chest, inhaling his musky scent.

“Gotta say my name babe,” he grunted as he added a fourth finger and rubbed circles over your clit with his thumb. “Only you Jimin,” you moaned. In a flash his fingers were out of your core, your wetness dripping over your thighs and his jeans. You two looked absolutely filthy in the mirror. You were completely naked, desperately humping his thigh to get some sort of friction after he removed his fingers. Meanwhile, he was the portrait of calmness, fully clothed and lightly smirking at your actions. Meeting your gaze he used his still slick fingers to draw wet circles over your nipples then blew on them. They became hard and erect, exposed to the cold liquid and air.

“I need you to scream my name, Y/N. That’s the only way our friend Jungkook, who’s probably upstairs jacking off to you right now, will know you are mine and only mine. This pussy,” he said menacingly as he held your hips and ground your pussy directly into his hard clothed cock, “is mine.” He unbuckled his pants, taking his cock out and stroked it lazily. It was fully hard and you ached to touch it, to taste it. You moaned at the sight of his cock and kneeled to suck his cock. Jimin chuckled and teased the tip on your tongue, not letting you wrap your lips around it.

“Such a needy cockslut,” he muttered as he shoved your mouth around it by the back of your head, fucking your throat. His movements were rough and fast, leaving your hair disheveled and a trail of spit and pre-cum running down the sides of your mouth. “You take my cock so well. Your mouth was made for sucking my cock. Only my cock,” he said as he pushed your head all the way down his cock, your nose touching his balls. He held you like this as he pet your hair, brushing it back away from your face so he could look at your stuffed mouth. “Look at yourself Y/N. This is what you are. My dirty little whore,” he said as he moved your head so you could see yourself in the mirror. The image went straight to your pussy as you saw him, fully clothed, with his cock down your throat, leaving a large bulge in your cheek. You looked like a writhing mess and his complete control over you turned you on even more. “You look great with my cock in your mouth, but I think you look even better when you’re bouncing on my cock. What do you think?” he asked you tipping your head upwards, his cock still in your mouth. You moaned around his cock and he smiled, lifting you back into his lap. He lowered you down onto his cock and you moaned loudly at how thick his cock felt along your inner walls.

“Ride me,” he said as he leaned back into the chair after slapping your ass. You gripped his firm thighs and rocked your hips over his cock. You rolled your hips and moaned even louder when he starting thrusting up to meet your movements. You thought you heard faint footsteps outside the door but you couldn’t focus on anything else than the feeling of Jimin’s cock stuffed up your slick pussy. “Say my name,” he ordered as he started rubbing your clit. You met his eyes in the mirror and moaned out, “Jimin,” completely blissed out.

“Say it fucking louder, who do you belong to?” he snarled into your ear as he grabbed your hips, hard enough to leave bruises, and moved you up and down over his cock. You saw stars and could barely even speak, the rough stimulation melting every bone in your body.

“I’m yours, Jimin, only yours. Only you,” you screamed as you felt your orgasm wash over you. Jimin didn’t ease up on his pace, fucking you through your orgasm. You were sensitive and tried to close your legs as the feeling of his cock became too much. He ripped your legs apart and thrust into you, reaching his high as he kissed your shoulder, leaving a dark mark that would claim you. You cried out his name relentlessly until you both collapsed backwards. You looked up towards the door, just in time to catch a glimpse of someone in a red beanie running away. Jungkook had seen everything, but you couldn’t care less. Jimin turned your head to face him, cupping your cheek as he kissed you. You sighed into the kiss and leaned into his chest as he brought an arm around to hug you. “I’m yours,” you whispered in his strong, comforting arms.

Broadchurch - series finale

Firstly, I don’t know if I got all the wrap up I wanted, there’s still quite a few questions (non concerning Trish’s case) that weren’t answered. However, I like how a lot has been left open to interpretation. Gives me faith that maybe it might not absolutely be the end forever…and even if it is, well then I can make up my own mind.

I just thought it was the sweetest thing that Hardy gruffly turns down Ellie’s offer of going to the pub, but is fully prepared to just sit on a bench with her, out of work hours. Pub is what other work colleagues do, to be sociable and get to know their work mates better in an acceptable environment. I love how they have their own little bench, their own space and environment and they don’t need a catalyst climate for convergence. They have an atypical relationship and a connection based on absolute trust and honesty. Saying all that, you just know that Ellie is by hook or by crook going to get him down the pub at some point!

As with the rest of the season, Trish’s case was dealt with sensitively as we finally found out what happened. The reveal was horrific as Twine Boy turned out to be more that just a “swaggery little shit.” Although, house points to Miller who’s instincts about him were bob on from the start, right through to the eye roll inducing sob story last episode. Not only was his view and treatment of women sickening, but the discovery that he had groomed another young man to treat women like objects and possessions rang all too true. I think having the perpetrators be so young was a powerful decision. As a teacher I am unfortunately aware at how young some boys nowadays can be that are accessing pornographic imagery. Even if most parents keep a close eye on their children’s access to such content, all it takes is one child. Then they can show their phone to others on the way home, pass around content on memory sticks etc. Not enough education is done in schools. This isn’t the fault of the schools or teachers, but of the government who do not prioritise this as part of the curriculum. It’s all very well teaching a child how to use a relative clause, but ignoring the fact that they treat women like shit and will grow up doing this in their professional or personal life. Broadchurch has stood out in representing this issue. It’s taken the lead, now others must follow.

My heart cries for the Latimers. I do however feel that all their storyline should have been in last week’s episode where it wouldn’t have been rushed. The scenes between Mark and Beth were lovely, but all through them I was thinking about how it needed to go back to Alec and Ellie, as they were on the verge of solving the crime.

Right so I refuse to believe Broadchurch is over (I’m in the strong denial stage), but I think this episode has plenty of scope from spin-offs

1) Holy Water - Mark and Paul the vicar are both leaving Broadchurch. They team up together in a plumbing/prayer business by day and solve crime at night!

2) Hardy and Miller - This has to be done! I’m happy just watching them sit on a bench in silence for an hour. Trish’s case seems to be the only one they were working on for a few weeks. That suggests that the crime rate in Broadchurch is rather low. So, what exactly are they going to be doing? I want a series just focused on them solving the most minor of crimes with the same passion and tenacity that they do with a murder or assault.

Hardy - *slams fist on desk* “Don’t play coy, Jones! We know you stole that KitKat. You were in the area at the time, forensics have your DNA all over the chocolate shelf, CCTV shows you leaving the premises in question, we’ve got eye witnesses and background statements from your employers from the last five years that will state in court that you’ve shaken vending machines to try and get some free chocolate. Silver foil traces were found in the glove compartment of your car. We know you did it! 

Miller - *stares witheringly at suspect until they confess and then pulls a KitKat from her bag*

3) Daisey and Chloe - They can just have a show where they go around and slap all the swaggery shits in town upside their head.

Well, whether this was the last episode ever or if it reappears in years to come in some form, it’s been one hell of a great ride. Olivia Colman and David Tennant are extraordinary talents and as great as the writing was, they really kicked this show up a gear. They had you caring and interested from that very first meeting on the beach. Hardy and Miller have become an iconic tv duo and that’s no easy feat.

I’ve loved each season in it’s own way. Season one was an excellent ‘who dunnit’ that showed the cracks behind a perfect facade. I personally adored season two as well. It was like watching a smashed vase trying to be out back together. Everything and everyone was broken and it created this beautiful disjointedness and questioned everything.Season three tried to break down barriers and really hold a mirror up to our world and say ‘Do we really think this is acceptable?’  I suppose it’s a good thing that the show is going out on top and leaving the audience wanting more. But, I just feel that another season would have been worth the risk. 

Heat of the Moment [Part 1]

Prompts #20: “Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anybody”  and  #26: “Wait, where are my clothes?” #28: I wasn’t listening, I was undressing you with my eyes…?” and  #5: “Damn you are a kinky motherfucker…I like it.”

Author(s): Caitsy and Ash

Warnings: Swearing, use of sexual words, Nat being sexy, Stucky,

Disclaimer: We do not own marvel or any characters. We also do know any gifs, images, jokes or songs that appear in this prompt.

Summary: Things get heated when Peter Parkers older sister comes for a visit when Peter’s never talked about her. Things get heated between reader and Scott. Bucky and Steve land themselves in an uncomfortable situation with each other. What really went on that night?

Requested: Yes. Anonymous

A/N: This is the first time Ash and I have co-authored something because we were stumped individually on how to take this so we did role-play lol. Enjoy.


Prompt List

Give is how we co-authored this shit out of this.

Originally posted by usaonetwothree

You weren’t that well known to the Avengers mainly because you were the older sister of a bug. Peter Parker was your little brother but he refused to let you anywhere the superheroes at the beginning because he saw you as the cool sibling. Actually Peter finally relented on not telling the Avengers about you so here he was was shifting uncomfortably on his feet.

“I have a secret.” Peter said drawing in a deep breath. Everyone dropped what they were doing to watch the bug boy talk.

“Did you murder your brothers Spider-boy?” Sam questioned leaning back into the couch.

“No that’s to be expected, I think Spidey is hiding something way more intriguing. I bet he’s secretly plotting to unleash a world of spiders. Maybe even a spider Godzilla.” Scott said. Everyone just looked at him wondering how this genius had a degree in electrical engineering.

“As cool as that sounds that’s not what I’ve come to confess.” Peter took in an even deeper breath. He went to speak only to be interrupted by a voice coming from the back.

“You still haven’t told them about me, have you punk?”

“Hey! That’s my nickname for Steve!” Bucky exclaimed not expecting it.

Peter face palmed as his older sister, as per usual, barged in when he was trying to do his thing. Everyone looking at the newcomer had a hard time grasping his Peter knew someone like this woman.

“How did you get into my building?” Tony questioned climbing to his feet in worry.

“Better yet how did the bug get her in his life?” Sam joked looking at the newcomer with a grin.

“Y/N Parker at your service.” You smirked taking a seat in the open chair crossing your legs, “By the way Tony, you’re technology isn’t all that strong against someone like me.”

Tony muttered pulled out his tablet with a glare towards the woman as he tried see just how she had gotten in without an alarm going off. Finding nothing he sat back down and emotionally isolated himself.

“Excuse me. I have to go reprogram and strengthen my security.” Tony huffed storming towards the elevator.

“Everyone, this is my sister.” Peter said reluctantly but with a bit of pride in his voice. He walked over and leaned down grabbing her around the neck. He whispered something in her ear making her laugh.

“Wait, just wait a minute.” Scott threw up his fingers not sure if he actually believed what was going on. He was secretly waiting for Ashton Kutcher to show up and let him know he was Punk’d.

“She’s your sister? I mean … you’re a bug. She’s hot. How does that work? You’re adopted aren’t you?” Scott moved his finger accusingly between the two of us. Peter and I just sat kind of dumbfounded before shaking our heads and laughing.

“We came from the same womb and parents.” You chuckled, “You blind there or does your mind stay the same small size?”

“Oh you have jokes, funny. Your jokes are as bad as his, you guys are definitely related.” Scott just shot you a wink and a sly smile. This guy was going to be trouble.

“My ‘bad’ jokes are better than your flirty words.” You rolled your eyes stretching your legs out, “I mean are you compensating your small dick or something?”

Scott seemed a bit taken back unsure of how to respond you. He’d never met someone so..feisty. If he was being honest, he rather liked it. “I don’t have to compensate for anything, my dick is quite the prize. Maybe you’ll find out at some point.”

“Um. No. I prefer men with…well not someone like you.” You chuckled as Peter made a sound is disgust.

“My sister’s practically a nun thank you very much.” Peter sniffled crossing his arms.

“Oh baby brother. Don’t you remember my boyfriend? We closed the door and we sure as hell weren’t play board games nor having a tea party.” You laughed as Peter gagged and shook his head.

“Oh (Y/N), you’re just full of surprises. Aren’t you?” Scott said in a coy tone. I could feel him looking me over and I knew ideas were just rolling around in his head. This weekend was going to be an interesting one to say the least.

“Well you know since you are new here and we barely know you. I think we should change that. A few drinks and a welcome to the tower party are in order.” Scott noted.

Steve groaned along with Bucky because they both knew that they would have to babysit drunk Avengers once more. Last time they played a drinking game Steve almost lost an eye when Scott decided to try Clint’s bow and arrow.

“Maybe we shouldn’t.” Steve calmly said, “Remember last time? Scott you-”

“Oh what did the little nuisance do?” You pouted, “Ants are such strange and unneeded creatures.”

“Strange, yes but unneeded … that’s a big no.” Scott said walking closer to where I was sitting. “And for the record, let’s just say tequila and archery don’t mix.” Scott said as he mock wiped the conversation over with his hands.

“Besides, who says bug boy’s sister could even keep up with us?” Scott scoffed. “She’s probably one drink and done.”

“Oh jesus.” Peter groaned collapsing onto the ground beside the chair, “Can we not talk about my sister’s life?”

“You’re just sad that you’re a lightweight.” You shot back at your brother before turning towards Scott again, “You’re looking at the current record holding in drinking games. I’m so legendary at college that Peter’s child friends know all about me.”

“It’s true! She drank so much she almost had alcohol poisoning.”

“If drinking was a career I would be fucking rich and the best. I can drink the strongest vodka straight vodka only.”

“Do they know all about you for your drinking or because of the tea parties you like to throw behind closed doors?” Scott said narrowing his eyes at me and running his eyes over me. Oh, that cocky bastard.

“You did not just accuse my sister of being a whore!” Peter shouted almost in rage and turning red.

Steve and Bucky grabbed the seething young Parker holding him tightly as to ensure the oddly strong boy from swinging. The team shifted uncomfortably at the entire time Y/N and Scott were bantering.

“Holy shit the sexual tension has grown.” Tony said as he made his reappearance, “FRIDAY informed me the words ‘drinking games’ was used at some point.”

“Of course alcohol would bring you back.” Bucky said rolling his eyes.

“Feels like a frat party with the sexual tension. Impressive given it’s only two people.”

“I need alcohol.” You moaned before opening your backpack to pull out a bottle of vodka. Everyone in the room froze at the sight before you looked down at it, “I was taking it to a girls night but I’m going to need it here.”

“Oh god, my sister is an alcoholic.” Peter muttered under his breath while shaking his head.

“I’ll grab the glasses and three more bottles.” Tony said whisking away to the bar that sat in the back of the room. You saw Steve and Bucky share knowing glances “we’re in for a long night.”

“Did that Thor guy leave any of that strong alcohol from wherever he comes from?” You asked getting looks from everyone. Peter had to take another glance at you in slight shock.

“How the hell?” Peter, “You drink alcohol like water. Holy fuck”

“Like a wise man once said, ‘that’s my secret, I’m always mad’”

“Wait you’re drunk all the time?” Steve exclaimed.

“No. I just like the quote.” You laughed, “I’m tipsy like forty percent of the time.”

“So you are an alcoholic. This explains a lot of things actually. “ Peter said kind of just shrugging it off.

“Alright children. Now we know everyone here is either a drunk, a pansy or just a weirdo we can get down to the important stuff. What game are we playing?” Tony asked coming settle back between all of us.

Scott’s hand shot up. “Really Scott, none of us are in pre-school” I quipped back.

“Ok alkie, I say we play something that’s a little unconventional and a little old school. For all the old people in our presence. Cap and Bucky I’m referring to you.” Scott said as he flashed a pointer finger their way, “Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anybody”

“So did that hot guy leave his magic drink here?” You questioned tilting your head, “I want to see a tipsy Stucky.”

“Stucky?” Majority of the room questioned while Tony held up the bottle of Asgardian liquor. You gestured over to Bucky and Steve. They awkwardly looked at each other with disgust before shuffling away.

“Why do you look disgusted punk?!” Bucky exclaimed looking quite offended at his best friend, “I’d be the best lay you ever had, everybody wants a piece of me. I can do wonders with my-”

Most of the room wrinkled their noses and quickly shook their heads make Bucky even more offended.

“I wouldn’t mind a piece.” You said taking a swing of your vodka while bringing your eyes over the supersoldier slowly, “Actually a Stucky threesome…mhm.”’

“JESUS CHRIST!” Peter screamed.

“Damn, you are a kinky motherfucker…I like it” Scott said giving me a thumbs up while looking over at Cap and Bucky. “Actually that would be pretty interesting to see. Could I take photos? I think Tumblr would have a field day?” Scott asked pulling his phone out of his pocket.

“I feel objectified.” Steve trailed off looking towards an equally awkward Bucky, “Bucky and I would never have a threesome.”

“No.” You sighed, “You two like the world thinking you’re clean missionary boys. I see the truth. You two are dirty freaks in the sheets. With each other.”

“OMG! Y/N SHUT-UP! I CAN’T…JUST…WHO ARE YOU EVEN?” Peter asked completely mortified. I should feel bad turning his childhood hero into some raunchy soccer mom’s fantasy, but I didn’t feel bad. I rather enjoyed it.

“Who wouldn’t want to see that? Two super soldiers having kinky super sex. That’s porn gold. I agree with (Y/N). There are hidden secrets there. Which means we are playing truth or dare, no objections.” Scott pronounced as if a lightbulb went off. It seemed like a grand idea. Peter was red in the face, Stucky was mortified but not completely objecting.

“Y/N I’m going to need that alcohol.” Peter groaned reaching towards the bottle. You literally hissed pulling it closer to you.

“Get your own bottle.” You glared taking a another swig of it, “Did you think I was going to share with my friends?”

“Oh have pity on the poor kid, I think you’ve emotionally scarred him.” Tony said passing a bottle of vodka and a glass to Peter. Peter grabbed the bottle silently thanking Tony. As he poured himself a glass he looked back over at you. You silently mouthed the words “I will kill you.” You made a mental note to slap Tony later.

“So now the question is who wants to go first?” I asked in a sauntering tone looking over at Steve and Bucky. Silently begging them to go first.

Steve facepalmed not wanting a minor drinking but if he was Peter he wouldn’t already drunk by chugging a bottle. He looked over to Bucky as his eyes slowly up up and down Bucky’s body. Feeling a gaze Bucky glanced over making both the men awkwardly shift and look away.

“Stop it.” Bucky grunted glaring away. Steve nodded before gluing his eyes at the group. He didn’t even look when he felt Bucky’s eyes give him the once over.

“Seeing as you’re the guest and a female, it’s only appropriate if you go first.” Steve said trying to remain calm, cool and collected. You could see him trying to keep his eyes focused on anything and everything. You were taking mental notes of the glares and once overs Bucky kept passing his way.

“Alright we’re going to play it the way my friends and I do.” You announced as everything sat on chair in a circle, “We mash it up with Never Have I Ever-”

“What’s that?” Steve asked.

“Let me explain.” You glared over at him, “What you do is when a player decides truth…everyone else takes a drink if they’ve done that the player is asked.”

“Oooh I like this.” Tony approved.

“If Peter said truth and I asked him if he’s ever pissed himself all the others players who have will take a drink.”

“I get it.” Steve nodded understanding.

“Nat the every quiet spy…truth or dare…” You smirked.

“Truth.” She cooly answered.

“What’s the longest you’ve ever given head.” You said, “Was it less than ten minutes.”

“A minute longer. He was average.”

You picked up your drink and took a swig causing Peter to shudder and nearly take a swig but he didn’t want to accused of doing…that. He was straight. You were surprised when Scott took a swig.

‘What?” Scott asked, “It was college! It was a dare that gave me a thousand dollars. I needed it!”

You just shot a smirk Scott’s way as you leaned back in the chair. He had peaked your curiosity. You felt Peter’s eyes shift to you as he shook his head. He waited for the next person to speak before taking a huge swig of his drink.

“Ok, Peter …the innocent and golden boy, Peter Parker.” Nat smirked and you could see a devious glint cover her face. You saw Peter turned red and you just prepared yourself to take a big enough swig to get past whatever was about to come out of your younger brother’s mouth, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Peter practically squeaked out.

“Have you ever thought about being a stripper?” Nat questioned leaning back against the couch.

“NO!” Peter shouted. You took a swig of your drink along with Wanda.

“What?!” Steve exclaimed staring at Wanda. You could tell that he saw her as a daughter by the parental tone of voice, “Wanda!?”

“Times were hard for my brother and I!” Wanda defended herself.

You pursed your lips understanding exactly why she had to do it following the death of her parents and just before she volunteered to that HYDRA thing.

“I actually did it a couple times.” You shrugged, “It was the month that Uncle Ben died and it hit Aunt Mae hard that we almost lost the electricity. So until she got back on her feet she thought I got a waitressing job.”

“That’s why you came home in sparkles.” Peter nodded to himself. He set his sights on Sam, “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare. Bring it it bug.” Sam glared at him.

“Stand outside naked for three minutes.” Peter announced.

“WEEEAKK.” Scott shouted along with Sam and Bucky. Sam stripped before strutting out the balcony wiggling until he was leaning against the wall beside the door.

You didn’t happen to miss the way Steve and Bucky both watched Sam strip and walk out. Then turn back to each other and quickly divert their gaze.

“Scott, truth or dare?” Tony asked holding up his glass of scotch and taking a huge swig. Scott looked at you giving you a once over before turning to back to Tony. He stood up taking a deep breath before taking a long swig.

“Truth. You metal man. Hit me!” He exclaimed, he made it no secret that the liquor was starting to hit him. You just giggled watching the antics.

“When you first had sex, did you suffer from premature ejaculation?” Tony just sat there as if his question was every bit normal. Everyone looked at Scott. There was a unanimous yes that filled the room and you noticed Tony, Steve and Bucky all taking a swig of their drink.

“For the record, No I didn’t. That has never been an issue. But nice to know all the big men in the room have to compensate.” He scoffed and just mumbled something under his breath.

“Y/N…truth or dare sweetcheeks?” Scott smirked looking over at you. You chuckled before leaning forward.

“Dare…bitch.” You laughed returning his smirk.

“Kiss someone of the same sex.” Scott grinned. You shrugged before looking towards Nat.

“You single?” Nat hummed in response, “Wanna make out like teens?”

Nat laughed before coming over to you swaying her hips as she walked over. She leaned down placing her hands on either side of the back of your chair and whispered in your ear. You could feel her lips running over the shell of your ear, down your earlobe and softly but barely across your jaw. She pressed her body a little bit closer to yours before straddling herself on top of you. You took her hands and pressed her face closer to yours. “Let’s give em a show” you whispered and she happily nodded, “Peter go to the kitchen for a minute, we both don’t want to have this happen with you in the room.”

Nat ran her fist in your hair while you kissed with furiosity. You let a small kiss escape your lips as you battled for dominance and Nat took that moment to slide her tongue inside. Both of you exploring and devouring each other. You could feel her hands sliding down your chest and above the hem of your pants. You moved your lips to her neck biting, teasing, sucking while your hands made their way to her chest. You felt Nat starting to grind against you. She let out a soft moan and you gave her neck one last bite before capturing her lips once last time.

Pulling back you saw the shocked expressions on everyone along with all the men besides Tony looking mighty tighter in some areas. You straightened your shirt as Peter walked back into the room without looking at you or Nat.

“I had a girlfriend in college.” You waved off the questions, “Bucky…dearest Bucky. Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” Bucky said giving you a look.

“I’m not even sorry about this.” You shrugged before fixing your eyes on Steve too, “I dare you to…lick Steve from his neck…past to his navel and just slightly above his the elastic band of his boxers. Make it like you’re seducing him.”

Steve and Bucky looked at each other. You could see both of them tense up and squirm a little bit at the dare. “Guys, we don’t have all night the clock is ticking.” I said teasingly.

“I’ve never been one to shy away from a dare and I damn sure won’t start now.” Bucky said as he stood up. “Trust me pal?” He asked Steve placing out his hand for Steve to grab it.

“Always” Steve said as he started to take off his shirt. “No let me.” Bucky whispered.

Bucky gently placed his hands against Steve’s and pushed it back down to his side as he softly smiled. He snaked his hand down his chest playing with the hem of his shirt as he started to kiss on his neck. “Just enjoy” Bucky whispered in his ear, just a bit loud enough for everyone to hear.

Steve’s eyes closed shut, almost uncomfortably. It took both of the men a minute to let go of the tension. As Bucky started to kiss on Steve’s neck you saw his eyes become less tight. His hands made their way into Bucky’s hair gripping at the chestnut strands. Bucky was biting Steve’s neck just enough to feel a little pressure. He ran his metal arm underneath Steve’s shirt. The cold metal was a nice contrast against Steve’s boiling hot skin. He felt Bucky’s fingers dancing on the waistband of his pants … right above where things were starting to get a bit to tight. Steve and Bucky seemed to forget about everyone in the room as Bucky ripped open Steve’s shirt. He ran his hands over Steve’s chest teasingly over his hardened nipples which made Steve moan slightly.

“Fuck Bucky” Steve moaned out as Bucky started to lick and kiss his way down. He stopped at Steve’s nipples taking a moment to kiss, suck and lick. Steve’s grip on Bucky’s hair tightened and you heard a moan escape the brunette’s lips. Bucky dropped to his knees in front of his best friend and Steve looked down at him through lust blown eyes. Bucky kissed and licked his way down from Steve’s nipples to his navel dipping his tongue inside. He made it a point to trace the outline of each ab…nipping and biting. He made his way to Steve’s pants tugging them down just enough to expose that glorious v-cut and make you wonder how much more he needed to pull down to expose Steve’s cock. Bucky took his mouth and traced the v-cut on each side. He teasingly and softly kissed right above the line of Steve’s pants. He bit it softly, sucking just a tiny bit. He only pulled away when he noticed a purplish-blue mark forming.

“Told I could do wonders” Bucky smirked into Steve’s ear as he stood back up and went to go sit down.

“Sweet jesus fuck.” You choked out shifting in your seat, “Nat they made us look like inexperienced school girls. It was hot as hell, I think I need shower…or a man.”

“I cou-”

“I said man. Not Ant.”

“Man is in my n-”

“Mhm. We’ll see.” You trailed off taking him in before deciding if it could happen, “So is Stucky going to happen?”

“I think it is.” Peter said staring harshly at the wall, “I’m not innocent anymore.”

The night turned into a long drinking game with two bottles of Asgardian liquor was finished by the drunk supersoldier. Clint waved to everyone, nobody was sober enough to notice, as he felt a rather large need to video chat his wife. Everyone was really drunk.

“Scott…t-ruth or daaaree?” You asked not knowing who was left in the room. You could see him staring right at you and not looking like he was going to answer, “Scott are you listening?”

“I wasn’t listening, I was undressing you with my eyes…? See you in my dreams sweetheart.” Scott answered before he passed out on the couch.

That was the last thing you remembered until you woke up in the room surrounded by people but nothing really woke you up until you noticed you were cuddling with Scott and liking it. Suspiciously Steve was absent from the room but Bucky was crashed still on the couch he had take to.

“Wait, where are my clothes?” Sam asked looking down at his chilled naked body.


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Can i please have some bottom!Jeongguk?? It's so difficult to find any good smut that isn't bottom!V...

my dear darling, did you just say smut and top!taehyung? I GOT JUST THE RIGHT FICS FOR YOU ☆。゚+.(人-ω◕ฺ)゚+.゚

something new “spread your legs,” taehyung says, and the expression on his face doesn’t quite match his actions, fingers dancing up jeongguk’s thigh, resulting in a tiny shiver from the younger. “come on, you know what to do.”

share taehyung and jungkook share a hotel room. 

(this is a favourite! ahh so fluffy and adorable and the quality of smut?!)

All Mine As a photographer, Jungkook has learned a secret: humans crave the limelight much more than they are willing to admit. They enjoy being exposed under the flash of his camera, ridding themselves of shame and inhibitions… at least for the night. He’s made a name for himself amongst the underground artists, but he needs new inspiration. Enter Kim Taehyung.

(i cannot even stress how much i loved this. photographer!kook and that sort of you’re my muse thing. AHHH SO BEAUTIFUL. also this has more plot and then only a teeny smut)

 Your Body’s A Puzzle For Me To SolveIn which Jungkook is a police officer and Taehyung is a detective, together they both try to solve cases until Taehyung had something else in mind.

Memorizing Jungkook Taehyung enjoys a moment of lucidity with his favorite maknae.

Your Love Always Makes My Palm Sweaty The thing is, Jeongguk knows it’s weird how much he loves giving blowjobs.

(mouth-fucking, few warnings for daddy kink!)

Good Boy The back of Taehyung’s head hits the wall in ecstasy as his right hand tightens its grip on Jungkook’s hair as the younger’s cheeks hollow around his length. He tries to keep his hips from bucking forward but is saved from the urge as strong hands on his hips keep him firmly locked.

✧ Admin M (aka your resident smut enthusiast aka i need to bathe in holy water)

“EXCUSE THE “BRO” PIC!! Just wanted to say that the New Year is still going strong! Just because we’re 3 months in doesn’t mean that it’s time to “try again next year” if you’ve gotten off track. I fell off my resolution for a while there but then I recommitted myself to fitness and guitar! I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so far and I hope you are too! There’s still 9 months left in this year so get out there and make it AWESOME!


Drunken State (Steve Rogers)

warnings: smut. my terribly written smut. 

word count: 2,638 words

“What…what do we do?” Steve asked Tony. He looked down at your unconscious body and laughed. “Y/N can’t handle her alcohol.” Tony slurred. “This isn’t funny, what do we do?” Steve asked him. “Well, not leave her here.” Tony told him, taking another swing at the bottle. Steve looked around at the dancing crowd and a few people stole glances at you. The dress you were wearing was enough to gain attention from many people the minute you, Steve and Tony walked into the club, and not it was riding up your thigh. Steve took off his jacket and gently picked you up, wrapping his jacket around your waist. You leaned on his shoulder and Steve could smell the smell of men’s cologne.

“Just pull down the dress.” Tony stated. Steve gave him a look, stating he wouldn’t touch you with the state you were in. “I’m gonna go home.” Tony burped. “You’re drunk. You can’t drive.” Steve told him, not wanting his friend to get into a car accident. “I’ll walk, it isn’t far from here.” Tony stated. “Then I’ll go with you, leave Y/N at your house until morning.” Steve said and Tony laughed. “No, the last time I let a drunk Y/N into my house, she destroyed it. Why not just let her stay with you?” Tony asked. “Alright.” Steve said. Tony smiled at him, “Good night, Captain America!” He shouted before drunkenly making his way towards the exit.

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One and the Same ch. 15

Ch.1: Food Source               Ch.6: Reckless Behavior

Ch.2: The Rogue                  Ch.7: The Day After

Ch.3: Blood Troubles           Ch.8: Sudden Suspicions

Ch.4: The Brink                     Ch.9: Keeping Quiet

Ch.5: Dates & Damnation     Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night

Ch.12: Red Herring

Ch.13: Bad Blood

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity

Pack Loyalty

The lack of activity was unnerving. None of the missing Mystics, including Nico, had been heard from. They hadn’t tried to break Bianca and her father out of the cell or tried to attack anyone who was helping Madame Levesque.

Will had returned to the place in the forest again a few nights ago. But his senses remained strong. Nico wasn’t there anymore. And try as he might Will couldn’t pick up a trail on him.

He’d tried telling the witch that as she dragged Bianca to the forest that night, but she wasn’t listening to anyone. Will and half of his pack, as well as a few imps had followed her to the area where she believed Nico to be. Bianca had rusted metal cuffs around her wrists, and chains at her feet.

She looked paler than normal, her veins showed in spidery black lines against the pallor of her skin. Her eyes had become dim, and dark gray circles surrounded them, making her look more like a corpse that a young girl. Her hair was a mess of frizzy tangles and she could barely keep her eyes open as she tumbled over her feet. In that state, it was impossible for her to even try breaking her restraints.

“I thought vampires were supposed to be beautiful and graceful,” Austin muttered behind him.

Cecil growled and turned. “She was beautiful. But she hasn’t eaten. She’s weak.”

“Oh little vampire!” Madame Levesque called. “Come out, come out wherever you are!” The hair on the back of Will’s neck stood. “Don’t you want your sister back? Look at her.” She gripped Bianca’s chin in her hands, her long nails digging into Bianca’s skin. Bianca grunted weakly, but Madame Levesque continued her taunting game. “What will it take for you to save your sister? Don’t you care about her?” When there was no response, she growled and snapped her fingers.

An imp stepped forward and handed her a bottle with a cross on it. “What’s that?” Will asked against his better judgement.

Bianca seemed to recognize it. She began breathing heavily, as though she were afraid, but she couldn’t move away. Her eyes remained fixed on the bottle as she tried to struggle against her bindings. Slowly, Madame Levesque uncapped the bottle and glared at the forest, as though she were waiting for Nico to stop her.

When he didn’t she flung the bottle in an arch and Bianca’s scream pierced the air along with a sickening sizzling sound, causing the wolves to step back. “Is that what you need, vampire? Do you need to hear her scream?”

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Winchester Jr.

Prompt: Heyy could you do fanfic where the reader is Dean’s daughter from the future and she somehow end up in the past and meets Dean and Sam?

Word count: 2,210

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: First of all, thank you all for your help – the awesome anons, deanispeachy, thedoctorsnameisdean and midnightstarangel. Like Team Winchester, this will probably go on a part-to-part basis, so tell me what you guys think about this and what you think should happen next? Please!

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If You Were an Angle (you’d be acute one) Pt.1

Pairing: Jimin x Jungkook/Jikook

Genre: High school au, Fluff and Humour, Pining, Romance, Comedy

Summary: The au where Jimin is hopelessly in love with the first year that he tutors and Jungkook has a cold attitude but is really just a shy little bean.

A/N: This is the first fic I have posted on Tumblr, it may or may not have just been an excuse to write something with a shitty pick up line as the title.

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One and the Same Ch. 20

Chapter 1: Food Source                 Chapter 6: Reckless Behavior

Chapter 2: The Rogue                   Chapter 7: The Day After

Chapter 3: Blood Troubles             Chapter 8: Sudden Suspicions

Chapter 4: The Brink                      Chapter 9: Keeping Quiet

Chapter 5: Dates & Damnation     Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night                 Ch.16: Action & Reaction

Ch.12: Red Herring                    Ch.17: Echoes of Love

Ch.13: Bad Blood                        Ch.18 War Talk

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity                    Ch.19: Curiosity & Satisfaction

Ch.15: Pack Loyalty

New Recruits

The days were relatively better with Will at his side again. The rest of Will’s pack was brought in by Cecil and Lou Ellen in addition to another pack that Charles brought back. It was hilarious to see their faces when they walked in and saw Nico’s arms around Will. Many more vampires had arrived, and several fairies now inhabited the top floor. Leo and Annabeth had to add rooms and even another floor for everyone to fit.

After the reconstruction, Leo, the trolls, and Annabeth all had left to bring in more Mystics of their own race.

In the meantime, it was up to Nico to keep the peace. It was difficult with so many clans in one place especially sharing the space with wolves. While Nico and Bianca both loved cuddling up beside a wolf, the others still had that innate hatred and Nico and Will constantly had to split apart a fight.

Hazel had spent her time in the tent making potion after potion, only getting a break when Nico and Bianca told everyone to leave her alone.

The day before everyone was supposed to be back, Percy pulled Nico aside. “Are you keeping yourself fed?” he asked.

Nico cleared his throat. It felt itchy and raw. “I’ll be fine. There’s more pressing matters.”

Percy rolled his sea green eyes and shook his head. “Come on. I want to talk to you anyway.” He gestured to the stairs. Nico looked back at Will where he was talking to the other alphas and bit his lip. He wasn’t doing anything bad. There was no reason to feel guilty.

He followed Percy up the stairs. When they were on the roof, Percy began to pace. “What is it?” Nico asked, leaning against the door to the stairs.

“Nico, why am I here?” he asked. “I’m completely useless. I can fight in the sea, in the water, I can’t do anything on land. You and the others all have advantages and all I have are legs.” He stopped pacing and looked at Nico with furrowed eyebrows. “I’m just in the way, taking up space.”

Nico sighed and moved away from the wall to stand in front of him. “Percy, you can control water-”

“That’s completely irrelevant on land and in a war,” he protested.

“Is it?” Nico questioned with a raised eyebrow. “Percy, the witch’s main tactic against me is holy water. We need you as much as anyone. You’re the only one who can keep that water away from us. Annabeth was teaching you to fight, wasn’t she?” Percy nodded. “You have your siren call. It’s weaker as a human, but it’s still there. You’re not useless.”

Percy sighed. “But I can’t bring more of my kind,” he assumed.

Nico shrugged. “They won’t be as strong as you. You’re a prince.”

Percy looked heartbroken. Nico wasn’t sure how to make him see that he was necessary for their side. At least that’s what Nico truly believed. “Hey, you needed to eat,” Percy remembered. He pulled at his shirt, exposing the vein at his neck and the pinpricks that were there from Nico’s previous meals.

“Percy, I’m trying to tell you that you’re important here. Not just as my food source, but because of your abilities.”

“And I believe you,” he said, waving the problem away. “Go ahead.”

Nico sighed, but he was hungry. So he leaned forward, his incisors extended, and gently bit into Percy’s skin. Percy sighed and Nico cherished the warm liquid spilling into his mouth. Then he caught the scent of wood smoke and pulled away. Percy groaned and rubbed his neck. “Ow,” he muttered.

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One and the Same ch. 18

Chapter 1: Food Source                 Chapter 6: Reckless Behavior

Chapter 2: The Rogue                   Chapter 7: The Day After

Chapter 3: Blood Troubles             Chapter 8: Sudden Suspicions

Chapter 4: The Brink                      Chapter 9: Keeping Quiet

Chapter 5: Dates & Damnation      Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night                 Ch.16: Action & Reaction

Ch.12: Red Herring                    Ch.17: Echoes of Love

Ch.13: Bad Blood

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity

Ch.15: Pack Loyalty

War Talk

Watching Will transform was both gruesome and fascinating. With his vision, he could see each bone under his skin morph and position itself into another spot as it elongated. He could see as the fur sprouted from his skin. He saw the way his face melted into that of a snarling wolf, the way his protective wide hands twisted and shrunk into paws.

Nico looked into the golden alpha wolf eyes of the boy he’d fallen in love with and was vaguely aware of his two companions, Nico’s friends, Changing right along with him.

Whatever it took, he was getting away from here, and he was getting away without hurting any of the werewolves.

He hissed at the imp that stood in front of him and darted for him, sweeping his bulky legs out from under him. He moved quickly, too fast for the imps to catch. Then a fairy flashed in front of him, in all her glittering, flowery glory, moving as quickly as he did. He managed to duck under her arm and shove her away, sending her barreling into a tree.

He hopped up to a tree branch and hissed, his fangs long and menacing enough to make a few of the Mystics step back. He saw the witch standing a few feet away, looking up at him with her milky gaze, agitated and hateful. He made a vicious hissing sound at the woman who had tortured his family, who had toyed with his emotions and manipulated Will, the woman so power hungry, her own daughter couldn’t stay by her side.

Without thinking twice, he leapt for her. If he could finish her off, maybe everything else would stop too. Cut off the head and the body stops working.

But in the air, an imp had tackled him down to the ground. Nico felt his skull scrape against the tree bark and winced. The imp’s claws tore into him, making him grit his teeth. He bent his legs and dug his boots into the imp’s stomach hard enough to throw him off. Immediately, Nico raced back, slashing and clawing at every Mystic that even stepped toward him.

But then he was facing a golden eyed, golden furred wolf. His body went still switching to flight mode instead of fight. “I won’t fight you, Will,” he insisted. “Please don’t do this.” Will began to move toward him slowly, growling low, his teeth and gums bared. He snapped his jaws and Nico fumbled back. If he had a heartbeat, he knew it would have been pounding in fear. Instead, the blood in his veins began to rush, filling him with adrenaline. “Will,” he whispered.

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Bellarke #13

“Kiss me." 

Bellamy Blake barely registered that the pretty blonde was talking to him before she pulled him down to her level and planted one on him. She was tiny, but assertive - and a really good kisser. 

He forgot about the crowded bar, forgot that he was waiting to meet his sister and her new boyfriend, forgot about anything other than the pretty blonde currently in his arms. She was fire and rain at the same time, and for some reason she chose him for whatever the fuck this was. 

"I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Bell,” Octavia interrupted his bliss rather callously. “Here I thought you were here to meet Lincoln." 

His sister was all grown up, with the tattooed boyfriend to match - yeah, he was not too pleased with that last part, but if the guy treated Octavia like she deserved to be treated, he could deal. For a while. And if this Lincoln fellow ever went too far, he was going to have a problem. With Bellamy’s fists. 

The blonde smiled as she let go of him, while he was struck with the rather silly urge of wanting to pull her close again, this time just to hold her. She was already assertive, strong, beautiful, and a great kisser. If she was smart too, he might have to ask his mother for her ring. 

"Hey O,” the girl exchanged a complicated greeting with his sister. “Didn’t mean to hoard your brother. Just needed a fake boyfriend for a minute." 

His sister was actually smiling at the girl instead of dousing her with holy water for going after her brother. Octavia actually knew her?

"Thanks for helping me out, Bell,” the girl turned to him. “Nice lips you’ve got there." 

With a last wink in his direction, the blonde departed, sauntering in the direction of the bartender. 

"I think I just met my future wife,” he told his sister. “What’s her name?" 

Walking In My Truth, Dealing With My Depression

I just spent two hours reading Janet Mock’s old blog, MusingsOnLove, mostly from start to finish. It was was a sort of beautiful teaser of her upcoming book Redefining Realness, which comes out in a few days. The blog chronicles her day to day life from 2009 to 2010 (before the release of her seminal Marie Claire article), where she talks not only about her romances but also her creative life as a writer. Janet is such an inspiration to me because in many ways her life and career represent so much that I want for myself: to be (or rather feel) beautiful, to be a writer (and make money doing it!!), to be in love, and to stand for and by a cause that I really believe in, affecting change in the world that goes beyond just stroking my own ego.

And reading Janet’s journey at a time when she was just 26 years old (an age I’m not far from) was so encouraging, because in reading each post it was amazing to read her talking about her dreams and goals, knowing that in just four years she would actually be exceeding those goals, walking in her truth as a twoc/activist, and as a result inspiring so many trans women and women of color. It made me hopeful and soothed my soul to read her words, because I really needed them. I needed that example of the possibilities that are open to us when we choose the life we want for ourselves rather than accepting what we think our lives should be, and ultimately decided to be happy not in the future but in the now.

Because I’ve been depressed since I was eleven years old. Meaning to say, as unbelievable as it sounds (even to myself), I can’t remember a time other than early childhood (which itself is murky at best) when I was never not in a constant state of debilitating anxiety, self-loathing, and despair. As a teenager, before I was formally diagnosed, I would revel in my sadness. I mistook it for teenage angst. I mistook it for something almost romantic, being perpetually sad, perpetually unable to walk the halls of my high school without the feeling as if I would dissolve any minute from panic… 

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Sorry for the camera quality and the writing itself, it’s about the idea though. We are family, we are hunters, we don’t five up, we fight. Those haters, they’re just another monsters we need to face, so get your holy water ready and don’t worry, we hunt monsters, not the other way around. They’re just some third class demons, and if they send you hate it means you are too good a hunter against whom they do not stand a chance in a fair fight so they hope to win this way. If they do it, you ‘re simply too good. So don’t worry, and don’t give up.
We are family.
You are fucking amazing.
I love you.
I’m here if there’s anything you need.


Part 8 to the Above the Clouds series!

A.n. Wow I can’t believe this is part 8… and to think this all started with a simple smut fic… please stay with me here, because I do have a plan, I swear. The plot reeeeaaaaallllyyyy thickens in this one, so get ready, you guys!

Words: 3,750

Warnings: smut, swearing, descriptions of violence and blood/injury

You can find the other parts here, which I would suggest reading first or else it isn’t going to make much sense

It was in the fire of July when you knew you were well and truly, completely and unconditionally in love with Dean Winchester. You had fallen head over heels for the sharp line of his jaw and the stubble that was dusted perfectly along it; his sparkling eyes, the gold flecks shining and the darkness of things he had seen and could never forget reflecting off in the sea of jade; the freckles that were littered across his features from days spent in the sun, the rays casting the delicate little spots in the most perfect of places; his rough hands which resulted from years of taking apart guns and whittling wooden stakes, at such a sharp and enthralling contrast to your smooth skin; the way the corners of his mouth would turn up in the slightest with his sarcastic remarks; the way he walked with his bow legs, knees bobbing slightly as he stepped down the bunker stairs; his firm arms and back, the way your fingers would dig into the muscles when you made love; his soft stomach fitting perfectly against you as you cuddled, brought on by all the beer and cheeseburgers he consumed, but you wouldn’t have him any other way. He was perfect in your eyes, fashioned with precision never before seen on this earth and you were so goddamn lucky to be the person chosen to complement him, with all his quirks and flaws, seamlessly. You couldn’t believe it was you.

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Signs You Might Be a Lukewarm Christian

by Christi Given

1. You never read your Bible (or Bible app, for that matter): You must read the Word to remain in the vine of the life, giving words of the Lord. Like a plant not connected to the vine if you don’t read your Bible, you will become spiritually dry and withered, and will feel isolated…this could lead to spiritual death. Refresh with the Word of God DAILY (Psalm 23—daily bread) to stay strong spiritually with the living water filling you every day (John 15). We need food and water to live, correct? Same goes for our spiritual walk with God…we need to feed it good food, which is the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

He answered and said, “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

2. You are not plugged into fellowship regularly: You flow in and out of churches and don’t have your roots down deep.

3. You only read positive Christian books: Also known as “feel-good” Christian books that don’t discuss sin, hell, death and consequences of poor decisions. Devotionals and Christian books are good to read, but don’t only have this as your spiritual food. That is like eating vitamins for dinner. Christian books and devos are “supplements,” as I call them, but the Word of God (the Bible) is the main-course meal.

4. You look like the world: Your speech, attitude, lifestyle and even social media LOOK like the world. You can be in it, but not of it. There is a way to be salt and light and still be relevant. Don’t copy people to try to fit in. Only God’s opinion matters. Do you agree?

5. Your role models are celebrities: Who are you looking to for advice, dress, speech or even someone to walk behind in life? Is your role model someone who is seduced by this worldly system or is your role model a godly youth leader or mentor in your life? Evaluate this and write down people who help you draw closer to God. These people are usually rare, but pray God shows you who to walk and model yourself after. (I understand it is difficult to not want to copy celebs, but really guard your heart and mind ask yourself: “Is this someone I want to be like?” or do you want to be like a Man of God/Proverbs 31 woman?)

6. You only listen to secular music: Music is powerful and influences your thoughts. It doesn’t feed your spirit and can cause you to stumble into worldly thinking and behavior. (For example: When I listen to certain music, it makes me want to go dancing at a club and or sometimes brings up the fleshly desires…if you want to be on fire for Jesus, fill your mind with worship!) You can have a balance, but it just depends…do you want to be hot or cold? An example of a good worship album is Hillsong United’s new Empires album; go to iTunes to listen to it if you need ideas for worship.

7. You don’t have a filter on your social media: You try to copy what other people are doing, constantly doubt your God-given beauty and talents, and try to lower your standards when posting pictures for attention on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t worry about who’s following you, but who YOU are following. Remember, Jesus only had 12 followers!

8. You are embarrassed and ashamed to talk about Jesus or your faith: Now, if you are a new believer or are shy, I am not saying this means you are lukewarm. (None of these define you as lukewarm, but it could mean it if you fall into a lot of these categories, if that makes sense.) Also, Jesus mentions in the Bible that if you are ashamed of Him on earth, He will be ashamed of you in front of God the Father and the angels. (Yeeks! That means Jesus wants us to be BOLD or on fire about our faith!) Yes, everyone is in different seasons and everyone has their own relationship with God, but we need to remember people’s souls are at stake. This is a serious matter in sharing the Gospel. God says, “GO and make disciples”—not try to go, but gives us a command “go.” God also doesn’t say this is the great mission, but rather He will be with us in our co-mission, amen?

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. (Matthew 28: 19-20)

9. Your beliefs contradict the Bible: You may say, “Oh, it’s okay to sleep with someone if you LOVE them…” which is the opposite of what God’s Holy Word says. Love is great, but it’s no good if it’s not under the umbrella of the protection of God. His Word is infallible, and is inerrant (the word inerrancy means “freedom from error or untruths”) and is the FINAL authority in heaven and on earth. You cannot argue with the Word of God. The Bible clearly says that fornication (sex before marriage) is not of God, and that marriage (a union between a man and a woman) is HOLY. God instituted marriage and His Word is eternal. Man can try to change God’s Word, but it won’t be altered. His Word is to help us, to protect us from disease, illness, harm, unwanted burdens and so forth. Do you want to believe what feels good or sounds cool? Or do you want the TRUTH? With REAL love comes tough love, and truth. It isn’t easy, but truth sets you free. This is REAL love. In eternity, many people will wonder why people didn’t share the truth with them…let’s be the church, God’s bride and be REAL with people. Stop lying to people to make them feel good. This flesh is dying and the only thing that matters is their soul. Please…really love people in Jesus’ name.

10. You have religious actions, but no real relationship with Jesus: You can act like a believer and do “good” deeds to increase your self-esteem, but unless what you do GENUINELY comes from a place of REAL worship (not seen by men), then it is somewhat not WHOLE-hearted. God wants a real relationship with us, just like you want one with your best friend, parents and peers, amen? When I say you are “on fire” for Jesus or cold, I mean you are in love with Jesus and your life emulates this daily (not that you are perfect.) When I refer to being cold, it means you are anti-Christ. Do you seek the Lord with your heart or to impress people?