the necktie series


Hello everyone! So pictured here is what I’m selling! I’m also going to give a list bellow of what each alpaca is! Most of these do not come with tags and some of them may not be real alpacasso, but if you would like any close up pictures, please let me know :) also there is an alpaca that is not photographed here that I do plan on selling but I’ll mention him in my list bellow with prices (generally, my prices range from $5-15 USD, but if a series is one I would consider rare, I would have to go higher in my price range). I am only shipping to buyers in the US and Canada because shipping can get really expensive outside of those two areas. To account for shipping, please contact me individually and i’ll give you a price based on your location! (by the way, if it says “Custom” next to it, it means I made it)

EDIT: anything Bolded is still available and not on hold!

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loobubs  asked:

♠ You adjusting Rap Monsters neck tie please?

Childproof Neckties

“Ugh,” you heard your boyfriend growling in the bedroom, “Why are these damn things so hard to figure out—grr—here, yeah this—no that’s not—.” A loud crash resonated through the apartment, followed by a low whine, “Baby?! A little help here!”

Following the usual morning routine, you knew as you appeared in the doorway that you would be faced with more than a few broken knickknacks, an injured Namjoon, and a tangled neck tie.

Sure enough, there was your boyfriend helplessly wrestling his necktie, one hand turned backward and caught in the untamed blue silk. Perfume bottles littered the ground like glittering, fragrant sea-glass—luckily, you found them all still intact, which was a relief as your supply was beginning to dwindle.

Namjoon gave you a dignified look, chin rising and bringing that disabled hand with him, “Don’t you dare laugh.”

You swallowed the bubbling laughter, and he cracked a slow, sheepish grin. “I wouldn’t dare.”

Stepping toward the knotted mess, you avoided stepping on the scattered perfume bottles and bent your head toward Namjoon, kissing his cheek, “The tie wins again, huh? That’s twelve-and-o for you, love.”

He scowled and yanked at the silk, but only succeeded in sending himself toppling from the chair into a heap of dress shirt and blonde hair on the floor. Dark eyes blinked up at you. You choked back a round of laughter, eyeing him playfully as you shook your head at the disheveled mess. “How did you survive before I came along?”

Kneeling down, you made quick work of untying his hand from the tangled silk. Namjoon flexed his fingers with relief, sighing, “Thank you—oh, I really didn’t. You think this is bad, you should have seen me trying to iron my dress shirts.”

Shuddering, you considered how dangerous your boyfriend coupled with an iron would be. You outstretched one hand to Namjoon, who continued to flex his fingers, muttering about ‘stupid neckties’. You giggled and flicked his nose playfully as you hoisted him to his feet. “You know, I think that these things—,” you grabbed the tie and began expertly knotting the bright blue material, “—might be child proof, maybe that’s why you can’t get them on.”

He flashed you a wicked, mischievous little grin as you finished with his tie. “You’ve got three seconds to run.”

Observing him quizzically, you watched three fingers loom up in your face, lowering with each count. “Wha—Namjoon, what’re you?”

He tackled you to the bed, collapsing atop the taut cover and sheet. His hands attacked your neck, your arms, your stomach with light, tickling brushes, making you laugh uncontrollably. You shrieked, near tears at the sensation. “Namjoon! Stop! P-p-please!”

“Take it back,” he murmured into your neck, blowing hot streams of breath over your ear inducing more frantic giggling.

Shoving at his shoulders, you tried to press your knees into his stomach, anything to stop the tickle fest. You could hardly talk through the wheeze of laughter. “O-o-ok!”

“Ok what?” Another hot breath licking down your spine.

You glared and bit back another chuckle. “They aren’t childproof.”

He smirked with triumph, releasing you from his clutches and standing. His broad chest expanding through his black dress shirt with labored breathing.

Good, you thought, he’s out of breath…now’s my chance.

A devilish little smile curved your mouth as you stood slowly, booking it toward the door and down the hall as you taunted, “But you’re still a child!”

Your little game ended the same as it always had: Namjoon was late, tie somehow undone and hanging loosely around his neck, and you’re cheeks were killing you for the rest of the day. Never had you smiled so much in your life. But, that was Namjoon, always harboring laughter and mischief.  


*^* More Alpacasso for sale!!

- 2x 55cm Olympic series Japan
- 1x 55cm BonBon v2 Beige [SOLD]
- 1x 55cm Warm series

- 1x 50cm Necktie series w/ Red hat & tie
- 1x 45cm Winter Earmuff series Pink
- 1x 50cm Snowflake series Pink
- 1x 45cm Valentines series “LOVE”

If you are interested in purchasing, please email me at to discuss price and shipping options.

*I only accept payments via Paypal.
Thank you!

Large Alpacasso for sale, email for more details~

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Macaron series (scallop tag)
45cm yellow SOLD
45cm purple SOLD
50cm pink closed eye SOLD
45cm white

Pastel series
50cm pink closed eye

Christmas series
45cm White w/ red Santa hat & bell ribbon
45cm Pink w/ santa themed outfit

Wakuwaku series
50cm White w/ blue hat & yellow ribbon

Ribbon series (BonBon v2)
50cm Pink w/ blue bow SOLD
50cm White w/ yellow bow SOLD

BonBon series (first release)
45cm Beige w/ purple bow

Alpacacafe series (kid series)
36cm Pink maid

Sweet delight series
33cm White boy SOLD
33cm Pink girl SOLD

Ballerina Princess series
55cm Pink girl
55cm Blue girl

Happy pirate series
35cm Pink Momo
35cm White Ace (black hat) SOLD
35cm White Yuki (blue hat)

Schoolmate series
33cm Beige w/ red beret

Necktie series
45cm Yellow Llama w/ pink ribbons and necktie

Valentine series
45cm White boy

Festival series
45cm Pink Bunny mask

Play!color! series
45cm Neon blue SOLD

Regional series
45cm Tokyo Tower

Natural series
55cm white