the neck vein though

wanna one as boyfriends: lee daewhi
  • king of mushy love
  • showers you with love letters, plushies, candies, snacks, flowers, clothes
  • leaves heart stickers on your clothes, for you to find later
  • enjoys spooning mostly being the little one
  • “close your eyes and open your mouth”
  • “heres the rest of the slice” :3
  • *you finish and see he also decorated the plate to have both your initials written on it*
  • loves shopping with you
  • carries all your bags even though you see his neck veins protruding out prominently
  • “daehwi, I CAN carry my bags”
  • “YOU SILLY, how can you search through the clothes properly while holding bags”
  • *loses circulation in his arms and legs and flops on the floor*
  • *doesnt even try to get up*
  • “im fine, just keep shopping, honey”
  • loves swiping desert on your face
  • “omg you look SO sweet right now!”
  • nearly dies at his own joke
  • *proceeds to lick your cheek clean*
  • would paint your toes while you paint your nails
  • would tie your hair while you eat
  • would fan you when the a/c doesnt work
  • but also likes to be treated the king he is
  • lays on your lap and asks for hair rubs
  • enjoys when you make him a meal
  • appreciates when you massage his neck and shoulders during his tired days
  • loves to remind you how much he loves you

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Karas neck veins when she was stopping that spaceship though

i would like to thank not only god but also jesus for melissa benoist n all dis neck porn that we’re getting from this show

Tale as Old as Time

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Request: “ Au where Ben is Adam and Kylo is the beast from beauty and the beast???”

Summary: Ben Solo was long a well known and handsome prince, given the throne by his doting parents Han and Leia, until one fateful evening, his 22nd birthday, when an older woman casts a curse upon him. Disgusted by his new appearance and his seemingly uncontrollable rage as a result of this curse he locks himself in the castle, changing his name, insisting Prince Ben had been killed by the masked monster known as Kylo Ren. Leaving his past life behind, he joins the Dark Side, along side the First Order, as he tries to permanently erase Ben Solo from his mind. Upon imprisoning an intruder to his personal residence he receives a highly unexpected guest who tries to strike him a deal.

A/N: Have I told you guys how much I really seriously love Disney? Cause if not, let me tell you, I do. Haha, just a note for reference, in this story Ben is not force sensitive until that evening, so essentially a part of his “curse”. Also thanks to the anon who requested this! I really enjoyed writing it. Hope you like it!

The night was young, the party bustling with dignitaries and royalty alike crowded into the grand palace. Drinks of every strain were flowing, gut deep laughter echoing through the vast grand halls, lively music floating through the air as the guests swayed across the marble floors. Almost every square inch of the grand palace was illuminated with elegant and overwhelming chandeliers, or the romantic hues of candle light. It was a grand sight to see, and the perfect setting for a grand ball. The grand celebration of Prince Ben Solo and his 22nd birthday. 

Ben was quite the prince to say the least, aside from the legacy he had to live up to from his parents. He seemed to be the type of prince people only saw in their mystical fantasies. He was handsome, charming, witty and athletic. 

Aside from that however he was also the negative conotations with royalty. He was notably selfish, a little too lax about serious matters time and time again, and he was seemingly engulfed in his own world, never taking note of the struggles of those around him. Though his kingdom would never say it, they all fell somewhere between admiring him and absolutely despising that a man this irresponsible was in charge of them now.  

With his muscular bicep draped over the shoulders of some red haired dame he couldn’t recall the name of, Ben took a sip of his drink. He wasn’t sure what number it was at this point, but it was reaching a significant amount. As the girl looked up to him with glittering eyes and giggling like a child, obviously drunk, Ben smirked.

“You are certainly easy on the eyes your highness.”

“I’ve been told. You’re not too bad yourself.”

Chuckling obnoxiously the girl winced her eyes shut, as she leaned forward. Holding a hand over her heart, as if she was laughing that deeply, Ben arched a brow at her. For a moment he was suddenly regretting his decision to let her accompany him, he took another sip of his drink. Hoping to the stars that with another swig of his drink she would somehow disappear, or pass out. Suddenly in front of him a droid rolled forward.

“Sir, your presence is requested on the balcony.”

Quickly sliding out from the girls tight grip Ben sighed as he walked up closer to the droid.

“Of course, excuse me.”

Sighing with relief, Ben followed behind the droid as it whirled around the dancing feet of the hoards of guests. Running a hand through his hair, Ben weaved his way through the guests from near and far as he made his way to the grand balcony overlooking the courtyard. 

Seeing the hooded figure leaning against the balcony Ben clasped his hands behind his back as he brought himself closer. His curiosity was brewing as he tried to get a glimpse of the person or creature beneath the hood. 

“I was told you were looking for me?”

“Yes your highness, I would like to offer you a gift.”

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Locked out (Demon!Dean x Reader)[smut]

Genre: Supernatural

Characters: Demon!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smutty as hell/forceful

Request: Super smutty Demon!Dean imagine? Please, please!?

It had been just over a week since Dean had walked out that room - it didn’t feel the same, and something told you it never would. His inky black eyes used to scare the hell out of you whenever you saw them, he used to try and hide them from you and Sam but it must have slipped his mind at times - it was only when the incident happened that things had changed…

A couple of days before 

You hated hunts where you had to dress up, how come it was you always as the bait and not one of the boys? You understood that it was an all male Vampire nest that were targeting young women to turn them then keep them as their slaves for the rest of their eternal life, but why you? You came out of your room wearing a tight burgundy vest top tucked into a leather black mini skirt with the high heel boots you never thought you would wear. You had never felt so uncomfortable in your life. Clicking your way into the kitchen you washed the remaining eyeliner and red lipstick off your hands in the sink ’why did I use waterproof?!‘ All of a sudden you felt someone press up against you, slightly bending you over the sink whilst rubbing their hands up and down your hips and back “Well sweetie, if I were a Vamp, Id defiantly have you as my slave” a familiar voice whispered into your ear sending a flutter of pleasure through your stomach, only to then playfully nip your neck before slapping your backside and walking off out the door. Dean Winchester. Why Dean Winchester? You composed yourself and carried on out the door after him, preparing yourself from the hunt you had lied ahead of you.


Sitting at the dinner table staring into the darkness you thought about that night and why it was on your mind so much; ever since Dean had come back he seemed to be more interested in you than ever, slapping your arse at every chance and commenting on how your chest bounced as you walked. You liked it. 

Sitting opposite you was Sam, wearing a plaid shirt as always; and next to you was the man himself - you only snapped out of your daydream from the feel of Dean’s warm hand touch the top of your thigh, you exhaled a little too deeply and he noticed, squeezing you even harder causing you to knock your dinner plate off the table “Oh god, I’m so stupid!” you complained, standing up out of your chair, forcing Dean’s hand to slide off your leg “Are you okay Y/N?” Sam asked starting to stand as well, Dean shot up in an instand and held your back and gesturing his hand as though he was pushing Sam away using the force “She’s fine” he said sharply “She’s just exhausted” he continued looking at you. It may have just been the light but you could have sworn he flashed his black eyes at you. He took you by the hand before you could protest “Ill make sure she gets some rest while you clean this mess up” he said ordering his brother like he always had - Dean led you to your bedroom as the sound of clinking china became distant.

Dean tucked you into bed ever so gently until he heard the bunker door open then shut again, a sly smile came across his face “Be a good girl and stay here, ill be right back” he said propelling himself from the bed, slithering out of the door way and down the hall, you instantly threw the covers off you and peered your head round the corner of the door frame - you heard three distinctive locks of the bunker door and spotted Dean walking back down the hall starting to undo his belt, he haddent seen you yet so you bolted back to your bed and placed the covers back over your body, trying to remember exactly how you looked before you left. Re-entering the room he slipped a chair under the doorknob and continued to you, holding one hand behind his back “What was it?” you asked innocently “Just locking the door so Sammy cant get back in” he replied laughing “What? Why?!” you shouted sitting yourself upright “Because we don’t want to be disturbed” he said through a smile as he grabbed you round the throat, pushing you up against the wall behind you; he nipped the exposed part of your neck “Remember what I said on the night of the big Vamp hunt Y/N?” he reminded you in between sweet kisses, oh god did you remember; you moaned as a reply - his response was biting down on the vein in your neck, it felt as though it was going to burst but it was counteracted by the wetness that started to fill you down bellow “Well, now I’ve turned you” he said bringing his arm out exposing the arrangement of belts and ropes he had collected in the short period that he was gone “Now its time to make you my slave for all eternity”.

The rope burned against your wrists as he tied your right hand your left and hoisting you off of the wall, arms outstretched above your head and arse just about off the bed; Dean stood proudly above you, standing on the bed holding the other end of the rope “You don’t want this Dean, its that thing thats inside of you” you yelled out to him, you didnt want him to stop but you wanted to make sure the real Dean was there “Oh but dont you see?” he said bending down slightly to meet your face, his hand wandered downward; caressing your breasts and grabbing the bottom of your shirt, pulling it upwards briskly he exposed your jet black bra whilst tying the knot tighter by wrapping your shirt around it as well - he pushed your chin up towards his face with his index finger and showed you his emerald green eyes “I do want this” he replied flashing his eyes back to black “I want this so bad!” he said more aggressively throwing you down onto the bed again and straddling your chest; he still held the rope firm in his grasp while he forced your mouth open, he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down as well as his underwear, exposing what your body was yearning for. Gripping you by the hair he pulled his face close to yours “Now youre going to take me in your mouth, and youre going to obey. Ive done the walk to the bins many times and im telling you that he is already on his way back. So, are you going to be my good girl” he asked sliding his head into your wet mouth, you bit down hard causing him to yelp out in pain. “No” you shouted with a smile of delight, you knew what was coming; with a face of pleasure Dean flipped you over onto your knees, the rope now making your hands stick to your back, he wrapped it around your stomach and added to the tangle of shirt and rope “Guess we have to do this my way” he laughed pulling down your trousers and undies and thrust his finger into you hard, constantly pounding his finger into your g-spot making you moan with delight he asked once again “Now, are you going to be my good girl?” “No” you screamed halfway through a moan. He slipped another finger in causing you to scream even louder into the mattress “I said, are you going to be my good girl?” he repeated pounding you as hard as he could “YES!” you squealed, slowing his pace he removed his fingers from you, wiping your wetness onto the covers; lowering his face onto your entrance slowly l lapping up your juices to clean you up 'accidentally’ pushing his tongue in too fair every now and then - deciding you were wet enough he flipped you back over again so he could face you, lining himself up with your slit he rubbed himself against you and you hummed a slight moan at the relaxing feeling “P-Please” you called out “Say my name” he ordered “Dean, P-” you were cut off by him sliding himself slowly inside you penetrating you ever so slowly “Oh god, Dean!” you shouted as he picked up pace, he slammed himself into you over and over while you screamed repetitively - he dug his nails in harder with every squeal you made. Hitting your g-spot every time you felt your orgasm pooling up inside you, it wasn’t until you tried to silence yourself that you heard the pounding “Dean, I know you’re in there let me in!” you heard the muffled shout of Sams voice from outside “Nearly here” he winked at you “Better hurry up and finish you shouldn’t i?” he teased as he pounded into you harder. The unmistakable flutter of wings drew your attention to the other side of the room - there stood Castiel gawking with a tilted head and Sam unconscious on the floor; Dean offloaded himself into you, triggering your own orgasm causing you to scream louder than you ever had before. 

“I dont understand, Dean whats going on” Castiel asked innocently “Just showing Y/N who’s boss Cas nothing to worry about” Dean panted.

“I don’t understand


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This one kind of took on a mind of its own and I hope that it’s okay! Let me know!

Warning: Violence, blood

Pairing: Reader x Poe

Word Count: 5k


Starkiller Base

“Preparations have been completed for our attack run tomorrow,” The ginger haired general allowed himself a sidelong glance, meeting your eyes from the other side of the towering, black mass that was Kylo Ren with a steely glare, as if challenging you. If you’d been more inclined to, you would have rolled your eyes, but under the circumstances you felt it better to abstain. He turned his attention back to Leader Snoke. “So long as everything goes according to plan, we will end tomorrow with one more rebel outpost in shambles and more importantly, with the traitor whose been leaking our information. It’s been long enough, perhaps now he can return the favor to us.”

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Pairing: Taekey (side Jongtae) 
Rating: pg13 
Summary: Taemin is a gluttonous young vampire and Key is disappointed (vampire AU)
 Notes: Yeah I’ve never really written a shinee fic before but here take this short thing

By the time Taemin drags himself away from the club and finally makes it back to the abandoned house he calls home, Key is waiting for him. He’s sitting in the living room, his silhouette blending in with the darkness surrounding him, not making a sound. He’s so quiet, sitting there in the only armchair that is still usable, that Taemin doesn’t notice him immediately when he bursts through the front door, licking at the red that still clung to his mouth.

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Healing Love

A/N: This is for whowantsafriend who requested: “Reader is friends with kylo. She constantly gets picked on and bullied by the other people on the star killer, but never tells kylo. She tries to change herself and stuff to make them stop and kylo finds out and fluff ensues?” Not so sure the fluffy really came through, but I hope you like it! :)

Pairing: Kylo x f!reader

Warning: Slight bullying, mild injuries, and mentions of not eating


You grinned at Kylo and wiggled your eyebrows, celebrating yet another win at his expense. Of course, there was always the possibility that he was letting you win, but you brushed the thought away. He merely sat up in his chair and gave you a small smirk in response. Your stomach did a little flip in response. You loved it when he smiled. He rarely did anything of the sort and it always seemed like he was holding back. You understood, however, that it was complicated and never pressed him on it. For now, you would take what you could get.

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so i think y’all already know that we’ve been blessed with amazing calum pics BUT HAVE YOU REALLY APPRECIATED LOW QUALITY CALUM LIKE YOU SHOULD??? well here i am to educate™ :) (this is going to be so long but it might be worth it pls continue)

look at the blurriness of this picture but the beauty is so clear :’( amazing

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