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I was early for my meeting with my mentor so i decided to study for my chem cumulative exam on monday :) also side note: today is such a warm day i can’t wait for spring 🌸
‘What In Tarnation’ by Muchinery
What in tarnation doge meme I drew • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

HEY , it’s on RedBubble now ! 
There’s so many options like hoodies, stickers phone cases, RedBubble really offers a WIDE range of products 
Since I don’t have enough time to work on commissions, a shop would really help me out! 

In a Town Called Darling

Sad that The Walking Dead is ending for the season next week? Not looking forward to a summer with no Negan, no Daryl, and no Simon? Still missing Merle? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Introducing Darling

Darling was the kind of town that could win competitions for its beauty. Neat rows of shops all freshly painted, lawns trimmed, flower boxes overflowing. Kids went to school, people worked hard, and the local sheriff had been doing the job for over ten years without complaints. But despite its picture-perfect beauty, Darling didn’t get out of town visitors. There were no happy families staying at the motel to take a stroll around the pristine streets because at the edge of this town with its whitewashed churches and a rail line that divided the very rich from the ordinary was a building, all grey concrete with a metal gate and a sign that said, ‘No Trespassing’.

The men that met in the cover of these walls called themselves the Saviors, but they weren’t men of God. They were men of metal, the tarmac of the road, and the freedom of the ride. Saviors MC, Georgia. Ride, Fight, Survive.

Introducing a new multichaptered fic brought to you by @superprincesspea, @ladylorelitany, @lucifers-trash-stash & @vizhi0n

If you like Negan, Daryl, Simon and Merle. If you like drama, angst, fluff, romance and smut. If you like our favourite TWD men in a biker AU world then please follow this new blog and reblog the post. Let us know that you want it; once we reach 200 followers, we’ll start posting prequels that give you a glimpse into the world of Darling! 

More details are to follow. 

I got an application form for this chain of cute shops down a historic high street near me it used to be super emo so I used to go there a lot ofc but the job includes making up shop displays making mail shots writing posts n taking photos for their blogs n a little sewing like… it’s perfect for me!!! I wanna get it so bad


So I finally finished cleaning this up after however many months, and I’m pretty happy with the result!

Also, if I were to sell these as stickers and/or acrylic charms once I’m able to open a shop, how interested would you guys be?

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I'm the same dude who watched FLCL 5 times (7 now). I found this neat little shop in my childhood hometown that was selling Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Kids on the Slope, and pretty much everything else Shinichrō Watanabe has directed, and I bought all of them for about $a fuck ton because I'm financially irresponsible. But anyways, I've never finished Cowboy Bebop so I'm really excited to dig into this guys work! I just really like sharing things that make me happy to people at 2 AM sorry.

cool shit man. I haven’t seen much of Watanabe’s work, but I know I gotta get on that some day.

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I was wondering if you would be willing to share your opinions on some things? I've been very interested in vodou, vodoo, and hoodoo (theory, not practice) since I took a religious anthropology class my freshman year of college. I recently got the chance to visit New Orleans, and it was neat to see the shops and museums, but I couldn't help but feel that some of it was geared more towards tourists than anything else. (1/3)

I’m glad that people can make a living doing these things, but I wondered what your thoughts were concerning tourists who don’t necessarily take it seriously? Or shop owners who aren’t necessarily authentic profiting off it as a tourist trade, as well as those who are authentic? (I was really pleased with the way the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum was set up!) I’m also curious to hear your opinions about white folks who go through the ‘proper channels’ to practice. I felt that many of the books that were for sale in some of the shops were largely written by white anthropologists, or those in religious studies, who were welcomed by practitioners and allowed to be initiated to not only study, but practice as well. I hope this isn’t too much or too invasive. 

I have a lot of different feelings on this topic (thank you for asking me!)

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I love finding random scraps as bookmarks, people will stick just about anything flat that’s within reach to mark their place. All these half finished dreams…how do people just stop reading? How is it they don’t burn inside to know the endings of these books? I get a little sliver of a glimpse into their life though which is neat. Receipts, shopping lists, pictures, to do lists, magazine cut outs, news clippings, beer labels. I also like finding “To so-and-so with love” and all manner of etc. Its odd cause show me these same peoples social media and I couldn’t care less but I like these books with scraps, so much extra life between the pages.

Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Seven: Cat’s Out of the Bag
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2870
Warnings: None.


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