the neat shop

why does everything that i like have to be expensive and online i just want to find a neat lil clothes shop around where i live that has my fashion #Aesthetics or like a thrift store we dont have em!!!!!!!! Angery

So I’ve been inspired by just how many other artists have neat-o shops going, and decided to give it a shot myself! Just on Redbubble for now!

So far I’ve only uploaded some stickers and a few designs (as seen above obv) but I’m hoping to add more stuff soon :D

I’ve never done anything like this before so any sort of suggestions/feedback/requests/help for my cluelessness would be greatly appreciated! 


Tattoo It Yourself Card | The Neat Shop

I found these gorgeous cards via Craft Gawker and was smitten! These cards come blank and ready for you to tattoo your heart out! I adore the retro style of the ‘models’. The best part is that these come with a blank banner on the inside too so that you can use them for any kind of occasion! I think I need to buy a set of both!

OK SOO the poetpuff girls, aka me and zariyaallen and belissaescobedo, are going to new york this week for the women in the world conference!! it’s very exciting and we are DELIRIOUS WITH JOY and me and belissa are gonna be in new york a day early (zariya has a field trip/bank heist/makeout planned or something so she’s coming late)

WHAT ARE THE COOL SPOTS??? i definitely wanna go to an art museum and central park but what are the neat cafes, shops, specific trees?? GIMME THE DEATS 


oh hey what’s this, a shop??

yeah, i made a society6 and redbubble account! cool! there’s a bunch of neat goodies in both shops, so if you’d like a sweet shirt, bag, pillow, etc. then check out my society6 or redbubble shop!

i recommend society6 for shirts, but redbubble has some really cool products like travel mugs and pouches. the choice is yours!

so far i’ve added my latest artworks (splatoon, gravity falls, and my little pony) but eventually i’ll add more designs in the future. for now, it’s just three designs.

so yeah! check it out if you can, and if not, then reblogs are appreciated too!

(also a heads up to my followers: i’ll be reblogging this every so often, gotta get the word out :P)

shop: society6 / redbubble