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Dude I feel so bad for all the bts hate going around. Idk if you knew about this, but an NBA team posted a picture of Jay Park a while back and most of the comments were racist af. People wanna say racism isn't really a thing anymore, but it doesn't look like it.

i feel bad for bands/artists that aren’t in the western world in general….i just don’t understand why and how people are hating them just cuz they’re of a different culture ?????? newsflash jenny, western artists aren’t the only ones with talent!!!! what a shocker, i know!!!!!!!!!!

i didn’t know about the jay park thing and that’s honestly so disgusting i hope they all choked i hate racists so much

Just a little something inspired by Liam yesterday - a little bit is under the cut and its mainly fluff  (p.s. inhabitants of NYC please suspend any factual belief) 


“You gonna be alright getting him back to the hotel like that mate?”

Zayn’s already halfway to the door of the pizza restaurant when he hears Louis’ question, for a moment he’s in danger of overbalancing as he goes to turn around, underestimating Liam’s weight but he regains it quickly and gives up turning around.

Instead, he just shouts behind him.

“Yeah, don’t worry, it’s your birthday weekend anyway Lou so we’ll see you later and I’ll get him right for tomorrow.”

Zayn doesn’t wait for a response instead he just gets to the door as quickly as he can and opens it, hoping that getting into the fresh air helps Liam.

He’d forgotten in his hurry, and in his concern for Liam that the air while being fresh is also bitterly cold and even Liam’s body weight and hot breath on his neck as he leans into Zayn aren’t enough to stop the full body shiver that runs through him. 

“Don’t feel very well,”  Liam’s voice shakes Zayn from feeling too sorry for himself immediately and he leans away from his best mate for a moment taking a look at him, still bathed in some light from the pizzeria and there’s definitely a green tinge to him.

Liam’s lips are set in a pout, eyes staring at Zayn or trying to but it’s clearly too much effort, though suddenly the pout disappears and a wonky kind of smile turns Liam’s lips upwards for a moment just as Liam lifts up his arm and tries to slap Zayn’s chest but ends up almost slapping his face and says.

“I can see two Zayn’s,” and then he giggles.

“There’ll be no Zayn’s except a frozen version of me if we don’t get a move on back to the hotel Liam so come on, best foot forward,”  Zayn does his best to stand stern, and forceful and it sort of works because Liam’s hand that’s still dangling in mid-air instead comes up to his head in a sort of salute and he slurs.

“Yes, boss.”

They walk for all of about 1 block when Liam starts to mumble something unintelligible and Zayn’s never known a more endearing drunk than Liam and he can’t stop the fond smile on his face.

“Need a wee, and to vomit probably.”

Okay, maybe not so endearing.  

“I’m serious, really need a wee,” there’s a kind of whine in Liam’s voice and the way he speeds up though in a wonky leaning even heavier kind of way on Zayn bears testament to the urgency they’re still at least 10 blocks from where they’re staying, and okay Zayn could hail a cab but with Manhattan traffic, there’s no guarantee that they’ll get there quicker.

They could go into a restaurant or try and nip into one of the hotels but there’s no guarantee they won’t get thrown out so Zayn looks around him, and just ahead though he can’t really miss it anyway is Grand Central Station.

“They must have loos here,” he says aloud.

“Need a wee,” Liam repeats so Zayn just has to hope and pray.

Visiting a railway terminal’s always been pretty low on Louis’ birthday plans to look around New York though Louis’ birthday plans could probably have been just as easily served in London or even Sheffield but, it is his 25th so whatever the birthday boy wants he gets. 

Thing is, Grand Central Station has been somewhere Zayn had wanted to go for a while being such a big fan of films with the station as a backdrop it felt like somewhere he knew already, just not like this, not in a hurry and not with Liam stumbling next to him while Zayn hangs onto him for dear life.  

As they enter the building though, and the main concourse and as Zayn sees the clock ahead of him, it near takes his breath away.

Liam’s still holding onto him, shuffling along if you can call it that, and Zayn wants to stop and wonder at the sights and the sounds, the clock tells him it’s just gone 11pm and the lights are majestic around them.

“Floor’s nice, could tap dance on it, eat me tea off it,”Liam starts to ramble. 

“Thought you felt sick,” quips Zayn.

Liam stops dead then, lifts a finger up as though he’s about to say something groundbreaking or astonishing, turns to Zayn and for a moment pulls away before he wobbles and Zayn catches hold of him shaking his head.

“Yeah,” is all he says and Zayn can’t help but laugh as he throws Liam’s arm around him again.

“Come on you, let’s get you to the loo and then we’ll get you back to the hotel and for a good sleep, may even stump up for a cab instead of making us walk.”

Liam’s face gets closer to Zayn’s, his breath warm on Zayn’s cheek before his head rests on Zayn’s shoulder and Zayn thinks he hears say next followed by a dreamy sigh.

“The best Zaynie  ‘s what you are.”

But of course, he’s wrong.

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NBA record projections for the 2017-18 season

After the most hectic summer the NBA has ever seen, the 2017-18 season is finally here.

And with that, the NBA staff at USA TODAY Sports takes a look ahead to the newest campaign with our annual semi-scientific record projections.

We have the Golden State Warriors leading the league in wins, again, after another stellar offseason. If they hit the 65-win plateau this year, that would be four consecutive seasons doing so (they became the first team in NBA history to do so three years in a row in 2016-17).

Some fun facts about the Marquis de Lafayette!

1.) He was, like, really tall. (He was around 5'11, which was like NBA status back then.)

2.) He was skinny too.


4.) He was very punctual, and hated being late.

5.) Most people just called him Gilbert du Motier.

6.) Most people who knew him said he was very polite and never used crude or foul language

7.) He looked up to George Washington and saw him as a father (his real father died when he was very young and was also a soldier, as were most of his ancestors).

8.) He looked up to him so much that he named his son Georges Washington.

9.) He was advised to name his daughter something French and named her Marie Antoinette Virginine (spelling might be off). He named her after Washington’s home state, and really only referred to her as such.

10.) When he was 8, he tried to fight a wild hyena.

11.) He spoke Latin!

12.) He was very passionate about social justice and fought in both the American and French Revolutions (even though he risked being killed during the Reign of Terror because of his noble status).

13.) He loved America so much that he requested the American flag be flown over his grave (and I believe it still is to this day!)

14.) He lived to be 77 with a big family.

Preference #1: How they are in bed


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Klay Thompson: He is known for being very shy in quiet, but in between those sheets that man is a damn animal. He loves to tease you until your on the verge of tears and then finally gives you what you want, he can last for hours and mark every inch of your skin.

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Devin Booker: It’s no secret that this man is a freaking sex god. Hair-pulling, biting on your skin, and toes curling is a bonus. And if you don’t call him “Papi” then punishment is surely involved.

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Stephen Curry: At times he can be really rough, leaving occasional bruises on your hips here and there. But other times, he can be really gentle wanting nothing but to show how much he loves you.

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D'angelo Russel: He likes to be dominated here and there, letting you decide and take control. But if it’s one of those days where he wants be dominant then he will succeed in blowing not only your mind but your back out as well.