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Some fun facts about the Marquis de Lafayette!

1.) He was, like, really tall. (He was around 5'11, which was like NBA status back then.)

2.) He was skinny too.


4.) He was very punctual, and hated being late.

5.) Most people just called him Gilbert du Motier.

6.) Most people who knew him said he was very polite and never used crude or foul language

7.) He looked up to George Washington and saw him as a father (his real father died when he was very young and was also a soldier, as were most of his ancestors).

8.) He looked up to him so much that he named his son Georges Washington.

9.) He was advised to name his daughter something French and named her Marie Antoinette Virginine (spelling might be off). He named her after Washington’s home state, and really only referred to her as such.

10.) When he was 8, he tried to fight a wild hyena.

11.) He spoke Latin!

12.) He was very passionate about social justice and fought in both the American and French Revolutions (even though he risked being killed during the Reign of Terror because of his noble status).

13.) He loved America so much that he requested the American flag be flown over his grave (and I believe it still is to this day!)

14.) He lived to be 77 with a big family.

Preference #1: How they are in bed


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Klay Thompson: He is known for being very shy in quiet, but in between those sheets that man is a damn animal. He loves to tease you until your on the verge of tears and then finally gives you what you want, he can last for hours and mark every inch of your skin.

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Devin Booker: It’s no secret that this man is a freaking sex god. Hair-pulling, biting on your skin, and toes curling is a bonus. And if you don’t call him “Papi” then punishment is surely involved.

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Stephen Curry: At times he can be really rough, leaving occasional bruises on your hips here and there. But other times, he can be really gentle wanting nothing but to show how much he loves you.

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D'angelo Russel: He likes to be dominated here and there, letting you decide and take control. But if it’s one of those days where he wants be dominant then he will succeed in blowing not only your mind but your back out as well.


This is called putting the team on your back

The Red Ring of Death

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Pairing: Bucky x Steve x Sam x Reader

Words: 923 words

A/N: This is just a fun little piece for you guys, inspired by a real-life events that unfortunately happened to my brothers and I. Anybody who owns or owned an Xbox would definitely get just how devastating this is.

“I’m home!” You yelled out to no one in particular as you entered the apartment you shared with Sam, Steve and Bucky.

A chorus of ‘hi’ and ‘welcome home’ greeted you from various spots of your home. You threw your book bag on the couch and went to the kitchen, after a long day of back to back classes, what you need was an ice cold beer and nice game on your Xbox 360 to relax.

You were one of those girls who preferred a nice game night to a night out on the town and living in an apartment with 3 guys, this habit was very much appreciated. Every other night, you and the guys would have an intense multiplayer game-off and the last time you and the guys had this mini match, Steve broke one of your wireless controllers, which, thankfully, he immediately replaced. The match always started out civilized, but you soon realize that those men doesn’t take defeat easily, rematch upon rematch was done until either one of you gave up or something broke.

“Hey Buck, you up for a good match tonight?” You asked the super soldier with a cocky smirk, bringing your beer bottle to your lips.

“A chance to humiliate you? How could I ever pass that up?” He shot you a smirk back.

“Alright, let’s do NBA tonight. I’m going to freshen up a bit, can you set it up?” You told Bucky, in which he silently agreed. “Sam! Steve! Game night!” You shouted to the two other occupants of your apartment before walking into your room to change into a more comfortable attire.

After ordering the pizza, which was a must, you walked back to the living room to find Steve and Sam browsing the ‘game shelf’ to look for the new NBA game you just bought a week ago.

“Why can’t we just play a first-person shooting game like usual?” Sam whined.

“Because I’m not going to listening to any of you commenting on how unrealistic it is and how stupid for me to storm into open fire, again.” You rolled your eyes and decided to grab another beer while the guys continued to set up the console.

“Uh, it wont start, I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing.” Bucky muttered, scratching the back of his head in confusion.

“Ugh, step aside old man, let me do this.” Sam pushed Bucky away but not even a second later; you heard Sam gasped.

“Steve.” You heard him whispered.


“What? What’s up?” You asked as you reentered the living room.

Steve and Sam looked at you with a mortified expression, while Bucky stared at the three of you in confusion. Your gaze fell upon the white Xbox 360 behind Bucky and a gasp escaped your lips when you finally noticed it.

The red ring of death.

“Oh no. No, no, no, NO!” You crouched by the TV table, bringing your hands up to your mouth. “Don’t do this to me!” You cried out, gently petting your Xbox, trying to ignore the red circle on the power button was glaring at you.

“What’s going on?” You heard Bucky whispered to Sam and Steve, but you ignored him. You were too busy mourning the death of your beloved console.

“It’s the end of the line for him, he’s gone now.” Steve muttered quietly, earning a mournful nod from Sam and confused look from Bucky.

After a few silent minutes, you took a sharp inhale and stood up. “There’s nothing we can do, he’s gone.” You said solemnly.

“I can’t believe it, he just left us like that? Without any warning?” Sam shook his head in disbelief.

“I feel like we need to give him a proper send off, he has done so many great things for us. It’s the least we could do.” Steve added, earning an agreeing nod from you and Sam.

Bucky was staring at the three of you with a bewildered look on his face, still confused about what the hell was going on.

“Well, there’s only one thing left to do.” You said, turning around and unplugging your console from the power. You cradled the console close to you and walked to the nearest window, followed by Sam, Steve, and Bucky.

“Any last words?” You turn your attention to the three men behind you. When the three of them said nothing, you unlatched the window, pushed it up and after giving it a goodbye kiss, you hurled your Xbox out the window.

“What the hell?!” Bucky shouted, pushing you aside and looked out the window to see the mangled bits and pieces of the white game console on ground, three stories down. “Why did you do that?” He asked you with a horrified, high-pitched voice.

“He’s gone, man. There was nothing we could do.” Sam patted him on the shoulder.

“How do you know? You didn’t even try to fix it!”

“The red ring of death is the end of all things, it’s not even worth the try.” Steve said regretfully.

Bucky stood by the window with a dumbfounded look on his face, even after Sam and Steve retreated back to the living room. You find the sight to be endearing and cute, so you walked up to him, slid your arm into his and gave him a reassuring pat.

“It’s okay, Buck. We’ll get another one soon, there was really nothing we could’ve done.” You said as you pulled him back to the living room. Bucky’s eyes didn’t leave the window, even as you two walked away.

“But… I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

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