the naughty rabbit

Smiling Out Loud by Bardoc1D :: During a sleepover, Louis and Harry discuss what they know about kissing. (1k, not rated, Louis/Harry)

Moments of Memories by momentofclarity :: Reunited AU. Harry Styles met Louis Tomlinson at the age of 6. At the age of 23 he lost him. What happens when he meets him again 36 years later? (17k, M, Louis/Harry)

let’s start right now by dramaturgicallycorrect :: Harry’s a professional cross country road trip driver, and Niall is his latest fare. (29k, T, Harry/Niall)

Be with me so happily by BriaMaria :: Louis is the director of the Styles Elephant Sanctuary and really doesn’t want to babysit his funder’s spoiled lay-about son for two months (42k, E, Louis/Harry)

You’re a Naughty Rabbit, Louis by sunsetmog :: There’s a line, a fiercely drawn line where he’s a tiny fluffy rabbit on one side and a fully grown adult the other. There’s no space in the middle where the line blurs and his boyfriends treat him like both. (10k, E, Louis/Harry/Nick)

It Had To Be You by FullOnLarrie :: A When Harry Met Sally AU. (45k, M, Louis/Harry)

Fall for You and Me by pineapple_tea :: A drunken night out, missing shoes, lots of ‘platonic’ hand holding.And then the morning after. (11k, E, Zayn/Liam)

Been here all along by anon :: Harry is 11 year old wizard who was brought up in muggle home and now is on his way to his new school. Everything is new and exciting, and nothing can hold his attention for more than two seconds at the time, expect for this one boy with blue eyes, silver tongue and green tie around his neck. He can hold Harry’s attention for two seconds, or you know… forever. (28k, T, Louis/Harry)

wild card (nobody, nobody) by dramaturgicallycorrect :: Harry is Britain’s Best Chance and Liam is a wild card at the Championships, Wimbledon. (30k, T, Harry/Liam)

You light up the room by momentofclarity :: Teen crush (1515, T, Louis/Harry)

Ain’t My Fault by afirethatcannotdie :: Liam posts an ad on the wrong section of Craigslist, Louis is pretty sure they’re gonna get murdered as a result, and Harry’s missing an avocado. (6k, E, Louis/Harry)