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Harry Styles Will Perform a Second New Song on 'Saturday Night Live'
Love “Sign of the Times,” Harry Styles’ debut solo single? You’ll get to see him perform it on Saturday Night Live in eight days — as well as another new song.

Love “Sign of the Times,” Harry Styles’ debut solo single? You’ll get to see him perform it on Saturday Night Live in eight days — as well as another new song.

Sources tell Billboard that Styles will indeed play a second new song on SNL when he makes his debut on the Apr. 15 episode, which Jimmy Fallon will host. The One Direction member was announced as an SNL performer on Mar. 28, and his first post-1D single, “Sign of the Times,” was unveiled on Friday morning.

No word on the second song’s title, or whether it will be released in its studio version prior to the performance. Last month, Lorde performed two new songs, “Green Light” and “Liability,” on SNL, after releasing “Liability” online days prior to the appearance. The Chainsmokers, who released their album Memories… Do Not Open on Friday, are set to perform on SNL tomorrow night.

“Sign of the Times” was produced by Jeff Bhasker and co-written by Styles; a music video for the song will be released later this month. On Apr. 21, Styles will appear on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, for his first solo performance in his native U.K.

Title: I need you right now (so don’t let me down)

Rating: T for blood and stuff

A/N: for @therebelcaptainnetwork appreciation week day 2 “song” and @rebelcaptainprompts comfort. I heard this song the other day and it was like BAM. enjoy

Jyn pressed her arm to her abdomen, hot, sticky blood seeping through her shirt and dripping down her fingers. 

This wasn’t supposed to happen, it went wrong, it went all wrong.

And, fuck, it hurt like hell.

She forgot just how bloody and painful slash wounds to the abdomen were.

She felt like her organs were trying to fall out, like there was a gaping gash in her side.

Well, she wasn’t wrong.

There was and she should probably stitch herself up, but the ship needed to be set on autopilot, and then when she took care of that, then she could take care of herself.

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An arrest warrant has been issued for journalist Amy Goodman, who filmed Dakota Access Pipeline protest.

Journalist Amy Goodman recently filmed the Dakota Access Pipeline company turning dogs on protesters; now, there’s a warrant out for her arrest in Morton County, North Dakota.

“This is an unacceptable violation of freedom of the press,” Goodman said in a statement, according to Democracy Now!, the publication for which she works. “I was doing my job by covering pipeline guards unleashing dogs and pepper spray on Native American protesters.” Goodman is being charged with one offense.

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who ever said that so called "unborn lives" are alive?

Life in the womb

Straight from the embryology textbook:

A zygote [fertilized egg] is the beginning of a new human being. Human development begins at fertilization, the process during which a male gamete … unites with a female gamete or oocyte … to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marks the beginning of each of us as a unique individual.

There are many references to confirm that life begins at fertilization

What is the unborn?

The most important thing that hasn’t been addressed here is the big picture which puts this topic into perspective so that we have a greater view of what is really occurring every single time fetal life is rationalized, questioned, or considered less than human. 

A conversation between Kris Vallotton and a Jewish business man:

“What do think about abortion?” 

‘’I could feel the tension growing in the plane. I dropped my head, acknowledging that we had very different value systems for our lives. Then I thought of a way to respond to his question.

“You’re Jewish, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said defensively. “I told you I was!”

“Do you know how Hitler persuaded the German people to destroy more than six million of your Jewish ancestors?” The man looked at me expectantly, so I continued. ”He convinced them that Jews were not human and then exterminated your people like rats.”

I could see that I had his attention, so I went on. “Do you understand how Americans enslaved, tortured, and killed millions of Africans? We dehumanized them so our constitution didn’t apply to them, and then we treated them worse than animals.”

“How about the Native Americans?” I pressed. “Do you have any idea how we managed to hunt Indians like wild animals, drive them out of their own land, burn their villages, rape their women, and slaughter their children? Do you have any clue how everyday people turned into cruel murderers?”

My Jewish friend was silent, and his eyes were filling with tears as I made my point.

 “We made people believe that the Native Americans were wild savages, not real human beings, and then we brutalized them without any conviction of wrongdoing.

Now do you understand how we have persuaded mothers to kill their own babies? We took the word fetus, which is the Latin word for ‘offspring,’ and redefined it to dehumanize the unborn. We told mothers, ‘That is not really a baby you are carrying in your belly; it is a fetus, tissue that suddenly forms into a human being just seconds before it exits the womb.’ In doing so, we were able to assert that, in the issue of abortion, there is only one person’s human rights to consider, and then we convinced mothers that disposing of fetal tissue (terminating the life of their babies) was a woman’s right. Our constitution no longer protects the unborn because they are not real people. They are just lifeless blobs of tissue.”

By now, tears were flowing down his cheeks. I looked right into his eyes and said, “Your people, the Native Americans, and the African Americans should be the greatest defenders of the unborn on the planet. After all, you know what it’s like for society to redefine you so that they can destroy your races. But ironically, your races have the highest abortion rates in this country. Somebody is still trying to exterminate your people, and you don’t even realize it. The names have changed, but the plot remains the same.”

Finally he couldn’t handle it anymore. He blurted out, “I have never heard anything like this before. I am hanging out with the wrong people. I have been deceived.’’

We have made a huge mistake when we aren’t realizing who is a human. A human is a human. They matter. This isn’t over. There is hope. We can still spread the truth to the world of the value of their lives. Anyone can take steps to shift collective thought in redefining ‘’human’’. 

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If people want to moan about cultural oppression they should at least do their research. Now they are mad that Marilyn Manson is playing a part Native American hitman, completely disregarding that Manson is Native American/Sioux on his mother's side. The director even came out and said he didn't know why the press wrote Native hitman when it wasn't explicitly stated.

I did not know that about Manson! Here’s an article on the film:

So i was thinking, what about a pirate-ish/ trade ABO AU 

John is a high lord and often trades goods with an island called Eden and is raising his sons to take over once he’s gone. Dean thinks it’s all boring as fuck so he never really pays attention to what is going on and age 25 he is finally “allowed” to go with his father for like 4 months to oversee the goods being traded, to be nice to the natives and maybe enjoy time on the island. 

SO Alpha Dean says goodbye to his beta wife, Lisa, (arranged marriage and Dean was against it wholeheartedly but he likes her a just enough now) and boards and after a month of sailing they get there. Instead of going to a tavern to get food, drinks and sleep John has Dean see what is being taken off the board, sign for it and converse with the burly shipmates who look like they want to kill him. 

While he’s doing the most boring job in his mind he smells something amazing and sees a young black haired, blue eyed boy standing behind him. Dean, who has learned Enochian and speaks it fluently, asks the boy what is he doing. and the boy responds in perfect English that he’s wanted to know what Dean was doing so he came to watch. Dean, who always promised not to be one of those Alphas, takes a step back and is like “ok you can watch btw I’m Dean” and the boy says he’s Castiel. 

So Castiel comes by every day to watch Dean work and talk to him in his down time and brings him food for lunch. Dean has to yell at the shipmates every time they stop and stare at the omega male who is either in a light sundress, shorts or leggings because they have to do work and he hates overseeing. Secretly he wants to rip their heads off for staring at his Cas. After a week and a half of unloading Dean finally gets a break and he gets to go around doing things the natives do and talking to people about if their supplies are good enough, if not they can switch to Winchester’s shipping and have better ones. Castiel tags along and shows him non touristy spots and talks to him in Enochian and in English and Dean is just head over heels. 

So after being there for a month Cas dances at a festival and Dean watches and feels like Cas is only dancing for him. Unfortunately the second Cas comes off stage he’s in heat and forgot to tell Dean to steer clear of him for the next week. Dean is taking Cas back to his apartment when his rut is triggered by Cas’ heat and he tries to leave only to come back when he hears Cas’ whining about his mate leaving him. So Dean asks to stay and Cas says yes and it ends with Cas getting knotted by Dean with a mark on his neck where Dean had bit him. Of course over the next week Dean’s mind is filled with thoughts like mate, breed, fuckhimpregnant, heneedsmypupsinhim, love you, and hints of fucktightshitsohotsogood

So after their first mating and Dean is feeling pretty good about mating Cas they do more couple like stuff like going to markets, sleeping over at Cas’, eating dinner at home with Cas, watching the sea with Cas and a multitude of other things. A week before he has to leave John finds out about this romance and is pissed because Dean has a wife back home and she’s from a good family and he can’t sever ties with them. He tells Dean to break it off because it’s probably some summer romance or something and Dean outright refuses until John commands him to. Dean goes to Cas’ apartment and tearfully tells him that he’s leaving and might not be back for a while. 

Cas starts asking if Dean can stay with him because he doesn’t want to be uprooted like this. Dean tells him no but tries to offer Cas a home with him overseas which Cas really doesn’t want. People of Eden are usually treated like freaks overseas and some of the people who do come over think that they island people are dumb as fuck so Cas really doesn’t want that. Dean tells Cas that their mating will overturn his marriage to Lisa and Cas doesn’t want to leave his home where all his friends are. Dean leaves. John, who witnessed the entire thing, comes and threatens Cas not to see Dean anymore because their relationship is poison and Dean needs a clear head if he’s going to take over. 

Cas, who is backed into a corner, says yes and doesn’t even go to see Dean off. When John and Dean are back on the ship John tells Dean that sea men have children in other islands with people they thought were their mates or with prostitutes or just random people and not to feel bad about it cause it’s commonplace and even tells of Adam who is living somewhere north of where they live. Dean is disgusted with himself because what if they were to have a pup together? He would never see it most likely. 

They get back, Dean goes to Lisa and tries to mate with her but her scent is waaaaayyyy off and it doesn’t turn him on at all and he finds out that she had a pup before she married that she didn’t tell him about. So they live with her pup and John dies a year after they ported in their homeland and Dean takes over. For 4 years Dean never went back until he found out that something happened with his sea men and the natives and it’s a pressing matter that he has to see about. Meanwhile Dean divorced Lisa and his body felt like his mate died because of how much he missed Cas

After a month of sailing he talks everything over with his ship’s captain and the people in charge of giving the goods and when everything is done he starts to go to a tavern but smells something amazing and something that makes his heart sore. He looks behind him and sees Cas with a pup with black hair and green eyes on his shoulders. Dean is shocked and appalled with himself that he would leave them both and he wants to make up for it. So he invites them to dinner with him so he can talk to Cas. Cas agrees.

After Dean left Cas found out about being pregnant and wished he had gone with Dean because at least he would be with his mate. His body hurt like Dean had died and it made the pregnancy harder than it should have been. People would take pity on him, give him things or offer to watch the baby while Cas worked and it went well-ish. His friend Gabe always was free to watch little Henry and that made a lot of things better for Cas. He still danced and did well for himself. 

Dean told Cas about the death of John, the divorce, Bobby coming to Eden, and thinking about moving here because they weather is better and he has a better reason now. Sam wanted to move too, and a lot of the friends he made had already immigrated, integrated or were already in Eden so why not? There wasn’t a place for him overseas without his kid and mate. 

So Dean moved his company to Eden, mated Cas again, and married him. The wedding was huge and beautiful and was talked about for a long while. Dean and Cas had a bunch of pups together and tried forgetting about every bad thing that happened between them. They had a large family of other people from Eden and overseas in Eden and they were happy that they found each other. 

Ahh! I love stories were they’re separated and then there is a baby! It’s so good. 

I love this fandom (about the fake 3x08 press release)

Yesterday, my friend Martina (@itsmemartu) was bored because it was tuesday and there weren’t any news about the 100, so I created the fake 3x08 press release and sent it to her. She laughed at that and dared me to post in Tumblr, and I did. And oh men, it was FUN, and in the process i learned a few things about this fandom:

1. Bellarkes realized very soon that the press release it was fake. But for a small moment they were afraid that the writers fulfill all Clexa fanfictions dreams, and that was really fun (for me, not for them obviously). 

(Bellarke gif reaction before knowing it was fake)

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2. The Clexa fans. 2 types:

- Those who believed it was true. THANK YOU FOR BEING *spanish on* TO’ MAJOS  Y APAÑAOS *spanish off* (english translation: UNICORNS AND BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE). 

Even when the real press release came out you guys laughed about the fake one, and I don’t recieved a single hate comment (I was totally expecting it xD), so thank you!

(Clexa fans reaction before knowing the truth)

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(Clexa fans reaction after the real 3x08 press release) 

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- Those who read my tags (yeah, the truth has always been in the tags) and knew that the press release was false. AND THEY JOKED ABOUT IT. LOVE YOU GUYS!

So that’s all, thanks for yesterday and for being a great fandom.

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PD. Sorry for the possible mistakes in the above text, English is not my native language ;)

Brutally Attacked Native Transgender Woman Can Finally Speak Again

A Native American transgender woman who was severely beaten in Brooklyn, New York has finally regained her ability to speak almost two weeks after being assaulted by four men who have not been identified, officials said. The woman’s severe injuries have prevented her from giving consent to release her name to the press.

Only to the white man was nature a “wilderness” and only to him was the land “infested” with “wild” animals and “savage” people.
—  – Luther Standing Bear (1868-1939), chief of the Oglala Sioux as quoted in Omer C. Stewart’s ‘Forgotten Fires, Native Americans and the Transient Wilderness’. Edited and with Introductions by Henry T. Lewis and M. Kat Anderson (University of Oklahoma Press, 2002)

Tanka Bars Available on 375 Reservations

Oglala Sioux-owned Native American Natural Foods—maker of the delicious buffalo jerky and cranberry bar, known as the Tanka Bar, among many other 100 percent natural, low-calorie, low-carb, high-energy foods—is available on 375 of the more than 550 American Indian reservations in the U.S., reported the Associated Press.