the national gaurd

Apparently white people in Seattle riot over stupid shit almost every year on May 1st, but this year they want to say it's in the name of cop brutality towards black people in America.

I’ve been looking into it and it’s literally a bunch of white dudes rioting and starting shit with cops. Residents in Seattle, Washington literally expect these riots to happen too, like it’s some kind of embarrassing holiday for them they don’t want to happen. There are peaceful protestors, but the fact that the white people are trying to justify their annual riots in the name of Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, ect., and other problems faced by the black community is fucked up.

No national gaurd was sent in on the rioters either. The police were literally trying to calm the white people in the riot with riot gear on bikes ….no armored trucks/heavy duty weapons(except smoke & tear gas), no city evacuation, little news coverage, but they wanted to dress up and ride bikes??

Here’s the short difference between the riotes. Black people are targeted, killed, framed, and avoid the cops. We don’t run up on cops, they come to us. Black people are provoked by cops/racist people. We actually live in fear of cops. They don’t go all nilly dilly shooting Billy, they go Bang Bang when they see James, you feel?

The rioters in Seattle actually confused the cops in videos, because the cops actually care for them! Cops let you smoke mad weed, and you still don’t know how to chill…The Seattle rioters are NOT with us, and are NOT with Baltimore/Ferguson or the Black cause anywhere else.

The protestors on the other hand did the right thing and should keep going strong! ✊