the national babies

Cute alert! A baby mule deer tries catching a snowflake on its tongue at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado. Mule deer are named for their oversized ears that resemble a mule’s ears. Compared to its cousin, the white-tailed deer, mule deer are larger in size, and have a black-tipped white tail and white patch on the rump. Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Mama Bear and Baby Bears

Jasper National Park, Canada

I got to see my favorite animal just outside of Jasper! A little ways off the road a sow was foraging while her three babies played. SOOOOOO CUTE! I’ve seen bears before but never with cubs. We sat and watched them for little while from a distance in the safety of the Subaru. 

© Michelle Gefre | Trail the Sun


Whooo is that? A baby Mexican spotted owl at Zion National Park in Utah! National parks aren’t just for people to enjoy – they also preserve important habitat for wildlife like the Mexican spotted owl, found in Zion’s slot canyons. It’s one of the largest owls in North America and is listed as a threatened species by both the U.S. and Mexican governments. Protecting parks helps ensure these owls have a home for years to come. Photo by Sarah Stio, National Park Service.