the natchez

One of the most scenic parkways in America, Natchez Trace Parkway runs 444 miles through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. Passing stunning landscapes and pausing at hidden cultural treasures, traveling the Trace is a pleasure by foot, bike and car. Particularly beautiful in the spring and fall, we recommend visiting the Cypress Swamp around Halloween for a little dose of spooky fun. National Park Service photo.

A free man of colour

This certificate issued by the Adams County, Mississippi, Board of Police recognizes the free status of a man named Joe Cornish, and it gives him permission to remain in the state.

Joe Cornish, a free man of colour, of yellow complexion, aged about fifty five years, and five feet ten inches in height, having satisfied the Board that he was of good character and honest deportment, it was therefore ordered by the board that he be licensed to remain in this State according to the act of the Legislature in this behalf.

(Todd Herring Collection)

The Natchez by Eugène Delacroix, 1835
The Natchez tribe were the fiercest opponents of the French in Louisiana. This depicts Natchez Native American mother and father with their newborn child on the banks of the Mississippi River. Inspired by 1801 novel “Atala” by Chateaubriand, the setting is in French Colonial Louisiana; the Natchez couple have recently escaped upriver from a massacre.