the natasha to my clint

my mom: why are you crying on the floor?

me: chris evans may be quitting as captain america after infinity war

my mom:

my mom:

my mom: *starts crying on the floor with me*


STRIKE TEAM DELTA AUfirst mission together: infiltrate a building, damage the bad guys’ servers. Except it turns out that someone has to jump down the ventilation shaft to get there, right past the giant spinning blades of death. Mission control has decided it’s going to be Clint, citing ‘You’re HAWKeye right? Fly there or something. You’ll figure it out~’

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can i prompt touch starved tony who loves any and all physical contact he has? someone puts a hand on his shoulder? amazing! someone lens into his side at movie night? the best! someone actually hugs him? omg! the avengers start to notice and perhaps do something about it?

Tony is a puppy. He soaks up affection like a sponge. (I threw in some Bucky because I wanted sleepy, helpless Tony.) Look out for under the cut!

Natasha noticed first. She had a leg up on everyone though, having been sent to spy on him. She’d noticed when Pepper would reach out to casually touch him—a pat on the shoulder, playing with his hair, sliding her foot up his calf—and Tony would look ecstatic. At least, as ecstatic as an emotionally constipated person could look. At first she’d thought it was flirting, and Tony was happy to finally have it reciprocated.

But then Jim Rhodes had stopped by and swept Tony up into a hug that brought his feet off the ground, and Tony had made a happy little noise that had… done something to her heart. While Rhodes was visiting, it seemed like they were always touching, whether it was an arm over Tony’s shoulders or Tony pressing his feet against Rhodes’s thigh.

Happy was touchy-feely with Tony, too. Even after boxing matches, when they were both bruised and sometimes bloody but always smiling, they’d lean their shoulders together, or Happy would be escorting Tony somewhere and keep a hand on his elbow. Tony didn’t even fuss, even though usually he would bitch about not needing anyone’s protection.

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sam wilson seems like the kind of guy to accidentally text “bunny barnes” instead of “bucky barnes” due to autocorrect but then once he sees how much it pisses off bucky he goes on this secret mission to take all of the avengers’ phones and set it to change to “bunny” instead of “bucky” just so he can piss bucky off.

- Growth - (a Stony fanfic)

(“Soulmate"AU where you get a tattoo for every person you fall in love with)

Pepper’s tattoo is on her hip. Well, the one that isn’t faded yet. 

There are five dull, grey ones scattered across her body, seemingly random and different in shape and size, but what do they matter? They’re done.  It’s over. The only one she looks at these days are the sunglasses on her hip. They’re big. Obnoxiously big and shiny and she knows who they’re for, of course she knows. Tony has a little stiletto to match, right there on his ankle, bright blue and sparkly and the first time he showed her, she nearly apologized. It’s hideous and the both know, but it means love, so who’s gonna complain? 

Understandably, no one is happy when the sunglasses start losing colour. At first, it isn’t even visible, the fade from black to grey barely noticeable, but then the grey becomes off-white and the glass loses its shine and Tony leaves, a bright blue stiletto still sparkling on his skin.

But Tony is fine, he said. Its fine, he’s fine - he’s always fine.

And Pepper sighs and strokes the steering wheel on the back of her hand that just appeared the day before.

Tony is fine.

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I’ve been chatting with @squireofgeekdom​ about a Leverage AU and it’s getting MONSTERIOUSLY out of hand and I love it. So here’s 3 teams (Iron, Cap, and Super Spies) all running into each other when they accidentally target the same mark on the same day

Team Iron: Tony (Mastermind), Rhodey (Hacker), Pepper (Grifter), Peter (Thief)
Team Cap: Steve (Mastermind/Forger), Sam (Thief), Bucky (Hitter/Grifter??)
Super Spies: Natasha (Grifter/Hacker/can murder a man in a pinch, honestly), Clint (thief)

Ease My Mind - Part 5

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. But apparently Bucky is just fine with your platonic relationship - you’re going to have to do something about that.

A/N: so….. plot twist?? aha let me know what you think when you get to the end. also i think i might have fixed my tagging issue but im not sure, let me know if your tag doesn’t work/also if you want to be tagged!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Most of the team is out on a mission - a mission you could be on if Bucky hadn’t decided to stick his giant foot into something that doesn’t concern him. That thought produces another vicious punch to the punching bag, and you shift around to the other side in order to give it a swift high-kick to it’s make believe guts. The impact jars all the way up your body, twinging your scarred over bullet wound, but you ignore it completely.

Nat, Clint, and Bucky are still in the Compound somewhere. You hadn’t seem them all day. While they took being left off a mission as a day to relax, you had secluded yourself in the gym to train. If Bucky was going to be an A Grade Shithead and Steve was going to believe him, then you just had to prove that you were fit and healthy enough to be taking down entire cities all by yourself. It hurt, but it would be worth it.

You launched yourself at the punching bag, wrapping your legs around it and swinging yourself around and up until you’re face to face with the chains attaching the bag to the ceiling. You pull a throwing knife from your utility belt and bring it down repeatedly to the top of the punching bag, until stuffing starts to fly out everywhere and the fabric holding you up begins to sag.

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