the naptime shake

anonymous asked:

How do our beloved racers and amazing Radiator Springs residents sleep? Is there snoring? Tossing and turning? Waking up every few hours? I know this is a weird ask, but i'm curious ✨

Lightning - sleeps soundly, but mutters quietly a lot

Sally - very light sleeper, wakes up at any little sound, rolls around a lot

Doc - soft snoring, only sleeps five or six hours a night, always up late

Sheriff - heavy sleeper, likes to nap throughout the day

Lizzie - anytime, anywhere, always down for naptime. snores quietly. shakes a lot.

Ramone - sound sleeper, adjusts hydraulics while unconscious

Flo - tolerant light sleeper, wakes up every few hours

Red - like a baby

Luigi - likes to lean against something while he sleeps

Guido - Sometimes sleep drives around, rearranges tires in the shop

Sarge - sleeps very deeply for a few hours at a time, spread throughout the day

Fillmore - snoozes like we do after taking a big dose of NyQuil

Mater - definitely drives in his sleep. backwards. a lot. obnoxious snoring and drooling.

Bobby - tosses and turns a lot, sleeps well for short periods of time

Brick - wakes up a lot, is restless as night. superior napper in the daytime though

Cal - sleeps straight through the night, doesn’t snore, but breathes through his mouth

Strip - might as well be dead, there’s no waking him up without getting physical

Cruz - cover stealer, speaks in soft Spanish and hums a lot

Jackson - must be wrapped in something warm, sleeps lightly, silently

Chick - obnoxious snoring, flops around a lot, talks to himself in his sleep

So….I cried today. Ryan learned a new word, I told her it was naptime so she shakes her head and takes out her wubba and says “no, papa.” And just goes back to watch Paw Parole. SHE TOO YOUNG TO BE HAVING ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS WITH ME! HOW ON EARTH DO I MAKE THIS STOP!?