the nape of his neck tho


Joe Teague → tank top [requested(ish)  by: anon]


thank you for this aaa i had so much fun drawing this!!! 

i actually put a lot of thought into this,,,for starters: their gem placement. i chose an specific place that hadn’t been “tainted” i mean these guys went through a lot, so i wanted to place the gem in somewhere familiar by both of them; Neil: his nape/neck, where andrew tends to grip on, and Andrew (even tho u cant see it) his throat/neck where Neil likes to leave kisses ;0c

about the clothes.. a combo of their normal clothing & exy uniform,,

im not sure about the type of gem, i’ll leave that to anyone who wants to think about something jhdfkj

anonymous asked:

Omg can you imagine surprising tom with new lingerie

“babe! come to the bedroom!”

you position yourself seductively on the bed, pushing your hair over your shoulder, and the pulling it back and pushing it back–

tom comes in, after tripping on something in the hall. you could hear him stumble and curse before looking up at you. his eyes widened,

“what do you–? oh! oh…. oh?”

you smile for him, “like it?”

he leans back on his heels, crossing his arms as he laughs.


tom takes a step closer, shaking his head,

“aren’t you supposed to be wearing this?”

he reaches out a veined hand to touch your lingerie displayed on the bed. it was laid out neatly in front of him and you… weren’t wearing it. instead….. you were posed naked on your silky sheets, freezing your ass off waiting ..

you pout,

“you don’t like it?”

he smiles incredulously, shaking his head and laughing brightly. he’s always amazed by your sense of humor, he really can’t read you. 

“no, i do! i do… but”

you break out of your stiff pose, sitting on your knees with your hands on the bed. you tilt your head, smiling back at him with a twinkle in your eye,


tom idly plays with the thin lacy fabric, holding it up and teasing,

“taking it off is supposed to be the best part”

“sorry, i thought you’d be impatient” your hand drags up your thigh, warming you up a bit, but also pulling his attention back up to you, “i didn’t want to make you wait”

he drops the light fabric on the ground, and pulls off his shirt in one swift motion. he smirks when he sees your eyes wash over him chest. he crawls towards you on the bed, making you lean back and settle into the sheets. 

you share a smile together before he dips down to take your lips gently. his lips are a little chapped, but you don’t mind. his hand rolls down your ribs, pressing his thumb down as it drags across your body. they stop at the fold of your hips.

tom peppers your neck with kisses as you giggle, reminding you,

“you’re so beautiful baby”

kiss. kiss. kiss.


kiss. kiss.


you rake your hands through his thick brown hair, stopping at the nape of his neck. he looks up at you with cheeky dark eyes, while he flashes you a toothy grin. 

“you couldn’t get it on, could you?”

o fuck off tom lol

RFA + Saeran and V - How They Cuddle


- He’s a super romantic cuddler

- He’ll pull you super close and just lay there 

- He is the definition of big spoon

- You guys will just whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears

- He’ll kiss up and down your neck 

- Beast released


-He’s pretty basic 

- Honestly tho

- Since he’s never had a girlfriend he’s just going off of romantic movies Zen lent him

- AKA Movies with Zen in them

- He’ll nestle his head into the nape of your neck and just stay there

- His hands will be wrapped around you and it’s over

-He won’t let go until he has to LOLOL Calls!


-Baehee’s got some… 

- Assets 

- When you guys cuddle your head is right there

- It’s your pillow

- The best pillow

- She’ll be embarrassed at first but after a while she just accepts it 

- She’ll just hold you there and it’s great


- He may not look like it but he LIVES for cuddles

- Once he gets home he just holds you 

-He’ll drag you to the couch, the bed or where ever and just holds you

- His arms are a cage

- You’ll lay on him and he’ll vent about his day

- Then Elizabeth gets on you and it’s a body pile


- Also loves cuddles

- He’ll just randomly grab you and carry you to the bed

- He’ll make you face him and will wrap one arm around your waist and the other one is on your butt 

- Lots of kisses 

- You two just snuggle until you fall asleep or get hungry

- Or something else…

- Honestly, he’s not much of a cuddler

- When you do cuddle he’s super gentle

- It like he’s afraid to break you

- You have to wrap his hands around you while you throw your legs over his 

- You nestle into him as much as you can 

- He’ll let you cuddle with him however you want 


- Whenever he gets panic attacks you just start holding him 

- Sometimes he pushes you away and then other times he’ll hang off you like a wet cat

- When he does hang off you, it’s a super tight grip

- He’ll nestle himself into your neck or your chest, hands wrapped around you 

- You’ll whisper reassurance and play with his hair

- When he finally calms down he’ll loosen his grip and pull you against him

- And you guys will just lay there 

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Can you do a Jeremy imagine were the reader gets Micheal sister and he catches them making out and he at first bed made then just teases them about all day and he tells the group and they start teasing them. Sorry this is so long! Love the first hc so far!❤

hii !!! just so we are clear, I am not currently writing imagines or fics right now, because quite honestly I don’t think my actual writing is all that great, in terms of narrative. I’m def gonna do hcs for this tho bc yes

  • so jeremy is sleeping over 
  • you guys have probably hooked up more than once
  • michael is probably the best most chill brother and loves having you around to hang with the two of them
  • if you’re okay with it, you two are definitely high and michael is asleep
  • at least, the first time you hook up, you’re high
  • so anyway michael is asleep and you two are getting a little heated
  • jerm’s hands are all over you and you’re gripping onto the hair at the nape of his neck 
  • quiet little moans because even tho michael is asleep you still need to be quiet
  • and thEN
  • “what the fuck?!”
  • you two SCRAMBLE
  • jeremy flies against the arm of the couch
  • you probably end up on the floor
  • it’s silent for a second where all three of you are just looking at one another 
  • “michael its not-”
  • “do not tell me its not what it looks like, you were just eating my best friend’s face. go upstairs now” 
  • and michael doesn’t get angry w you a lot so you know it’s serious so you leave and go to your room
  • you can hear arguing from the basement but you can’t tell what they’re saying 
  • and then it gets quiet
  • both boys appear at your door 5 minutes later 
  • you looks up at michael and he’s feckin SMIRKING
  • and jerm is blushing like a mofo
  • “so was it good?”
  • “excuse me?”
  • “there are condoms in my dresser”
  • “mICHAEL” “dude cmon stop-”
  • “i need to make sure you two are safe!! i am way too young to be an uncle. besides, dude you are gonna need some help if y/n keeps giving you hickies like that”
  • jer rushes to the bathroom “y/n r u fcking kidding me..” (its bad, cannot be hidden)
  • the boys are def in a group chat with the squip squad
  • michael lets eVERYONE KNOW
  • and the next day at school jeremy cannot hide that hickey and everyone knows 
  • in classes with jer, you can practically FEEL everyone watching the two of you
  • jake def gives him a pat on the back like “nice dude”
  • and the girls absolutely gUSH to you because “ohmygod how did we not see this before you two are so cute”
  • you two are so embarrassed but that doesn’t stop you from probably doing the exact same thing that night

yeah sorry this wasn’t that great lol i tried this was a really cute prompt tho i hope you like :) xx

BTS Imagines: Your Compromising Scene with Taehyung

Request: Can you do a imagine where reader has to film a love scene with Taehyung but is actually jinyoungs girlfriend/boyfriend?? If this makes sense. Live your page❤️❤️

A/N: This got a bit out of hand I’m so pleased sorry

Also, beta’d by my horribly patient sister



Word Count: 1,010

Warnings: None

Originally posted by taelatte


The Director’s voice rang loudly in your ears and it took every ounce of professionalism in you to pull yourself away from Taehyung’s kiss-bitten lips. Your chest heaved, swallowing thickly as you focused on anything other than the heady knot forming in your core and Taehyung’s strong form over you. You cleared your throat awkwardly.

Taehyung licked his swollen lips and leaned back to the headboard, wiping his clammy hands on his jeans. You watched the heavy rise and fall of his chest, a faint blush painted across his strong features. You sighed in relief; you weren’t the only one affected.

As the makeup artist fixed your smudged lipstick, you hummed in acknowledgment to the Director’s words just over her shoulder. His hard gaze landed on you.

“Do you feel comfortable shedding some clothes?”

The thought hit you hard and your throat ran dry as you glimpsed over the Director’s shoulder. Jinyoung bowed to the production staff, arm full of flowers and an iced coffee, double shot and extra whip: your favorite.

A wave of panic overrode the warm fondness of seeing your boyfriend. You struggled to give the Director a coherent answer just as Jinyoung caught your gaze. A shy smile crept across his lips and he held up your iced coffee. Your confidence wavered slightly.

“Yes, that’s fine.” The words fell out of your mouth before you gave your brain time to back down. “Just a five minute break, if that’s okay?”

The Director nodded roughly at your words and made his way back towards the production staff. Nervously glancing back at Taehyung, he busied himself with rolling up the sleeves to his button up, a hairstylist tenderly mussing his hair back into disarrayed perfection. The sight of his arms, tan from hours out in the sun of yesterday’s shoot, had your chest tightening, heat rushing up to your cheeks then ungraciously down to your core. You hastily retreated from the bed.

Jagiya!” Jinyoung called over the shuffle of the staff. He fumbled with his possessions and your flowers, nearly sending the iced coffee to the tiled floor. You smiled fondly and couldn’t help the genuine laugh that managed to escape.

You stopped a respectful distance from him and politely accepted the coffee, taking a long, welcome gulp. Through a content sigh, you gazed up at your boyfriend. “Thanks for coming.” Your quiet words had him step a bit closer, his clean scent hazing your senses.

Jinyoung’s response sounded muffled and hazy as your eyes landed on Taehyung’s muscular figure. His white dress shirt now completely unbuttoned, the plane of his tan stomach was on full display, sleeves rolled up just below the elbow. You flinched, body feeling as if you’d been thrown head first into an ice bath, and suddenly the low drone of Jinyoung’s voice almost made sense. You blinked back to focus, hard, on the words that were spilling from your boyfriend’s excited features. A tinge of guilt crept up your spine.

“Jinyoung-ah,” you softly called his name as you took one of his large hands into your own small one. “I need to get back to filming.” You noted how his eyes deflated in disappointment. His lip poked out in a playful pout “I’ll text you when we finish, and maybe we can go out for dinner afterwards?”

Your proposal had his smile widening again and he nodded eagerly. You quickly agreed on his favorite meat restaurant, hardly able to resist the pout he gave. Watching Jinyoung’s retreating frame, you slowly turned around to face your current moral hazard. 

Taehyung sat, perched at the edge of the bed, elbows resting on his thighs, head hung a bit low. He felt the shift in the weight of the bed as you sat back in your position you had left, calf gently grazing his lower back, as you waited for the Director’s voice to signal the start of filming once more.

A shaky breath escaped your lips and you stared dutifully at the high ceiling. Your heart felt like it was about to leap out of your throat. Taehyung glanced over, hard gaze softening at your uneasiness.

“ Hey,” The gentle tone of his voice did nothing to contain your nerves. You closed your eyes anyway, drinking in his deep timbre and soft call. “If you’re not okay with this, we can stop. The Director will understand.”

With closed eyes, you nodded. “I know. I’ll be okay. Just never done this before.”


The Director’s loud voice made your heart beat even faster with the thought of what may come next. Taehyung placed himself back over you, powerful hands just above your head, a knee placed in between your legs. Eyes open, you found him looking away with a faint blush, and it kick started your confidence.

The room finally stilled and at the Director’s loud “Action!”, Taehyung’s large hand found purchase in your hair, pulling you into a rough kiss. Desperately pulling back the moan that threatened your lips, you matched his pace, sitting up to impatiently to remove his dress shirt and discard it half-hazardly onto the floor.

Taehyung’s head fell back, heavy breaths filling the air as you left a wet trail kissing down the hills of his chest and his stomach. You met his half-lidded eyes, halting in your haste as he reached down to lift your pajama top over your head.

Pulling his bottom lip in between your teeth earned a low growl from him. Tilting you back onto the bed, Taehyung curled a hand around your waist possessively, swollen lips clashing against yours once more. Your breathing hitched as you felt the wet muscle of his tongue glide across the expanse of your bottom lip. He’s asking for entrance. You granted it easily, back arching to accommodate his hand, soft flesh pressing against exposed, taught skin.

The kiss was all tongue and teeth, almost forgetting that there were 20 other people watching, but somehow the thought only spured you on even more. Your hands made their way through from the ups and downs of his chest to the dip of his hip bone.

Taehyung was the first to break the kiss, panting as he left wet kisses down the nape of your neck. You hooked your fingers into his belt loop and rolled your body into his slowly, with purpose. The groan was low, just barely audible and only for you to hear; you were so close to unbuttoning his pants before-


[ :’) Thank you so much!! Comments like that always put a smile on my face, darlin’]

You knew your boyfriend well enough to know when you heard the slamming of doors and tell-tale crashing of equipment in his workshop that he was in a bad mood. You ran through what it could be, thinking if there was anything that would have set off his temper, although with the Junker, it could be anything really. He usually got this way when a heist he hadn’t planned out enough went south; or when Roadhog needed some alone time and shut Junkrat out for a couple days to recharge from the exhausting amount of energy it took to rein him in; or when he didn’t get his way with something; or… well a thousand other reasons. You knew how to deal with it though, how to calm him down to a level where he could at least get some work done without burning the house down.

You made him a cup of coffee; the instant stuff, stronger than truck stop coffee, half sweet, just the way he liked his coffee. Although you knew him well enough to know that he would drink it straight out of the pitcher if you weren’t around to take the time to sweeten it for him. You took it to the door of his workshop and knocked, hearing crashing noises behind the door before it swung open wildly, the lanky man’s loud voice exclaiming, “Wotcha wan’!?” roughly, before seeing you standing there, a coffee in hand for him.

His wild eyes softened a bit, “Sorry Darl’, jus’ on edge today,” He said, rubbing his forehead and leaving a smudge of grease on the already dirty surface of his face. “Tha’ for me?” He said, raising his eyebrows at you and grinning expectantly, “I could really use it,” He added before you could reply.

You offered the cup over to him, “Thought so,” You said chuckling. Even in his hunched posture you had to stretch to kiss him, planting a soft kiss on his cheek as he took the coffee from your hands, leaving a little bit of a clean spot on his cheek, and a trace of soot on your lips, something else you were used to.

“You feelin’ okay?” you said, following him into his messy workshop as he gulped down the coffee in large swigs.

He plopped back down on the makeshift stool at his desk, there were strewn about tools and scrap across the desk, and you couldn’t make heads or tails of what he was trying to achieve here, but you didn’t think much about it, you rarely could figure out what he was working on before it was done. You rubbed his back lightly at first, small circles and then rubbing deeper when he seemed to enjoy what you were doing, flexing his shoulders in response to your stimulus.

“Jus’ didn’ get much sleep las’ nigh’,” he said, groaning a bit arching his back into your hands as you rubbed at the knots in his shoulders, “been workin’ on this fucka for days now,” He said, gesturing towards the mess on his desk.

“I’m sure you’ll get it soon,” You said, kissing the nape of his neck as you rubbed his back, “You always do, my love.”

He grumbled a reply under his breath, something negative about the project not going the way he wanted, and you moved your hands down lower, finding the knots from his bad posture and working them out with your hands. He was finished with the coffee now, and your massage seemed to be having the effect on him you wanted, calming him down significantly, “I’d ratha jus’ spend tha res’a the day with ya, tho,” He said, suddenly spinning the stool around and catching you around your waist, burying his face in your chest and smiling, his mood was prone to sudden swings, and that’s what you were counting on, a swing for the better.

You smiled, and rubbed your hands through his dirty hair, “I think I can arrange that,” You said with a laugh.

aquietrevolutionary  asked:

As someone who's still paddling the Vax/Gilmore canoe, imagine Vax being like super into the sexy times, like he takes Gilmore like a fucking champ but THEN GETS /THE MOST EMBARRASSED/ like his face is a big red cherry any time Gilmore so much as kisses him, or holds his hand in public what a dork

honestly, this is so canon and real tho???

vax: can and has said “raw me daddy” to gilmore whilst laying naked and spread-eagled on their shared bed, without batting an eyelid

also vax: one time gilmore came up behind him whilst he was cooking pancakes for breakfast and kissed the nape of his neck, and he dropped the goddamn frying pan on the floor like the big bi doof he is

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I feel like I could get on board with Brenda/Gally, do you have headcanons?


these will be post-TDC (movie) because I am weak and in the mood for that, with some of the book mixed in because I can’t tell anything apart

  • Gally, at some point, thanks Brenda for getting the 28 subjects out of the City alive. She’s all ‘Don’t thank me, Frypan did most of the heavy lifting…literally.’. And Gally just says ‘Yeah, but I already told him that he did great, and the kids you saved look up to you now, so you must’ve done something. So. Yeah. I appreciate that too.’
  • in general, him complimenting her makes Brenda blush, and her complimenting him makes his brain short-circuit and stutter
  • Once arrived in Paradise, they find out that they’re both great at building stuff from scratch, so there is a lot of bonding in the construction sites, with both of them completely disheveled and sweaty and just. Sitting together and sharing a water bottle in a much deserved break.
  • Brenda notices that Gally swears like a normal person, using ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ and the likes, not like the other Gladers, who still have the vocabulary from the Glade. When she asks him about it, he says it feels wrong for him to use it anymore, because he killed the boy they started to censor for in the first place.
  • Gally is tall enough and Brenda small enough so that they fit into the same hammock, once they’ve figured out how to do it.
  • if Teresa was ‘little birdie’, Brenda’s nickname is definitely ‘tough girl’ despite her not even being tough all the time, especially not around him
  • when Thomas talks nonsense again, Brenda and Gally get adept to sharing A Look™. it hurts Minho when he catches it, because he remembers sharing a similar one with a now-dead second in command
  • more specifically, Brenda likes jumping on Gally’s back and he carries her, laughing, sometimes stumbling, and then she presses a kiss to the nape of his neck
  • Frypan would make the best wingman here tho
  • Gally totally once brews his devilish alcoholic mixture for the people in Paradise, and Brenda can totally handle it
  • Gally is very impressed by that when he drunkenly passes out
  • Brenda laughs about it and tucks him in
  • they’d both be super oblivious to their feelings tbh
  • so when Jorge one day pulled Gally aside and was like ‘i love this girl more than my own life, and she has decided to put her trust and affection in you, and i know that she can fend for herself, so i just warn you to not fuck with her. or you will have to have to deal with me. after she dealt with you.’ and Gally’s all ‘??????? what are you talking about???? help???’
  • please take a moment to remember how badass both of them are with weapons
  • when they get really tired around the bonfire, Brenda leans back into him, and he wraps his arms around her and rests his head atop hers
  • Power couple with the cutest forehead kisses, tbh?? like, Gally bends down to gently smooch Brenda’s forehead and it’s adorable, but sometimes, she pulls him down on her level to kiss his forehead, too

that’s all I have for now, but I will definitely write some fic about these two after TDC at some point, so stay tuned for that!

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Kissing battle scars that possibly leads to an implication of more with F!Mu and male shepherds(either character doing the smooching is fine). It'd be cool if you involved Libra too, but ya don't have to. c:

So cute! Libra’s is longer cause of reasons, so I hope you enjoy ^_^ I think it turned more into fluff then smut tho, oops

Libra: Though you’ve become intimate with each other, you can still feel the walls he puts up emotionally. His head lies in your lap as your fingers drag across the nape of the neck, veering ever closer to the one physical indication of his distance. The scar showing a sign of harder battles he’d fought in the past is the spot he won’t let you touch. While you understand why, you just wish that he would let you get closer.  

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Kinks the sincerely three would have

A/n: ahh I haven’t posted in like forever I’m sorry!! I’ve been trying to get stuff ready for school, but here’s this it’s kinda short I’m sorry!

Warnings: smutty nonsense

- he loves knowing he’s making you feel good !!
- He also loves you trying to talk through your moans but shhh
- I feel like he’s a switch
- But like mainly subs
- But when he gets jealous or like angry
- Wooo
- He gets kinky™
- Like full blown making you beg him to let you cum
- Yeah
- Aftercare !
- Even if it’s not like rough or anything he just wants to make sure your ok
- Even like before and during sex he makes sure your ok with everything he’s doing
- Evan
- Loves
- Being
- Tied
- Up
- And just rope play in general
- Like your favorite thing to do is tie his arms to the headrest and use a hitachi magic wand on him
- You literally get off on him squirming and moaning
- Sometimes the tables will turn and he’ll tie you up and go down on you
- He loves hearing you moan
- Just any noise
- He gets sooo turned on
- It’s incredible
- this boy is an exhibitionist
- You cannot tell me otherwise
- He has/can/ and will fuck you in public
- Even if it’s with his fingers
- He’s definitely fingered you in front of your parents
- Like under the table at dinner
- And he decided to be an asshole and ask you what was wrong
- Cue you making the worst excuse ever and gasping as he starts rubbing your clit
- And it’s in the middle of your sentence too and you have to play it off as a cough or something
- Connor is also dom as fuck
- Like he subbed for about two minutes once because you were angry
- Then he flipped you over and became dom again
- He loves hickeys
- Giving or receiving tbh
- He likes that they mark your his
- And only his
- Two words
- Hair
- Pulling
- He has long hair and he fucking takes advantage of it
- He puts his hair in a lil bun before you do the do and by the end the whole front part is loose and his bun is at the nape of his neck
- He’s also like rough as fuck
- Like your both kinda shocked neither of your beds have broken yet from all the shaking
- Afterwords he always hugs you and tells you how beautiful you are
- He also definitely makes sure your ok because like you just endured a lot
- You always are tho
- He’s the switchiest switch in the history of sex
- Deadass in the middle hell just randomly start to sub or dom
- Ur kinda like ??
- But also into it
- He’s really into mutual masturbation
- Like you both will just be chillin and suddenly his hand is at the top of your pants and you know that he wants to get nsfw
- You unbutton your pants and he starts fingering you as you jerk him off
- Or
- In the middle of him playing video games or something you’ll just start to palm him through his khakis
- He just freezes up and shuts his game off
- And just starts roughly kissing you as you continue
- Then suddenly his hand is in Your pants rubbing circles against your clit
- Lowkey voyeristic
- But would never admit to it
- He also isn’t into nipple play
- Like for you sure he’ll do it
- But like if you run your hands over his nipples he’ll just kinda like retract
- He likes to think he’s down for anything
- But you bring up nipple clamps and he just
- Cringe
- That’s all I got

anonymous asked:

the way Caroline hands touch his neck then looks down and then kisses klaus tho and the way they stare into each others eyes for the last time LIKE I CANT

Yes, her hand on the nape of his neck before she kisses him, IS LITERALLY RUINING MY LIFE AS WE SPEAK. 

dana-in-wonderland  asked:

Omg hiya, i hope this is okay but could I request how it would be to cuddle with Seventeen, like how each boy liked it? If thats too much then just S. Coups, Woozi, Jeoghan, and Joshua? :) thanks so so much, i loved your wgm series

coups: he’s the type of cuddler that pulls you down to cuddle with him. like if he wants to cuddle and you’re in arms reach, he grabs your wrist and pulls you into his embrace and you end up cuddling. he’s the big spoon ofc and he would nuzzle his face into you hair and neck and whisper lovely things in your ears TT-TT and if you try to get out, he whines like “nooo i don’t want to stop cuddling” and hugs you tighter. he makes up an excuse like “this is my way of recharging and i’m not at full battery yet” when you say you really have to get out. he looooves cuddling so not cuddling if you’re in a relationship with coups would be extremely weird.

woozi: i don’t know why but i feel like woozi would rather be a little spoon (not bc he’s smol–hE IS A MAN–but bc he has a lot on his plate with the need to produce good songs and sometimes he needs reassurance). if he wants to cuddle, he would rest his head on your shoulders maybe give you a peck on your cheek or neck. and so you take him in your arms and you cuddle. he would fall asleep right away tho bc he’s always tired af. but he always wakes up first and when he does, he switches to being the big spoon and sleeps some more. his breathing against the nape of your neck would wake you up but you just nuzzle closer to him. he’d feel it and adjusts himself too.

jeonghan: angel jeonghan doesn’t really cuddle that often but when he does he would do it in the morning right when you wake up. it’ll be sort of absentmindedly because he just wants something to hug and you’re the closest one. so even if you’re sleeping, he’ll pull you into a cuddle and bury his face in your hair and might even fall back to sleep. when you wake up, he gives you the most angelic smile and begs to stay in bed for five more minutes and it’s just so peaceful. :’) (even tho he might not cuddle as much, he his a fan of back hugs and would always give you one :33)

joshua: jisoo is so gentle with you but when he wants to cuddle, he pulls you to him like coups (but a lot gentler tho). like if you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie and you get up to go to sleep, he pulls you back down to the couch and hugs you. he’s like “stay here, please, just until the movie ends.” and you guys cuddle on the couch. he ends up falling asleep first and you’re like “wth you’re kidding me jisoo” and so you try to get out of his embrace but when you do, he hugs you tighter. aND YOU CAN FEEL HIS SMILE ON YOUR NECK (fml) then he’d whisper in your hear “just sleep here” and you do.

more svt scenarios

requests open!

these violent delights have violent ends ; day 1

fandom: boku no hero academia

pairing: katsuki bakugou / uraraka ochako

summary: grief ; written for kacchako angst week (sorry i’m late! & also on AO3)

They know, logically, that being a hero means facing danger at all turns, putting your life on the line so others won’t have to. The flashing publicity and exciting fans are a nice plus, but overall just a cover to all the troubles a hero has to go through. They know, logically, that no one cares about what happens after the villain is defeated: the trembling that doesn’t go away for days, the vacant stares, the nights spent throwing up because efforts are futile, and the world has almost no chance of getting better.

The world cares only when one of its protectors fall; and Midoriya Izuku goes out like a flame, like all the goodness left on Earth extinguished with the last breath he took. The best of heroes dies destroying a threat; threats become all other heroes who have known him.

Katsuki Bakugou explodes when he finds out; there’s no other way to put it, and the whole building lights up with rage. When they eventually find him between debris, hurt and bleeding, he’s crying. For a damned idiot friend who always only wanted to selflessly help. He’d have punched some sense back into Deku… if only he was still here.

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The triangle at the nape of his neck is some sort of manual interface, the bar below his collarbone might some sort of monitoring device that shows the status of his system, and I’m not sure what the circle on his temple is yet. I’m honestly just making designs inspired by the game but putting my own twist on them…

I am getting attached to this au tho… I just imagine Rick looking at Morty with such a gentle and nurturing expression… he just wants to take care of his grandson ;-; .

anonymous asked:

i feel like jihoon is the type to give a quick lil peck most of the time, but when y'all are getting down? he pulls out all the stops. grabbing you by the nape of your neck to pull you closer, other hand rubbing circles into your hip. he'd tug at your bottom lip with his teeth before going in with his tongue. i've never made out with anyone before tho so this isnt great rip

lip biting while making out is so hot and like ?? i could see him escalating things quickly when he’s really needy and he’d love to dominate everything wowowowo

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I know on that sleepover post it says to send you headcanons but i would actually really like to hear some of your jikook headcanons

u rly gonna make me do this???? ok then [crack knuckles]

  • i think jungkook would sneak into jimins bed more often than vice versa bc on camera n around ppl its jimin who’s clingy but when its just the two of them jungkooks like a puppy who needs constant attention even tho he never says it in words
  • when they try new things its usually jungkook who’s good at it immediately but then one time maybe they play ping pong or some shit and its suddenly jimin who’s rly good at it and kookie who sucks and he’s all pouty  and a sore loser but then jimin backhugs him and kissses his sweaty cheek afterwards and its ok
  • jungkook is the biggest tsundere on earth and he likes to hold jimins hand when theyre walking together but whenever jimin points this out jungkooks just like “dont be stupid…. its just cuz its crowded”
  • jungkook rly likes nuzzling jimins neck n kissing the nape of his neck
  • the always sit next to each other w their shoulders touching when resting during practice even tho theyre both sweaty warm and gross
  • they like to lie down on each other in private like head on lap, legs on lap, head on chest, etc, etc. usually jimin on kookie. its a comforting weight.
  • they share clothes a lot and ask each other for advice w outfits and jimin is ALWAYS just in his underwear when they do it bc he knows it drives jungkook mad since he cant do anything abt it and they have a SCHEDULE to stick to
  • when they go out on dates the alternate who has to pay bc jungkook is too proud to have jimin pay all the time so its a compromise.

i will stop before it goes on for too long???? but yesi love my children