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hey so uhhhh i’m super late but i made a bnha ‘’oc’’

I want to write a superhero story where everything is entirely stereotypical except the hero, hero’s girlfriend, and the villain are all entirely aware of it and state the fact that it’s stereotypical numerous times.

“And then I’ll-”
“Why are you telling me all your evil plans?”
“I’m a super-villain, aren’t I? That’s what I’m supposed to do when I have you kidnapped. Then your hero bursts in,” the hero opens the door, “and my plans are revealed to the world. Why are you laughing? Stop laughing. I’m a good super-villain.” And then the hero whacks villain over the head and they escape.

Except then I want it to end with the hero and the love interest realising they never actually liked each other they just wanted the story to go with the stereotypical plot and the hero falls in love with the villain and the love interest realises they had villainous potential the whole time and ends up the villain the hero and original villain have to fight off. Dunno who wins that bit then.

Also there has to be a discussion at some point about how uncreative the name Metro City is, possibly ending with a new name for it. Maybe similarly uncreative.

If this gets 200 notes I’ll start writing it.

You shoot a few things and make it to The Last City (the first of many laughably uncreative names) only to find that The Traveler (told you so!) – this big moon thing in the sky – is badly hurt, or possibly dead, or whatever. The game assumes, perhaps rightly, that you don’t really give a shit.

The point is, “The Light” (double told you so!) is losing its battle against “The Darkness” (okay, I literally can’t keep this up), and it needs your help. You zip around from planet to planet, doing what are probably things for, surely, reasons – turn on a computer, absorb some crystal stuff, shoot a guy with pokey bits on his head – until you eventually meet a female robot, whose allegiances and origins are tantalizingly mysterious. She hints at a brutal alternate future, a team of time-travelling roughnecks breaking all rules to make things right, and a grand mysterious plot churning throughout the universe. It’s almost too tantalizing, but don’t worry – she is abruptly dropped from the game and never mentioned again.

Yes, Destiny somehow achieves the remarkable feat of being both too convoluted, as well as so oversimplified that it feels like a parent explaining the basic concept of morality to a very stupid toddler. But if you’ve already gone through all of the game’s main story – plus hundreds more equally confounding game hours, then ditched the game itself to invest a few weeks sorting out scraps of lore on the terrible website – you’ll find some pretty solid sci-fi hidden in there. And what’s more, it accomplishes a very tough trick: Tying actual game mechanics into the story in a way that both makes sense in the moment, and contributes to the overall world afterward.

How A Great Sci-Fi Epic Got Buried Inside A Video Game

NAME: Kageyama Hotaru
STATUS: Technically a vigilante??
- Uncooperative night owl
- While on the job, communicates with signals/symbols using his lights
- Highly immature so will 100% outline a middle finger if he feels like it
- Smartass freerunner
- Works parttime as a food delivery person

QUIRK: Nightlight
- Able to create/control a large number of tiny lights
- From far away they look like fireflies
- Can change the color/brightness and program behavior of individuals and groups of lights
- Cannot increase size beyond a small speck
- Uses his quirk to line the roads in his town since it’s rural and poor and has no streetlights, making mountain passes very dangerous
- Also outlines road signs and obstacles

i like to think Rabbit Ears can pull all sorts of horrors into whatever reality he exists in and that he does it all the time just for funsies. it usually goes about as well as you’d expect

solas-is-a-literal-egg  asked:

Would you be open to doing a post of what type of tumblr blog each DAI companion and advisor would run?

oCassandra: To the casual observer, Seeker_Pentaghast runs a highly organised blog promoting civic involvement, tips on self defense, positive religious posts and the occasional moving landscape photo reblog. But there are a scant few who know that this same blog- with its modest follow number and relatively conservative posts- is run by the same person who caretakes the widely popular Romance-Isn’t-Dead, which reviews both popular and indie novels and shows. It’s loved for the doting reviews on sappy romances as well as its harsh criticisms toward female bashing authors. There are also rumors that the official Swords and Shields fan club started there, but those are unfounded.

Solas: Fade-Dreams is a long historied blog. Magic, reblogs of essays and writings of his own, recent and ancient theories explained and made simple®. The blog was idle for a long time, and some people think that there is a new person running it, but it still has followers. There is a history of borderline racial elitist posts, however, and that hasn’t always been handled well when called out. Still its mostly an intellectual blog, and quiet enough.

Varric: Writing prompts, travel pictures, tavern reviews and shout outs to smaller blogs doing ‘the good work’.  Official-Varric-Tethras is run by his cut throat editor, but Kirkwall’s-Favorite-Native is the truly popular source of his online antics and also the Hanged Man’s official home page.

Vivienne: Elegance, magical theory and perhaps the most pro-circle mage run blog on the web, Madame_De-Fer created her own aesthetic and made it work. Most popular of her posts include reviews of famous paintings, fine restaurants, popular and archaic texts, and the -very occasional- couple photo that Bastian sneaks on when she’s distracted.

Blackwall: Warden_Blackwall was a blog that caused quite a lot on controversy for a time when it was discovered the the seeming warden running it was actually an imposter. After it was shut down Carving_a_Path made a few waves and won some followers back, as well as breaking into a new crowd with some truly elegant DIY home pieces and how-to carving videos.

Sera: Red_Jenny_69 is a call out blog liberally dashed with prank videos and truly interesting cookie recipes. Every time it gets banned it somehow ends up back online, and gets bolder with every challenge.

Dorian: DorianPavus is an uncreatively named blog whose contents are anything but. An amalgum of selfies, cosmetic tutorials, incomprehensible necromancy posts that are perfectly cited and sarcastic as hell toward southern academics, gay pride posts and pictures of Tevinter the blog has no real theme. Except, perhaps fittingly, its owner.

Iron Bull: Horns.Up is perhaps the most unexpected of all of them to newcomers, but hugely popular. Everything from self defense videos to sex advice, horrible fashion advice and heart warming encouragement posts. Everyone loves his posts, but he doesn’t follow many back and draws a hard line about what he reblogs.

Cole: Username is perhaps one of the oddest blogs on the web, with such odd posts that people can’t decide if its a bot or a blog run by someone with very severe ADHD. They also have a tendancy to send asks that keep receipients up at night looking for hidden cameras. Lots of pictures of rabbits.

Josephine: Antiva-Josie is a beautiful blog, with kind and thoughtful posts covering topics as varied as party planning and how to talk down an unstable friend. Her photos are mostly of Antiva and other places she’s traveled, along with pictures of her with friends and family, and lots of pintrest reblogs. Sweet and always answers her asks promptly.

Lelianna: Knivesbeforeniceness is a frightening mix of nug photos and disturbingly accurate news stories–that run about four hours ahead of press time. She was banned once, but rumor says that her blog was given a permanent pass after she showed up in corporate headquarters. 

Cullen: Ferelden-and-Proud is a blogg dedicated to blurry pictures of dogs, shortbread recipes, chess, and some of the rawest and soul bearing addiction posts ever published. Willing to help anyone who sends him an ask he is also famous for shutting down bullies hard and owning up to his past. He also follows any new mabari blog instantly and flooded his queue with his own puppy pictures when one finally came his way. 

soulbound 2/?

Part: 1

Tsuna stared at it, eyes wide. He thought it was dread that made his stomach churn and twist but it was indiscernible underneath the overwhelming joy that shot down his spine and numbed him with euphoria.

Renato Sinclair. His soulmate, promised after years of being called soulless, of feeling a little less than human because of it. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was marked in red.

“You can’t be serious,” he whispered, shocked and awed at once. He gripped his arm, thumbed the neat print, pressed it close to his chest, felt hopelessness rise up to claw apart his happiness into indistinguishable shreds. “This can’t be happening.”

Because Tsuna was a mafia boss, a killer when he didn’t want to be, a no-good civilian when he just wanted to protect what was his - and his soulmate was his, would never be anything less, but he couldn’t be. Tsuna wasn’t so selfish to drag anyone, soulmate or otherwise, into the Underworld; he had put up a valiant fight with his own Guardians, demanding that they stay out of what was his problematic inheritance, but they had followed anyway through loyalty Tsuna was still waiting for them to realize was misplaced.

But he had dreamt of this, wished for it, waited his life to finally have someone to call his, and now-

Now, he wouldn’t even be able to find them.

Tsuna was sure there was a god who existed just to stomp on his every hope. Nothing with a heart would be this cruel to tease him with a mark written in red only to have him unable to do anything but pine after someone he knew the name of but would never have the chance to meet.

Letting out a breathless laugh, pained and wanting and hopeless, Tsuna traced over each letter a thousand times, memorized the name, burned it into his mind, his heart, and swore never to forget it.

He pulled his sleeve back over his arm.

(He stopped wishing, stopped waiting, because even though he’ll never meet them, his soulmate was alive, breathing, real, and that was all he could ever ask for.)

malec cooking au
  • magnus is an upcoming chef who’s just starting a bakery “Pandemonium Bakery” (i know, creative) or something like that
  • his crew (ragnor, raphael and catarina) enter a baking competition
  • “Frays Goods” also enters, which is simon,  maia and clary
  • {add here anyother groups to the competition with uncreative names. like lydia or whoever else you want to add}
  • the competition is run by the lightwoods, who own the restaurant “The Institute” 
  • the judges are jace, izzy and, low and behold, alec
  • alec, obviously, is always the hardest judge to impress
  • and it’s never been this hard for him to judge before, but now there’s magnus 
  • and he thinks all of his food is perfect, but can’t tell if he is biased by his suave confidence and gorgeous face
  • so alec may be a bit biased for “Pandemonium Bakery”, especially when it comes to the cupcakes round, magnus’s specialty
  • alec does indeed have a secret sweet tooth
  • though, jace also seems to be biased by the nerd with flour always on his glasses in “Frays Goods”
  • so maybe this competition was not fair, or came to cooking, much at all
  • when alec is giving his feed back on any of magnus’s cooking, he’s the one who’s nervous
  • which magnus finds hilarious and endearing
  • at the end of that mess of a competition, the finalist are “Frays Goods” and “Pandemonium Bakery”
  • magnus’s dish to alec has his number scribbled on napkin underneath
  • decide which you want to win, but whoever loses isn’t really upset, cause someone got a date
  • and they’re all smiling like idiots, nearly laughing, as if they’re all old friends
  • (you can be assured, they will definatly be friends and hang out after this)
  • it’s ridiculous how unprofessional the competition was, alec just hopes his parents won’t hear about it
  • now alec has a number to text and a bakery to eat at

i was bored so here’s my trash au that i heard of and delved upon

heavens’ ward weapons;

Here is some information about the weapons used by the Heavens’ Ward, courtesy of a recent community broadcast. 

I imagine this will eventually be officially localized into English. I have elected to defer to the localization wherever possible; therefore, I am using the localization titles as opposed to the titles I previously invented. I remain grateful to those who have said they prefer my contrivances over those of the localization.

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signs of a bad fanfic writer
  • The canon personality of a character is just…gone??? Completely changed??
  • Children of characters have uncreative name - either named after other characters or have a combination of two names
  • Self-insertion
  • OC is TOO perfect (see: Mary Sue)
  • What is grammar and spelling?
  • Really into smut but is also really afraid/reluctant to say the words “penis” or “vagina” - will instead to opt for words like “thingy” or “beef curtains”
  • ??? That is NOT how anal sex works? Have you never SEEN a butthole??
  • Unlubricated sex hurts please remember the foreplay
  • Ships main character with a canonically horrible/abusive character for no other reason other than ~hardcore smut~
  • Dialogue moves too fast, conflicts are solved too quickly, chapters are suspenseful for no reason - it’s okay to have a boring chapter once in a while!
  • Using large words where small ones will do just fine - especially if you have no idea how to use that large word.