the name vore is the game

The Adventure Zone Arcs and Lunar Interludes in a nutshell
  • Here There Be Gerblins: very slow, and a bit like a basic D&D game, but actually contains some important plot stuff
  • Moonlighting: bitch, you thought we was playing basic D&D, nah, welcome to the MOON
  • Murder on the Rockport Limited: take a break, solve a murder mystery and a train going at very fast.mph with your very good friend Angus Mcdonald
  • LI 1; Chaos Carnival: things get freaky but do not fear, Steven the goldfish is here
  • Petals to the Metal: nature and racing is gay now. sorry I don't make the rules
  • LI 2; Internal Affairs: our good boy Angus Mcdonald has returned. oh, also Red Robes are a thing, I guess
  • Crystal Kingdom: an upsetting amount of foreshadowing and vore jokes. Griffin why
  • LI 3; Rest and Relaxation: ~bonding time~
  • 11th Hour: now it's time for groundhogs day-esque time loops and also tragic backstory reveals and also more foreshadowing
  • LI 4; Calm Before the Storm: why won't our boys talk to each other? Also, wtf Taako, chill on the shopping sprees
  • Suffering Game: as the name will imply, it is time to s u f f e r
  • LI 5; Reunion Tour: so I heard you like plot twists and reveals
  • Stolen Century: IPRE stands for "I loPve my childRen, why must they suffEr like this?"
  • Story and Song: HOLY SHIT! THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT!
I Feel Bad For People Coming Into Off Fandom Now...

Because Now That Vore Is, Like, Such A Meme Kink, The Only Impressions From The Scene, Spoilers Alert, Where You Discover That Japhet Has Taken Over Valerie’s Body Is That Valerie And Japhet Love Vore. No One Is Safe Valerie Boring Japhet Jokes.

Griffin said that Kravitz made a deal with the Raven Queen on Lup and Barry’s behalf. I’m sure Kravitz had to do a lot of negotiation to get that deal.

They’re in the Raven Queen’s office; it’s less grand than the room where she usually holds meetings, but there’s no need for ceremony with someone who’s worked for her as long as Kravitz has. He’s asked for this meeting, and he seems nervous. The Raven Queen is not surprised - Kravitz frequently seems nervous. She has no idea why, she’s made no secret that she’s very fond of him. She offers him a cookie. He politely declines.

“My queen, I wanted to speak to you about the fates of some, um, new acquaintances of mine. They have… broken some rules.”

Of course they’ve broken some rules. Kravitz seems very fond of people who have broken rules of late. The Raven Queen has tried to talk him into bringing by his new beau several times, but he always seems to think she’s joking. She’s not. She wants to make sure this elf is up to the standards she has for her favorite.

“And they’re looking for pardon now, I suppose? Who are these acquaintances?”

“Um, Lup and Barry Bluejeans.”

The Raven Queen paused.  Trust Kravitz to make her job easier entirely by accident. “Lup and Barry. Liches, both of them, correct? One was… trapped in an umbrella, I understand.”

“That… yes.”

Everything was a bit of a mess after the apocalypse, but a few of her emissaries reported a story circulating. That story involved a very unique umbrella. The Raven Queen doubted the fact that she’d heard about it already was a coincidence; this had Istus’s intervention written all over it. “And this umbrella vored a lich named Edward to his overdue death.” It was Kravitz. He’d seen her drunk before, she could let the queenly facade drop a little. “Barry, meanwhile, consumed manufactured despair to weaken both siblings. Fucking gross.” Now there was a man who needed a cookie.


“The Wonderland Twins, Kravitz,” she explained, handing him the file with their bounty from her desk.  He opened the folder and his eyes widened. “Possibly the biggest bounty in our records with the exception of your new friends and boyfriend. I fucking hate those liches. Their fucking games, that damned wheel, and poor Keats has been waiting at the door for them for generations. Assholes.”

The Raven Queen picked up another file from her desk and tore it in half. The paperwork inside indicated two pardons, and there was another copy filed in the proper location, but she liked the dramatic effect. Dramatic effects were one of the few perks of being a goddess. Kravitz didn’t react; he was becoming too used to the drama.

“Let Lup and Barry know I would like to meet with them as soon as possible.”

“My queen?”

“We need to discuss the terms of their employment.” 

Now we know where the booboo came from!

Yeah. Mort isn’t very nice. He’s not particularly interested in how he gets people in his belly… as long as they’re alive enough to squirm he’s happy. What an ass.

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Hey Cerastes, Quick question but why does every F/GO character have "Weak to Enuma Elish" as a trait, is it like a f/go meme or is this plot relevant, I do not know

Ok, so, Enuma Elish, Gil Archer’s NP, does “extra damage against Servants”, BUT that is actually a lie: It does damage against MOST Servants. It actually does not do extra damage against most, but not all Servants with the Star attribute.

As it turns out, datamining F/GO reveals that there is a specific attribute for weakness against Enuma Elish’s extra damage, aptly named “Weak To Enuma Elish” in the game files, hence, the wiki records this as well.

Basically, Enuma Elish cannot harm musicians, idiots, pirates, vore enthusiasts, and Serbian-America inventor Nikola Tesla.

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what is bard quest?

bardquest is the tag and alpha name for the d&d campaign i’m running soon! it’s a d&d game with a party of bards. a barty, if you will (and boy my players will). bardquest is just what i use to tag funny things for my players to see or things that might be interesting to them or just jokes about vore or furries/scalies because that’s a whole fucking thing lmfao

the campaign itself is actually going to be recorded! we’re going to do it as a podcast, taz style! when we get closer to being able to release the pilot, we’ll have an eta, but it may not be for a while quite yet. we have a title, art, a blog, a twitter, etc mostly prepped up but since we haven’t started recording quite yet we’re gonna hold off on releasing those

also! the players are @thebookwormbakery @space-rye @theo-aka-birdie @jeremwood @genderyikes and @lepardlover so yall should check them out too <3 they’re all fucking losers and i love them dearly

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kiera, could you just. explain. the mcelbrothers

oh my god my pal i sure as fuck can:

ok well u kno how the Just Like Bart meme is goin around and all that? well its from the Monster Factory video where they made bart in black desert online 

Monster Factory is a series where the mcelroy brothers Griffin and Justin go into games with character creators and makes horrifying beings, popular ones such as The Final Pam, and then proceed to play the game with these creations, most of the time giving them incredible backstories

after monster factory has opened ur eyes to these sweet and beautiful boys, theres Griffins Amiibo Corner Series, dont let the name fool u, This Fuckin Series Is Wild (spoilers: griffin fucking vores the amiibos)

then theres the amazing dnd campaign podcast with all three mcelroy brothers And their dad!!! called The Adventure Zone. my dude i cannot stress how amazing this podcast is. its such a feel good campaign that quickly escalates into a wild story. not to mention!!!!!!! Taako, one of the three main characters, played by Justin mcelroy, is canonically gay! griffin, who is the dm of the campaign, has also included nonbinary characters, and some beautiful wonderful lesbian npcs too. honestly taz is a little more time consuming than the other series ive mentioned but Its So Good and worth it

theres also My Brother My Brother And Me, a podcast with all three brothers where they give out “””advice””” and they just get into the funniest conversations ever tbh

theres also a few other podcasts that they do with their wives, but i havent had a chance to listen to them yet bc im still catching up on mbmbam, but ive heard theyre super good podcasts too!!!

honestly my dude, the mcelroys are a gift to humanity. theyre such sweet dudes, fucking hilarious too. and like??? their comedy isnt offensive which is p hard to find these days, imo. theyre just Good Boys

and when youve finally sunken knee deep into mcelroy hell…………Theres A 35 Minute Long Podcast In Which Griffin, Travis, and a Reluctant Justin, talk about griffins favorite topic….Vore. the podcast is called Big Gulp……honestly its The Worst Thing Ive Ever Heard in my Life and so ive listened to it like 3 times. 

edit for importance: