the name is so funny to me hahahaha

  • Companions react to Soul having a punny name.
  • Hancock: Surprisingly, he doesn't make any puns about Soul's name himself, after all, he's the mayor of a settlement called GoodNeighbor, and everyone is so quick to make their own shitty puns there, so when Soul mentions how sick they are of puns, he laughs and says me too.
  • MacCready: Oh he is just living it up and makes all the worst puns. Some of them probably don't make any sense but he makes them anyway. He finds this all very hilarious
  • Danse: Doesn't really see the big deal, but also doesn't make any puns himself and when he does, it's almost on accident and he has to do a double take on whether he actually said it or not, upon realizing that he has, he laughs to himself
  • X6: He makes no mention of the fact that Soul has a pun in their name, and this leads Soul to believe that they are safe from shitty puns around him. But as they come to find out, he only waits until only the absolute best opportunities arise before he makes a pun.
  • Nick: He may not crack as many puns as the others, but he sure as hell makes the best puns. Not even Soul can be mad at his puns
  • Curie: Doesn't really understand puns to begin with, so she has a few failed attempts at first, when she finally makes a good pun she's so proud of herself. As she should be, because it was a really good pun
  • Cait: Makes a lot of shitty puns, she does it more to rile up Soul than anything else, as she finds it both adorable and hilarious that they could get all huffy over a pun.
  • Deacon: When he first hears Soul's name he has to do a double take, because theirs no way, no freakin' way that's their name. Because there is no way he could be this lucky. He has awaited this day with baited breathe. He treats every pun he makes as if it is a hand wrapped gift from God. Soul is never safe from his puns.
  • Piper: She's a lot like MacCready with how often she makes shitty puns about Soul's name. Although hers are generally a lot worse.
  • Preston: he may crack a pun every once in a while, but he doesn't make a habit out of it, he does find the ones that everyone else is making to be pretty funny though.
  • Strong: What the Hell is a Pun.
  • Dogmeat: Well Dogmeat can't talk so Soul is safe from Shitty Puns with him.
  • Codsworth: He slips in little puns between calm moments, and he can't help but chuckle a little when he makes them.
The signs according to my 5 year old cousin
  • Aries: "is it like the air in the sky?"
  • Taurus: "tortoise!"
  • Gemini: "gem in eye haha!"
  • Cancer: "cancer's bad! It's a disease"
  • Leo: "I have a friend named Leo!"
  • Virgo: "fur what?"
  • Libra: "bra? Ahahahaha"
  • Scorpio: "those can sting you"
  • Sagittarius: "wait can you say that again?"
  • Capricorn: "that makes me think of candy corn"
  • Aquarius: "I went to an Aquarius once. There were lots of fish"
  • Pisces: "Pisces. spicy. Pisces. Spicy. Hahahaha!"

anonymous asked:

May I request gom (except midorima) + kiyoshi & imayoshi scenario where their s/o is very naive/oblivious (but also fun & mature lol is that possible) that the boys are having a hard time? You can put in any scenario! From cuddling to occasions anything at all! I guess as long as the struggle is there & the struggle is real then OvO If you want a sample then say one of them goes in for a kiss & s/o thought of them as a puppy & randomly ruffles their hair ruining the moment smthin like that!

omg this sounds so adorable!!! (i know this had nothing to do with it but the other admin en-san won’t be working on this blog anymore for personal reasons so it’s just me now! it’s me da-sensei here riding solo~)

Kuroko - Kuroko loved [Name] very much. Though there were times were he got irritated when it came to them. Whilst they watched a movie, Kuroko wrapped an arm around their shoulder, bringing them closer to him. [Name] blinked at the sudden contact before pushing him away roughly. “You’re bringing me further away from the popcorn!” [Name] complained before rushing to face the opposite side to stuff their face. Kuroko could only stare in silence after that.

Kise - When Kise found [Name] sitting in the cafeteria alone, he quickly rushed over to them and hugged them from behind. However, [Name] screamed in fear before moving an arm back to whack him right in the head, causing the blonde to stumble back in pain. “That hurts, [Name]cchi!” He cried, holding his head in pain. “Why the hell would you go grabbing people like that?!” [Name] flailed their arms around, missing the fact that he was trying to be romantic. 

“I wanted to hug you!” 

“What the hell are you on about now?!”

Aomine - Aomine felt like making out. He turned to look at his s/o who was too busy focused on the video game they were playing. Aomine frowned before shuffling over and closer to them. With a smirk, he grabbed their chin and guided it towards him before leaning down to try to kiss them. With a quick chop, [Name] released the controller and smacked him right in the face. He winced, “What the hell, [Name]!” 

“Don’t be annoying! I’m in the middle of a game!” They said before returning their attention back on the screen. Aomine scowled.

Murasakibara - “Ne, [Name]-chin, feed me~” He drawled out, holding the pocky box in front of them. His s/o merely raised an eyebrow at him confused. “But can’t you feed yourself?” [Name] replied, pushing the box back to him. Murasakibara frowned and shook his head childishly. After a couple of seconds of staring, [Name] bursted out laughing and patted the taller male on the head. 

“Atsushi, your face looks so funny right now!” 


Akashi - “Are you sure you don’t want to ride with me, [Name]?” Akashi asked, watching as they mounted on the horse beside him. [Name] turned to him and gave him a thumbs up, “No problem, Sei-chan!” Unknown to them, Akashi had planned that they rode together, his chest pressed agains their back with a romantic atmosphere. He didn’t expect it to end up like this.

“Hahahaha! Catch me if you can!” [Name] yelled before dashing off with the horse.

Kiyoshi - Kiyoshi looked at [Name] with a smile before puckering up to lean down and kiss them. The teen blinked a couple of times as he came closer. Kiyoshi had no expected a water bottle to be shoved onto his face and [Name]’s face have a bright grin dancing on it. “Here, you were thirsty right?” They said and Kiyoshi only laughed.

He ignored Hyuuga and Izuki’s snickers though.

Imayoshi - “[Name],” 

His s/o looked up from the book they were reading and raised a brow at the bespectacled male. Imayoshi let his signature smirk appear on his face. “You look really great today, [Name].” He complimented hoping to earn some delicious reaction. Unexpectedly, [Name] only dropped their gaze back to the novel. 

“Unfortunately, we can’t say the same things about your drawings.” 


~ admin da-sensei

While waiting...
  • Me: There's no way this guy is our Killian.
  • Sara: It's funny how we talk about him, how many names have we used for him?
  • Me: I don't know how to call him anymore. So from now on, he will be Pre Rogers.
  • Sara: He's Jolly!
  • Me: hahahaha
  • Me: Anyway, this guy, preRogersAltHookFutureHookFakeHookCloneHookPastHookWishHook at least looks funny.
  • Sara: ....
the different types of youtube comments
  • “um actually I’m nine and two months and I finished this game in 0.2 seconds so shut the fuck up and learn to spell bitch I’m more mature than you”
  •  “lolololololololol I died at 3:24 XDDD pause at 3:24 for the best face ever you’ll thank me later hahahaha”
  • “stupid fucking fangirls. they’re not gay!!!!!!!!!!! he literally stared at a girl in a video once okay so shut up!!!! and even if they were it’s none of your business so stop harassing them with dumb comments saying they’re cute!!!”
  • “sweetie :) didn’t your mommy ever teach you manners? :)“
  • “Hi! my name is Erica and I make youtube videos about my life and friends and funny things that everyone can relate to, so check out my channel! peace and love - Erica xoxo”
  • “no way I have the SAME EXACT SHIRT :O WHAT ARE THE ODDS”
  • “omg did anyone else get that reference or was I the only one who noticed?”
  • “I just wanted to say thank you so much for being who you are. you inspire me, you always make me laugh, you’re always there on a day I feel sad. so I’m just here to say I love you and keep being yourself <333″
  • “are those her real eyelashes?? also does anybody know where that dress is from? also that lipstick, can I buy it in the U.S.?? thanks xx”
  • “no offences but hes cuter than u sorry no offense but just truth”
  • “subscribed”
  • “did you see how sad he looked for one eighth of a second???? obviously he feels left out and abandoned because he had a shitty childhood and now all of those suppressed memories are coming back and I’m sure when he goes home now he’s gonna cry himself to sleep but pretend everything’s fine right now because he doesn’t want to upset anybody :( <333333 I feel so bad for him”
  • “they aren’t even funny just really fucking annoying”
  • “anyone else watching in 2015?”
  • “anyone else watching in the year 2890 in their iHouse?”
  • “lol I just laughed so hard my parents gave me a really weird look I’M SUCH A DORK no one will ever understand me”
  • “FIRST!!!11!!!!!!11!!!!!”
  • “you weren’t fucking first there are like a hundred comments below yours”
  • *random panic at the disco quotes in all caps*
  • “am I the only one who’s starting to ship them?”
  • “ **you’re “
  • “this comment is hacked so you can’t like it”
  • “there are four fridays this month. like this and your crush will ask you out this friday. repost ten times or your love life will be cursed for twenty years.”
  • “no offense…….but are they gay. no offense I’m just wondering no hate”
  • “omg I’m crying X’D”
  • “don’t cry”
  • ……………………………………………….
  • ………………… ……………….
  • ………………………………………………. ………………
  • ………………………………
  • “craft”

Rating: Greenlight

Smut ahead!

“Bye Y/N. I’ll be back in a couple hours. I’m going to pick up Mikey and Cal after I go to the store. If Luke gets here before me, let him in!!” I heard Ash shout at me from downstairs and I quickly yelled back an ‘OK’ before he slammed the door shut and locked it behind him. I just flopped back down on my bed and opened my book back up and kept reading, trying to keep thoughts of Luke out of my head. See, the thing is, Luke and I like each other, we’d even told each other that. But, Ashton had one rule for his band: “Don’t even think of dating my little sister, and keep your cocks away from her, you filthy fuckers.” And that’s the problem. Usually, I would just do whatever I want to anyway, but Luke’s afraid of my brother, which there lies the problem of course. 

An hour later, I was awoken from a nap I hadn’t planned on taking by the loud ring of the doorbell and a couple hard knocks at the door. I realized it must be Luke when I looked at the clock and I was out for only about 30 minutes and Ash had his key. I quickly ran to my mirror and made sure I didn’t look too bad. “Y/N Hurry up! i’m freezing out here, love!” Luke shouted at me I giggled and realized that I was in my bra and sweatpants since I drooled on my shirt and had ripped it off, because, seriously, ew. “Y/N PLEASE! FUCK!” Luke shouted again after I had told him to wait. “Okay, Hemmings, if you don’t want to wait then you’re just going to have to deal with me half-naked.” I mumbled to myself and then smirked, because maybe, this would get me what I want after all. Of course, what I want is a naked Lucas Hemmings sweaty and panting above me thrusting and swearing and groaning my name. ‘Fuck’ I think as I start going down the stairs. The thought of sex with Luke is driving me wild. 

“Hey, Hemmings. Cold out?” I say smirking as I open the door and Luke gently pushes past me. He kept his eyes down the whole down, shivering and hugging himself so, I’ll have to work for his attention. “Hahahaha, very funny Little Irwin.” Luke said with an eye roll and a smirk since he knows I hate that nickname.“Shut up, Lucas.” I said and took his coat and scarf. Leaving him in my favorite outfit of his, his red flannel, ripped black skinny jeans and beanie with his black vans. I finally got his attention I noticed after I was done taking in how good he looked. His view was fixed right where I wanted it to be, too. I smirked at him and said “Something interesting you, Hemmings?” He blushed red and looked away stuttering. “S-sorry, Y/N. Don’t tell Ash.” I threw his coat and scarf onto the couch and held my hand out to him. “I won’t tell if you don’t.” I whispered with a wink as he took my hand and I gasped at the coldness of his touch. “Whoa, you are cold.” “Yeah, and you’re hot, now we’ve got the obvious out of the way.” Damn it, this smooth fucker, he always did this, he gets so shy until you give him a green light to be sexual or whatever, then he gets smooth as fuck, and it drives me crazy, but of course, he already knew that. “Then follow me, and we’ll think of something to do in my room that will…warm you up..” I whispered into his ear as I stood on my tiptoes to reach him and placed a chaste kiss to his neck before putting my feet flat again. 

Next thing I knew, Luke was carrying my bridal style to my room and I was gently tossed on my mattress and Luke kicked the door shut and began undressing. It’s crazy what lust can do to this boy I thought as I took the hint and shimmied out of my sweatpants and panties and began to take off my bra. I blushed when I heard Luke groan after I had gotten my bra completely off and tossed it away. 

“Fuck Ashton and his dumb rule” Luke said as he climbed over me and started sucking lovebites into my neck. “I’d rather you fuck me” I said breathily into his ear and he chuckled. “As you wish.” Luke winked at me and grabbed a condom that he must’ve thrown next to me when I wasn’t looking. I wasn’t upset about the fact that we were skipping foreplay, after all, I really needed this, and it was quite obvious that Luke did too. By the time I had cleared my thoughts, Luke had the condom on and was back in position. “Ready, princess?” He asked with a smirk and I nodded and pulled him down for a kiss, gasping into his mouth when he pushed in, slow at first and quickly bottomed out because I was so turned on, there was no resistance from me at all. I nibbled Luke’s bottom lip and squirmed in enjoyment when he groaned at the feeling. For a few minutes we stayed like that, him thrusting his throbbing cock into my wet pussy and him mumbling about how he liked me so much and how tight I was. I was moaning his name over and over with swearing occurring between us both. He started getting sloppy and uncontrollable with his thrusts, and I knew he was close. He dropped his hand down and roughly circling my clit, and I couldn’t take it anymore, I screamed his name and clenched around him, arching my back, cumming around him. My walls tightening around his cock caused him to release into the condom, his body stopping all movement. Luke pulled out and dropped next to me. He quickly took off and tied the condom, tossing it in my trash bin between my bed and my dresser. “Fuck, that was amazing. You’re amazing.” Luke said into my ear as he pulled my close and I yanked the blanket over us laying my head onto Luke’s chest, listening to his erratic heartbeat slowly calming itself. 

We cuddled for awhile, just breathing in tune with one another. I guess we must have drifted off, because the next thing I knew, Ashton, Calum, and Michael were standing in the doorway of my room and Luke was stuttering, trying to convince my brother that what he was thinking didn’t happen, even though, it clearly did. “LUKE WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!” Ashton yelled and Luke, for some fucking reason, stood up, still ass naked in front of my raging brother. “Ash, p-please, I like her okay? Just calm down and we can talk about this.” Luke said trying to back away holding his arms out in front of Ashton defensively. “NO TALKING! GET YOUR NAKED ASS OVER HERE HEMMINGS SO I CAN KICK IT” Ash yelled and I put my face in my hands, sighing. Luke threw a pillow at Ashton and ran out of my room and down the stairs, taking two at a time. “Luke! Oh my god!” I shouted, since he was still naked. “Michael, do something.” I said as Calum held Ash back, trying to calm his unreasonable anger. Michael gathered Luke’s clothes as he tried to not die from laughing, obviously getting great joy seeing Luke run his naked self through my house while he was scared. “HEY HEMMINGS! GET YOUR NAKED ASS BACK HERE! YOUR DICK IS GOING TO SCARE PEOPLE!” Michael yelled through his laughter and followed Luke’s path to the downstairs bathroom. 

“Ash! What the hell is your problem, exactly?!” I said after Ashton convinced Calum to leave us alone for a second. “My problem?! You’re the one fucking my bandmate!!” “I like him, Ash! A lot. And he likes me too.” I said as Ashton’s face softened, seeing the sincerity in my face as I stated my feelings for Luke. “Look, I know this is difficult for you to understand, Ashton, but you have to remember, I’m not a little girl anymore. I know how I feel and what I want. I’m sorry, but you can’t keep us from each other. I wish you would at least accept it, though.” I pleaded with Ashton as he sighed and ran his hand through his curly hair. “Fine..fine. If the bastard makes you happy, then fine, I’ll get over myself and accept what you two have.” He said with a smile playing on his lips as my face lit up. “Thank you, Ash. I love you.” “I know, I love you too. But please, Y/N, just promise me I won’t have to walk in and see Luke’s naked white ass anymore.” He said to me and I giggled. “I promise Ash, but you know, You could’ve knocked.” I said as he walked out of my room. 

Thanks for the request!! I hope it was what you were looking for! Never hesitate to send in more requests! For anything, guys!

-Julli xx


Rating: Mature

Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

Relationship: Min Yoongi | Suga/Park Jimin

Additional Tags: Social Media, Crack, Humor, Implied Sexual Content, Alternate Universe - College/University



Guy s there’s a guy who keeps checkign me outHe so cut e should I go home with hIMy z

(or that fic where 7 guys go out and get fUCKED UP)

A/N: I originally posted this on my AO3 account but the emojis and images wouldn’t work for some reason so I’ve posted it here with the emojis and images included!

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