the name is moran

  • <p> <b></b> Sebastian should be introduced like this.<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> Hello,boys! Pleasure to see you again.<p/><b>John:</b> Wish I could say the same.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Get on with it.<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> Patience is a virtue,honey. Anyway,this is Sebastian Moran,my partner in crime.<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> *raises an eyebrow*<p/><b>Moriarty:</b> *smiles* Among other things.<p/></p>
Answer The Call (Moriarty x Son!reader)

Request: “Could you please write a Jim Moriarty x m!child!reader? maybe something like he’s in a meeting, and he keeps getting distracted by the kid calling or something like that, idk. I understand if you can’t, of course. I just think you do a great job on all your moriarty inserts!”

Word Count: 1542

Summary: You are Jim Moriarty’s son, and you’re in danger. Someone broke into the house, and Sebastian told you to hide. In panic, you call your father using Moran’s phone. Moriarty is slow to pick up the phone since he is at an important meeting.

Author’s note: Ok, I lied. The Joker x reader is taking longer than expected since plot bunnies keep springing into my mind XD This Moriarty x reader probably isn’t what you were expecting anon, but I needed to write a story with conflict for my English teacher sooo yeah. Hope you like it! This is kind of in Moriarty’s POV, but it’s still in second person. Sorry this was a bit short.

Warnings: None

“General Shan could jeopardize your identity, Jim. You granted her access into Britain, but now that the police have been informed that she’s here, she could reveal information. You controlled her through fear, but once she’s in custody, that power you have over her will be passed onto law enforcement. She failed to retrieve that hair pin, and now the whole operation is done. Over. You should give the word for Moran to put her down before anymore harm can be caused.” Derek Wallberg reasoned with his boss.

Moriarty nodded in boredom. He already knew that he would have to dispose of Chan; she was too much of a liability to his work. He never really took the advice that his informants gave him. He just thought it was amusing to watch them argue over such obvious matters. Jim was a man who could walk into a situation, and see every outcome whether good or bad.

Shan was a piteously vulnerable leader for her large and powerful organization, the Black Lotus Tong; Moriarty should know. He was the one that got her in that position in the first place. She payed him, but he didn’t do it for the money. Moriarty did it so that he would have easier control over that extensive criminal web. It was a win win. Now that she has to be taken care of, he’d have to influence the decision of who would take her place.

However, Shan wasn’t the real focus of this meeting. Jim’s dead eyes glanced over everyone in the room, and he spoke up in a flat tone, “It’s decided then. I’ll inform Mr. Moran that he’ll need to assassinate her, but it’d be on my signal. Now, for the real reason I called this meeting-”

His smartphone buzzed against his chest while in his pocket. The vibrations made a loud noise that everyone in the room heard, but they didn’t comment on it. They knew what happened when their boss was irritated, so they stayed quiet. Jim paused for a bit, and the whole room was plunged into silence. The criminal mastermind decided against answering the call since he had more important things to deal with. Jim continued as if nothing happened, “It was brought to my attention that the Korean elections are to be held next-”

The phone vibrated in his pocket again. With an overly exaggerated scowl, he reached into his blazer’s inner pocket. The screen was lit up with the name, Sebastian Moran . His thumb roughly pressed the button to cancel the call. The assassin knows better than to call him a meeting. He’ll get a piece of Jim’s mind when he finishes this meeting up. Jim clenched his jaw, and he tried to finish his thought, “Next year. I know that Mycroft Holmes-”

Buzz. Moriarty snatched the phone out of his pocket again, and his thumb hovered over the cancel button. However, he decided to answer it. Sebastian was obviously very keen to talk to him. He angrily hissed into the phone, “Moran, if you call again I’ll-”

“Daddy?” Your hushed tone sounded from the phone, which slightly softened the murderous look on Moriarty’s face.

Jim maintained somewhat of a serious expression so that his associates continued to be intimidated, and he asked, “(Y/n), we talked about this. You can’t call me while I’m,” He stopped sternly patronizing his son when Jim heard your attempts to stifle your whimpers and heavy breathing.

His expression darkened considerably. Everyone in the room knew that look. Someone was going to die, and their leader was going to do the deed himself. Moriarty wasn’t a man who liked to get his hands dirty, but it happens sometimes. Jim demanded in an angered tone, “What’s happening? Is someone there with you; where’s Sebastian?”

Sebastian Moran was sort of family to the Moriarty household. When Jim wasn’t around to care for you, Sebastian babysat you. He made sure no one came after the infamous man’s only son. He was like a second father to you. You didn’t have a mother since neither Moriarty nor Moran talked about her. You didn’t know anything about her, and you stopped asking after a while. It was like Sebastian took up the spot in your life where your mother should have been.

Your voice choked up as you cried hysterically, “I-I don’t know! He to-told me to hide. I think a man broke into the house! Daddy, please help me!”

Sebastian was a high profile assassin. He knew what he was doing. Jim, however, needed to make sure no one touched his little boy. Moriarty pointed at Wallberg, and growled, “Get them over to my house quick. Catch that senseless idiot who tried to hurt my son. I want him alive. I want him unscathed.”

Wallberg curtly nodded, and he scurried out the door. Jim glared at the remaining people with fire in his eyes. They took the hint, and they also made themselves scarce. He turned back to speak into the phone, “Where are you hiding? Is he close?”

“I can’t tell… But Daddy please hurry! I’m scared, help me!” You entreated your father fearfully.

Jim’s gut twisted as he heard you hyperventilating. His nostrils flared, and he ground his teeth together. That intruder was going to pay, and the price was going to be much more than the man’s death. Before Moriarty could comfort you any further, screaming came from his phone speakers.

The phone was dropped, and the line broke up into static. Jim brought the phone speaker closer to his left ear, but the line was silent. Bang! Bang! Bang! Three gunshots sounded before the phone hung up.

Jim was shocked. Paralyzed in place. His genius mind was rendered useless, and all he could do was stare at his phone. This was the first time in his life where he actually felt… helpless. Unable to lie, bargain, cheat, steal, run, or manipulate his way out of a situation. His nose started to tingle as his eyes glossed over. However, there was no time to grieve. Jim set his jaw, pulled out a handgun from his other coat pocket, and he stalked out of the room.

He almost gave a few people heart attacks when they saw him with a gun. Some had to dive out of his way to avoid his wrath. He was a rampaging bull set on murdering the man in red; everyone in his way would be killed in the crossfire. Moriarty got to the end of the hallway, and he violently pushed the doors open to reveal a flight of stairs. He jumped down three stairs at a time until he was on the ground floor.

Jim ran out of the building, and into the parking lot. He wasted no time in getting into his car, and he pulled into the street. He was going twenty miles per hour over the speed limit without his seatbelt. He forced all thoughts of you out of his mind as he drove to his house. Moriarty didn’t even know what he was going to do to the man responsible, but it wouldn’t be pretty.

Moriarty ran up the steps to his house, and he bolted through the open front door. He searched the whole first floor before he charged up the stairs. The hallway was crowded with his men, but Jim could see that there was a body on the floor. A part of him wanted to look the other way, but the other part needed closure. He still couldn’t believe what happened.

As he got closer, he realized that the body wasn’t any shorter than six feet tall. The man was wearing jeans, and a black hoodie. Jim didn’t know who it was, but by the tattoo on the man’s foot, he knew the guy worked for General Chan. Three bullet holes were visible on the man’s dead corpse; two to the head, and one to the heart.

“Daddy!” You wailed happily. Jim turned around just in time for you to pull him into a tight hug. Your face buried into his stomach, and tears dampened Jim’s favorite westwood suit. Jim wrapped his arms around your back, and he glanced up to see Sebastian watching the both of you.

The assassin was leaning on the wall a feet away. He grabbed his cigarette box from out of his back pocket, and he plucked one from the box. He put it in his mouth before he spoke up, “I’m sorry boss. I didn’t know you wanted the guy alive until after I shot him.”

Jim gave him a stern look. On the inside, he was actually grateful that Moran took the guy out when he could. However, he did disobey orders. Moriarty looked down at you, and you were still traumatized from the incident. Never again will this happen, and Jim was going to make sure of that. He replied coldly, “Don’t let it happen again, Moran. Your month’s pay is going to be reduced.”

Sebastian cracked a small smile at Jim, before lighting the cigarette in his mouth. Jim was the closest thing Sebastian had to a best friend. He knew this was his boss’ way of saying thanks.

That’s all folks


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Omg I have a really similar story to one on here. Our 5th grade teacher was named Mr Moran. Everyone shipped him w the 4th grade teacher, which I knew ever since my sister was at the school (7 years before). Him and his previous wife broke up and he married the 4th grade teacher finally when i was at the school. They always looked at wedding dresses and were really touchy around each other. I will never understand how elementary schoolers find out relationships like this.


Moriarty sent you on a mission and you asked Sebastian to babysit your puppy.

SM: Your puppy?

[Y/N]: Yes. He’s potty trained and he knows the command “come”, “stay”, and “sit”.

SM: What’s his name?

You paused. You forgot something important.

[Y/N]: Ummm… you know what, maybe i’’ll go ask the boss if he wants to baby sit the puppy.

SM: Did you name him Sebastian, you asshat?

[Y/N]: ……. it’s colonel. his name is colonel.

Just a voice on the phone.

Mary (Rosamund) was the one who heard the orders over the phone that catastrophically changed the plan in Georgia. The orders that supposedly came from Mrs. Norbury, who is paralleled not just with Jim, but with Jim giving orders over the phone: Why does anyone do anything? (credit @reichebach)

Mycroft confirms it was after this incident in Georgia that he gave the initiative to stop using freelancers, aka AGRA. And only one of the four––well, two, as it turned out––survived.

Long read but in my TEH meta I pointed out a metaphor for when Mary stopped working for Mycroft and started working for Jim. Short version:

1. Moran, the canon name for Moriarty’s right-hand man, boards the train at Westminster. Westminster = Mycroft. He IS the British government. He employed “Moran.”

2. “Moran” and an entire car vanish before the train reaches St. James’s Park. James. Jim. Clearly. “Moran” was assumed dead, but Jim had her–uh, him.

3. CAM records everything. Right up there, top right corner! Magnussen had this information on “Moran.” Including the fact that she, I mean he, was naughty and bailed on noble hostage rescue missions to work for a consulting criminal instead.

Mary had her AGRA flashdrive, yet she still went to kill Magnussen for what he knew. Because he knew something that wasn’t on that flashdrive. He knew about how she betrayed AGRA in Georgia. 

“Something went really wrong,” she tells Sherlock solemnly in TST. But in the flashback, the moment things go wrong?

She’s looking pretty pleased.

Mary is Moran. Not literally, that’s not her name. But in a right-hand man sense, for sure. She took the call from Jim –– “just a voice on the phone,” yeah, that was absolutely Jim Moriarty, isn’t it always? 

When backed into a corner in the empty house (ala canon Moran), she was okay with giving John and Sherlock the AGRA drive. It contained information on who she was before she betrayed AGRA, Mycroft…England. It did not contain information on the work she did, and continues to do, with Jim Moriarty.

And Mycroft knows. If at any point he really believed all four of AGRA had died, he obviously recognized “Mary” the moment she showed up in John’s life. So once again, we have Mycroft allowing Jim to do his Jim thing, and he just…doesn’t say anything to Sherlock. Reptile. :)

I have to admit, TST really got me close to believing Redeemed Mary was a go. And I was okay with it! I preferred Villain Mary, but so it goes. But no, her story is so far from over. She’s going to be revealed as one of the most savage, brilliant villains of all time.

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I can understand that the empty house style showdown in HLV means Mary is BBC Sherlock's Moran but what does Mummy homes' math book named after Moriarty mean? I donno, was Jim once moonlighting as her research assistant to get to Sherlock or something? Lol or did Mummy homes steal Jim's work and took all the credit? Well Moffitson are definitely hinting that JIm and Mummy Holmes are linked. Love to hear your interpretation on this.

ACD Moriarty’s book: The Dynamics of an Asteroid

Mummy’s book: The Dynamics of Combustion

Redbeard is The Other One (they’re the same person, who is, in fact, a person, not a dog) who was killed when Sherlock was about ten. Everyone blames themselves and everyone else, but I think the whole thing started because some bad guys wanted Mummy Holmes’s research that’s based on the book.

That information that the bad guys wanted? It ended up safe … mostly. I think we’ll be seeing it again.

Jim’s got some Big Secret Project Thing going down in Eastern Europe that we’ve been getting clues for since TGG. It’s going to be the crime in 5x3.

Here’s what we know:

If you recall the very beginning of TGG, there’s a scene with Sherlock interviewing a prisoner (Barry Berwick) in Minsk:

I think this is could be an explanation of the emotional reasons for the case, but I think it’s likely there’s a plot motivated reason, as well. That’s how the show works. TGG has a bunch of Eastern European references in the Five Pips case that Jim sets up; Sherlock even points it out for us:

SHERLOCK: You know, it’s interesting. Bohemian stationery, an assassin named after a Prague legend, and you, Miss Wenceslas. This whole case has a distinctly Czech feeling about it. Is that where this leads?

So it would’ve been easy to tie this case back into the TGG somehow, but they didn’t. It’s such a pointless scene: why didn’t they cut it? It’s more than just pointless; it’s sloppy, and I really don’t think this show is sloppy. If you go back and watch that scene, it actually makes no sense at all: Barry’s story doesn’t even close to line up. So I don’t think it’s supposed to line up; I think it’s a Clue.

Eastern Europe was also in TRF:

Some of these surveillance networks have Eastern European languages. (Yes, I am aware that Eastern Europe is not one big thing; however, I think it’s being treated as mostly one big thing in this show, or at least that Mofftisson want to tell you that Jim is involved in all of Eastern Europe.)

And it’s huge in S3:

1) Sherlock starts off TEH in Serbia where he’s rescued by Mycroft.

2) CAM’s documents on Mary are in Cyrillic, the alphabet used in a lot of Eastern European countries.

3) Mycroft is tracking something in Poland in HLV:

4) Sherlock is supposed to be sent on a suicide mission to Eastern Europe.

5) The newspapers Janine brings Sherlock mention “Eastern Europe Erupts!” 

(The best theory I’ve got is that Jim’s Big Project is a real/more real version of the key code, but IDK. So I will call it the Thing.)

Anyway, I think that the info the bad guys stole from Mummy Holmes when Sherlock was kid - the information that’s based on the book that’s titled like ACD Moriarty’s book - is the foundation for the Thing. Basically:

1989: The bad guys took info from Mummy, but they only got a little bit of info and/or the Thing takes a long time to develop. (My guess is that the Thing is some sort of last-ditch effort by the USSR - because it would have to be a big country to afford something Jim’s interested in later - and when the USSR breaks up, several Bloc countries all end up with pieces of the Thing, hence why it takes so long to get it even close to working.)

2010: The CIA wants the Thing/wants to destroy the Thing so they send some agents to Eastern Europe to steal it, including Mary. (I think Mary is both Moran and Birdy Edwards.) At this same time, Jim also learns about the Thing and someone sends him a Dear Jim, Will you fix it for me? so he agrees to help this someone steal the Thing, except he’s going to sell them out and take the Thing for himself. (This someone is probably the Waters Family.) There’s also probably other intelligence agents from other countries, doing the same thing Mary’s doing - trying to either steal or destroy the Thing.

So there are four sets of people there:

  1. The CIA/Mary
  2. Jim/Waters Family
  3. Other intelligence agents
  4. The government in Eastern Europe that has the Thing

In The Sign of the Four (where we get Mary Morstan), there’s a treasure that this guy has: four people steal it, and then two people steal it from them, and then the Four plot epic revenge. That’s exactly what happens here.

Four of those other intelligence agents band together and steal the Thing from the Eastern European government to sell on the black market. These four people are AGRA: four people: A, G, R, and A. (AGRA aren’t Mary’s initials; they’re the people after her.) However, before they can sell the Thing and escape:

Jim meets Mary and she agrees to become a CIA mole and help Jim steal the Thing (from the four agents) and then work for Jim. She kills basically all the other CIA agents and the Eastern European people and the Waters and the other intelligence agents so that everyone thinks the Thing is destroyed, but actually, Jim has it, and it’s in still in Eastern Europe. There are a few people who she didn’t manage to kill: the people that CAM talks about wanting to hurt Mary. (Much more about Mary’s involvement and the people after her here.)

So what exactly is Mummy’s Holmes’s research?

1) The change from “Asteroid” to “Combustion” must be about burning Sherlock’s heart out, though I think that’s just a nod to it and not directly related.

2) I think the important part is “dynamics” because applied combustion is just basically bombs, and - while Jim likes bombs - a giant bomb doesn’t seem like a very interesting last crime for the series and obviously the Thing will be at the end. Dynamical systems is the branch of mathematics devoted to the study of systems governed by a consistent set of laws over time such as difference and differential equations. So I think it’s likely that 1989 bad guys (who are probably Eastern European since it ends up there) wanted Mummy Holmes’s research to apply her theories about dynamics (of combustion) to the dynamics of something else.

Anyway, this was probably more complicated than you expected, but basically:

  1. There’s a Big Thing Jim’s working on that’s connected to Eastern Europe.
  2. The Thing is based on Mummy Holmes’s research.
  3. The Thing may or may not work/be real.

I also think Mummy Holmes being linked to ACD Moriarty via the book is a hint that Mummy definitely isn’t as sweet as she seems.

I’m guessing that Sherlock will be able to defeat the Thing because he will know it’s based on his own mother’s research. Jim almost certainly doesn’t know that - Jim only got involved with the Thing in 2010, and when it was connected to Mummy Holmes, Jim would’ve been about eight. So Sherlock will have some kind of inside info (from being involved in the 1989 part) that Jim doesn’t.

If you’re curious about what the Thing actually is, Barry Berwick is a huge clue to it. I talk about that more here.

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RULES: uh.


NAME: Sebastian Ryan Moran
NICKNAME: Seb or Basher. Tiger. Sniper. 
GENDER: male
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: roughly three hours
LAST THING YOU GOOGLED: why do americans vote for stupid people? 

HEIGHT:  6′3″


NICKNAME:  pterodashtyl
GENDER:  female
FAVORITE COLOUR: (why was this one spelled with a u but the first one wasn’t?)
LAST THING YOU GOOGLED: matter is neither created nor destroyed
HEIGHT:  5′10″


You were pretty sure if you did another push up you were going to collapse.
“Five more baby girl.”
“How many am I doing?” You huff.
“Morgan!” You drop to your knees and glare up at him.
“Come on baby girl! You’ve only got five more.”
“I fucking hate you.” You mumble as you drop down for the next push up as he laughs.
“You love me baby girl.”
“Less and less,” you huff, “with every push up.” You finish the last push up and hit the floor laying flat on your belly. “Remind me why I asked you to help me again?”
“Because I’m the hottest, most fit person you know.”
“I’m going to be so sore tomorrow. If I have to shoot anyone I doubt that I’ll be able to lift my gun.” You’re still laying flat on your towel.
“Good thing I’ll be there to protect you.” Morgan flirts and you laugh. “Where’s your water?”
“Upstairs on my desk.” You groan, “you’re going to have to carry me.”
“I already lifted today baby girl.”
“Was that a fat joke?”
“What no!” He looks down at you and you laugh, you’re not uncomfortable with your body. “Not nice.” He says with a small smile.
“Help me up yea?” You say rolling onto your back. He reaches his hands down and you grab them. He yanks you to your feet then heads to your bags.
“Hey you do have some water in here.” He says pulling the red water bottle out of your bag. Before you can stop him he pops it open and squirts some into his mouth.
“No Morgan wait! That’s not water that’s-” he spits it out into his towel with a cough. “Vodka.”
“Why the hell do you have vodka in a water bottle in your gym bag?” He looks at you sharply. You can tell he’s thinking that you’re not the first alcoholic he’s busted.
“Honestly?” He nods, “my girl friends and I went to a minor league baseball game and their alcohol is crazy overpriced. One of our friends plays on the team and brought that in for us so we could spike our drinks for free.” He looks at you skeptically. “Scouts honor.”
“What’s this players name?”
“Tommy Moran. He’s the pitcher. We went to college together. Dated for a while. Nice guy.”
“You better not let Hotch catch you with this.” He snaps the bottle shut and tucks it back into your bag. He passes you the bag and you sigh. “What? You want me to carry it?” He asks standing outside the ladies locker room. You grab it from him then give him a reproachful look.
“It’s not that.”
“What then?”
“I just can’t believe you spit out good vodka.”

All my loving.

This was the plan all along. To go to University for a few years, stay away from Sir Augustus for long enough to make up his mind whether or not he truly wanted to be a soldier. Not for Queen and Country, no fuck all that, but because it was he wanted.

But then, of course, you make plans and the universe has a twisted sense of humor and laughs at them. Yeah, it was the plan all along to serve, to leave, to have fun, to learn some things and to fuck off to fulfill his duty, to give him some sort of purpose. 

But then Thomas came along.

The bags were packed, the hair was gone, he had 24 hours to boot camp and he had never felt emptier in his whole life. He waited in his dorm for Thomas to arrive, as though that would make it easier, as though Sebastian leaving, and Thomas’ afflictions would be solved in these few hours. 

He wasn’t supposed to fall for anyone in college, it was meant to be a time of liberation from Sebastian’s uptight upbringing, a break from the constant reminder of the legacy that the Moran name carried, and his duty to be the perfect soldier. But Thomas… to say he turned his word upside down was an understatement, even in the worst of times, he didn’t wish he was anywhere else, he felt like home, and here he was, having to say goodbye. 


ok so I have this friend on Facebook who’s last name is Moran. it’s always been Moran. then a few weeks ago it was suddenly Morgan??? like where tf did the g come from it’s never been Morgan. then today it switched back to Moran. like….. hello???? unless she changed it for some weird reason but idk why she would it doesn’t make sense I’m a little freaked out


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NAME: Sebastian Moran
AGE: 32
PROFESSION: Ex-military gun for hire/Moriarty’s right hand sniper


Tall, muscular, athletic scared skin.
EYES: Blue
SKIN: Tanned
HEIGHT: 6′ 0″
WEIGHT: 174 pounds


PARENTS:  Agustus Moran, Unkown mother
ANY PETS?: yes || no
SPEED: 7/10
MAGIC: 0/10
 Deep greens and blues
SMELLS: Gunpowder, smoke, whiskey
FOOD: Prefers spicier foods and foods with bold flavors
FRUITS: no opinion
DRINKS: Whiskey, Scotch
FAVORITES: Too many to name.

yes || no || occasionally
DRUGS?: yes || no || occasionally
DRIVER LICENSE?: yes || no
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Shapeshifter AU


  • NAME: Sebastian Moran
  • AGE: 38 (can change to fit different scenarios)
  • OCCUPATION: odd jobs
  • SEXUALITY: Bisexual
  • SPECIES: Lycanthrope (tiger)
  • SETTING: Modern (any country) or historical



  • confident
  • intelligent
  • charming
  • strong


  • short temper
  • arrogant
  • private
  • possessive

basic background (more details here);

  • Sebastian was born and raised in a private community of fellow lycanthropes (all tigers), the community promotes arranged marriage and inbreeding to try to keep the bloodline pure, it is seen as an offence to turn a human into a tiger unless they are deemed to be worthy.

    The community is matriarchal, led by a Queen and prides itself on their strength and that they can resist changing when it is a full moon, high emotions can make them more likely to change and they can change at will at any time of the month though it is painful and tiring.

  • Sebastian was exiled from the community after refusing to follow the rules, he was bound in silver chains and punished before he eventually managed to escape. Now he lives alone, moving frequently so that he does not get noticed by humans.
  • Features of being a wereanimal are: enhanced strength, senses and speed. Fast recovery time but weakness to silver. Partial changes are possible, e.g. just changing claws or eyes but doing this too often can result in these features becoming permanently altered. 
  • Tiger lycanthropy is extremely rare, being attacked by a tiger does not necessarily mean that a person will change at the next full moon and if they do catch the virus then they are likely to be shunned by the community for not being pureblooded.

plot ideas;

  • A fellow supernatural creature who finds Sebastian, they are on the run themselves and in need of protection.
  • A human/ witch/ fae etc who accidentally finds him in tiger form and in the middle of hunting can be hurt as a result or not.
  • Someone who frequents the same bar, gets curious about Sebastian especially after he gets into a barfight and seems to be extremely strong and recovers very quickly
  • Sebastian keeps his lycanthropy secret but eventually your muse finds out
  • A fellow member of the tiger community finds him and is tasked with trying to bring him back.
  • Anything like these x x x
  • Anything goes, alterations to this verse are welcome.


  • None as of yet