the name in marquee lights

Excuse me for still be going on about the Iyami perfume, but look at how much care they put into the crest-like logo. His and Totoko’s are even more elaborate than the sextuplets’ (I know! Whaat???) and look at all the little details:

▪ His name written in impeccable cursive just how he likes it
▪ The chasing marquee lights around it (He’s a star!)
▪ The faucets that either imply that Iyami made this shit himself on a public bathroom sink or are referencing fucking Iyamibot’s dick
▪ His cane! Has it even showed up in -san at all? So glad they remembered it
▪ A toothbrush (of course)
▪ His overbite, properly chipped as in the Iyametal episode
▪ Some… wrenches? Dentistry instruments? Iyamibot remains? Can’t tell what these are from here
▪ His top hat

all beautifully laid against a bed of cash. I don’t even expect Iyami merch to be made at all, let alone be designed with this level of attention. I’m honestly so happy? Thenks Primaniacs for my life

leigh-kelly  asked:

Can I tell you, I was coming home from work today and The Lucky One came on (you know, from the Red album) and I suddenly needed this as a Brittana fic, but there is only ONE person's voice I could see it in...

Santana looks up and sees her name in lights on the marquee.

Well, not her name. Not Santana Lopez.

But still.

Her name.

A dream come true.

A dream, really.

But so, so different than she’d ever imagined.

All she wanted to do was sing. To create.

To be an artist.

All she’s dealing with is business. Celebrity.

It’s not like what she thought.

It never is.

“We’re going to be late! Come on, out of the car!”

Her manager urges her forward into the throng of people on the red carpet.

Being famous, being famous isn’t anything she was ever prepared for.

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joo byung hee ☩ sufbb verse ☩ 18+ content ☩ rpers only

“Hello there, lovely stranger. I have a favor to ask of you. My friends and I are in a band, you see– Eye Candy, I’m sure you’ve heard of us. You’ll see our name in lights on a marquee one day. Here’s your chance to become a fan before our popularity explodes. So would you pass this flyer around, please? Thank you, my dear. Your kindness won’t be forgotten.”

As he staggers away, a barely audible whisper into his friend’s ear is heard– “Did you see? Those eyes… Ah, I think I’m in love…”

He is promptly punched.

kwon ji hyukseo kyung jonglee hyun soo☩kim ha jin☩jang do il