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YOOOOOO so weigh in for me here guys if you would. This girl who I’m friends with likes to kick guys in the balls apparently 🤗🙌🏻 do you think I should tell her about my fetish? Maybe she would kick me in the balls? Idk PLEASE PM me this is a solid opportunity for content!!!!!!! I just don’t know if I should tell her. Maybe it’s a good thing I got nailed in the nuts today after all 😋

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Wes had hovered near what he deemed to be the edge of a camp for a few moments, nervous eyes flicking around in search of another living being. Though he wanted to speak with Warner again, he was also hoping the man wasn’t here. He’d think Wes was a right fool if he knew he’d accidentally caught on fire… He could feel his cheeks flushing just from the thought. He hadn’t meant to be so careless… He’s startled gently from his thoughts when he hears a voice, jumping only just slightly on his feet. He’s not sure where the voice is coming from, but the words lead him to believe it’s upwards. It’s a shame he wasn’t able to call out to the other; he couldn’t spot him amongst the leaves…

It was obvious it was Warner, since this was his camp, but apparently the cartoon wanted to pretend “no one is home” for now. That was fine, Wes didn’t mind playing a little waiting game. The idea actually cheered him up a bit. So, feeling a little courageous since he hadn’t be told to leave, Wes finally stepped over the invisible threshold and wandered closer to what he deemed to be the actual camp. The item he gravitated towards first was the hammock. Warner had been resting in it when Wes first accidentally tumbled into his home, if he remembered correctly. Though he couldn’t remember the English word for it, the sight of it was somehow familiar to him. As if he’d used things like this before in the past…

Wes smiled fondly as he carefully eased himself onto the piece of fabric. He’d just wait here until Warner “came home”! Wes pulled his legs up, folding them neatly in front of him as the hammock swayed gently with his motions. He was all smiles now, briefly forgetting about the fact half his clothing was burnt and he was expecting slight ridicule because of it. Being up off the ground sometimes had that affect on him… made him air headed. Like a balloon.

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(~ò.ó)~ tag, you're it now! share 10 random facts about yourself! and then send this to 10 of your followers!

Thank you!

1. My best friend is a cinnamon roll, I have a quicker temper which sometimes leads to I-would-have-made-a-scene-ages-ago conversations (and very often it’s good it wasn’t me)

2. I have two sisters and out of the three of us I can tolerate bullshit the best (still not well, mind you)

3. All in all a dog, three geckos and two hedgehogs live in our house right now

4. I like making things, mostly by sewing but other methods too

5. I’m a complete nail polish nut and I love painting fancy-looking designs on my nails

6. I really need to take down the Christmas decorations before Easter

7. I was practically raised on LotR, it’s my default obsession

8. I love AUs, angst and angsty AUs

9. I have multiple WIPs but right now there’s one that I even can imagine uploading someday

10. Once I start talking I can’t seem to shut up and this gets so much worse if I’m drunk (I also enjoy drunk chatting)


I just finished up the Stealth boy from Fallout 4. I made it using sintra, hot glue casts, wire, a red display push button for car led lights, miscellaneous smell screws, picture nails and nuts, foam core poster board, a piece of a metal coat hanger, left over brown canvas from my NCR ranger duster and beige thread. I’m still trying to get the mechanism to work right for the round part in the middle that pops up when you press the button. I hope y'all like it! @L1B3RTYprime on Twitter #chunkanukeprops

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girl what is your hair care ritual?


okay so like a year ago I turned around and was like dude your hair is so shit lets sort this mess out (for real my boyfriends hands used to get stuck in my hair it was so dry and knotty) id been dying and bleaching it since i was 12 (so nearly ten years) and basically treating it like shit. 

but now its a year later and im so much happier with it and its still massively a work in progress but HERE THIS IS WHAT I USE AND WHAT I DO

i fucking love herbal essences shampoo and conditioner. it smells AMAZING and makes me hair super soft. i use these bc no parabens or colourants or silicon so better better for my hair and stops the colour fading as much!!!!

BEST conditioner ever and yes i use it as well as the first one, but only once a week bc the amount of protein in it can make your hair feel stiff and funny if you over use it!!

ARGH i cant rave enough about coconut oil tbh i EAT it raw i use it on my face i cook with it i put it on the ends of my hair when its dry during styling, and cover my hair with it before i wash it, cover it with a shower cap and stick the hair dryer on it for a few minutes and its fucking INCREDIBLE. ALWAYS make sure you buy a raw organic unprocessed version!!

MACADAMIA OIL is the best hair oil i’ve ever found. i get it from amazon and its sort of expensive but SO worth it. it can go in wet or dry hair without making it oily or heavy it absorbs immediately and makes it SO SOFT.

and Lee Stafford hair growth leave in treatment spray. im on the fence but i got this one for free and idk if it actually speeds up hair growth but it smells great and does leave my hair all shiny and lovely so yes its good


- dont use heat on your hair!! or if you do, do it on the lowest setting and use heat protection!! i stopped using heat a year ago and there are SO many heatless hair styling how-to videos on youtube that make it so easy to stop. HERE is my heatless curls tutorial!!!

- DONT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY. i only do it twice a week mostly to preserve my colour but also so many shampoos are damaging to your scalp and hair you’re just stripping it raw every day. also try not to use BOILING water on your hair. i tend to wash mine with lukewarm water. 

- TAKE YOUR VITAMINS AND DRINK YOUR WATER. i cannot express how much your diet effects your appearance. i can always tell ive been slacking on my healthy eating when my nails start to break. HAVE LIKE THREE LITRES OF WATER A DAY. AND TAKE AT LEAST A MULTIVITAMIN. also good foods for hair/skin/nails etc include NUTS EGGS FISH SPINACH CHICKEN ORANGES AND AVOCADOS. protein and omega 3 and iron and vitamin c etc ALL VITAL FOR YOUR APPEARANCE TRUST ME ON THIS. 

- OKAY basically your hair is super fragile especially if its been overprocessed and tortured like mine has. be NICE to it. dont rub it super hard with a towel after washing, its even MORE breakable when wet. dont force a brush through knots either!!! brush gently starting from the tips and working upwards. i dont even us a brush i only ever use a wide toothed comb. also get trims. but i dont because im a hypocrite. i know i should but i HATE having my hair cut. its been two years i think. but yeah. whatever.



Hey, @worshippedlove , I don’t know what you’re so scared of that you felt the need to block me (is it the inconvenient truth, perhaps?) but I’ve got a few words for you :)

I cannot speak for these “hets” you speak of, for I am queer, but I can guarantee you that I’ve only seen people happy about how great his outfit looked, nails included.

The only people obsessing over him liking to get his nails done are nut jobs like you, who somehow - in the 21st century, two thousand and sixteen - still think that applying a varnish to your nails is an indicative of the wearer’s sexuality.

Sincerely, shove your bigotry up your arse.

hey everyone, we’re looking to trade some items! we have: 

  • the books & palm reading deck shown above
  • 2 dragon pentacle pendants
  • black, white, and red candles 
  • a variety of cone and stick incense 
  • lots of parakeet and cockatiel feathers
  • lots of yarn and fabric 
  • a small amount of rabbit fur 
  • 3  2 fox tails and 1 coyote tail
  • 2 golden cranes (one doesn’t stand up right but I’m sure it could be easily fixed)
  • a huge deer antler (only looking to exchange if you’ll pay for shipping because it’s huge) 
  • we also have a pair of size 9(ladies) leather boots

we’re looking for:

  • bones! (mostly skulls, please be able to identify them and how they were found)
  • books (especially ones about herbs) 
  • found metal items (screws, nails, nuts & bolts, etc) 
  • most kinds of herbs 
  • tree /nature related jewelry 
  • anything sea witch related
  • or anything really, feel free to offer and we’ll take a look!

You can find a post with pictures of most of our items at

just message us for additional pictures/information if you’re interested @we-three-heathens