the nail boss


Next is whats your fave background troll?

Now i cheated.
Just a little.
See these three, probaly not Harley(cause i think you can spot her drumming in the intro to poppys party and as a part of the glitter troll disco ball during the bergens musical reform. Correct me if im wrong), werent exactly in the movie but mentioned in the trolls crazy party forest game, that will be deactivating October,30th, 2017
ROSE i got during the valentine special. And her hair is the best! Guys its a FREAKING heart. (And i imagine she runs the boss ass nail salon shop and says “gurl” with a “pop” a lot. XD)
Second would be HARLEY cause i think shes in the movie! And she was my second glitter troll i got and she was ultra cute !( i think shes one of the scrapbooking trolls . Ill have to double check, but can you imagine poppy having a scrapbooking circle!?)
Last would be OPAL.
Look at her.
Look at her hair.
It looks like shes smuggling oranges in them!
I was honestly surpised to see any other artsy troll apart from harper and opal was the first. Striking rainbow hair and covered in paint XD