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My inspiration is literally the beautiful and talented Dana Cody, Owner of Tippie Toes Nail Salon. She met her handsome husband, George Teichner, when he came into her salon for a Mani and Pedi, and told Cody she needed to practice her craft, and offered to invest in her business. He then asked her out to dinner after their business lunch date. They later tied the knot on August 3, 2014. Dana, also has her own TV show called ‘Boss Nails’ which premieres on Oxygen every Tuesday at 9/8c

anonymous asked:

What's the etiquette on nails? Like, for example, if working in the food industry, can I paint my nails? Or does this differ with each employer?

It depends on the employer and your position. If you’re in the food industry, you may be required to keep your nails cut short and unpainted. If you’re in a job where you wear gloves, you may be allowed to have painted nails, but not long nails (which could puncture the glove). As a receptionist, I was allowed to paint my nails, but could not have chipped nails (my boss almost sent me home one day for this, I shit thee not).

It’s all up to your employer and you can find that information in your employee handbook or by asking your supervisor.