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Discworld Politics
  • Vetinari: You have two cows. You convince them they will better off with you alive and in control than not.
  • Sam Vimes: You have two cows. They are probably guilty of something. Loitering, probably.
  • Young Sam: Where are your cows? Those goes "baah." Those are sheep. They are not your cows.
  • Moist von Lipwig: You steal two cows. You convince everyone they are made of gold and sell them for a fortune. You get arrested and become Minister of Agriculture.
  • Tiffany Aching: You have two cows. An elf tries to steal them and you hit it with a frying pan.
  • Nac Mac Feegle: Someone has two cows. You steal them, then fight them, then fight yourself. You win.
  • Rincewind: You run away from cows.
  • Unseen University: You have two cows. One is caught up in a magical accident and is now a chair. The other has become a professor.
  • Sybil Ramkin: You have many cows. They aren't dragons, so you don't care. You have 37 dragons.
  • Nanny Ogg: You have a cow and a bull. You enjoy explaining how they will make more cows.
  • Granny Weatherwax: You wish Gytha would stop explaining how you get cows.
  • King Verence: You try to create an economic plan for your country based on bovine products; your people are too busy listening to Nanny Ogg.
In truth, the Nac Mac Feegle believe that the world is such a wonderful place that in order to have gotten into it, they must have been very good in another existence and now have arrived in, as it were, heaven. Of course, they appear to die sometimes, even here, but they like to think of it as going off to be born again. Numerous theologians have speculated that this is a stupid idea, but it is certainly more enjoyable than many other beliefs.
—  Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

Terry Pratchett’s books have been, along with J K Rowling’s, the ones that I have most often and consistently reread since my early teens. I have so much admiration for his work, and his courage and campaigning these last few years. During hard times the Discworld audiobooks helped me, and my sister, too, to ease our churning minds and get some rest, though sometimes they made us laugh too much to fall asleep. 

Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, Sam Vimes, Carrot and Angua, Tiffany Aching, Gaspode - there are too many beloved characters to name. Thank you Terry Pratchett for giving me so many friends and heroes, and in the sadness of your passing, those last brilliant tweets. What a legend.

Unfortunately, since the pictsies were very individualistic, each one had his own cry and Tiffany could only make out a few over the din:
“They can tak’ oour lives but they canna tak’ oour troousers!”
“Ye’ll tak’ the high road an’ I’ll tak’ yer wallet!”
“There can only be one t’ousand!”
“Ach, stick it up yer trakkans!”
But the voices graduatlly came together in one roar that shook the walls:
Nae King! Nae Quin! Nae laird! Nae master! We willna be fooled again!” 

– battle cries | Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

I woke up this morning with the urge to post a brief and thoroughly non-exhaustive list of Discworld pun/reference names of varying levels of obscurity that people may or may not have gotten, and HERE IT IS.

  • Vetinari is a play on “Medici,” the extremely powerful Italian political family who inspired Macchiavelli’s “The Prince.”
  • The philosopher Didactylos’s name literally means “two fingers,” which refers to a rude British gesture roughly equivalent to flipping someone off.
  • Death’s manservant Alberto Malich is named after Albertus Magnus.
  • The feuding Ankh-Morpork Selachii and Venturi noble families are named, respectively, for the scientific name for sharks and a part found in jet engines. This is a reference to the feuding Sharks and Jets street gangs in the musical West Side Story, which is itself a retelling of Romeo and Juliet.
  • “Nobby” is a slang term for a policeman. Nobby’s dad, Sconner, gets his name from- well, you know how the Nac Mac Feegle call people “ya wee scunner”? Same word.
  • The guide to nobility Twurp’s Peerage is named after the Roundworld equivalent, Burke’s Peerage.
  • Mrs. Rosemary “Rosie” Palm, head of the Guild of Seamstresses, is named for. Um. Something a bit… rude.
  • All the golems mentioned in Feet of Clay have Yiddish names, and mostly uncomplimentary ones. “Dorfl” means “idiot” and “Meshugah” means “crazy.”
  • The head of the dwarves running the printing press in The Truth is Gunilla Goodmountain, whose surname is a literal translation of “Gutenberg,” the inventor of movable type.
  • The Smoking GNU is a reference to the GNU operating system.
  • Ridcully was introduced in Moving Pictures as “Ridcully the Brown,” as an extended parody of Radagast the Brown from Lord of the Rings.
  • Black Aliss is named for Black Annis, and the god Herne the Hunted is a play on Herne the Hunter.
  • “Greebo” means… well, I’ll quote the Annotated Pratchett File: “'Greebo’ is a word that was widely used in the early seventies to  describe the sort of man who wanders around in oil-covered denim and  leather (with similar long hair) and who settles disagreements with a  motorcycle chain – the sort who would like to be a Hell’s Angel but  doesn’t have enough style.”
  • Nanny Ogg’s house is called “Tir Nanny Ogg,” a play on “Tír na nÓg,” the otherworld in Irish mythology.
  • Miss Treason’s given name, Eumenides, is another name for the Erinyes, Greek goddess of vengeance.
  • Erzulie Gogol’s first name is shared with a Vodou goddess, and “Baron Saturday” is a play on “Baron Samedi.” (EDIT: somebody said it’s actually a straight English translation, which I was not aware of.)
  • Desiderata Hollow, good fairy godmother, has a first name derived from the Latin word for “to wish.”
  • “Lilith de Tempscire”‘s surname is just a French translation of “Weatherwax.”
  • The terrible pun in Casanunda’s name (he’s a dwarf, so he’s UNDA, not OVA) is probably obvious to a lot of people, but it took YEARS for me to notice it, so I’m including it on this list.
  • The old Count de Magpyr’s name is Bela de Magpyr, after, of course, Bela Lugosi. (And Vlad also mentions an aunt Carmilla.)
  • “Djelibeybi,” for those unfamiliar with British sweets or classic Doctor Who, is pronounced identically to “jelly baby.” The country of Hersheba was introduced after many, many Americans failed to get the joke- with limited success, because it’s less immediately recognizable as a play on “Hershey bar.”
  • “Omnian” is a multilingual play on “Catholic.” Omni- is a root meaning “everything,” and “Catholic” originally meant “universal.”
  • Lu-Tze’s name is a play on Laozi/Lao-Tzu/Lao-Tze, founder of Taoism.
  • Dr. Follett, head of the Assassin’s Guild thirty years ago in Night Watch, is named for… author Ken Follett, in exchange for a significant monetary donation to charity.
Whut’s the plan, Rob?“ said one of them.
"Okay, lads, this is what we’ll do. As soon as we see somethin’, we’ll attack it. Right?”
This caused a cheer.
“Ach, ‘tis a good plan,” said Daft Wullie.
—  Terry Pratchett - The Wee Free Men

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Hey, I can't remember if the thing about Feegles and Smurfs was featured on this blog or another, but I'd like to add my two cents - what if Smurfs are the past life of Feegles, the one they figure they were really good in to be able to have their current awesome afterlife?

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would you guys come and pick up your anon


Jan 2018

pen and ink on bristol board

It’s a scene from Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett, in which Nanny Ogg’s house gets filled with chickens because You the cat asks the magic cornucopia to feed her chicken.

“The floor was covered with chickens. So were the stairs. So was every room down below. In the kitchen, chickens had overflowed into the sink” (Pratchett 272).


Made a pilgrimage to Sailsbury to The Sailsbury Museum today.
Well worth it! I probably could have spent all day looking at the pictures and artwork finding things I’d missed previously.

I couldn’t resist putting Rincewinds hat on!
I even found a Feegle hiding in the pottery

Treated myself to a luggage necklace (and a cat themed postcard for my dad)

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Oh oh! Could you draw 9-year old Tiffany Aching with the Part-Time palette?

I WASN’T IGNORING YOU I SWEAR. I just needed to build up the courage to draw my favourite witch. >.<

Here she is, Land under Wave. :) I hope you like it!

This is supposed to be on my other blog but whatever

“I expect you wouldn’t have stolen it if you weren’t so hungry, then,” she said.
There were several hundred astonished looks.
“Oh, we would, mistress,” said the helmet twiddler.
“You would?”
Tiffany sounded so surprised that the twiddler looked around at his colleagues for support. They all nodded.
“Yes, mistress. We have tae. We are a famously stealin’ folk. Aren’t we, lads? Whut’s it we’re famous for?”
“Stealin’!” shouted the blue men.
“And what else, lads?”
“And what else?”
“And what else?”
There was a certain amount of thought about this, but they all reached the same conclusion.
“Drinkin’ and fightin’!”
“And there was summat else,” muttered the twiddler. “Ach, yes. Tell the hag, lads!”
“Stealin’ an’ drinkin’ an’ fightin’!” shouted the blue men cheerfully.
“Tell the hag who we are, lads,” said the helmet twiddler.
There was the scrape of many small swords being drawn and thrust into the air.
“Nac Mac Feegle! The Wee Free Men! Nae king! Nae quin! Nae laird! Nae master! We willna be fooled again!”

– on the wee free men | Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men