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im having hardcore feels rn.

ok does anyone remember how used to have like avatars and chat rooms and stuff omf i miss that so much

and slasher oh my lord that was the best game ever i miss it so much :c

i feel like i should get a bunch of people together to email teenick about it to get them to bring the avatars and slasher back ok

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice or recommendations for a young person who is interested in learning more about goth style and culture?

Buy the Gothic Charm School book! Available on Amazon, B&, and your favorite independent book seller (who can order it from HarperCollins, because it’s STILL IN PRINT!)

(What? I like earning royalties. And I did go to all that effort to write the book …)

You can also poke through this Tumblr, follow links, watch music videos, and so on.