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myth x ladies of hannibal :  nemesis x margot verger

   And you should fear the vengeance
   of the gods, the wrath,
   the unforgotten wrath of


Part 47 - Talk it Out

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the link to the masterpost below to catch yourself up:

Part 47 - Talk it Out

The last time I’d been caught in a love triangle in this world, I’d hated every second of it, and my current love square was just as uncomfortable.

As it came to light that they were all romantically involved with me, the tension grew. Like most normal people, I was completely ill equipped to handle the situation, despite having played a slew of these games and having fantasized over what it would be like to have my own harem one day. 

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Children of the Gods: Chapter 10

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Word Count: 4.7K

Genre: Greek Myth AU

Character: Jungkook + Reader

A/N: Hello everyone! I have just started writing once again and I am trying to get part 11 written as soon as I can so I can hopefully get it out next week. This story is my top priority because I have had it going for so long. Hope you all enjoy!

It didn’t take much convincing for Suho to agree to let Jungkook go with you guys. He was a skilled fighter and everyone in camp knew it, the stupid thing to do would to be to actually tell him no. You were excited to have him by your side during the mission. On the other hand Jungkook seemed to have been avoiding you after that and you couldn’t understand why. Even in the cabin he would keep his back to you as he talked with the others and part of it stung.

You grew tired of being ignored so you stood up from your bed and made your way outside. Everyone had gotten used to you wearing Jungkook’s clothes to bed so you didn’t really care who saw you out and about like this. Instead of being ignored you would rather prefer you chose your own solitude. Tomorrow morning you guys would leave for Polimestes, everything you needed was already ready to go.

Plopping down on the steps of the cabin you stretched your legs out down the stairs so the giant shirt you were wearing as a nightgown wouldn’t rise up. Your eyes flitted down to your leg and you stared at the scar across your thigh. You were always going to have the scar, they had told you that the moment they applied the medicine, but you were going to miss the slight sheen of silver that had already started to fade. The silver had started to look cool to you and you wanted to treasure it as a unique battle scar.

“You should be getting some sleep.” Jungkook sat down on the seat above you with his legs on either side of your body.

“You need sleep too.” You closed your eyes and leaned backwards, resting your head against his chest. “I’m not the only one going on this mission.” He pushed you up again into a sitting position and moved, his body sliding onto the same step next to you.

“I know. But I was waiting for you to go to sleep first.” His arm wrapped around you now and he pulled you against his side.

“That’s a stupid reason to not sleep.” You laid your head on his shoulder and took in the scent of him. There was never a distinct scent that you associated with Jungkook because of his love of colognes. The only way you would be able to tell it was him was by the smell of his shampoo. He used the same shampoo no matter what.

“Still a reason though.” You smacked his thigh in retaliation and was gifted with the smallest of chuckles. More like a rush of air leaving his nose but it was a laugh all the same.

You didn’t respond, you had your eyes closed again and you were basking in the feeling of his fingers absentmindedly tracing patterns on your side. Your neck grew sore eventually and you shifted in your seat. You threw your legs over his, not caring about your shirt anymore and leaned against him once again.

“Do you not want me to go on the mission? I was excited to be able to go with you.” You shifted your head in order to look at him but his eyes were staring down at your legs.

“It’s not that I don’t want you to go. I’m worried about what could happen.” You felt his hand run along your thigh, there it was. The electricity again, his touch sent chills down your body and you knew he could tell because a smirk stretched across his face.

“I’ll be fine Jungkook. We just have to secure the safe house and come back.” His fingers were running along your scar now and his eyes finally locked with yours.

“I know but the city is ruthless. You don’t know what could happen there.” You smiled at him and shook your head. Leaning forward you quickly pressed your lips against his and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Jungkook. I can handle myself. Plus I will have Jimin, Hoseok, and you with me. None of us are going to get hurt and Yixing will have a chance to feel ok again.” His forehead rested against yours now. He took a deep breath and nodded, your words finally getting to him. Hopefully he would be able to relax a little to be able to get some sleep.

“We should go back inside.” His head jerked forward a couple of centimeters as if he was going to kiss you but thought better of it.

“I don’t want to leave you yet.” The soft cotton of his shirt was trapped in your hands now in hopes he wouldn’t try to move.

“You don’t have to.” A smile stretched across his face as he spoke. “I’ll stay with you tonight. Who cares what the others think.”

“Are you serious?” Your brows pulled together as you looked at him. There was no way he was serious. As much as you wanted it the rational part of your brain still knew it was a crazy idea.

“Of course I’m serious. We could die tomorrow so why not?” There was never a time you had rolled your eyes as much as you did in that moment but it had him laughing anyways. “Come on. Up. We need sleep.”

You listened to him and stood up, smoothing out the shirt that went halfway down your thighs. There were moments when your scar would poke out from underneath but for the most part it was hidden. The advice Jungkook had given you never left your mind; “You wouldn’t want your enemies to see your weaknesses”. The words rung inside your head constantly since he had spoken them to you weeks ago. As much as you hated to admit it the people in this camp were your enemy because of the war.

Mostly everyone was asleep, in the dark you couldn’t see who they were but a few of them were still rustling around in their beds as the both of you made your way further into the cabin. You climbed into your bed first, pulling the covers up into the air and leaving room for him to climb in after you.

His body slid into the bed and his arms wrapped around you immediately, pulling your body flush against his. Your body felt like it was being electrified, his touch never failed to send tingles all throughout your body and every single time you found yourself distracted by the feeling.

Your shirt had risen up around your waist and his hand was pressed against your lower back, his fingers tracing invisible patterns into your skin once again. The intricacy of the patterns always amazed you because it was the same thing over and over again. The same patterns in a row along your skin. The meaning of them sinking into your skin but never coming to surface in your brain.

“Jungkook. My shirt.” Your voice was barely audible in the darkness. You felt him shrug, his body shifting on the bed but as always making no sounds.

His head moved lower on your pillow and his lips were suddenly against yours, urgent and desperate. Your hands came up to cup his cheeks as you returned the kiss, any emotions hidden between the two of you being conveyed in a way only the two of you knew. His legs tangled between yours as he tried to pull you even closer to him. Your lungs were burning and you needed air.

The amount of time Jungkook could kiss amazed you and you always wondered if he practiced holding his breath underwater or something. You pulled away, your chest heaving as you tried to quietly regulate your breathing. His hand left your back and trailed through your hair, his fingers smoothly weaving their way through the tangled strands.

Your eyes had adjusted to the darkness by now and you could see the features of his face more clearly. The fight you put up trying to contain the gasp was a colossal fight. His eyes sparkled wetly with tears and his cheeks were now damp.

“I’m sorry. I didn-”

“Shhh shh.” You tightened your arms around his neck and pulled him into your embrace. There was no reason for him to apologize to you and you weren’t going to let him try and explain something he didn’t have to explain. You were just as scared nowadays.

His body shook with his silent cries, his face nuzzled into the crook of your neck. You never once saw Jungkook like this, it wasn’t like him. He was so strong most of the time, strong and positive in himself. Everything about him screamed confidence, but everyone needed to be comforted and Jungkook’s time had finally arrived.

Time was nonexistent as you laid there with your thoughts swarming, you didn’t know how much time had passed till his body had relaxed and his breathing had deepened. Your eyes were heavy with sleep and the embrace that came with it was inviting. It was late and you had an early morning tomorrow so sleep won the fight.

When you woke up there was a hand gently rubbing your back. You knew that touch from anywhere. The years spent with that touch waking you up were forever ingrained in your brain. You fought the smile that attempted to make it’s way on your face, wanting to keep the feel of Jimin’s hand on your back.

“I can tell you’re awake dummy. Hurry up before Hoseok gets here.” His face was right next to your ear as he whispered to you and it made you ticklish, his breath ghosting over your ear. You giggled quietly and shook your head.

The shifting of a body was what made you open your eyes, Jungkook was still in your bed sound asleep. His arms were still tight around you but his head was now leveled with yours on your pillow. Your eyes shot up to look at Jimin who had a smirk on his face.

“Jimin I swear to god you tell Hoseok and I will murder you in your sleep.” Jimin shrugged and backed away from your bed.

“You have five minutes.” That was when you noticed he was already packed and ready to go, his bow strapped to his back and his sword and quiver hanging at his hips. He left the cabin quietly, not even bothering the others who were sound asleep in their beds still.

“Both of you whisper really loudly.” Jungkook’s voice broke the silence with a brief whisper. You turned to look at him and saw his eyes still half closed and sleep deprived.

“Oh hush and get dressed.” You pushed the blankets off of you and climbed out of bed, going over to your locker and grabbing your armor. “You heard him we only have 5 minutes.” Thank goodness you were leaving super early in the morning because the bathroom was unoccupied when you went in to change. You took as much time as the 5 mins allowed you to change and you quickly slid into the clothes, the tight leather now comfortable and used to your body.

When you came out Jungkook was pulling his pants on and fastening the leather straps along his legs. Your face heat up a bit even though you had seen him in just his underwear before. The sight of his naked thighs didn’t help either and it had you rushing to your bed instead. You grabbed your weapons and secured them carefully onto your body, making sure they hung comfortably. The small bag you had packed was full of food and water that you would need for the trip and you slung that onto your back last, securing it over your bow.

“You need a haircut.” You would have turned around to face Hoseok but he grabbed your shoulder and stopped you, his hands easily threading through your hair.

“I will get one as soon this war ends. Long hair sucks sometimes.” He managed to pull your hair up into the ponytail, making it tight at the top of your head by tugging the long strands of hair.

“You ready to go now?” You finally were able to turn and face him, giving him a wide smile as Jungkook came up beside him.

“I was born ready Jung Hoseok.”

It didn’t take long for the four of you to load into the boat. Hoseok drove it and the rest of you sat quietly in the stern of the boat. Suho had met you all at the dock and had given you extra provisions for the ride there. Out on the ocean the three of you kept your distance from each other. You didn’t want to be with them right now, you didn’t want to talk and joke around as if nothing was wrong. Soon you would be at the city and you would all have to make your way into the depths of the city itself.

Your eyes drifted over to where Jungkook sat and your heart clenched. He seemed so nervous and out of character it was surprising. His leg was shaking uncontrollably and his head was laying in his hands as he bent over. He seemed the most nervous out of you all and you wanted to go to him and comfort him.

Rising to your feet you made your way over and sat next to him. His body stiffened when he felt you there and his leg stopped moving. The air grew thick around you and you had to swallow to give yourself a little courage. You reached out and placed your hand on his shoulder.

“Jungkook…” He jerked away from your touch, his body rising from his seat.

“Don’t touch me. Please just leave me alone right now.” You sat there silent, eyes wide and searching. He was completely different and everything about him right now was foreign to you. Even though you had thought that you knew him, apparently you didn’t.

He plopped down into the seat you had previously occupied and returned to his previous state. You had to take a couple of deep breaths, you weren’t going to cry right now. This wasn’t something you cried about. You couldn’t shake the feeling that Jungkook was slipping away from you though. Ever since you boarded the boat. Maybe it would have been best if he didn’t come, he was obviously too scared to be thinking straight.

“We’re here.” Hoseok’s voice cut through the air and all three of you looked up to see the island coming into view. “Everyone pack up and arm yourselves. We’re going to have to leave immediately. I don’t know how he is going to do it but Suho said he would take care of the boat.”

“Who left you in charge?” Jungkook’s voice was a soft growl as he spun towards Hoseok, his stance rigid and stiff.

“It’s obvious that you’re not in your right mind asshole. You are the one who wanted to come on this trip and yet you’re the one that seems to be a little chicken shit. Who the fuck is supposed to lead this mission if not him? Because I’m not trusting you.” Jimin stood up from his seat, his short stature moving closer to Jungkook but not looking any less intimidating. He was defending his brother but you still felt a little protective of Jungkook.

“Both of shut the fuck up. We’re getting closer to the docks.” You stood up as Hoseok snapped at them and grabbed Jungkook’s arm, willing him to stand down. His body stiffened at your touch and his earlier outburst when you had touched him, flashed across you mind. You refused to let go though.

“Jungkook calm down please.” His shifted uncomfortably on his feet and yanked his arm out of your grasp. He mumbled to himself quietly and sat back down in his seat, his body like a trip wire that was begging to be activated.

You backed off and turned away from him. You weren’t going to let his attitude right now hurt you. What you needed most of all was a clear head for this mission, Jungkook could handle himself and you knew that. You had to watch out for yourself right now and you could always talk to him later.

The boat grew quiet once again as you slowly made your approach to the docks, the motor being the only sound anyone heard until you approached the shore. The waves were ruthless and you could hear them splashing up on shore with great force. You wondered if a storm was on it’s way, if it was you would be extremely grateful for the cover it would provide you guys.

The boat docked and the motor shut off, immediately all of you bounded off of the boat and onto the docks, quickly making your way up the beach towards the forest that lined the shore. This beach was all too familiar to you, the day you had finally left this island playing back in your head in quick flashes. You lead the group, your sword drawn and ready for anything.

You passed the tree line and glanced back. A gasp left your lips and had the other’s freezing in their spots. Everyone turned to glance back at what you had seen as well, witnessing the massive power before you. It grew gradually and rose about eight feet into the air, the length of it enough to spread across the small section of beach.

“Go go go go!” Hoseok was the first to snap out of the trance and shoved at you, turning you around and pushing you forward. “The wave is going to fucking hit us! Move!”

Everyone broke out of the trance then, booking it into the forest and closer to safety. How the hell was a tsunami headed towards the island? The island had never once gotten an earthquake before. Had the gods started attacking the island? Was Poseidon trying to attack Zeus’ demigod army? What the hell was actually going on?

You glanced back and saw through the thin tree line that the wave had grew even more. You let out a grunt and pushed yourself even more, bounding over the loose tree limbs and roots. You could hear the sound of the wave now and it was getting closer to shore.

“Fuck!” You heard Jungkook shout behind you and you spun around the rational part of your brain screaming at you to not do it. He had stumbled and he was scrambling to get up, his hands clawing at the ground as he pushed himself up and his feet still moving as if he was trying to run. “Go!” He bounded up and started to run again, his armor coated in dirt. He grabbed your arm as he approached and pulled you after him.

You had been paralyzed with fear, the sight of the wave approaching and him lying helpless on the ground was not a sight you had wanted to see ever in your life. You kept up with him easily, the hours and days you had spent training together benefitting you greatly. The four of you were now deep into the forest and the sound of the giant wave crashing onto the shore and against the trees in the background.

The burning in your chest was growing with each second but you wouldn’t dare stop. You were letting your feet carry you, your arms pumping wildly at your sides as you fought to run away from the death that approached.

“STOP!” Jungkook skidded to a halt next to you and grabbed your arm once again, pulling you to a stop abruptly. Hoseok and Jimin followed suit and the both spun around with their chests heaving.

“Why the fuck are we stopping?” Hoseok’s eyes were wide and frantic as they stared at Jungkook but his eyes darted up and he stood frozen once again.

You spun around and looked toward the trees, everything seemed peaceful to you. The sound of the tsunami’s destruction had faded and you stood there confused and lost.

“What the hell?”

“It was Suho.” Jungkook fell to the ground, his hair swept back from his forehead as he stretched out to try and catch his breath. “He said he would deal with the boat so he did.”

The boys all started to speak behind you but their voices were mere buzzing sounds to you right now. Suho had all that power? He was miles away but he had still been the cause of that tsunami? It sort of made sense, he said he was going to take care of the boat and a wave that size certainly wouldn’t have stopped already. It hadn’t gotten as bad as to alert people on the island of it either. It had come and gone so suddenly.

“Hey.” Jungkook came into your line of sight again and his hands came up to cup your face. “Why the hell would you stop like that?” He pulled you towards him, his face twisted in worry and fear.

“Y-you fell. I-I thought I would lose you.” Your hands reached forward as they shook and took purchase in his shirt, your fists tightening around a couple of the leather straps that littered his chest.

“I’m sorry. I looked back for a second and tripped.” His thumbs gently trailed along your cheeks and suddenly your Jungkook was back. “I’m sorry I scared you.” You shook your head at his apology.

“I’m glad you’re ok.” Jimin cleared his throat and had you looking back towards your friends.

“We should keep moving.” Hoseok’s face was tight as he turned on his heel and headed deeper into the forest, Jimin following closely behind.

“Get back to the front. They need you up there. I’ll be ok.” Jungkook’s hands fell from your face and he nudged your shoulder, pushing you ahead of him.

You jogged your way in front of the group and avoided Jimin’s stare, steadying your hands and taking deep breaths. Your head needed to be clear now and there was no point in being scared, Jungkook was fine, your friends were fine. There wasn’t a giant ass wave chasing you guys down anymore. You were going to have to say something about that to Suho, using that much power was reckless and stupid. How much energy would that have drained out of him for him to be able to do that?

You were nearing the academy now, the forest growing even more dense the closer you moved to it. You veered off to the left, keeping your bearings with the sun that was starting to sink below the horizon. It wouldn’t take you long to get to the city now but you knew that you weren’t going to return home till nightfall tomorrow. You welcomed the darkness this time, willing for time to go faster.

The rest of the journey was silent and went on without a hitch until you reached the city. It was desolate and the darkness was seeping into every corner. You had no idea what had happened to the city but everything was off, not a single window glowed to signify the life that lived inside, not a single street lamp flickered on to light the paths that laid feet below them. The city had always been a lively place and now it was dead, the lives that would flutter about even at night now hidden away in the darkness. It made you heart lurch at the thought of it.

Weaving between buildings, through alleyways and tucked away paths, your small group of four made it’s way through the city. The safe house was located in the northern part of it and you guys had to avoid the capital building that stood tall in the middle. Your hand tightened instinctively around the hilt of your sword every time you heard a sound.

The looming structure of the capital building had your nerves on edge, everything about it screamed at you to get away but you had to stay close. You were only fifteen minutes away from the safe house and it was a straight shot by now. You fought with yourself the entire time though because you wanted to use your abilities, being able to hide would have eased your mind but Hoseok and Jimin still didn’t know about your father and now wasn’t the time to tell them.

A hand wrapped around your waist and you tensed up, wondering why you had been stopped. You knew it was Hoseok but you still didn’t know why he would stop you. You question was quickly answered when he pressed his chest against your back and leaned in to whisper in your ear.

“Jungkook is gone.” His breath was hot as it fanned over your ear but your body still iced over. What the hell did he mean Jungkook was gone? His hold on you loosened and you spun around seeing for a fact that Jungkook was no longer among the group. Where did he go? How had you not noticed him leaving?

Your eyes flickered over and locked onto Jimin’s in question. His knew exactly what you were asking and he shook his head in response. He hadn’t noticed Jungkook leaving either so all of you were left bewildered and scared. What could have happened to him? A sound off to your right had you whirling faster than you ever moved before. You peered into the darkness and tried to make out any distinctive shapes that would alert you but you saw nothing. Now more than ever you wished you could use your ability but once again you were stuck with the skills you had honed rather than the skills you were given.

Suddenly it hit you and your eyes went wide. He was covering more ground. Suho had mentioned that it could be possible that in the city you could get ambushed. The four of you had formed your group in preparation. A sword at the front and back and the range fighters in the middle to be protected. It was a classic formation but now you were one man down.

Stepping back a bit your eyes went back to Hoseok and Jimin and nodded to continue the journey. They may not have trusted Jungkook in this mission but you did, you knew him as well as he knew you and Hoseok and Jimin trusted you with their lives. You spun back around and made your way between two buildings, coming out at the end of the alleyway into a clearing. It was a small park within the city that used to be the life of the city. It was wonderful to spend time in this park and even just having experienced it as a kid and on a field trip you knew that. The entrance to the safe house was right on the other side of the park.

You stopped and reeled back, preparing for the sprint ahead of you. You could hear Hoseok and Jimin preparing as well as you scanned the area around you. Nothing was out of place, the park was as dark as the rest of the city so it was now or never. You tightened your hold on your sword and then bounded forward, the soft footfalls of your friends comforting you.

The sound registered in your ear immediately and you reeled backwards, your feet sliding on the dirt and sending you sprawling on the ground. The arrow that had shot past your head lodged into the closest tree with a soft thud and Hoseok and Jimin immediately had their bows drawn tight and ready. You left your sword on the ground and pulled your bow from your back, getting up and notching an arrow immediately.

“Ready?” Hoseok’s voice was tight and you knew what he was talking about. The group of people slowly emerged from the trees, all of them wielding bows in their hands just like your small group. You glanced behind you and saw even more surrounding you. There were too many and Jungkook was still nowhere in sight.

You were massively outnumbered and you could see no way out of it.


myth x ladies of hannibal :  aphrodite x alana bloom

  The tides that trick you into a watery grave
  are not unlike a maiden’s curves and the
  sound of waves crashing is sweeter
  somehow coming from red lips 


Quick little thing I put together. I wanted to make it bigger, but it got all pixelated and crap, so I left as is. The idea behind this picture has been haunting me for a while and I finally found the images I was looking for, so I put it together.


Nobunaga (head), Leon (body), and background all belong to Voltage. 

  • the clave, probably: y'all can't be gay, it's wrong
  • alec: watch me
  • maryse: you can't be with a warlock
  • alec: watch me
  • maryse: for gods sake don't kiss that warlock on your own wedding in front of the clave
  • alec: WATCH ME
  • victor: shadowhunters and downworlders just can't be together
  • alec: [doing backflips towards magnus] wAaaAAaAaaaAAaAaAaaAAaAaTCH meEeEeEEEee

okay but do you ever just take a moment to think about andrew minyard? he’s like five (5) feet tall. five. he’s shorter than neil. he’s tiny. but he’s one of the best exy goalkeepers out there. the ravens tried to score 150 times and andrew only missed 13.

no, listen dude, listen. the goal is really big and andrew (5 feet tall) only missed 13 points out of 150 from the best exy team. HE’S SO TINY CAN YOU IMAGINE THE TALENT INSIDE THIS SMALL FRAME HOLY SHIT i admire him so much, woah